“Sorry, Ran-san.
I have caused you trouble.”

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Lynn is aware of passers around conversation.
So when he walked to Taitan High School, he took the initiative to apologize.
After all, he didn't want Ran to misunderstand or be unhappy because of this incident.


   “Huh? Why did you say that?”


Unlike Lynn, Ran didn't notice the strangeness around her, so she naturally didn't understand what trouble is Lynn talking about.
But before Lynn could explain, a sudden greeting attracted all of their attention.





Lynn turned his head, and a cheerful girl with a hairband and short brown hair walked up to them.




That's right! The girl is Ran’s best friend.
It said that hairband is her main attribute and nympho attribute as passive skills.
She is the second lady of the Suzuki consortium.
the owner of powerful banknote ability, Suzuki Sonoko!

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Lynn must admit that Suzuki Sonoko is a pretty and energetic girl.
Sadly the hairband affects her appearance.
Her face is not inferior to Ran's, but as soon as she revealed her smooth forehead, her overall evaluation dropped by several points.


“Hey! Ran! Who is this handsome guy? Your new one? Is it because he rarely comes home? or is it because He abandoned you?”


While Lynn was observing Sonoko Suzuki, Sonoko was also looking at this handsome guy who was going to school with her friend.
She has seen a lot of attractive guys.
But, the guy in front of her is the most eye-catching one.


Ran's face suddenly blushed, and Sonoko quickly pulled Ran aside and asked in a low voice.
She is very enthusiastic to know the relationship between Ran and this handsome guy!


“Stop talking nonsense! When did Shinichi belong to me?”


“Also, Lynn-san is my landlord.
We met each other not long ago.
It's not the kind of relationship you think!”


Questioned and teased by her best friend made Ran embarrassed.
She quickly explained their relationship.


“Huh? landlord?”


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“Landlord and tenant…
This development is beyond my expectation.
Since that handsome guy is not yours, Can I confess to him?”


Listening to Ran's explanation, Suzuki Sonoko showed an enlightened expression.
Since this handsome guy has nothing to do with Ran, wouldn't she have a chance?


“Don't make trouble Sonoko! How can you confess to someone whom you have just met? Lynn doesn't even know you.
Why would he agree.”


Ran knows her Bestfriend character pretty well.  Every time she sees a handsome guy, she'll act a bit**.
But she just moves her mouth and never takes action.
She knew Lynn for a while.
But, Ran knows that he shouldn't be a foolish man who would agree if a girl confessed.


   So for her best friend, she has to wake her up quickly.


   “That's what I said…”


   “But it's okay! Such a handsome guy, I can’t miss this chance! Ran! You will help me, right?”


   Ran’s words make sense, and Suzuki Sonoko nodded in agreement.


   But it is impossible for her to just give up like that.
Like switching from short-term action to a long-term struggle.
Suzuki Sonoko is not a woman who easily gives up! What's more, doesn't she have her a good friend to assist?

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Sonoko, you If want to associate with Lynn-san, I will help you.”


Sonoko's words made Ran frown.
It's not that she likes Lynn, but that whoever encounters this kind of thing will instinctively feel uncomfortable.
But this discomfort comes quickly and goes quickly. 


After a while, Ran calmed down and seriously considered Sonoko's and Lynn's relationship feasibility.
Although she won't know if the two are suitable for being a couple.
Ran can't refuse her Bestfriend's request.
If this is Sonoko's choice, then she will support her good friend's love affair wholeheartedly.


“It's my best friend!”


After getting Ran's promise, Suzuki Sonoko immediately boosted her morale.


“Ran, come and introduce us!”


Now, Suzuki Sonoko can't wait to get to know Lynn, and has further contact with him!


let me  introduce you to my best friend, Suzuki Sonoko.”

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“Sonoko, this is Lynn En, my landlord, and friend.”


Seeing her friend's impatient, Ran sighed helplessly.
But she’ll not embarrass Sonoko, so she could only introduce them to each other quickly.


“Hello, Suzuki-san.
Nice to meet you.”


There is no need to introduce them, Lynn knows a lot about her.


She is Ran's best friend and the best wingman.
If he wants to have a better relationship with Ran, he gotta get on her bright side.
But what he didn't expect was that just as he stretched out his hand in a friendly way,  Suzuki Sonoko took Lynn's hand and didn't let it go.


“Hello, I am very very happy to meet you too!”


Sonoko’s pair of catkins holding Lynn's hand tightly, with a touch of excitement and shyness in her expression.
This action makes Lynn's mood drop.
Honestly, he doesn't hate Sonoko and would love to be friends with this rich and beautiful girl.
But the premise is this friendship cannot affect his relationship with Ran.


Lynn knows Ran’s personality.
If Sonoko expresses a good impression of him, then as a friend, she will choose to keep a distance from Lynn.
There was a childhood sweetheart drum washing machine in front of him, and he was already Lynn's rival.
Now he got another block Ran’s best friend…


Isn’t this too difficult?

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