[Ding—The sign-in is completed]

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            [Ding— You got Cherry dollars]


Lynn, who woke up from his sleep, completed his daily sign-in. Cherry dollars.
In terms of value, today's reward is not as valuable as yesterday's building.
But, for Lynn who is currently in a shortage of money, this is enough to help him solve most of his problems.
After all, the only thing that makes a man very confident is having a thick wallet! Yesterday, Lynn was carefully calculating his daily expenses, but today, he has thought about the renovation.



He does not need to consider the price.
A few million are enough to decorate this small shop exquisitely.
But the renovation time made Lynn hesitate.
He wanted to complete the first check-in task as soon as possible, and get the check-in reward.


In desperation, he consults with an agency service.
After finishing the call, Lynn was completely satisfied.
According to the agency service president, if Lynn only wants simple renovations, such as replacing tables, chairs, and benches in the store.
Everything could be done in one day.


If necessary, they will rush to within half an hour and bring in a professional to fulfill Lynn's greatest standard.
Look at this service, very thoughtful.
But the price of this thoughtfulness service is 10.000.000 Cherry dollars.


“Please rest assured! Lin En-Sama! We will serve you wholeheartedly, and make you extremely satisfied!”


A problem that can be solved with money, Lynn will not hesitate.
After half an hour, the decoration plan was finalized.
Lynn pays half of the deposit first.
If he is satisfied, he will make up the full amount.
If not, they will have another negotiation.

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“Then please, President Ueno.”


After sending away the middle-aged president, Lynn put on the uniform of Teitan High School and stood in front of the coffee shop.


Even though Lynn is wearing an ordinary school uniform, his handsome face alone is enough to make the young lady who is standing behind President Ueno blush.
Even in the end, she quietly stuffed a small note with a phone number while others were not paying attention.
Regardless of past and present, this is Lynn's first experience.


This feeling is very subtle, and at the same time makes him dumbfounded.
If he encountered this thing in his previous world, he would have been happy.
But now…


Lynn shook his head slightly and threw the note into the trash can.
After all, he will never interact with that young lady again, and his goal has never been on her.


“Huh? Lynn-san, you…
are you also a student of Teitan High School?”


Speaking of Lynn's goal…


Maori Ran, who had just walked down, showed a surprised expression after seeing Lynn, who was wearing the Teitan High School uniform.

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“Good morning, Ran-san.
Btw I haven't told you About the fact that I am a transfer student from Teitan High School, have I?”


Seeing Ran, Lynn's smile raised.


“Unexpectedly, Lyn-san and I will become schoolmates.”


Shook her head, Ran's soft face was full of surprises.
she and Lynn are indeed the same age.
But, she never thought that they would go to the same school.


“Then I don't think it's too late to say now.
Btw, let's go to school together?”


Maori’s home is not far from Teitan High School.
As long as you pass through Mihua Park, the total distance is only ten minutes.
With this in his mind, Lynn purposely stood at the door and did not leave until Ran appeared.


“Okay, let's go to school together.”


Ran didn't know Lynn's “plan” and thought that was just a coincidence.
She agreed to Lynn's invitation without hesitation.
After all, she and Lynn are not only tenants and landlords, but also employees and managers who will work together.
Now the two have become schoolmates.
They are just going to school together.
Of course, she can't refuse.


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What Ran didn't think about was.
As the head of the karate club and a childhood sweetheart of a man called Holmes in the Heisei era…


She was a celebrity in Teitan High School. 


The most important thing is that she is beautiful, and her personality is gentle, polite, and considerate.
So she has a lot of fans and suitors, both openly and secretly.
In this case, the fact she went to school side by side with a strange and handsome boy had become quite a hot gossip topic.


“Look! Isn't that Ran-san? Who is the boy next to her? So handsome!”


“Yeah, but he isn’t Kudo-san? I remember Mouri-san and Kudo-san are childhood sweethearts?”


“It's a childhood sweetheart, but they don't date, so…that boy must be  Ran-san boyfriend?”


“I don't know, but their relationship is not normal.
It's so good.
I want to have a handsome boyfriend like Mouri.”


“Damn it! Did Ran have a boyfriend? If I knew that, I'll confess to her earlier!”


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“Wake up, you are not handsome, even if you confess, you will fail.”


“Damn it! Are you still my friend? I'll fight you!”


A conversation like this quickly spread among Teitan High School students.


Lynn himself did not expect that he had become Teitan High School celebrity in a short time.  But even if he knew it, he wouldn't care.


As for Ran’s childhood sweetheart, Shinichi Kudo, as the MC in the original plot…


He will become Edogawa Conan sooner or later, and only God knows when he will recover.

Instead of making Ran cry, it's better to let Lynn take good care of Ran! 


After all…


Childhood sweethearts can't beat divine children, can they?

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