“Huh? Isn't this Mr.

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Ran’s hand-made dinners are something to look forward to.
but with the reappearance of Mouri Kogoro, especially when the other party looks at him suspiciously, is undoubtedly embarrassing.


“Hello, Mr.
I meet Ran-san downstairs and got an invitation for dinner.
Mori, you are just finished work?”



   Embarrassment is an embarrassment, Lynn Immediately smiled and greeted the confused detective, briefly explained the reason, and quickly changed the topic.


“It turned out to be like this…
Welcome, Mr.


If the one standing in front of Mouri Kogoro at this time are just ordinary friends of his daughter, a stinky kid who came for a meal twice a day, he would be furious.
Even if he doesn't drive him away, he will inevitably have some cynicism.
After all, his daughter is not something that everyone can pursue.
The unkind brat must be as far away as possible!


But Lynn is not someone else, He is the landlord who controls the ‘life and death’.
The landlord comes to eat, what can he do?  He had to give warm hospitality with kind words.


“Dad, are you back?”


When Mouri Kogoro was about to greet Lynn stiffly, Ran, who heard the sound walked out of the kitchen.
First welcomed her father's, but soon, her beautiful eyes narrowed, and she looks Mouri Kogoro suspiciously.

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“Dad…you Didn’t go drinking again, right?”


Although Mouri Kogoro tried to cover it up, the light scent of alcohol from his body still made Ran aware of it.
Lynn had already warned him at noon, but he has expect this result.


“No, no! I swear! It was just necessary for socializing! Ran, let me tell you! Today, Dad, I have completed a big case! I received a good reward!”


Locked tightly by his daughter's gaze, Mouri Kogoro panicked and explained in a hurry, then quickly took out an envelope from his suit pocket.

The envelope opened, and inside was 100.000 cherry dollars.
Although it is not a lot, it is nearly half a month's salary for an ordinary office worker


“There are so many?”


As the detective's daughter, Ran knew that her father's usual remuneration for a case was only 20.000 to 30.000 cherry dollars, and he made so much today.


“Dad, it's really hard for you.
But leave the money to me for safekeeping.
If it is in your hands, you will spend it casually on pachinko.”


Finally getting emergency money made Ran happy.
But when the money came to her, Ran didn't plan to return it to her father.
Because she knows how virtuous her father was, she should save them.


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“Then what…Ran, I made money today.
Can I just celebrate? At least…
let me drink a few sips of beer, right?”


Seeing that his daughter took all the money away, Mouri Kogoro almost regretted his intestines.
This money, he intends to keep some as private money! Not reconciled because of all the money flying away, Mouri Kogoro can only take advantage of his daughter's good mood to find some benefits for himself.


For example…
his prohibition, can it be slightly more tolerant?


if that's the case, you can drink a little.
Don’t get drunk!”


Looking at Mouri Kogoro's pitiful expression, Ran was also soft-hearted.
After all, she is not a strong woman like her mother.
But what she didn't expect was that it was her soft-heartedness that made Mouri Kogoro very naughty.


A little bit?


Then a little bit again!


“Does the landlord plan to run the Polo coffee shop? Not bad!”


“What? Is Ran going to work?”


“Not bad, not bad! Ran has grown up too, so She can share the worries with her father!”

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“Woo woo…Mr.
Landlord, I only have a daughter! I’ll entrust her to you, you must take good care of her!”


This guy, once he gets drunk, can say anything.
This is what Lynn has experienced deeply from Mouri Kogoro.
During the meal, he drank and when he knew that Lynn was going to run the Polo coffee shop, he praised it again and again.
After learning that her daughter was going to work in a coffee shop, he exploded again.


In the end, he was completely drunk and pulled Lynn's arm as if his daughter was about to get married.
Regarding this, Lynn could only watch Mouri Kogoro's performance and didn't know what kind of expression he should make at this moment.


   “Sorry, Lynn-Kun, I caused you trouble again today.”


Her father made a fool of himself in front of outsiders again,  Especially after Maori Kogoro was drunk and unconscious on the table, it was Lynn who helped her carry him into the room, which made her dare not look directly at Lynn.




It's so embarrassing!


“It's okay, it's just a small matter.
I also want to thank Ran-san.
After all, it is a rare experience for me to experience the warmth of the family after a long absence.”


Waved his hand at Ran, and Lynn didn't think it was a shame.
On the contrary, this kind of experience as if he was personally involved in the anime plot made him very happy.

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“Huh? Lynn-Kun…”


Of course, Lynn can't tell the truth to Ran, so he can only express his feelings in another way.
Just this way, Ran misunderstood the meaning of his words, and she suddenly showed a look of surprise.


   “In short, thank you for today's hospitality.
I'll leave.
Oh, by the way, the coffee shop will be open tomorrow.
I look forward to working with Ran-san.”


Lynn knew that the more something said, the more wrong it would be.
Therefore, facing Ran's surprise, he just shook his head, as if everything was silent.  As for the next step, as he said, it's not early, it's time to say goodbye and go downstairs.


I am also looking forward to working with Lynn-Kun.”


   Ran is a smart girl.
She knows exactly what she should and shouldn’t do.
So at this moment, she did not explore the deep meaning of Lynn's words but responded to Lynn's words with a smile.


Looking forward to it?




He's looking forward to it

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