who were treasures of the empire.

Constrained by the persona and character of the emperor.

The person who reveals this crucial information is Zero.

Qiao Xingnan wrote more, and by the time the script was almost written, it was already late, and the moon was high up.
He went to the window and opened a gap.
The wind came in through it, bringing a touch of coolness.

Qiao Xingnan glanced at the two knights standing in front of the door through the gap, and there was no surprise in his eyes.

These knights will guard his door from morning to night.
From now on, even with Zero in the script, he must be extremely careful.
Otherwise, he will be easily exposed.

With this in mind, Qiao Xingnan closed the window, turned around, and took a few steps.
Then, he found Zero crouching in the corner of the room as if he were a silent statue.

Although Zero was a puppet, being in such a position should be uncomfortable.

To not let anyone notice that something was wrong with Zero, Qiao Xingnan asked Zero to refuse the steward’s offer and share a room with him under the guise of protecting himself.

The room has only one bed, and to avoid arousing suspicion, this bed was exclusive to the “emperor”.
Being in the same room does seem a bit wrong for the puppet.

Qiao Xingnan felt a little guilty.
He found a mat in the wooden cabinet.
Then, he carefully helped Zero spread it on the floor, saying, “This is more comfortable.”

The economic level of this place was not good.
Even the bedding of the manor was not as soft as modern cotton, but in the end, it was better than the floor.

As he talked, Qiao Xingnan turned around and saw Zero squatting next to himself for who knows how long.

His black eyes stared straight at Qiao Xingnan.
The unblinking eyes looked a bit haunting.
Qiao Xingnan also only then realized that Zero would sometimes forget to blink.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Qiao Xingnan was puzzled.

Zero didn’t know why he was staring at his master, and even he knew that this look would annoy his master.

His functions might have deteriorated.

Why else would he not be able to control his actions?

Zero thought as his dark eyes looked at the mat on the floor.

The previous master would not have prepared a mat for him.

Puppets do not need to sleep.
They can replenish their energy by absorbing sunlight and moonlight.
At the same time, the puppet’s body does not feel the softness or hardness of the floor at all.

Qiao Xingnan’s action made Zero’s not-too-bright mind even more chaotic as he tentatively and slowly sat down on the spread-out mat.

The moonlight was just enough to shine through the window and onto the blue mat, gently brushing against Zero and replenishing his energy with a very pleasant feeling.

Suddenly, his head was patted gently.

“Good night.”

Under the bright moonlight, the man’s golden eyes were full of tenderness, like the shallow ripples swirling on the surface of a lake under the moon.
It was extraordinarily attractive.

Good night?

Zero didn’t know what it meant, but as slow as he was, he didn’t say anything until the lights went out in the room.

The new master was strange.

Zero slowly curled his body into a ball with the soft moonlight behind him.
He looked motionlessly and silently at the dark mass lying on the bed.
It wasn’t until the moon moved out of position and the first rays of sunlight shone through the window that Zero remembered to blink.

It was dawn.

Zero sat up, knowing he needed to begin the task his master had given him.


Garden of Eden is a biblical paradise. Peach Blossom Spring is an ethereal utopia where the people lead an ideal existence in harmony with nature.

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