Chapter 16: Learning Etiquette

The blond man casually threw the blood-soaked hand towel into the steward’s arms.
Then, he sat on the stool, slightly lifting his chin and looking at the white-robed man before him.

The golden python swam down his arm and scurried along the white marble floor to the white-robed man.
It lifted its head and hissed out its tongue, and its fangs could be vaguely seen in its mouth.

Qiao Xingnan looked at the snake threatening before him and was silent for a while.
He was not afraid of snakes.
He had previously been to the tropical rainforest to film with his team, where there were many strange and exotic things.
The golden python was fine for him.

Compared to the golden python in front of him, the murder scene made Qiao Xingnan feel slightly panicked.
Especially when he thought that the protagonist of that scene would be the person he has to deal with tomorrow, his heart became even weaker.

This was a person who would move a knife to see blood whenever he disagreed.
It was very likely that using a knife was still the lightest punishment for the tyrant.

“So, why didn’t your master come?” The blond emperor’s voice was calm, with a hint of coolness.
He leaned on his head, and his green eyes were like the most beautiful gems, but none of them cared to appreciate it at this moment.

“Are you unwilling to accept my invitation?”

When Qiao Xingnan heard this, his heart thumped.
He pursed his lips, and his fair fingertips moved slightly.

The golden python that was initially in front of the white-robed man also quickly twisted and slithered to the white-robed man’s feet as the blond man’s words fell, hissing with the threat of a fierce beast hunting for food.

“Emperor, resting.”

The white-robed man’s tone was calm, seemingly unable to see how critical the situation was.
Of course, another way of putting it might be that, in his eyes, it was not considered critical at all.

“He’s resting?”

The blond man slowly spat out word by word, anyone who heard it would feel pressured, but the next second, he suddenly laughed lightly: “Very well, then may your emperor have a wonderful dream tonight.”

The golden python was already on the verge of climbing up the white-robed man’s leg but suddenly heard the man’s call behind him, stopping its movements.

“Mo Jin.”

The golden python left the white-robed man unhappy and returned to the blond man.

The white-robed man stood quietly, motionless, as if nothing could move him.

“Tell your emperor that tomorrow morning I will entertain him with great hospitality.”

Qiao Xingnan looked at the blond man.
The shadows in the room cast on the other man’s face, so it was hard to see the other man’s emotions.
It was as if he had hidden all his joy or anger, waiting to see the real master before exploding.

Qiao Xingnan took a deep breath and controlled Zero to give a hmmm.

Looking at the white-robed man in front of him, the blond man’s green eyes flashed with a hint of light, and he inclined his head to look at the steward.

The steward nodded to indicate that the white-robed man could leave with Ilir.

When walking to the door, Qiao Xingnan could still hear the sound of the python hissing, and the man behind him seemed to be whispering something to someone else.

Qiao Xingnan did not hear clearly and did not care too much.
His fingers tapped to control Zero to follow Ilir.
Just as soon as he went out, he felt a very strong line of sight staring straight at Zero.

Ilir, who was walking in front, also noticed the other party’s gaze.
His heart moved, and he turned to look at the white-robed man, wanting to introduce his elder brother to him.

But before he could speak, he saw that the white-robed man was looking into the distance, and his eyes fell in the direction of the crook’s residence.

“I’m going to see the emperor.”

The white-robed man’s voice was cold.
The hood covered his face, his angular jawline was slightly tense, and his tone was calm: “Farewell.”

As the words fell, a white shadow flashed, and the man before him was gone in almost the blink of an eye.

Howard was stunned, and there was a flash of fire in his eyes.
His eyes turned to Ilir while his tone remained serious: “In a moment, let me see if you have slacked off at the manor.”

Ilir’s body tensed, and he nodded.
He came close to Howard and said in a low voice: “Brother, about the white-robed man just now, I think he can be your opponent.” His voice lowered at the end of the sentence, sounding slightly incoherent.

Howard didn’t reply and patted Ilir’s shoulder, “You keep a good watch, don’t worry about this.” After saying that, he directly lifted his feet towards the room where the emperor was.

On the other end, although he did not know that his own fragile Zero was recommended as an opponent by Ilir, but by a hint of intuition, Qiao Xingnan quickly controlled Zero to run back to the room.

This night was to be said to be quite thrilling.
When Zero entered the room, and the door was closed, Qiao Xingnan was completely relieved.

But this does not mean that there was nothing to do next.
On the contrary, he may not be able to sleep tonight.

Qiao Xingnan patted Zero’s shoulder and let him rest under the moonlight.
Then, he looked at Ster and pondered for a while before speaking:

“Uncle Ster, can you tell me in detail about the etiquette of the Chaos card pool?”

After seeing more visually this evening how violent the Arilance emperor was, the boulder in Qiao Xingnan’s heart was brought up even more.
He had to make everything foolproof before they met tomorrow.

Ster smiled, and his azure eyes were filled with laughter as he gently knocked his ebony cane, “Of course, my master.”

“But may I know what you want to know about the etiquette of the Chaos card pool for?”

Qiao Xingnan didn’t hide anything as he said, “I want to master some of the Chaos card pool’s etiquette to deal with the emperor of Arilance tomorrow.”

“My esteemed master, etiquette is not so easy to master.” Ster said softly.

Of course, Qiao Xingnan knew that something like etiquette was tedious and complicated, and it was impossible to master it immediately.
His aim was not to master it but to roughly understand it.

His actors are all from the Chaos card pool.

If the emperor himself does something that is taboo for the cards, won’t he be exposed even faster?

The emperor and his people share the same cultural background, common beliefs, and consciousness.
Otherwise, it’s just a scattered tray of insufficient sand, and the cards certainly don’t have the means to learn Earth culture immediately, so he has to do it himself.

Understanding Qiao Xingnan’s meaning, Ster nodded, “Yes, my esteemed master, I will be strict with your every move.”

Qiao Xingnan gave a hmmm sound.
His golden eyes were full of laughter and trust as he looked at Ster, who froze for a moment.

This new master was a strange man.

But Ster did not hate it.

“Next, I will start talking about the etiquette that a good card gentleman goes through from morning to night in a day.”

Qiao Xingnan listened to Ster’s gentle words and nodded seriously.

Ster spoke seriously and in detail, telling Qiao Xingnan every etiquette and demeanor from the time a good gentleman opens his eyes to the time he goes to bed at night, in its entirety.

“There are very few people who observe etiquette within the Chaos card pool, but my close friends and I are graceful elders who adhere to etiquette, and my every action and word is in accordance with it,” boasted Ster, without a trace of modesty.

“Before coming to the master, there was a card with us who was extremely rude and noisy.
It was terrible.” When Ster said this, there was still a smile in his eyes, and his words remained kind: “But now he has also become good and courteous, which has a lot to do with our teaching.”

Of course, Ster’s last statement was not precisely true.
After the carefully raised flowers were plucked again, the elegant card pool elders couldn’t stand the awful and very stupid card.
They banded together and hung him in the central domain for three days, almost turning him into a roasted fish.

After that, the fool turned around whenever he saw them, but he was better behaved.

Qiao Xingnan, who did not know the inside story in the slightest, nodded as he stood up and practically rehearsed the important knowledge that Ster had given him, and this practice took place overnight.

During this time, the butler also told Qiao Xingnan about some strange etiquette recognized in the Chaos card pool.

For example, throwing weapons like knives and swords at the other person means courting them.

For example, kissing the other person’s left hand was a declaration of war.

Another example is that when a card has just been born not long ago, all the cards in his race will sing an ode to him, blessing him with power and luck.

Qiao Xingnan carefully recorded the other party’s words one by one, which might be useful at some point.

It was not until dawn that Qiao Xingnan got out of such intense study.

Qiao Xingnan looked at the time, cleaned himself up, and sat at the table to talk to Uncle Ster and Zero about the script to be played later.

He has memorized his own script by heart now.
The mysterious big country named the Chaos Empire after the Chaos card pool.
Qiao Xingnan stressed it with Uncle Ster and Zero and reviewed it with them again, such as where the other attendants have gone and what the country’s situation is…

It was only when the steward of the manor came over and invited Qiao Xingnan and the two people beside him to meet the emperor that Qiao Xingnan stopped talking.

He was clear that in the tyrant’s mind, they were probably a group of liars.
At best, they were not quite the same as ordinary liars, which was enough.
As long as they were not killed now, everything could be made up.

Qiao Xingnan pursed his lips and followed the steward, taking his two cards toward the side of the emperor of Arilance.

On the other side, a dispute was taking place inside the emperor’s room.

“Mo Jin.”

The blond man ordered the golden python that was wrapped tightly around the table’s legs, and his green eyes were unmoved: “Go eat.”

The golden python hissed and spat its tongue.
Its green pupils were full of resistance, but because the man in front of him seemed really angry, it was still a little hesitant, and the tip of its tail twisted uneasily.

Seeing this, the blond man turned around and sat in his chair, no longer paying attention to the snake.

On the side, Ilir followed his big brother, Howard, silently complaining that the emperor’s aesthetics were as strange as ever and still spoiled the snake so much.

If the other pets kept by His Majesty do not eat, His Majesty will probably just use the pets that do not eat to make soup, saving the waste of food.

In the past, Ilir also asked his elder brother why His Majesty liked this snake so much.
His elder brother was well aware of the emperor’s heart.
Although he did not know too well, he still vaguely revealed a piece of secret news to him that the emperor likes golden things.

After that, Ilir was not surprised to see it.

There was a sudden knock at the door.

The steward opened the door under the watchful eyes of the crowd, and then a man with a gorgeous appearance walked in at a leisurely pace.

His black hair was tied, and there was no smile on his exquisite face.
The white and gold patterned silk garment on his shoulders wrapped around his left shoulder, covering half of his robe.
The layered clothing revealed his collarbone, and the mysterious pattern lingered on his robe, making it look very luxurious.

As the man walked slowly, the golden bracelets on his wrist emitted a tinkling sound.
He raised his head slightly, and golden eyes coldly swept over the crowd with a vague majesty that could not be seen directly.

It was only at this time that Ilir noticed that the unidentified ruler had quite a few golden things on his body, and it was not clear whether it was by accident or on purpose.

Ilir inclined his head, looking at his emperor from the corners of his eyes.

Although the young emperor had a bad temper, it was impossible to hide his handsome face.
At this moment, his green gem-like eyes faintly flashed with a hint of interest.

“You are the emperor from far away?”

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