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Lu Mingshi has never felt such pain in his lifetime.
He was still working well in the morning, and now in the afternoon, he was in the hospital lying in pain.

It was a good thing that An Qiao got there fastly.

First, they gave him a pain reliever from the ambulance itself which allowed Lu Mingshi to gain a bit of strength.

The sweat-soaked man who looked really pale glanced at An Qiao and said something breathlessly.

But An Qiao couldn’t hear it.

He leaned towards him worriedly, “Boss, what do you want to tell me?”

Lu Mingshi accumulated all his strength before he opened his mouth again, but his voice still didn’t come out.

An Qiao gave Lu Mingshi a grave look, the boss spoke in a completely inaudible voice, so I can only guess what he meant.

Lu Mingshi, taking shallow breaths with his pale face carved out a really pathetic image.

The usually strong aura of the great boss suddenly became so pitiful.

An Qiao couldn’t help his nose from itching1feel like crying.

He held Lu Mingshi’s hand.
With eyes brimming with tears he said, “Boss, you are a lucky person.
You will definitely be fine, no need to leave any last words!”

Lu Mingshi closed his mouth.
The corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

An Qiao felt that he might have guessed it wrong, so he thought again and said “Don’t worry.
When you fainted just before, I talked with Gu Shao over the phone, and he is already on his way home now.
So he will definitely be able to meet you in time for a last–”

An Qiao looked sincerely at his boss, to find him fiercely glaring at him.
He suddenly realized that he had said the wrong thing, so he immediately changed his words and said,

“Aw pah.
He’ll surely be there before the birth.”

Lu Mingshi accumulated his strength for a while before he was finally able to squeeze out a sentence.

“Didn’t you …… say that …… it …… won’t …… hurt at all? !”

If this is not the real pain, then what will it be like when it really hurts?

An Qiao explained, “I can assure you that the operation will not hurt, but the prenatal labor pain and pain from the postpartum wound are still inevitable.
Boss, if I say this to you, then you will definitely be more nervous in your heart.
And when you are nervous, I am afraid it is easier to get hurt ……”

Lu Mingshi thought that if he really did meet with any life-threatening danger then the hope to slash this foolish An Qiao will give him the strength to live.

Seeing that Lu Mingshi’s expression wasn’t very good, An Qiao hurriedly appeased: “Boss, you should try to talk less during this time.
Talking can be very exhausting ……”

Lu Mingshi took a deep breath and closed his mouth.

Just now, when he was waiting at home for the ambulance to come, for a split second he thought that he was really going to die from the pain.

The pain was so extreme that it began to give him various hallucinations.

Lu Mingshi even had the time to think that if he really became the first man to be killed alive by prenatal pain, then he will have a high chance of becoming an object of medical research.
So he will be able to make great contributions in the field of science after his death or something.

Lu Mingshi’s dull eyes gazed at the ambulance roof.

Luckily, the painkiller’s effect soon kicked in.
So now he only felt some small burst of pumping in his lower abdomen.
It was indeed a wonderful and indescribable feeling.

After forgetting about the pain in his body, the wonderful connection started to become clearer and clearer.

After a few hours, will he be able to meet his child?

After Gu Yixin said those words, the stadium became silent for a second, and then it entered an atmosphere of frenzied chatter!

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“My model worker actually got married?”

“The word spouse is quite old-fashioned.
Gu Gu deserves to be a graduate of the Cadre Academy2Cadre university : [干部],“Cadre school” is just a place to train officials, and is not part of the education system.
老干部 means old party official, a term used to mock old-fashioned people!”

“Who is this lover? Is it a man or a woman? Don’t tell me that our love story of the rich and powerful man is finally getting a big ending?”

“He’s in such a hurry to reach the hospital.
That person is not seriously ill, is they? That person is lying in the hospital.
It is so pitiful.”

The viewers were discussing in high spirits, while the reporters stood there dumbfounded.

They were trying to get a big story.
But they didn’t expect it to develop in such a way.

Now that the rightful owner of the story was gone, their only source was a short sentence with just six words.

“My lover is in the hospital.”

Reporters looked at their cameras in succession.
A single scene was captured, in which Gu Yixin stood nervously in the middle being surrounded by many people.

It looks like they have to go back and make stories based on the picture with their imagination skills.

An older-looking reporter slapped his thigh.

“As the saying goes, two heads are better than one3 lit.
three ignorant cobblers add up a Zhuge Liang(someone known for being a genius;) fig.
collective wisdom.
Since everyone doesn’t know what to write, why don’t we brainstorm, use our imagination, and combine everything we can think of.
By doing so, we’ll be able to come up with the news.”

This proposal was widely accepted by everyone.

“Then I’ll go first.” A reporter said, ” We should start with the past of our main character first.
We can start by asking questions to arouse the public’s wider curiosity.
Then from the initial image of Young Master Gu as an uneducated dude in the public’s eyes to the male protagonist of the first 300 episodes of love and hate melodramatic harem series in a luxurious setting, to the bricklayer model worker who became the new trend, to the talented athlete who strides a thousand miles for his love, we can write series of columns about Young Master Gu ……”

When the reporters heard the reasoning, they nodded their heads in unison, agreeing.
They then quickly brushed on their notebooks to record this inspiration.

“Episode 1: The bigshot being reduced to a dusty outcast.”

“Episode 2: The beginning of face slapping through hard work.”

“Episode 3:The justice fighter role model of the youngsters became an internet celebrity.”

“Episode 4: Gu Wumao is not really your brother??”

“Episode 5: The male model has broken the record again.
Is he gonna be the pride of the athletics field?”

“Episode 6: Surprise!The new era’s excellent idol has revealed that he is married.
The name of the spouse is not announced but it is revealed that this person is bedridden.

“Episode 7:Who is this lover? Is the disease under control? When did they get to know each other and when did they fall in love ?”

The reporters placed down their pens with satisfaction.

Then they started to ponder.

After all, who exactly is the partner of Gu Yixin?

Could it be one of his many scandalous partners?

Gu Yixin was widely known for his valiant achievements.
But this was not the case in Yan city.

The people of Yan City knew about his past and all the ups and downs that he went through in his life.
They knew all kinds of gossip about him too.

From the time Lu Mingshi put Gu Yixin’s picture on the billboard, Gu Yixin’s name was

closely connected to that of several bigshots.

Therefore, when the people of Yan City saw the news of Gu Yixin having a lover, their first reaction was to search for the recent news about those bigshots.

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Because they were the key suspects!

And then they found that –

Wei Junshan was sincerely working in his company and had just conducted a staff meeting.

He was in good health and his complexion was also good.
With no signs of having been bedridden.
The only problem that could be found was a pimple on his neck and a bit of internal heat.

Lin Rui was photographed buying clothes with his new secret lover at the launch of a new product from a fashion brand.

Young Master Lin looked energetic and lively, clearly visible that he had already risen up from his emotional injury.
But when a person next to him tentatively asked him about the new topics going on about Young Master Gu, he showed a very complicated expression.

Hei Chu is also working hard to collect protection fees today.

All the big bosses chess center4It’s like a casino where people play chess, Chinese cards, mahjong, etc.
of Erdao Alley saw that he looked the same as usual; his body was as healthy as ever and it was absolutely impossible for him to be lying in a hospital bed and such.

So people’s attention went to the last possibility.

Where is Lu Mingshi now?

What is President Lu doing now?

This matter-

Oh boy, it is unbelievable.

People found that their President Lu, the richest man in the country under the age of thirty, the land king of the province, the man with supreme wealth in his hands and the idol of millions of young boys and girls, have already been away from the public view for more than half a year now!

This was indeed a piece of shocking news.

After ruling out all the impossible outcomes, this was what was left.
So, no matter how unbelievable this was, this must have been the truth.

By linking all the information that they have now.

The truth is that Lu Mingshi is the lover of Gu Yixin and he is suffering from a serious illness that is beyond any cure.
He has been bedridden for complete six months.
This means that he is going to die.

The people of Yan City plunged into great grief.

As you know, it wasn’t anyone else but Lu Mingshi who built roads and bridges for the people of this city for free.
It was he who built buildings for the provincial university.
It was he who had delivered books for the Xiwang high school and had given numerous source materials on essay composition to the high school students!

And he was also the extremely popular lover of the young hero Gu Yixin.

The people of Yan City have developed such a way of thinking.

Lu Mingshi have fallen ill.

You just need some common sense to understand the fact that the stocks of a huge company will definitely fall, if there are no great talents in their group to manage the company when their boss is diagnosed with a serious illness.

In this way, many families have gone bankrupt before.

Therefore, if the news of Lu Mingshi’s illness spread, the Lu group’s stock would crash and hit the circuit breaker5It is the lower trading limit.
more than ten times in a row.
The group’s stock would halt trading for rectification, and after trading resumes, the stock price would still continue to fall until the group goes bankrupt, and then it would need to be reorganized.

The people of Yan City have already sketched in their minds the tragic sight of Lu Mingshi dying and while he is on his deathbed Gu Yixin wipes his tears and asks Lu Mingshi how to fill out the bankruptcy information’s registration form.


We definitely cannot let such a situation occur!

The folks who had watched Lu Mingshi and Gu Yixin grow up and were deeply moved by their deeds, made up their minds.

The people of Yan City decided to collectively buy shares from the Lu group.

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So in that way, the stocks of the Lu Family will reach the trading limits 12 times.

Of course, that was only going to happen in the later parts of the plot.

But our main character involved did not know about the huge chain reaction that was about to happen due to his words.

Gu Yixin slipped a sum of 500 yuan and his phone number to the reporter from whom he had borrowed the car.
He took out his phone to guide his way and sped up to the hospital.

It was a very bumpy ride.

At first, he enthusiastically sped up the car on the 106 highway.
But then with his speed, he bumped into an ox cart in the road.

Fortunately, nothing happened to both the drivers.

But the ox cart was in a miserable condition when compared to the car.

The ox cart owner stopped Gu Yixin from leaving.
Gu Yixin fished out all the money from the wallet and gave it to him.

“Lao6A respectful way to address an old man.
bobo, I don’t wanna escape from your debt.
But I’ve got something urgent to do now.
Can you please let me leave now? If you think that this money is not enough, you can contact me tomorrow.

Oxcart owner: “Young man,what makes you in such a hurry?”

“To be honest, my wife is in the hospital now.
He is about to give birth.
So I am rushing back to see him.
And if I am not there he is going to feel sad as he is all alone.”

The rim of Gu Yixin’s eyes turned red.

Upon seeing this, the ox cart owner returned half the money back to Gu Yixin.

“Go, young man, we will talk about the damage money later.
I think there are some chances that you might have to use some money on the road.
Be careful on your way back.
Does your wife know that you are this reckless?”

After expressing his great gratitude, Gu Yixin took away the damaged car from where he had bumped the ox cart and then drove off at high speed.
Even though he sped up the car again on the highway, he got out of there safely.

He then again found another national highway ahead after two and a half hours.

There were two ways to go.
On one side there was a national highway and on the other, there was the trail.

It was already past sunset and the sky had already become dark.

The state highway was lit with few street lights, while the trail was pitch-black and out of reach.

After looking at the navigation telling him to get on the highway, Gu Yixin resolutely decided to drive on the minor roads instead.

The road ahead was clear without any obstacles.
Gu Yixin turned on the headlights and raced ahead like a storm.

If he took the shortcut with this speed, he would be able to cut straight through the southern entrance, which was the closest to where An Qiao’s hospital was located.
And that way he could avoid the evening rush in the city’s downtown area too.

He knew that this kind of driving wasn’t safe.
But at this time he could only believe in his luck.

Ten minutes had passed safe and sound.
Except for the few ups and downs in the road, the ride was pretty smooth.

But Gu Yixin forgot about one thing.

The car went out of gas.

There were still 20 kilometers more to reach the exit of the trail.
And he had to travel half an hour more to reach the hospital.
And now the car was completely dead.

Gu Yixin looked at the fuel gauge and saw it pointing towards zero.
He grabbed his phone and got out of the car.

Standing by the side of the car, he raised his head to look at the night sky.

The sky was filled with stars.

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A dim moonlight illuminated the sky.

The air of the city outskirts mixed with the faint scents of grass and earth.

Gu Yixin took a deep breath and saw the glimmering lights of the city, coming from afar.
He turned his head angrily and kicked the wheel of the car to vent his anger.

He turned his head to face the city lights and then- –

Picked up his feet and rushed forward violently.

That’s right.
That was a beautiful and touching scene that can easily remind people of the numerous classical racing scenes of japanese tv series.

However, the person running now isn’t any other person but Gu Yixin.

So, the speed of the running wasn’t like any other ordinary person.
Rather it was a speed that was way more than the limit of a normal human.

When he stopped thinking about slowing down his speed and concentrated on running fast, no one could be his opponent.

So Gu Yixin ran faster and faster, smoothly accelerating his footsteps.

There were even after-images behind his back.

Going faster and faster and faster.

Thus, his speed surpassed that of feral dogs, then that of gnu and finally it was more than that of a cheetah.

And he managed to run faster than a car after removing his shoes.

The quality of those shoes was not good enough.
Gu Yixin thought, feeling annoyed.

Anyways, he finally managed to reach the hospital on foot.
Everybody was stunned by his current appearance that showed up suddenly.

Gu Yixin’s shoes were gone and socks were also worn off.
So he stood in front of the hospital in bare feet.

His whole body was covered with mud and straw from the countryside and his white sweatshirt had turned dirty and gray.
Thus making the whole person look like he was carried back from the film set of a horror film.

No need to mention how miserable it looked.

Fortunately, An Qiao had informed everyone in advance.
So when they saw the arrival of Gu Yixin, they took him to the entrance of the ward on the 12th floor.

Translator’s corner

For those who wanna know more about the bankruptcy plot the people of Yan city thought about

So it is like this

Hitting the down limit refers to the maximum decline permitted in individual stocks on certain exchanges before a trading halt happens.
And this company will experience it several times.
This happens when many people rush to sell their stock after the news of illness.

So they will halt the trading called ‘trading halt’ to reduce the extreme decrease in the stock price.

Trading consolidation means ‘keeping the stock trading within a certain limit’.
This in itself is not a good or bad thing but it’s difficult to predict what will happen after this ‘limit’ is broken.

And then after trading opens again (here you can say once the consolidation limit is broken as well), the trading will still go down until the company goes bankrupt

So a bankrupt company in order to avoid going out of business will go through reorganization which includes restructuring its finances, operations, management, etc.

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Anyway hope you liked the chapter.
And I am waiting for the baby too.

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1feel like crying2Cadre university : [干部],“Cadre school” is just a place to train officials, and is not part of the education system.
老干部 means old party official, a term used to mock old-fashioned people3 lit.
three ignorant cobblers add up a Zhuge Liang(someone known for being a genius;) fig.
collective wisdom4It’s like a casino where people play chess, Chinese cards, mahjong, etc.5It is the lower trading limit.6A respectful way to address an old man.

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