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Gu Yixin was already ten meters ahead of the second-place runner.

The staff from the organizer’s team kept a close eye on the race data.

According to the calculation, as long as Gu Yixin maintains this speed for another 50 meters, he will definitely establish a new record!

If this race was being broadcasted on television, people in front of the tv would have been able to see that the red line representing the record was already far behind the first place runner.

The staff member was excitedly watching a new record being set.

40 m

30 m

20 m!

Behind the organizers of the race, two black-clothed soldiers were already covetously eyeing the newcomer who was about to set a record.

Being ready to take the person away at any time.

10 m

A group of staff members from the race committee already came out from the control room and were stationed around the track, ready to welcome the arrival of the new record.

It was about time …… the moment …… the exciting moment ……

But then their hopes were shattered.

Gu Yixin had to adopt a special measure to make himself stop.

He tripped on his own right foot using his left foot.

Gu Yixin fell down one meter behind the finish line.

The audience looked at each other in dismay.

The coach who was shouting crazily finally stopped and gave out a long sigh.

Two seconds later, several athletes, who were overtaken by Gu Yixin earlier, crossed the line with a huff and puff.

Gu Yixin finally climbed up and crossed the finishing line as the fourth-place runner.

The award ceremony for this 400m final was completed in a haze of confusion.

The first, second, and third-place winners were all interviewed and they all said that they really didn’t know what the hell had happened then.

Many tried to interview Gu Yixin.

As we know, Gu Yixin was an influencer before.

Someone who had a huge fan base.

Even though he didn’t have a Weibo account for himself.

Such a mysterious person, who was widely known for working in the construction site and had a lot of connections with many bigshots, was already very attractive in many people’s eyes.

In fact, he was a low-key amateur artist with a simple and honest style.
Since he didn’t make money by selling his body, people didn’t pay much attention to his private life.

As there will be disturbances in his private life.

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But it was different when he became an athlete.

Because athletes are celebrities!

So naturally, the journalists were eager to chase after this live hot topic there.
He was worth one full week’s news headlines.

But they all failed.

Because Gu Yixin had already gone back to the starting point for his next race.

The next one was his 200m finals and after that he had the finals of 100m.
What happened there was almost like a copy-paste of the 400m race’s drama.

Gu Yixin once again came close to setting a new record even after his delayed start, and then he tripped himself over before reaching the finishing line, ultimately missing the record.

People started expressing their own views on this amazing drama.

The race organizer said, “We tested every athlete immediately after the race to eliminate the possibility of them using any drugs.
As for the athlete Gu Yixin’s frequent falls, we think that it could be due to calcium deficiency.
We hope that his team will pay more attention to the nutrition balance of their athletes in the future.”

The audience exclaimed, “God is fair, he gave the model worker the ability to move bricks, but made him go through the ups and downs of one’s life.
He also gave him great speed, but he made him fall again and again during the race.
This tells us that no success can be achieved easily, only diligent efforts can forge the ultimate glory!”

The top three athletes stated, “We really don’t know what happened.
He would always surpass us like a gust of wind and then would fall down before finishing the race.
It can be seen that there was not even a single person within a circle of a 10-meter radius near him when he fell, and the only thing left there to trip him up was the air.”

When numerous microphones were aimed at the coach, the coach defended himself, “We really didn’t mistreat our players.
The reason behind Yixin’s frequent falls can be because of his nervousness as it is his first time participating in a competition.
We will provide him with psychological counseling focused on it for trying to reduce the recurrence of this situation ……”

There were many different opinions.
Probably only the protagonist could give the real answer to the question in everybody’s minds.

Once again, the reporters tried to talk to Gu Yixin.

But they got blocked at the entrance.

Gu Yixin was then sitting obediently in the office of the race organizer.

“Here, have some tea.” The leader kindly invited him.

Gu Yixin was even more polite: “After you.”

The leader kindly and warmly expressed to Gu Yixin his good opinion on the young man and the deep expectation that the race committee had for him.

“We need talents like you in order to create great achievements in our country’s track and field area.
To break the barrier of physique, the boundaries of ethnicity, and to let the world know that China can create history in athletics!”

Gu Yixin gaped.
He really did not think this much when he joined the sports school.
He just wanted to become a registered athlete, reach the national level standard, and then find a way to become a national-level special athlete!

In the end, it was all about not letting your child lose the best for his basics.

Facing the leader’s eager eyes, Gu Yixin had to try hard to convince him, “But I’m not even in the top three ……”

There was a gleam in the leader’s eyes.

“But you have a potential that the top three don’t have.”

The leader produced a precise calculation which showed that if Gu Yixin had finished the entire race at his top speed, then he would not only have surpassed the provincial race’s record but also would have beaten the world record by a mile!

The leader looked at Gu Yixin as if he was looking at his firstborn son.

“For our bright future, we want you to become a professional athlete and then we can solve your problems of physical imbalance and slow reaction through training.”

“I hope you’ll think about it.”

He said it very gently and sincerely, but Gu Yixin had already caught sight of the leather shoes of the black-clothed men who were hiding behind the curtain.

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The coach had said that for breaking the record you would have to do closed training.

So he used the method of tripping himself over to stop.

But he didn’t expect that he still wouldn’t be able to avoid it.

What a pain in the a*s.

Gu Yixin quickly searched for a countermeasure in his mind.
How to convince him without tearing up the pretense but also without being taken away to train?

Gu Yixin’s brows were furrowed as he thought hard.

The leader saw that he seemed to be a bit reluctant.
A glint of light flashed behind the thick lenses of his metal-framed glasses.

If this kind of persuasion is not effective, then he can only ……

The peaceful atmosphere in the room turned a bit dreadful.

There seemed to be some kind of a powerful energy quietly building up in the room, waiting to explode.

“Mud ~ wrapping the trouser legs, sweat ~ soaked through the back of the clothes ……”

Right when the atmosphere was getting to its densest point, a beautiful song broke the deathly silence of the room.

It was the sound of Gu Yixin’s phone ringing.

Gu Yixin fished out his cell phone and looked up at the leader.

The leader smiled, indicating to him that he was free to take up the call.

So Gu Yixin picked up the call.

This time he paid special attention to not to turn on the speaker by mistake.

Lu Mingshi’s voice came through.

“Has your race finished?”

“It just did.” Gu Yixin thought that Lu Mingshi’s voice sounded very weak, so he couldn’t help being worried, “Are you alright?”

The sounds of Lu Mingshi inhaling deep came over, along with all kinds of messy sounds of things falling to the ground.
Gu Yixin’s eyes grew wider as he became very tense.

“I am going back right now.
What’s happened to you?”

It was only after a long time that he heard Lu Mingshi’s low voice: “I’m fine, don’t worry.
I’m at home now.
It’s just that my stomach hurts a bit, maybe ……”

Gu Yixin’s eyebrows tightened, and his voice, which had been restrained to remain polite, suddenly grew louder.

“Maybe what?”

Hearing him being so anxious, a gentle look emerged on Lu Mingshi’s sweat-stained face which showed pain.

“You take it easy – I can handle it all by myself.
I think I am about to give birth.
I have already informed An Qiao…… you come back …… but you don’t need to rush it.
Be careful on the road and come back safely……”

Lu Mingshi also wanted to ask him to just wait at the airport and that he would let the plane go over to pick him up.
But before he could say it another burst of pain came up from his stomach making him extremely dizzy.
Sweat seeped out of his palms and he was not able to hold his phone any longer.
So the phone fell down with a “snap”.

The screen glass shattered, but the phone call wasn’t hung up yet.

Gu Yixin’s eyes became wider in disbelief.

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“Are you okay? Can you hear me? Hello!”

He tried to call out a few more times.

But the only sound that came out from the other end was the slow breaths of Lu Mingshi.

Gu Yixin clenched his fist, his finger bones clicked as he squeezed them.
He shoved his phone back into his pocket and he raised his eyes to look coldly at the leader who was standing in front of him with a face full of doubts.

The leader was startled.

Before the leader could ask what had happened, Gu Yixin jumped up from the chair and grabbed him by his collar.

He was so scared that his glasses fell directly onto the ground.

The young man in front of him, who had just been very respectful and well mannered, changed his face suddenly.

Gu Yixin kicked the solid wood desk between him and the leader, making it fly off to about seven or eight meters away.
It shook as it hit the wall.

“I’m going back to Yan City now.
Let’s shift today’s discussions to some other day.


The leader was dumbfounded.

How did he suddenly sound like the cool, handsome, wild, and tyrannical president played by Gu Wumao in his daughter’s favorite drama that she watched every day?

Especially the last “Okay?”

The leader’s face turned grey due to the lack of oxygen.

And as the matters had come to that, he could only let Gu Yixin go.

“You can go, hero ……”

After seeing Gu Yixin leaving, the leader patted his chest and sat down with palpitations in his heart.

The four black-suited men who were standing behind the curtain lifted up the curtain and came out.
They were lined up in a row while holding a large plastic board with the pattern of a 100,000 yuan cheque.

The leader of the black-suited gang looked confused, “Leader, how come he left?”

The leader said depressingly, “There came an urgent matter, so he took a leave of absence.”

He gestured the crowd to put the board in the corner and waved his hand, “This placement fee will be given to him next time.”

Gu Yixin came out of the office and thought a second about why any of the black-clothed men didn’t rush out from behind the curtain to save their leader.

He had thought that he would have to fight to get away from them.

Gu Yixin ran all the way until he ran into a swarm of reporters at the entrance of the passageway.

They had been waiting there for a long time to interview this legendary figure who repeatedly made many wonders.
So when they saw the sudden appearance of the person they were waiting for, they all gathered around excitedly.

The stadium was buzzing with noise, and all eyes in the audience were here.
No one paid any attention to the award and closing ceremony.

The reporter’s mics were all aimed at the young man who was standing alone in the middle.
It was the person who had rushed all the way out of the passage at great speed and had to just stop at the entrance only because he saw too many people surrounding him.

If he had hit someone with the speed he just had while coming, then that person would have been greatly injured.

So he had to rapidly hold on to the wall to stop himself.
Then in a slightly muffled voice, he said to a crowd of reporters.

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“Please get out of the way.”

He was heated up from all the exercise and his emotions burst out.
He was sweating from his face to neck, making his sweatshirt soaked up with sweat.

A reporter who was standing the closest to him felt that it was a rare opportunity and spoke up boldly.

Gu, we have been waiting here for a long time.
Is it okay for you to answer just one question?”

When Gu Yixin looked at his excited look he actually wanted to punch him.

But he held it back.

Gu Yixin placed his hand on the reporter’s shoulder: “Did you drive to get here?”

The reporter froze and subconsciously nodded his head.

“Very well.” Gu Yixin said, “Now lend me your car, and I will answer a question for you.”

Although the reporter did not understand why he wanted the car, he immediately agreed as he did not want to let go of an opportunity to make big news.

Gu Yixin said, “Go ahead and ask.”

Under this situation, the reporter completely forgot the question that he was going to ask.

So he blurted out, “May I ask why Mr.
Gu is suddenly in such a hurry to get out of here?”

Hearing this question, everyone present there was ignited with curiosity.

That’s right, what was the reason?

Gu Yixin had never shown such an impatient side in the public before.

Gu Yixin took the car keys from the reporter’s hand, his footsteps were hurried as he followed the reporter to the parking lot.

The cameras were all pointed at him, waiting to hear the answer from this new generation’s influencer.

Gu Yixin could have weaved out a lie and no one would have been able to judge it.
However, he unexpectedly didn’t want to lie now.

In addition to disliking lies, he had some other unexplainable reasons too.

Facing the numerous microphone raised towards his mouth, Gu Yixin, who was surrounded by a countless number of cameras, said,

“My lover is lying in the hospital.”

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