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What exactly is the length of your xx?

This is really a profound philosophical question.

When this question came out of the phone, even the driver who had been concentrating on driving could not help become curious.
He sized up the strange little brother through the rear-view mirror, trying to see what was so different about him.

To get such a bold and passionate spouse.

Gu Yixin covered the microphone and was silent for two seconds.

“The speaker mode was on.” Gu Yixin said softly.


Lu Mingshi’s mouth went agape and wasn’t able to close it back.

The coach clapped his hands together and said kindly, “Little Gu, don’t worry.
We didn’t hear anything.”

These words reached the ears of Lu Mingshi who was standing in a faraway place from there.

Lu Mingshi, who was on the phone while standing at the hospital’s rooftop, fell into a dead silence.

He silently hung up the call and sent him a text message instead.

While Gu Yixin was silently typing and exchanging words with Lu Mingshi.

The other three people in the car exchanged some meaningful glances with each other.

Under what circumstances would Little Gu’s partner ask this question?

Asking for a perfectly accurate size.

And saying that it was urgent.

When would such information be needed?

If you are buying a cond*m, you just need to roughly guess the size.

Then there can be only one possibility.

Little Gu’s lover must be ordering a custom-made xxx according to a certain person’s size!

A group of spectators meaningfully coughed, touched their noses, and wiped their sweat.

The gaze with which they looked at this athlete became more and more strange.

Young people nowadays really know how to entertain themselves ……

Gu Yixin put away his cell phone.
He reached the guest house in the car, with his expression still the same as before.

The rooms were already arranged for their stay.
After getting out of the car, the arrangements for the next few days were explained, and everyone went to the rooms provided to them.

The nephew was ordered by the principal to take good care of Gu Yixin.

So, he and Gu Yixin shared one room.

He had no problem with it.

But the problem arose when after he placed the luggage inside, he heard Gu Yixin opening the door and asking a maid passing by.

“Hello1hello (polite form), can I get a measuring tape from here?”

The nephew’s eyes looked over slyly.

Something is definitely going on.

There is definitely a story behind this guy.

Gu Yixin took the measuring tape that the maid retrieved from the warehouse and walked into the bathroom.

The nephew sat on the bed and thought about it.

He was thirty-two.
But he isn’t married and is still a bachelor.

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When he had good hair, he had a fair chance of getting a lover.
But when he became bald, his chances were gone.

The girl who came for the blind date last week took just one look at him and left.

So after knowing that Gu Yixin has a lover, he became very envious.

He was force-fed even more dog food2Forced into seeing PDA after hearing Gu Yixin’s lover’s voice today.

He also wanted to have such a passionate and bold lover.

Because the nephew was caught up in his thoughts, he wasn’t conscious of his surroundings.

Gu Yixin went inside the bathroom.

And he stayed there a little too long.

What did Gu Yixin do in the bathroom?

He took a tape measure and tried hard to measure his little brother.

The whole person was in a state of infinite confusion.

Because when he placed the measuring tape close to his xx, there was indeed no blurring of the numbers as seen in the case of Lu Mingshi.

But a different and more perplexing scenario arose.

The tape measure began to shake.

The tape measure spontaneously produced a tremor the moment it got close to his little brother.

The measuring tape was shaking as if it was protesting against the idea.
The markings on the measuring tape were also swaying like water, making it hard for him to see clearly.

Finally, when the tape finally came to a rest, all the other numbers and scales in it disappeared.

Unhesitatingly pointing towards the front end of the tape, remained a long scale.

Because the tape measure is very narrow, only a very small space is left to be seen from the last character left.

Gu Yixin stared at that character with a grave expression and took a deep breath.

His head was full of black question marks.

He moved the tape measure away and the scale returned to its original form.

As soon as you get close to his xx, the strange appearance will show up.

So, is finding his length the problem?

Gu Yixin didn’t have the strength to think about it.
So, he just took a photo speechlessly and sent it to Lu Mingshi.

“Ding dong.”

Lu Mingshi’s cell phone rang with a beep.

Lu Mingshi hurriedly opened the new message.


“I also don’t know what is happening.
The measurement came out like this, so I hope this helps you.”

Lu Mingshi saw a big pixeled picture.

Realizing what the pixeled picture was, Lu Mingshi moved his thighs a little uncomfortably.

Then he zoomed in on the photo to see the scale shown on the measuring tape.


Lu Mingshi stared at that character and took a deep breath.

It seems to emit an ethereal light from the phone screen.

A mathematical symbol that is so profound, but should not be there on a tape measure.


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What the f*ck?

Lu Mingshi returned to the ward, lost in thought.

Lu Mingshi returned to the ward in a daze.

An Qiao was still holding the whiteboard and was waiting in front of the bed with a smile.

Lu Mingshi weakly sat on the bed and looked at the formula written by An Qiao on the whiteboard.

“An Qiao.”

Lu Mingshi powerlessly asked, “What will happen if the divisor is infinite?”

An Qiao looked at him as he was joking.

“No matter what the divisor is, it definitely won’t be infinite, so ……”

An Qiao’s explanation came out like a reflex.
But when he thought about the meaning behind Boss’s question, he instantly became a bit uncomfortable.

“…… So you mean that Gu Yixin’s xx length …… is infinity?”

This is a bit of a serious issue.

An Qiao has never encountered this situation before, so he was a bit powerless for a while.

The speechless An Qiao and the speechless Lu Mingshi sat face to face.
The atmosphere in the ward was quite grave.

“So now the plan is.” An Qiao said, “Until the child is born, you and Gu Yixin shouldn’t come in contact with each other.”

Lu Mingshi nodded.

“And what else?”

An Qiao said, “Your baby has a strong absorption capacity, which is why he was able to survive through this time with unparalleled strength.
Now the baby is likely to be born early in good health due to the catalytic effect of the energy.”

Lu Mingshi was somewhat relieved and murmured, “That’s good ……”

Lu Mingshi: “Your expression was so scary to look at that I thought something bad would happen.”

An Qiao fiercely said, “ If you guys are gonna come in contact again, a mishap will really happen.”

Lu Mingshi angrily replied, “ We obeyed your words….”

An Qiao was ready to accept the other’s views and said in a tone trying to please him, “It’s all my fault.
It’s all my fault for not telling you clearly.
You must not get angry now, so keep your mood happy so that the baby will be born with good health.”

That was very effective.

Lu Mingshi said calmly, “Dr.
An doesn’t need to blame himself, I have my own faults too.”

An Qiao smiled sweetly: “Young people should know how to do it moderately.”

Lu Mingshi maintained his smile.

I think I will settle the scores with you after giving birth to my baby.

The original due date was in early May, but after this over-nutrition incident, the time was moved up by a month.

“March 30 or April 1?”

Lu Mingshi looked at that estimated result.
At that time, Gu Yixin may still be in the provincial city.

Lu Mingshi did not want to disturb his game, but the birth of a child is such a big thing.
It is impossible not to say that to him.

Or should I wait until the day he finishes the race …… was it on the twenty-seventh or twenty-eighth?

When the time comes, I will drag him back home on a private jet.

Lu Mingshi waved his hands vigorously.
Nothing can be done about that.

An Qiao looked at Lu Mingshi being out of breath, thinking that he was worried about the pain he would have to endure while giving birth.

An Qiao reassured, “You don’t need to worry.
We can definitely do it painlessly.”

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Lu Mingshi said, “Oh“, but his mind was somewhere else.

An Qiao added, “The stitching will not be painful.
We use the best technology to sew you up, and the newly developed scar removal dressing will ensure that not a single scar will be there!”

Lu Mingshi finally turned his attention back to An Qiao.
He said lightly, “Those are not that important.”

“If the child is safe, then it’s enough.”

When he said this, his lips curved up in a most sincere smile.

The company is really prosperous nowadays, and all the staff is saying that the Boss is so happy as if he was going to have a grandson.

But Boss doesn’t even have a son or daughter, let alone a grandson.

He doesn’t even have a wife, so maybe he is lacking in earthly desires3desire to do the deed too.

When this was being said, there was a wave of sighs of sympathy flowing out from everybody.

It is quite a pity that even though he has a lot of money, he can not enjoy earthly love and is unable to have offspring.

However, no one knows that the reason why nowadays their Boss insisting on climbing twenty flights of stairs every day and on doing exercising was to-

To ease the birth of his baby.

In provincial capital:

Gu Yixin signed up for a total of four events.
100m, 200m, 400m, and 4x100m.

There are a lot of participants in the preliminaries of the athletics events of the provincial games, and most of these people have grown up taking the path of sports.
They have specialized in sports, higher education, and have been exercising systematically since elementary school or even younger.

Compared with these people, the newly joined4originally “switched to a job one was not trained for” Gu Yixin really does not know anything.

The good thing about the athletics program is that there is only one rule.

As long as he didn’t make a false start before the race started, then everything is alright.

Before the 100-meter preliminaries, the coach repeatedly warned Gu Yixin that he must run a little slower!

“Listen to me.
If you don’t have a good grasp on time, just count 1 2 3 in your mind after hearing the sound of the starter pistol and then start running!”

Gu Yixin solemnly nodded his head and said yes.

So after the firing of the gun, the crowd changed into their running posture5originally “The posture of a fierce tiger ready to run.” and sprinted forward.

But however, all the spectators’ eyes were captivated by the warrior who stood frozen behind the starting line.

They have seen a lot of athletes who start slow.

But a person who is this slow……

This is not like a usual slow start.
Isn’t this too slow of reflexes for a runner!

However, just a second later…

Gu Yixin suddenly rushed forward, and with just two-three steps, he caught up with the troops!

The audience rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

Gu Yixin’s scored a 10.5 in the prelim.

It didn’t look special, but it was enough for being a finalist.

The coach’s face showed a smile of relief.

200 meters, 400 meters.
With the same method, Gu Yixin succeeded in entering the finals of these competitions too.

But he was eliminated in 4×100 because his teammates were too weak.

Five days later, the first thing that took place was the 400m athletics final.

400m was relatively easy to run.

As it is easy to control the speed in long distances.

There will always be a bigger audience for the finals.

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As soon as Gu Yi Xin stood in front of the starting line this time, he was discovered by the sharp-eyed audience!

“Look! It is Model Worker!”

“? Are you sure? But he looks like our brother Wu Mao!”

“This is our Model Worker.”

“This is our Mr.
Perfect, brother Wu Mao.”

The two audiences even started fighting over it.

In the end, it was the fan of Model Worker who won the contest.

“There are their names on the back of their sportswear.
Are you stupid?”

During the finals, Gu Yixin dilly-dallied at the start line.
He soon became the focus of the camera.

Gu Yixin counted till five and then flew out.

He surpassed one player……..

The coach clapped his hands, “Good job!”

Then he surpassed two players…….

Coach, “Go for it!”

Then he surpassed three………

Coach: ” That speed is fantastic! You will definitely win!”

Then four………..

Coach, “ You can….”

Then five…………….

Coach, “ We can’t speed up more than this……”

Gu Yixin couldn’t slow down at all.

He broke away from the huge inertia that kept his body in the required speed, and then he surpassed the remaining two runners in a flash, rushing to the first place.

The audience, “ Wow!!! So cool!!! I really like this energy!!! Good luck Model Worker.”

Opponent, “ Is he going crazy……… Is he doing this on purpose? Is it fun toying with our emotions?”

While sports brands such as Xxx Ning xxx Ta sports xxxNiao:

“I can sense a great business opportunity!!! Hurry up and get him before he gets snatched by others!!!”

They gave each other vigilant looks.

The coach at the boundary of the track frantically sent his message fast.

“Stop it!!! You are going to break the record!!! Breaking the record means that you will be locked down for training!!!”

The coach used his inherited ancestral martial arts technique: the secret transmission of voice.

Therefore, Gu Yixin was the only one who heard his words.

Gu Yixin flinched.

Gu Yixin roared inside: “Ahhhhhhh! I want to stop too!!! But I’m sorry!!! I simply can’t.

Gu Yixin,” QAQ6[sad face] “

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1hello (polite form)2Forced into seeing PDA3desire to do the deed4originally “switched to a job one was not trained for”5originally “The posture of a fierce tiger ready to run.”6[sad face]

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