He just recently made ten million, so it was understandable for him to have a little desire to shop.

If the worst comes, just book the whole mall so that he can go shopping anywhere as he likes.

Lu Mingshi raised his brows and then nodded with a smile.

Father Lu looked at them and thought, not only Yiyi change but Mingming changed too.

He looks more lively now.

He is no longer stressed like before.

Father Lu bowed down his head and laughed until his face wrinkled4 laughed a lot.

As long as the kids are happy, some things can be ignored.

“Mingming, Yiyi”

The two people simultaneously raised their heads.

“For the next few months, your mother and I will take care of the company.
Mingming, you should concentrate on taking care of your health and Yiyi,….

Father Lu stopped in between and said gently after a while, “If you and Mingming can take care of your health well, we can be assured.

Lu Mingshi slightly relaxed his tone.

Until the end of last year, everything was fine, but then father’s vigor changed as the company became weak.

“There are some people who can help you, dad.“

Then Lu Mingshi gave him a few people’s names.

On hearing him say, “Chen Zhi Ang“, Gu Yixin slightly raised his eyes.

Why does this name sound a little familiar?

Gu Yixin tried to recall it for a while.

Chen Zhiang was the culprit who conspired with Wei Junshan to frame the Lu family in the original book, causing Lu Mingshi to be imprisoned.

Lu Mingshi appreciated him but he held a grudge against Lu Mingshi for delaying his promotion.
Lu Mingshi kept him in the position of special assistant for a long time so that he could get more experience.
But Chen Zhi Ang was ambitious.
Even though he was respectful to Lu Mingshi on the surface, in his heart he just wanted quick success.

In fact, in the original book, the day after Chen Zhi Ang created the key evidence of Lu Ming’s crime and gave it to Wei Junshan, Lu Mingshi was preparing to promote him to the post of vice president.

However, in the early next morning, Lu Mingshi was handcuffed by the police.

He didn’t come back from jail till the end of the book.

Gu Yixin fished out his buzzing phone and it turned out to be news from the province.

Lu Mingshi leaned over and took a look.

“I knew you were on the list.”

Gu Yixin frowned and said, “I didn’t get selected to the national list.“

He threw away his phone in frustration.

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Lu Mingshi patted his shoulder to comfort him.

“You initially didn’t want to win the competition, right? The remuneration that you will get from there is not even close to being a worker in the construction site.“

Gu Yixin shook his head, “That was in the beginning but now I really want to be a model worker.“

It was for his baby’s admission to the xx primary school.

That was something money can’t buy.

I have decided that my baby would not miss anything that can help him build the best foundation of his life.

Gu Yixin looked at Lu Mingshi’s belly and thought to himself while clenching his fist.

Lu Mingshi was a bit stunned, “ Oh……..

If he knew this before, he would have publicized it a bit more.

Lu Mingshi regretted it a bit.

In the night, he couldn’t sleep and kept on tossing and turning on the bed as he couldn’t forget and kept on thinking about it.

He secretly took out his phone from under the blanket and searched about the admission procedures of the xx primary school.

Then went through the hidden rules of the admission procedure written by the parents who worked hard to get their children to that school.

Gu Yixin could vow that he had never seen such densely packed paragraphs with so many letters.

Finally, he breathed a sigh of relief, as his eyes stopped on a newly written entry.

“The admission is free for the children of national athletes.”

Gu Yixin turned his face under the moonlight and laid on his pillow, thinking deeply.

Which sport should I choose?

Weightlifting? That is really easy for me.

Wrestling? I can practice that.

Boxing? I can easily beat the opponent.

Triathlon? I can try it out too.

He searched a city sports school’s email and then sent his resume to them.

It was just an ordinary resume with nothing much complicated.

Name= Gu Yixin

Gender= male

Age= 18

Height= 184 cm

Weight= 73.5 kg

Educational qualification= High school

Personal strength= Can do hard labor

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Usually, if this kind of resume was sent then it would be rejected right away.

But Gu Yixin wasn’t an ordinary person.

He was a celebrity.

So the next day itself, he got a reply.

“Respected Mr.Gu Yixin,

You can join us at any time.
The city sports school will be honored by your arrival.

Respectfully yours,


All members of the city sports school

X day X month X year”

Gu Yixin was so happy that he shook awake Lu Mingshi who didn’t have any clue on what was happening.

Lu Mingshi slightly rubbed his eyes.

Then he saw Gu Yixin’s happy face.

This made him unable to be angry at him.

Lu Mingshi could only ask him helplessly, “ What happened? “

“I was admitted to the city sports school.
“Gu Yixin announced.

Lu Mingshi nodded, “ That’s good.

He was so confused that he didn’t even know what to say.

So he could only kiss Gu Yixin’s face.

This shows that I responded to you.
Since I am still sleepy, I am going back to sleep.

Seeing Lu Mingshi wrapping himself into a ball, Gu Yixin pulled the blanket that was covering him.

Lu Mingshi who was in the blanket lost his breath, and so he took in deep breaths.

Gu Yixin looked at him from behind and thought that even though Lu Mingshi had gained a lot of weight near his belly area, he was not as strong as before.

Our baby is very good at fighting for nutrition with his mother.

I am not worried about his growth.

The heater was working while making some sounds and his head also started burning.

Gu Yixin hugged the baby’s mother and went back to sleep while rubbing his belly separated by the quilt.

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