An Luoyu was frightened out of his mind and ran away while crying.

Lu Mingshi tidied up his dress while remaining puzzled despite much thought.
He leisurely washed hands, walked out on high with an aura of inspection, and walked over following the ear-piercing sound of the slot machine that exploded just then.

Gu Yixin was being followed by an overwhelming crowd.
And this crowd did nothing other than follow him to see where he laid a bet.

Gu Yixin walked around and the crowd followed behind him like a long queue.

It was indeed very much like playing a real version of Gluttonous Snake1That is the lit.
You know the game Snake Xenzia, right? They are talking about that game..

Finally, the head of the Gluttonous Snake hit the snake’s body, and in order to pass through the middle, Gu Yixin had to request the crowd that was lining up to give way.

This was a huge jackpot with a very low drop rate.
The Gambling King’s heart was dripping with blood.

But now that things had already happened, he should borrow it for a bit of hype.
Thereby boosting the people’s energy to lose money.

As a result, the Gambling King immediately announced the news to the gamblers that the jackpot had been drawn through loudspeakers and all the display screens on the ship.

This was a very effective move.

Soon, the Gambling King caught sight of the soaring revenue count from the voyage that jumped about on the dedicated big screen in his special room.

It was just that when the smile on his lips was just half up, it was pressed down again.

The thought of having so much profit but having to separate half of it to other people made his heart freazing cold.

The Gambling King stretched out his trembling hand, and the assistant hurriedly handed over a hand warmer.

The assistant looked at the bright sunny day outside the window and truly did not understand why his boss was feeling a chill all over in June.

The Gambling King pressed the hand warmer to his chest and shortly after that, his son who was in a daze came crashing in.

An Luoyu’s fingers were slightly trembling and his complexion was deathly pale.
The assistant took a look at it and felt this symptom to be very familiar.
So he hurriedly handed over another hand warmer.

An Luoyu took it and just like the Gambling King, he pressed the hand warmer closely to his chest.

Both the father and son were lost for words and tears streamed down their eyes2The part from “lost for words” onwards is a line from the poem 江城子, 苏轼 (“Song of River City”, by Su Shi) You can find the English translation at here: if you are interested..

When An Luoyu thought about the sweet girl with a big eagle3I think no explanation is needed here that he just saw.
No, bah.
The mature lady with a big eagle4I was legit having second-hand embarrassment while TLing this part., he still got palpitations.
He rose his eyes to see that his dad’s complexion was not much better than his own.
So he weakly asked, “Daddy, why are you crying?”

The Gambling King said in a trembling voice, “Originally, I could have earned twenty billion.
But suddenly I have to give half of it to others.
If it was you, wouldn’t you cry?”

An Luoyu took out a handkerchief and gave it to his father to wipe his tears.
The Gambling King thought about the money that he lost and the more he thought about it, the sadder he got.

The Gambling King shot a glance at the screen while thinking about this.

Then he fainted with a cackle.

To his surprise, he saw that the gambling income on the screen was slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly shrinking.
Unexpectedly, it was not increasing.
Rather, it was decreasing!

Half an hour later, the Gambling King woke up and turned around.

The 800 million that was at its peak had shrunk to 500 million an hour ago.

The assistant showed him the scene of the Gluttonous Snake.

The Gambling King almost fainted again.

The assistant hurriedly opened the Quick-Acting Heart Reliever Pills5 and poured them down the boss’s throat.

“Help me up and invite Mr.
Rothschild away from the casino.
Otherwise the revenue will be in negative numbers this time……”

By the time Lu Mingshi found Gu Yixin, his ten yuan casino tokens had been replaced with 10,000,000 yuan crystal tile.

Gu Yixin was extremely happy when he saw Lu Mingshi.
So he walked over bouncingly and vivaciously; and placed the crystal tile on Lu Mingshi’s hand.

“This is for you to play.”

Lu Mingshi held up the crystal tile.
Unexpectedly, this casino token was made very beautifully.

Feeling the continous glances of envy cast at him by the people around, the bigshot – wearing women’s clothing for just one day – Lu did his best in straightening up his back, lowered his head with special dedication, and printed a lip print on the side of Gu Yixin’s face.

It was the pure bright red color of color number 999 that he just painted hard for three minutes in front of the toilet mirror.

The sound of everyone drawing air out rose and fell in succession.

Gu Yixin really liked this crystal tile.
He felt that this was not just a bargaining chip.
But a work of art that was more good-looking than any agate diamond jewelry.

Originally, Lu Mingshi always wanted to correct Gu Yixin’s aesthetics and secretly hid all his woven bags.

But the fact was that after long years of interaction, Lu Mingshi’s own aesthetics were led astray by Gu Yixin.

Lu Mingshi felt that the tile that he was holding at this moment was also very beautiful.

The two of them were admiring the crystal tile, only to hear a commotion at the doorway.

A big battle.
A big scene.

The Gambling King led his son along with his entourage followed behind by a dense group of bodyguards, to play jaw-jaw before war-war with the Mr.
and Mrs.

Lu Mingshi vigilantly blocked Gu Yixin behind him and the wind brought by his movements lifted the red skirt, revealing a section of the wheat-colored thighs.

Probably, An Luoyu might have watched too many gangster movies and after getting stimulated by that bathroom scene, he always felt that in the next second, the mature lady in front of him would take out a gun from her garter and shoot at him!

It was natural that Lu Mingshi didn’t have a gun.
So he raised the crystal tile worth 10,000,000 in his hand and issued a defensive action.

The Gambling King smiled and said, “Don’t be nervous.
I just want to invite Mr.
Rothschild to the restaurant for dinner.”

Before Gu Yixin could speak, the crowd behind him rejected it first.

“We also need Mr.

Rothschild is our god of luck!”

“The Gambling King just wants us to keep losing money like in the first hour.
So he has to invite Mr.
Rothschild away, right?”

The Gambling King’s face couldn’t hang on anymore6phr.
cannot hang on, keep falling off; (dialect, figuratively) feel ashamed.

“It doesn’t mean that.
It doesn’t mean that.” The Gambling King took the handkerchief, wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and said with an apologetic smile, “It’s just that it’s lunchtime.”

Gu Yixin nodded after pondering, “As the saying goes, the body is the capital of the revolution7lit.
the body is the revolution’s capital / fig.
good health is a prerequisite for work (Mao Zedong’s saying).
Man should eat to live and can’t do without eating!”

Only then did Lu Mingshi put away the tile.

The Gambling King thought to himself that this unfamiliar rich man of world-class level not only looked like Gu Yixin but even spoke so much like him.
The world was really wonderful.

In the restaurant, the Gambling King finally determined after many tests that the person in front of him was exactly the same as Gu Yixin and was a miraculous person with strong luck.

The Gambling King had the idea of committing a crime at that time.

However, he couldn’t kill him now and if he wanna do it himself, he had to wait until they reached the international waters.

Lu Mingshi noticed that the Gambling King’s face was amiss, and secretly kicked Gu Yixin’s stool under the dining table.

Unexpectedly, the high heels were not strong, and the tip of his shoe got stuck in the groove.

He then exerted himself to pull harder.

But instead of pulling out his shoe, only his foot was pulled out.

Lu Mingshi was forced to strive hard to look casual and add scrambled eggs to his plate.

Gu Yixin tried hard to restrain the amount of food that he ate in order to stop increasing the common ground that he had with himself.
And surprisingly, he only ate three times the average level of those present.

Lu Mingshi looked at his husband worriedly.

You are still growing up.
Don’t take risks like this, okay?8Aunt, is that you?

Lu Mingshi was planning to go to the back kitchen to hide away two steamed buns later.
Everyone had already put down their chopsticks and was ready to leave the table.

So Lu Mingshi simply gave up his shoes and walked barefoot.

Gu Yixin noticed that his wife had become shorter and he looked down to see that he had took off his shoes.

“Are your feet hurting from walking?”

Gu Yixin looked down at Lu Mingshi’s reddened toes and heels, and felt a little distressed.

“I will carry you back to take a nap.”

Before Lu Mingshi could say anything, his feet had already left the ground and he was carried up.

“No need……”

The group of onlookers cast astonished glances.

These days, Lu Mingshi was given an emergency training on female posture.
Finally, he was no longer like an awkward luffa.
Instead, he was a beautiful pepper now.

After walking two steps, Gu Yixin stopped again.
He then took off his suit jacket and put it around Lu Mingshi’s waist.

Lu Mingshi was very moved.

Eventhough he, as a big old man, was actually not very worried about the problem of exposing himself.

They stayed in a suite on the ninth floor.
And the restaurant was in a corner of the ground floor, with a long way in between.

And these two shining creatures maintained an awesome posture, attracting countless gazes along the way.
Anyways, Gu Yixin had never cared about being stared at, and Lu Mingshi’s face had been gradually cultivated.
What couldn’t he accept?

Gu Yixin finally carried the person back to their room after flashing their affection in public all the way and placed him on the bed.

Outside the floor-to-ceiling window was the balcony and this was the best location on the entire cruise ship.
The seagulls9(Bird species of China) mew gull (Larus canus) flew over gently and fell on the white railing, chirping at them.

Why did it feel a bit like a honeymoon? Lu Mingshi pondered.

Speaking of which, this was still the first time that they had traveled together.

Lu Mingshi had been so busy for a long time that his feet didn’t touch the ground, but he was quite free when he was pregnant.
After his graduation trip, he had never traveled by himself except for the company’s team building.

He couldn’t find anyone to accompany him as well.

He had no friends, and due to genetic reasons, he had no thought of looking for a mate.

In the end, what mattered was not where to go on a trip, but whom to go with.
What’s the point of going out alone to have fun? If you think about it, that loneliness is too much to bear.

Gu Yixin took a wet towel and gently wiped off the dust from the soles of Lu Mingshi’s feet.

“Women’s clothing is really exhausting.
You have already shown your face in front of the Gambling King today.
So you have completed your task.”

Gu Yixin bowed his head to bump the tip of Lu Mingshi’s tall and straight nose, “After taking an afternoon nap, you can change back to men’s clothing.
You pretend that you don’t know me and have fun on the ship as you wish.
I am not going to the casino this afternoon.
I want to see the scenery.
The Gambling King probably can’t stand me taking people to win his money anymore.”

Gu Yixin laughed as he said this and his eyes shone very beautifully.

The two of them were so close at this moment that Lu Mingshi stared at him without blinking as if fascinated.

Gu Yixin cooperated with him in the game of the big eye staring at the small eye10 looking at each other in consternation; gazing at each other in speechless dismay; being at one’s wits end.
After a long time, he was the first one to break and blinked his eyes.
After blinking for a while, his eyes bent with a smile and he joked with him.

Lu, you are so lascivious.”

Lu Mingshi’s breathing was uneven and his nose breathed heavily as if he was the one who just carried a person for a half-hour walk.
He raised his hand and pressed it on Gu Yixin’s back to press down the person.

“I see that you are also quite excited, hus~band.”

The two kissed for a while and Gu Yixin reached out his hand to unzip the skirt.
He couldn’t touch it even after groping about for a long timeand the fire in his chest got stronger and stronger.

Lu Mingshi lying in pure white bedding which made the dress redder and more gorgeous against it.
The cheeks of that man who had always only been associated with the word handsome were blushing hard at this time and he was sweating and gasping profoundly.
The performance of the person who was touching him was indeed on point.

Gu Yixin pulled apart the zipper and explored in from his back.
Lu Mingshi’s strong back muscles were slightly dampened by sweat, and the aphrodisiac effect was +100.

Gu Yixin pulled apart his tie that was tied by Lu Mingshi himself while turning around and walking towards the window.

Lu Mingshi half-got up to tug at him but pulled down the shirt that had already been unbuttoned by the other party.

Gu Yixin pulled up the window curtains and turned around.
The sunlight passed through the finely textured gauze curtains, casting grating shadow patterns all over his naked upper body.

He was beautiful, seductive, and full of power.

Gu Yixin stared at the beauty half-sitting at the head of the bed, Lu Mingshi’s big red dress fell from his shoulders, revealing a light wheat-colored chest.

Lu Mingshi stretched out his hand and grabbed the dark brown wig with the hair ends that curled out, trying to take it off.
But stopped moving due to Gu Yixin’s eyes.

“It’s not bad to play like this occasionally.” The two of them thought so at the same time.

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1That is the lit.
You know the game Snake Xenzia, right? They are talking about that game.2The part from “lost for words” onwards is a line from the poem 江城子, 苏轼 (“Song of River City”, by Su Shi) You can find the English translation at here: if you are interested.3I think no explanation is needed here4I was legit having second-hand embarrassment while TLing this part.56phr.
cannot hang on, keep falling off; (dialect, figuratively) feel ashamed7lit.
the body is the revolution’s capital / fig.
good health is a prerequisite for work (Mao Zedong’s saying)8Aunt, is that you?9(Bird species of China) mew gull (Larus canus)10 looking at each other in consternation; gazing at each other in speechless dismay; being at one’s wits end

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