The gambling ship “Jincancan cruise” was 298 meters long and 43 meters wide.
Its deck was 12 floors high and was an aptly named maritime city.

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Lu Mingshi climbed the ladder with unprecedented fear and trepidation.
In the past few days, he had been working very hard to walk on stiletto heels.
But the feeling of walking on level ground was still different from climbing up a ladder.

The ears of Gu Yixinwho was standing behind him to prevent him from falling, twitched, and he heard a lot of chatter around him.

“She actually looks really beautiful and slender.
She is exquisite and curvaceous from a distance too.
But this build is indeed somewhat excessive.”

“The one behind her should be her boyfriend.
Her boyfriend is already very tall, but he still needs to be a bit taller.”

“And this skin tone is also too dark.
Is it a new aesthetics trend?”

“Tut! You guys don’t understand at all.
This is a kind of beauty that belongs to a professional supermodel.
How fashionable, how elegant, high-end, big energy, up-level……”

Contrary to what one might expect, Gu Yixin accepted it well.
Anyway, it went without saying that he was a little shorter than Lu Mingshi.
As for these high heels, they were not very tall.
But were especially thin and slender.

It went well with this long dress.

Lu Mingshi calmly climbed onto the deck with the help of the handrail, and with a noble and glamorous gesture, he pushed aside the bangs from the left side to the other and flung the wig to flutter in the wind.
The two long legs on the stiletto heels took a step to cover two meters and Gu Yixin had to take a step forward to hold his waist.

“You are walking too fast, my dear.” Gu Yixin said in a gentlemanly tone.

The thin fabric was warm to the touch, and you could feel the strength hidden under the waist muscles.
To outsiders, it seemed to be nothing more than a person tightly holding a beauty’s waist in one hand.
But who could make out that something else was going on here?

“Oh, look who is here?”

Gu Yixin looked up vigilantly.
Far away in front of him, their target Comrade Gambling King had already appeared.

The Gambling King was standing on the deck to welcome his vvvvvip friends.
That is, those who spent five million to purchase boarding qualifications.
The first group of friends to board the ship would all live in the most luxurious presidential suite.

The Gambling King cordially greeted these ultra-rich people, until a very familiar yet completely unrecognizable man appeared in front of him, along with his tall female companion, as well as his seemingly unreliable entourage and bodyguard.

The Gambling King’s memory was really good.
These vvvvvips who boarded the ship were all among the top 100 people on the country’s richest people’s list.
He could search for everyone’s name in his brain and match them one by one.

But the one in front of him looked incomparably familiar.
Especially like…… Like…… Yes, like that bug Gu Yixin who was lying on the hospital bed with a broken hand and a broken leg; and was on his last gasp.
It was very likely that he had already died.

But this person couldn’t be Gu Yixin.
In short, it was impossible.

The Gambling King was extremely certain in his heart.

He cordially took out a personal business card, walked forward, and held Gu Yixin…… The hand of Lu Mingshi who was standing beside him[GY] and bowed gentlemanly, wishing to kiss his hand.

The Gambling King was 1.6 meters tall, and Lu Mingshi was 1.92 meters tall at this time.
So when the Gambling King bowed casually, there was almost no room to bend over.

As soon as the Gambling King held Lu Mingshi’s hand, he fell into deep thought.

Gorgeous-looking women who are beautiful yet aloof deserved to have a pair of slender lily-white hands that were soft and satiny.

But why was this hand so rough to touch, and he actually couldn’t hold three-quarters of the other person’s palm with one hand?

Lu Mingshi saw the Gambling King’s face trying to lean towards the back of his hand, and his whole body fell into a panic.
His fingers trembled slightly as he tried hard to control himself from turning his hand over and slapping him with the palm of his hand.

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Hey, speaking of slaps.

Lu Mingshi and Gu Yixin stared at the Gambling King’s face together.

When did the Gambling King change into a pig head?

Ordinary appearance and being a catastrophe were two concepts.

After the Gambling King held the palm of his hand, he kissed it somewhat insipidly and regretfully; and lifted it up.

Lu Mingshi retracted his hand after the kiss, took it behind his back, and wiped it hard with clothing in a corner that the Gambling King could not see.

The Gambling King politely exchanged business cards with Gu Yixin.

Buffett Rothschild.” The Gambling King looked at the title on the business card and asked in surprise, “Are you a member of the Rothschild family1The Rothschild family is a wealthy Ashkenazi Jewish family originally from Frankfurt that rose to prominence with Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a court factor to the German Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel in the Free City of Frankfurt, Holy Roman Empire, who established his banking business in the 1760s.

Recalling the earnest instructions of Director Wang, Gu Yixin showed a noncommittal expression that was set up on high2aloof and remote, produced a change in his facial muscles, and snorted disdainfully.

Gambling King, “!!!”

The Gambling King felt uneasy, “I didn’t know that you3formal and Mr.
Buffett are……”

Gu Yixin sighed, and looked left and right before telling him.

“I’m fed up with everyone asking about my cousin’s relationship with me.
Cousin4older male cousin via female line is cousin, I am me.
Even if I have more money than my cousin, it doesn’t mean that I can be happier than him.”

The Gambling King immediately said, “Welcome to the Jincancan cruise.
Here, you will be like in heaven.
Sir, the lady by your side is a perfect match for you.”

Gu Yixin good-naturedly said, “Yes, you are the first person to say that.
Many people said that he5He and she sounds the same in Chinese.
So the Gambling King is not gonna notice.
is too tall for me.”

As he said that, he glanced at Lu Mingshi, feeling aggrieved.

Lu Mingshi immediately snorted in time and made a show of turning his head away.

The Gambling King touched his jet-black wig and led Gu Yixin and his party into the hall diligently.
There was already a stream of people rushing about inside, and it was very lively.

“Please feel free to walk around.
All of you are vvvvvip customers, and every place on this ship is open to you.”

Gu Yixin went to convert casino tokens and handed over 50,000 yuan per person to his entourage and bodyguard.

“Your mission is over here.” Gu Yixin said, “Go play by yourself.”

When the two of them walked away, Lu Mingshi raised his eyebrows and asked, “Where are mine?”

“Don’t you not bet?”

Gu Yixin put the ten yuan casino tokens into his pocket, wrapped his arm around Lu Mingshi’s waist in a particularly smooth manner, and started to walk around the most crowded hall.

The ** of this “Jincancan cruise” gambling trip will be at noon tomorrow.
When it reaches the international waters, the curtains of the grand gambling that can make one’s jaw drop will be risen.

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Before reaching the point of departure, the annual “Battle of the Gambling Kings” will be held.

“The current King of the Gamblers has been guarding the title for over twenty years, and not even a single person has been able to snatch it away from his hands.” Lu Mingshi whispered beside Gu Yixin’s ear without moving his lips, “Baby, you may not know how much he can do.
Who can guarantee that he never got defeated in the past 20 years because of his gambling skills alone? If you push him too hard, I’m worried that something will go wrong.”

Gu Yixin who was playing with the coin-sized casino token in his hand, smiled when he heard his words.

“Don’t worry.
I won’t let him bully you.”

Lu Mingshi’s face flushed, and he said after a long time, “I’m afraid you will suffer losses.”

Lu Mingshi, who was about to wipe his sweat, suddenly recalled that he still hadn’t washed his hand that was grabbed by the Gambling King just now and he decided to take a trip to the toilet first.

Consequently, he let Gu Yixin play first while he himself worked hard to take steps with the temperament of a model.
Stepping on the stiletto heel, he was one head taller than anyone in the crowd and left there in a very conspicuous manner.

Gu Yixin walked around, confused.

What sieve the goblet to guess the number of points, what blackjack, what poker king, what black jack6These are the literal translation cause I couldn’t find much about gambling.……

He couldn’t play at all.

Gu Yixin put the ten yuan casino token into his pocket, feeling a little dejected.

Little Gu, who was not afraid of traveling all over the world, encountered interaction barriers on this gambling ship.

However, he was dressed in such a way that he looked wealthy at a glance and looked outstanding after another look.
So he soon attracted the probing of people after people.

“Sir.” A young woman with a fragrance on her body approached with a smile on her face and handed over a glass of champagne to Gu Yixin, “I wonder if I can have the honor of inviting you……”

“I’m sorry.” Gu Yixin said apologetically, “I am already married.” And my child is one month old7He didn’t talk about the child.

The woman left regretfully and shook her head at her female companion.

A short while after Lu Mingshi left, four or five people could not help but come forward trying.

As a result, Gu Yixin was soon left with no choice but to pick up an easy-open can to pull out its ring pull and transform it into a wedding ring to wear on his hand.

Lu Mingshi was not idle either.

He tottered in front of the bathroom and thought about his life for five minutes.



Am I.

Supposed to enter?

Since he was standing in front of the gent’s toilet for a very long time, this bathroom in a remote area ushered in waves of people.
Every man looked up at this great beauty with first stunned, then strange, then speculative, and finally alarmed and dodging eyes.

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Lu Mingshi continued to do psychological buildup for himself.

He absolutely wouldn’t step into the lady’s toilet.

It was a pity that there were too many people present during that time.
So he couldn’t sneak into the gent’s toilet while no one was paying attention.

He never expected that something that he didn’t care about at all would make him so distressed one day!

Gu Yixin twisted the ring pull of the easy-open can and moved to another hall after tossing that ten yuan casino token that had been lying idle.

This hall was full of huge modified slot machines.

They were all dug up from the Goose Country by the owner of the gambling ship after spending a vast sum on the price.
After the modification, the probabilities were of course black enough8I guess it is pointing towards the black swan theory.
The Black Swan Theory refers to those events which are difficult to predict in the normal course of business.
They are random, unexpected, but high-impact events.
These events are considered outliers because there is no past data that can point toward their occurrence in the foreseeable future.

Otherwise, how could the income be 500 million one hour after the sailing?

This was just a small beginning.
You have to wait until reaching the international waters for the real feast.
At that time, the bigshots with huge sums of money in their hands will sit down and play against each other.
That’s when the wealth will vanish in a puff of smoke between talking and laughing.

Junior players will sit down, try out their luck, fail to win a few times, turn their heads, walk away, and never come again.

The infatuated players will guard this machine until the drop rate explodes.

However, after it was seen that he was infatuated, he would forever never win.
On contrary, after they leave, the next one will immediately win the jackpot.

Players who took the bait would sit in front of this machine after tasting a little sweetness until they lose their family’s fortune.

Players who are a bit more shrewd would observe the rules, choose the right timing and machine, and look for a golden opportunity like fishing for dolls9In claw machines..

But it was just that in gambling, nine times out of ten you lose.

When Gu Yixin saw a young man whose shoulders were shaking slightly after losing all his five million casino tokens after being on board for an hour, he felt a little familiar.

After a careful search in his head, he remembered.

Wasn’t that Chen Zhiang?

What a coincidence.

Chen Zhiang took a deep breath.
He shook his hands, fumbled about to take off the gold watch on his wrist, and turned to the entrance to exchange money for casino tokens.

It was just that he froze completely after taking just two steps.

In the gorgeous hall behind him, a high and loud sound from an electronic music synthesizer suddenly rang out.

It was the victory music that was produced when winning a huge jackpot.

Following this music that penetrated the ten layers of wooden boards, the Gambling King who was happily smoking a big cigarette on the deck in the face of the scorching midday sun, froze.

He grabbed his high-tech technicians and roared, losing his mind, “Didn’t you guys say that the winning rate of this prize was 0.000000000000000000000000000000001% !!!!?”

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All the gamblers in the hall who were sweating in front of the slot machines also froze.

“WTF, this prize can also be produced?”

“I always thought that it was a f** gimmick to attract interest!”

“I suddenly don’t want to play ……”

“Don’t want to play +1.”

Gu Yixin making people quit gambling was not just a legend.

Chen Zhiang, who was expected to take his gold watch to exchange for casino tokens as a last-ditch effort, stiffened a little and looked back.
Only to see in shock a familiar-looking stranger who was sitting in front of the slot machine where he had sat for an hour and ten minutes, and lost five million casino tokens.
After straining his ears at a loss, he looked at the name of the prize displayed on the screen.

“Congratulations to the player for winning: 50% of the total income of the “Jincancan cruise” for this international waters trip!”


Chen Zhiang looked at the deep blue sea outside the glass curtain wall and suddenly wanted to taste the saltiness of the seawater.

At this time Lu Mingshi let out a long breath and was also able to carry his long dress to step into the gent’s toilet that he had yearned for even in his dreams, after waiting till no one was around.

With no one on the left or right, he lifted his dress extremely naturally, took out the xx that he was proud of, and aimed it at the bright and clean urinal.

When humans are in a hurry to go to the toilet but had to hold it at the doorway of the toilet for half an hour, would feel supreme pleasure when they let the liquid out.

Lu Mingshi was in the middle of such a pleasure and ignored the fact that someone had walked in through the door.

It was not until the music of Gu Yixin’s blew-up slot machine came from afar that Lu Mingshi woke up from the pleasurable feeling of releasing and became clear-headed.

Then he turned his head sideways, and with hindsight, he recognized the person who was standing next to him at the urinal with incredulous eyes.……

An Luoyu.

An Luyu did his utmost to calm down and stammered, “Sister…… Sister, you walked into the wrong toilet.”

On having heard what was said, Lu Mingshi bowed his head to look down at himself.

An Luoyu’s eyes also glanced over.

An Luoyu then looked down at himself.

And ran out in tears.

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If you liked my translation and wanna support me, you can comment down your thoughts about the chap or send me a Kofi.


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1The Rothschild family is a wealthy Ashkenazi Jewish family originally from Frankfurt that rose to prominence with Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a court factor to the German Landgraves of Hesse-Kassel in the Free City of Frankfurt, Holy Roman Empire, who established his banking business in the 1760s.
2aloof and remote3formal4older male cousin via female line5He and she sounds the same in Chinese.
So the Gambling King is not gonna notice.6These are the literal translation cause I couldn’t find much about gambling.7He didn’t talk about the child8I guess it is pointing towards the black swan theory.
The Black Swan Theory refers to those events which are difficult to predict in the normal course of business.
They are random, unexpected, but high-impact events.
These events are considered outliers because there is no past data that can point toward their occurrence in the foreseeable future.
9In claw machines.

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