oked at the bottle’s mouth a little unhappily.

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Why are all of An Qiao’s medicines so bitter like this?

He touched his pocket which contained a lollipop.

He unwrapped it and placed it on top of a porcelain dish on the small side table.
Then he closed his eyes while pinching his nose, raised his neck, and drank the medicine.

Gu Yixin while humming a xiao diao2A Chinese folk song genre entered the drawing-room in a happy mood.
On one hand, he was happy that he finally got back his freedom and on the other, he regretted seeing that poem which made him so shocked that he didn’t even dare to take a bite from that cake.

The Gu Yixin who didn’t get to eat the cake now really wanted to eat something sweet.

So his eyes twinkled when he saw the unwrapped lollipop lying on top of the table while passing by the sofa.

The taste of the nutritional medicine once again gave Lu Mingshi a jolt.

It tasted like a mixture of sour, bitter, salty, and spiciness mixed together and it stank like a mixture of the odors of socks and rags.
Even though he closed his nose, the smell still reached his neurons via his nasal cavity.

At last, all of it slipped into his stomach and the suffering was over.

But even after that he still didn’t dare to take in the air by releasing the hands on his nose.
So with his eyes and nose still closed, he touched the dish on the small side table but found it empty.


He suddenly opened his eyes and looked everywhere.

There was only Gu Yixin by his side, sitting cross-legged and watching the TV comfortably with the lollipop’s white stick appearing out of his mouth.


He blankly looked at the lollipop’s white stick appearing out of his mouth and touched his pocket again.

There wasn’t any left.

It was the last one.

“………” Lu Mingshi faintly said, “ I want to eat sweets.”

Gu Yixin turned his head when he heard him say this.

Lu Mingshi nodded affirmatively at him.
Even if there was only a little bit left, he really won’t dislike it.

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Thus Gu Yixin grabbed the stick and pulled out the lollipop from his mouth.

But where is the sweet?

Only the stick was left.

Gu Yixin looked at him apologetically.

Lu Mingshi looked at the stick as if he lost the strength to even think.

He just wanted to eat something sweet.

Why? Why did he wanna do this to him?

Lu Mingshi lowered his head.

Gu Yixin looked at the two hairs that stood up due to Lu Mingshi’s disappointment.

He felt as if he was a bad child who stole his older brother’s toy.

He regretfully threw the stick in the dust bin and touched his pocket to find that there wasn’t any candy.

Lu Mingshi’s mouth was still very bitter.

Suddenly the person near him touched him.
He raised his head without any spirit.

Something soft touched his lips.

The tip of the sweet and soft tongue slipped into his mouth.

Lu Mingshi widely opened up his eyes.

The soft tip of the tongue was sweet.

His passionate mouth was very sweet.

Their breaths were mixed and the atmosphere became like cotton candy.

First, he was sitting but as they started hugging each other he reclined on the magnanimous leather sofa and was kissed to the point of losing his mind.

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Gu Yixin kissed Lu Mingshi and looked at his expression changing from bright and clear to intoxicated.
His expression also deepened.

He likes to watch the expression his counterpart would have in a situation where he can’t free himself.

It was like he couldn’t leave him at all.

Lu Mingshi finally couldn’t help burying his face on Gu Yixin’s neck and inhaled deeply.

A little bit of sweetness remained on the youngster’s body which had accidentally gotten on his clothes before leaving.

“Husband” Lu Mingshi asked, “ Why are you sweet everywhere?”

Gu Yixin was fiddling with Lu Mingshi’s reddish earlobes and succeeded in seeing it turn crimson.
Lu Mingshi trembled pitifully when he blew into his ears.
Gu Yixin was addicted to it.

And when he heard him say this he jabbed his earlobes harder.

“ Do you like the sweetness?“

Lu Mingshi honestly said, “ I like it.

Gu Yixin smiled softly.

“ This might be because you like me too.

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1An Luoyu’s father2A Chinese folk song genre

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