Half an hour later, Gu Yixin returned home nervously.

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Lu Mingshi held a cup of so-and-so brand’s cold granules in his hand and came over to open the door for him.

Gu Yixin looked at the cup in Lu Mingshi’s hand, “How did you catch a cold?”

“I don’t know.” Lu Mingshi was puzzled and said, “Just a moment ago, I started to sneeze continuously.”

The two went upstairs, Gu Yixin wanted to tease the baby.
But Comrade Jiujin was sleeping very obediently.
So his father let him go and turned to the other father.


Gu Yixin added some boiled water to Lu Mingshi’s cold granules and showed an extremely rare expression of embarrassment while humming and hawing1to hum and haw (idiom); to mumble as if hiding sth / to speak and break off, then start again / to hold sth back.
This made suspiciousness grow in Lu Mingshi’s heart.

“What’s the matter?” Lu Mingshi asked feeling strange.

Gu Yixin scratched his head embarrassedly.

“I have something that I want to request from you.”

Lu Mingshi nodded, “You tell me.”

Gu Yixin said, “I’m afraid you won’t agree.”

Lu Mingshi solemnly said, “I can accept everything other than breaking the law or divorce.”

Gu Yixin looked face to face with him for ten seconds and then took a step forward to take his hand sincerely.

“It is not about breaking the law or divorce.”

Lu Mingshi, “Oh.”

Lu Mingshi thought about it as he couldn’t imagine what outrageous request Gu Yixin could make that he couldn’t accept.

In line with his absolute trust in Gu Yixin’s character, Lu Mingshi accepted this request.

“You tell me.”

Gu Yixin was still a little nervous.

“Can you promise to still love me after seeing something like this?”

Lu Mingshi was shocked when he heard these words, “You…have you done anything that can let me down?”

Gu Yixin looked at Lu Mingshi’s eyes in pain, neither saying yes nor trying to defend himself.

Lu Mingshi instantly felt that the top of his head was verdant2It means that LM thought that GY cheating on him with someone else., and he could smell the fragrance of grass when he gripped it.

No matter what he was facing, Lu Mingshi took a deep breath.
No matter what he was facing, he couldn’t escape it.

“Go ahead.” Lu Mingshi was downcast and said, “I can decide whether to forgive you only after you say it.”

Gu Yixin squeezed his knuckles nervously.
He was endlessly apprehensive.

“You close your eyes.”

Lu Mingshi said with heartache, “It’s all over.
How much impact can I have with my eyes open or closed?”

Despite this, he still let out a long sigh and closed his eyes.

Lu Mingshi only felt something fanning the air and brushing past his face.
After a moment of coolness, Gu Yixin cautiously asked Lu Mingshi to lightly open his eyes.

Lu Mingshi couldn’t guess what it might be.
So he gritted his teeth ruthlessly and suddenly opened his eyes to look at Gu Yixin.

He looked left and right in confusion.

“There is nothing.” Lu Mingshi said to himself.

Gu Yixin took a step forward, closed both ears of Lu Mingshi with his two hands, and gently turned his head in the direction of the bed.

“This is……”

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Lu Mingshi came closer.

Lu Mingshi clearly saw what was placed on the bed.

Lu Mingshi’s fingers began to tremble.

“This…… What is this?”

Gu Yixin’s head poked out from above Lu Mingshi’s shoulder and carefully glanced at the garment that was spread flat on the bed.

“It’s a beautiful little frock, Mr.

Poor Mr.
Lu’s voice began to stammer.

“I mean, why, why do you want to show me a…… frock?”

Lu Mingshi had a bad premonition.

Lu Mingshi turned his face to look at Gu Yixin, who was resting his chin on his shoulder, and he saw that the expression on his face was a little shy and quite embarrassed.

“Because I, I want you to put it on and see if it fits?”

Lu Mingshi: “……”

Lu Mingshi’s heartbeat was very fast at this moment.

But that was completely out of horror.

“You must be joking, right?” Lu Mingshi said uncertainly, “I am 1.9 meters tall and weigh 149……”

“It’s 187.8, which is far from 1.9 meters.”

Gu Yixin immediately added.

“And you don’t have to doubt that this tonnage isn’t really light for your height.”

Gu Yixin led Lu Mingshi to the bedside and asked him to sit down.
He pressed Lu Mingshi’s hand on the smooth silk cloth, and presented it with an excellent voice and expression, “Dear Mr.
Lu, look at this fabric.
It has a history of several Millenium…… Oh no, its weaving method has a long history of several Millenium, and the style combines the high-end model of the new trends of the modern times.
It was created by the royal tailor who was the godfather of the Gallic fashion circle3……”

Lu Mingshi collapsed, “Speak human words.”

Gu Yixin smartly asked, “Isn’t it smooth to touch?”

Lu Mingshi couldn’t help rubbing along it twice.
He had no alternative but to admit, “It’s pretty smooth.”

Gu Yixin asked again, “Do you like it?”

Lu Mingshi watched Gu Yixin swallow his saliva, his voice was like that of a mosquito, “If you wear it……”

Gu Yixin didn’t hear it at all.

He stretched out his hand to pick up the sleeve of the frock, compared it with Lu Mingshi’s arm, and sighed, “Oh my god, it’s simply tailored for you.
Lu, we……”

Lu Mingshi said in horror, “No, it doesn’t suit me…… It really doesn’t suit me.”

Gu Yixin lowered his head.

Lu Mingshi stroked the few strands of hair hanging down from his forehead, trying to refuse with the strictest words.

“No way.
I really don’t have a hobby in this field.”

Gu Yixin raised his light-colored eyes and blinked his eyelashes lightly.
There seemed to be a bit of grievance, unwillingness, and resentment in his gaze.
He was like a child who couldn’t get his beloved toy.

Seeing him show such an expression really made Lu Mingshi’s liver and guts to be cut to pieces[footntoe]grief-stricken[/footnote].

Lu Mingshi gave in a little.

“If it’s just for this time……”

Lu Mingshi went into the cloakroom to change clothes.

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Gu Yixin suggested just changing it by the bed.
Anyway, the baby was sleeping.

And even if the cub was not asleep, he had only been there for two months.
So no matter how wide his eyes were, he couldn’t see well, right?

Lu Mingshi went through careful deliberations.
He felt that he had always been not so thick-skinned, and to put on a small frock on his body in front of the burning gaze of Gu Yixin.

Lu Mingshi took the frock and entered the cloakroom.

He was still wearing a custom-made handmade shirt that he hadn’t had time to change when he came home.
Contrariwise the bottom half of his body had changed into a pair of loose pants.
But it was also on the formal side.

Lu Mingshi looked at this very normal self in the mirror and sighed inwardly.

With his index finger hooked to the red antiskid belt in the frock, Lu Mingshi melancholy looked at the frock, and then at the mirror.

Gu Yixin was also very nervous at this time.
He took a deep breath and sat on the edge of the bed as if he had returned to the time when he was waiting for the baby to be born.

Gu Yixin, who couldn’t sit still, stood up again and walked around the room twice, walked to the edge of the small cradle, and stopped by to look at his baby.

He poked the baby’s soft feet and touched his evenly undulating chest.

“Ding dong”

The mobile phone rang.

Gu Yixin took a look at the text message from Director Wang.

“Wig, you forgot to take the wig and your own clothes! I have asked someone to send it to you.
There are some other things too.
They have already arrived downstairs.”

Oh right.
Gu Yixin just remembered.

The equipment to enter into the drama was all set.

Gu Yixin thanked Director Wang and went downstairs to get back a full set of equipment from Director Wang’s driver.

After coming back into the room, he threw out all his things on the bed and changed into his suit first.

There was also a dark brown shoulder-length wig on the bed, with hair ends that were slightly curled outwards; a pair of scissors; a delicate razor; and a pair of large black stiletto heels.

Gu Yixin: “?”

He picked up a note that Director Wang had left for him, from this pile of things.

“If the frock is worn by Mr.
Lu, its slit must be cut up to some degree.
Remember to remove the extra stuff.”

Extra stuff?

Gu Yixin suddenly realized and a light bulb lit up above his head.

At this time, Lu Mingshi in the cloakroom was unable to do anything to the zipper behind him.

Gu Yixin took the wig and the razor, walked over while carrying the stiletto heels, and knocked on the door.

Lu Mingshi fought hard against the zipper, sweating like rain.

“I’m busy!” Lu Mingshi roared, suddenly losing his image of a wise and virtuous woman.

Gu Yixin: “……”

Gu Yixin tentatively asked, “Can I help you?”


Thirty seconds later, Lu Mingshi, who was dripping with sweat, opened the door.

His entire face was flushed and he stared at Gu Yixin expressionlessly.

Gu Yixin opened his mouth wide and looked back at Lu Mingshi innocently.

At this time.

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In Lu Mingshi’s eyes, Gu Yixin’s appearance was clearly reflected.

His husband was unexpectedly unprecedented, wearing a standard four-piece suit.

The dress that was tailored with reasonable width highlighted the perfect figure.
Dark gray waistcoat, white shirt, jacket with only one button buttoned, and pants that wrapped around the perfectly straight legs.

Only the light gray diamond check tie seemed to be carelessly tied around the neckline as the owner did not know how to tie it.
But it made his temperament more natural and unruly, and the whole person became lively.

Lu Mingshi swallowed his saliva, and all his anger disappeared.

He didn’t know what kind of volcanic eruption was happening in Gu Yixin’s eyes.

The tall beauty in front of him was perfectly wrapped in that long crimson lace dress.

From the bottom to the top: The red frock hung down to the ankles, the calves that were a little lighter than the wheat color of the hands as it hasn’t seen the daylight all year round, were vaguely visible; and the legs of this model were very straight.
So the visual effect was astonishingly delicate.

The waist-to-crotch ratio made people want to whistle.
The layered lace and flower feather decorations on the narrow waist vaguely adorned the bosom.
Further up was a more reverie-inducing translucent clothing material, that fitted the shoulders and neck and was slightly open wide.

Above was a face with an indescribable expression.
Even if the face was terrible, you have to admit that he was terribly handsome.

With such a dress and such a face, of course, it will be a bit out of sorts.

It’s just that this kind of indisposition was within the range of tolerance of human aesthetics.
He was like a handsome boy who was wild and difficult to tame but was forced to put on a dress by his twin sister who didn’t want to appear at the ball.

Gu Yixin scrutinized him with undisguised enthusiasm in his eyes, raised his hand to press against the door, and squeezed his whole body in.

As soon as he squeezed in, it instantly became a bit difficult to breathe inside the wide cloakroom.

Lu Mingshi raised his hand to wipe away his sweat and turned around, “Help me pull up the zipper.”

To be the best of all possible worlds, once the great president Lu starts a thing, he has to complete it perfectly.

While Lu Mingshi held the shelf as he let Gu Yixin help him pull up the zipper, he stepped on the pair of high heels freely and then frowned at the mirror as he studied how to fix the wig.

In the floor-to-ceiling dressing mirror, the features belonging to a male diminished a little.
Gu Yixin embraced his waist from behind, fiddled with the dark brown curls of the hair that scattered around his neck, and said while laughing softly, “For the first time, I finding a lady is so charming.”

Lu Mingshi:“……”

He looked at himself in the mirror.
His brain had a sense of dizziness and his soul was almost misled.

This is me……

Who am I?

Gu Yixin raised a razor.

Lu Mingshi collected his thoughts in an instant, “…… I’ll do it myself!”

When they returned to the bedside, Lu Mingshi placed his long legs on the couch4, took the razor from Gu Yixin’s hand, and casually stretched out his hand to lift the frock up, revealing his entire leg.

After settling it, Lu Mingshi let out a sigh of relief and became suddenly horrified when he glanced at Gu Yixin.

“You…what do you want to do?”

Gu Yixin was holding a large pair of blunt-headed tailor scissors and was looking at Lu Mingshi hesitantly.

Lu Mingshi’s voice trembled, “Hu, hu, hu, husband, we can talk it out if there is anything……”

Gu Yixin gritted his teeth heartlessly and threw Lu Mingshi down on the bed with the momentum of a fierce tiger descending the mountain.

Lu Mingshi looked at the ceiling in confusion.

He only felt a hand going from the ankle up to the knee.
Subsequently, the slightly cool metal also streaked across the skin’s surface, poking open the silk material on the side, all the way to the center of the thigh.

Gu Yixin stopped.

According to Director Wang, it was to be opened to a position a little further up.

But in that case, Lu Mingshi would expose his thighs with a little bit of movement.

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Then there will be more people who will see it.

He was a little upset.

Lu Mingshi said earnestly, “I think it’s okay.”

Gu Yixin nodded solemnly, “I think so too.”

As he said that, he put away the scissors and threw them away.
The two got up together.

Unexpectedly, when he was half kneeling on the bed just now, his knees pressed down on the hem of the frock.

And when they got up.

”Zi —”

The five centimeters that made him hesitate, completed the length escalation without warning.

Five days later.

The ”Jincancan cruise5Tadaa~ I found a Jincancan cruise” gambling ship was moored at the Dayan Port, the easternmost point of Yan City, ready to sail to the high seas.

Lu Residence.

Gu Yixin was making final preparations for the actors.

Lu Mingshi looked at the little baby who was being held by Chen Ma, feeling reluctant to part with him.
He kept on glancing at him as if he had to be away for a long time.

Gu Yixin kissed the soft paws of the baby, “I will be back the day after tomorrow, love you.
Muah muah muah.”

HItman A and hitman L became their entourage and bodyguard respectively.
Lu Mingshi decided to change his clothes after arriving in the car.

Gu Yixin took out a jar of black ash that he had dug out from the construction site, mixed it with liquid foundation, shook it till it was well distributed, and poured it into a spray gun for backup.

Of course, he also considered the problem of his own people not being able to know who he was after using the buff.
So he prepared codes in advance to confirm their identities.

The curtain wall in the middle of the long luxury car rose while Lu Mingshi was struggling to change clothes in the back seat.

Gu Yixin covered his eyes and silently recited Heart Clearing Mantra.

Before getting out of the car, he sprayed the foundation on both of them.

Lu Mingshi looked at Gu Yixin in amazement.

Gu Yixin said:“@#¥#¥%@¥@.”

Lu Mingshi:“&……*%&%&¥……!”

Hitman B and hitman L:“@#! &*#@!”

The identities were confirmed.

Lu Mingshi exhaled and took Gu Yixin’s arm awkwardly.

The attendant and the bodyguards followed behind.
The group of people slowly boarded the Jincancan cruise along with the surging flow of people in the port.

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1to hum and haw (idiom); to mumble as if hiding sth / to speak and break off, then start again / to hold sth back2It means that LM thought that GY cheating on him with someone else.345Tadaa~ I found a Jincancan cruise

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