Gu Yixin got up from the hospital bed, and Lu Mingshi helped him tear open the buttons of his hospital dress, revealing his perfect chest and the missing left hand.

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Then the two of them together removed the heavy plaster wrapped around his right leg.

Gu Yixin shook his numb legs.
Lu Mingshi looked at him hesitantly, as if he had a lot of apprehensions.

“You rarely hide anything from me.”

After thinking about it, Gu Yixin replied, “I want you to concentrate on your work.”

With his bare upper body that was healthy and beautiful, he stood by the window looking down at the hustle and bustle of the mundane world around the hospital.
He said in a deep voice:

“I’m going to do a very important thing, and I may be away for quite a while.
You take good care of yourself.
I will miss you and the baby.”

The sun in June shone on the vast land.
The green of the street trees becomes richer and lovelier in the sun.

The young man was almost within his reach.
But his silhouette was so far away as if he was going to be tossed away by the wind at any time.

Lu Mingshi’s throat seemed to be choked up and he looked at Gu Yixin’s back with heartache, “If you are away for one year, I will wait for you for one year.
If you are away for ten years, I will wait for you for ten years!”

Gu Yixin heard the words and turned back.

“…… Actually, it won’t take that long.”

Gu Yixin folded his hand and started to count on his fingers.
Three days to train the actors and this year’s international waters grand gambling was just seven days away, which was even shorter than the time when he went to the Provincial Games.

Lu Mingshi watched him fold seven fingers and asked nervously, “Seven years?”

“About seventy-two hours.” Gu Yixin said.


Lu Mingshi finally stopped being nervous.
At this time Hei Che, who had just finished beating up the Gambling King, was led in by An Qiao.
He looked obedient, knowing that he had done something wrong.
He lowered his eyebrows and lowered his head, not knowing what to do.

“Hey.” An Qiao recounted what Hei Che had just done.
Originally, with his eloquence, he could have added oil and vinegar1adding details while telling a story to have a deluge of heavenly flowers2extravagant embellishments.
But after taking Hei Che’s feelings into consideration, he adopted a very restrained and straightforward narrative.

But this fact was so exciting that even the straightforward narrative did not weaken its artistic charm.

Gu Yixin and Lu Mingshi tried to hold back their laughter, and Lu Mingshi said after a while, “You’re right little fatty.
You’ve done a great job.”

Hei Che said sadly, “Don’t call me that in front of An An.”

Gu Yixin remembered that the first time he met An Luoyu, An Luoyu had called Hei Che a Little Fatty.
He felt it to be a little strange.

“Doesn’t he always call you that?”

Hei Che looked at An Qiao suspiciously, “No.
An An never calls me that.
An An is the best.”

An Qiao anxiously said, “I have explained many times that I am not your An An.”

The two argued about the matter for another hour.

Packing oneself was a huge project, and it was difficult to complete it by Gu Yixin alone.

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He needed helpers.

Gu Yixin thought to himself that I am not short of people.

For some unknown reason, hitmen A-Z became his younger brothers.

Although in this world, everyone’s IQ was often offline.

But as the saying goes, even three common cobblers can surpass Zhuge Liang the Mastermind3The wisdom of the masses exceeds that of the wisest individual.

It was quite possible that when you put together these guys whose IQs are not very stable the tragedy of candy crush will not happen.
But the negative and negative will become positive, which will have the opposite effect of IQ breaking through the horizon.

Gu Yixin pondered and held the first little brother’s conference at the construction site.

The scene where the little brothers gathered together was very spectacular.
Gu Yixin stood on the cement platform, and it was noisy as far as his eyes could see.

The younger brothers had no more bricks to move recently, and there was nowhere to vent their excess hormones every day.
The construction site was simply like an animal world.

Seeing that the fourth phase would be completed four months ahead of schedule, Gu Yixin suddenly felt a hint of sadness.

Gu Yixin took off his safety helmet and slapped it on his chest muscles that were as hard as steel plates, making a loud noise and successfully stopping the constant noises made by the younger brothers.

“Brothers.” Gu Yixin sincerely said, “I need your help.”

Everyone was taken aback, and under the leadership of hitman A, they recited the words of loyalty.

“Big brother’s difficulty is our difficulty.”

“Big brother’s trouble is our trouble.”

“Big brother’s business is our business.”

“Big brother’s wife is our……”

Gu Yixin frowned.

“……is our sister-in-law.” Hitman A almost mispronounced, but immediately changed his mouth.

Gu Yixin was satisfied.

“Brother, who are we beating today?”

Everyone asked simultaneously.

“We are not beating anyone.” Gu Yixin looked around at everyone and rationally said, “In a society that is ruled by law, we cannot use violence to curb violence.
We must convince people with virtue, we must convince people with logic, and handle affairs in accordance with customs.”

Everyone applauded one after another.

Hitman A, “What big brother said is right, or how can he be our big brother? He speaks better than us!”

Gu Yixin waved his hand.

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“I need everyone to cooperate with me,“ Gu Yixin conjured up a stack of books and asked the front row to pass on the books.
“This book is our action guide this time.
Please take it seriously and carefully.”

“Books are the stepping stones to the improvement of humans.”

Everyone got their books.
They opened the cover that had no words and fell into silence collectively after seing the name of the book on the title page.

There was a line written on it in large characters.

There were seven characters in total.

《The Self-Training of Actors》

Everyone looked at each other in dismay and finally pushed forward hitman A.
Nevertheless, hitman A tremblingly asked, “Big brother, are you gonna change your profession to be a director instead of moving bricks?”

Hitman B feebly said, “The younger brothers will definitely cooperate with you with all their strength.
But everyone doesn’t have experience in acting.
I’m afraid it will ruin the big brother’s debut…….”

Everyone nodded and said yes.

Gu Yixin said sincerely, “I believe that everyone must have enough talent to accompany me to act well in this scene.”


Ten minutes later, in the worker’s canteen, everyone was studying very hard with a book in their hands.

An hour later, Gu Yixin raised his head from the book, took a breath, stretched out, and looked around.

Everyone was lying on the table, slumbering, drooling, and chewing their mouths.

You must know that this was a canteen.
So when lying on the table in the canteen and dreaming, the chances of dreaming about food was very high.
So for a while, everyone was collectively drooling in their dreams and laughing as if intoxicated by it that they didn’t want to wake up at all.

Gu Yixin looked left and right, and found that there were three people in a corner who were not sleeping!

These three people who were awake must surely have a firm will, or they perhaps have a deep interest in acting.

With excitement, Gu Yixin walked toward these three chosen ones.

Hitman A, hitman B, and hitman L, these three brainless fans of the boss, were trying to stuff onions under each other’s noses.

“Don’t fall asleep.” Hitman L said, “The boss will be deeply hurt if he sees it.”

Hitman B nudged hitman A while crying, “This chili powder is too strong.
I can’t.
I really can’t.”

Hitman L comforted him, “Hold on.
hold on.
Victory is ahead.
We must be the most solid backing for the boss!”

Hitman A saw Gu Yixin coming over and quickly put away all the props with swift eyes and quick hands.

The smell of the onion and chili powder got stronger as Gu Yixin went closer, making him choke and sneeze.

Gu Yixin sat down in front of the three of them with an amiable appearance.
He looked at the crying face of hitman A in surprise, “Little B, why are you crying?”

Hitman A pinched hitman B.

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Of the three people who were skillful in hand-to-hand combat, hitman B, was the burliest and was crying like a child now.
It was unknown if it was the might of the chili powder or the might of the pinch of hitman A the fiercest.

Hitman B had no alternative but to say while crying, “Boss, I have lived for so many years and I’ve been going around in circles.
For the first time, I discovered my dream in life.
It’s actually acting!”

Hitman A and hitman L relaxed a little and withdrew their hands at the same time.

Gu Yixin looked at hitman B and inferred it as follows:

If what hitman B said was true, it meant that he really had a strong interest in acting;

If what he said was false, it meant that his acting skills were outstanding!

No matter which one it was, he should take hitman B on the gambling ship.

“Great.” Gu Yixin sincerely held hitman B’s hand, “Next I need to disguise myself as a super-rich man.
So I need at least one bodyguard, an attendant, and a female companion, which can minimize the suspicion of the other party.”

Hitmen ABL spoke in unison, “We can do it.”

Hitman A responded quickly, “I’ll play the bodyguard.”

Hitman L immediately caught up, “I’ll play the attendant.”

Hitman B did not want to be outdone, “I’ll play the female companion!”

Gu Yixin said happily, “Very good.
Now that the roles have been assigned, you can enter the training stage.”

Gu Yixin brought the few actors to Director Wang’s house to do an emergency training for everyone,

Director Wang, “For actors with no acting experience, my usual practice is to let the actors imagine themselves as that character.
That is, to adopt a type of method acting.”

“So, first of all, we must get into the character through props and costumes.”

Half an hour later, Gu Yixin was wearing a complete set of stiff suits, little A was wearing a bodyguard’s black suit and black sunglasses, little L was wearing an attendant’s outfit and white gloves, and little B……

Little B hid behind the curtain of the fitting room and didn’t come out for a long time.

Director Wang commented, “This squirming shows that he has already entered the character at a quick speed.”

Little B slowly moved out from inside.
His face was covered with a blush, and his strong muscles filled his dress.
He was like a moving piece of braised pork.

Gu Yixin sighed.

“Not very good.”

Director Wang also shook his head.

Being directly rejected in this way, Little B said sadly, “Where is it not good enough? I can change it.”

Director Wang comforted him and said, “You played very well.
From your expressions to your movements to your body language, you are very much in place.”

Director Wang paused.
He glanced at Gu Yixin embarrassedly, and said to hitman B:

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“It’s just this actor.
Many times, in fact, it is mainly dependent on the face.”

Director Wang immediately covered his mouth after speaking, how could he accidentally say the truth.

He originally wanted to be tactful and tell this newcomer actor that it was really important for the actor to match the type of role.

Little B lost his head and went back into the fitting room to change out of his female clothes, and the crowd breathed a sigh of relief.

Gu Yixin rubbed his eyes.

Director Wang pondered and asked, “Why can’t you really find a woman to play it?”

Gu Yixin said apologetically, “I have to find someone whom I can absolutely trust.
But it’s a pity that I don’t have any female friends.”

Director Wang, “It’s okay if you want a man to pretend to be a woman, but it’s best to find someone who is petite and looks more graceful.”

Gu Yixin thought for a while.
It seemed that the only person like that he knew was An Luoyu.
But it was obviously impossible for him to let An Luoyu accompany him to cheat.

By the way, there was also that big boss in women’s clothing who he bravely saved when he was studying in the cadre school of the provincial city.

Director Wang, “Try to contact?”

Gu Yixin absolutely refused, “Mr.
Lu will feel jealous.

Director Wang glanced at him when he heard these words.

Director Wang: “……”

Gu Yixin: “……”

Director Wang, “How about…?”

Gu Yixin hesitated, “He is busy…”

Director Wang, “Try it? ”

Lu Mingshi was holding the baby at home when he suddenly put the cub down and turned around, sneezing fiercely.

He looked at the sunny sky outside the window and fell into confusion.

“It’s not cold.” Lu Mingshi murmured, “Who is thinking about me?”

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1adding details while telling a story2extravagant embellishments3The wisdom of the masses exceeds that of the wisest individual

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