When the Gambling King heard the news that Gu Yixin was seriously injured and would die soon, he was suspicious at first.

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The middleman made a solemn vow, “I saw with my own eyes that he was slashed first, then hit by a poisonous arrow, and then kicked from top to bottom by flying kicks.
When he was almost killed, he was hit in the chest by a bullet from 500 meters away, and then an old boxing champ hit him on the chin, hitting the target ten meters away and landing him on the opposite side of the road.”

In order to prove the authenticity of what he said, he also took out an iPad and stuffed it into the Gambling King’s hand.

The Gambling King clicked on the photos.
The first one was an aerial shot of “Gu Yixin and the hitmen M-Z rooftop confrontation”, and the second was the back of Gu Yixin who was on the side of the road, surrounded by blood.

The Gambling King was naturally not that stupid, “This picture can’t tell if it’s the person himself or not.”

The middleman laughed foolishly, “How would I dare to fool you! If you don’t believe it, you can see for yourself the next news.
At any rate, this young man Gu is a celebrity.
Can something go unreported?”

The Gambling King pondered.

The middleman said again, “The people of their family are still there.
If you try it out by finding an opportunity to talk to them these days, they must be in a miserable condition.”

The gambling king thought to himself that Lu Mingshi wouldn’t be happy even if it didn’t happen, he’s been in trouble recently.
Why does the gambler know so clearly? Of course, it was because his own hand was not less involved in that matter.

When it came to Lu Mingshi, the Gambling King’s mind became active again.

Lu Mingshi’s management skill was undoubtedly excellent.
But he was a bit indecisive, and there was a bit of kindness that was too excessive and unnecessary for a businessman.

The Gambling King quite wanted to annex the Lu clan and use the Lu family’s housing to whitewash his assets.
But he didn’t want to tear his face with the Lu family.

It was best to keep Lu Mingshi in the dark and come out on behalf of him at a critical moment.
So that Lu Mingshi will be grateful to him for “Saving the Lu family’s property from damage”, and then willingly do things for himself.

Well, when the time comes, he would let him choose one of his more than 20 children to get married.
The young people will cultivate their feelings and he wouldn’t have to worry about future generations.

So the Gambling King paid the money while thinking freely in a happy mood and threatened the middleman.

“Tomorrow I will personally go to Mr.
Lu to confirm the situation.
If there is a deviation from what you said, you know what will happen.”

The middleman nodded his head like pounding garlic, and then as soon as the Gambling King left, he immediately passed on his words to Gu Yixin.

Gu Yixin understood very well that the following was the time to test his acting skills.

He was thinking about how exactly he should pack himself when Lu Mingshi’s mobile phone rang.

Lu Mingshi took it out and took a look.
He turned on the hands-free without hiding it from Gu Yixin at all and connected to the phone call.

After going through a long, boring exchange of pleasantries and testing the other person with words of profound meanings, the Gambling King finally spoke tentatively, “How is Young Master Gu doing lately?”

Lu Mingshi immediately became alert.

He glanced at Gu Yixin.
Gu Yixin took a dozen thick documents and wrote on the back of the documents, “Say that I am hospitalized with serious injuries.”

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Although Lu Mingshi didn’t quite understand what grudge the two of them had created when he didn’t know it, he still did as requested.

“Not very good.” Lu Mingshi’s tone was a bit subtle, “It’s not sure if he can wake up, the doctor said……”

The Gambling King asked eagerly, “What did the doctor say?”

“Said that……”

Lu Mingshi really didn’t want to curse Gu Yixin.
But Gu Yixin wrote on the paper again, “I won’t stay alive for more than three days.”

“…… said that if he doesn’t wake up within three days…… then he won’t be able to wake up.”

Lu Mingshi felt confused.

The Gambling King’s heart was relieved, and he naturally expressed that he would come to visit Young Master Gu tomorrow and so on.
When Lu Mingshi saw Gu Yixin tick on the paper, he agreed.

As soon as the phone hung up, the Gambling King was extremely excited.

First of all, he was excited that Gu Yixin was really going to die, and secondly, he was excited when thinking about Lu Mingshi.
He[LM] had a deep and fake affection for the one surnamed Gu.
In fact, he didn’t hear any sorrow in his tone.
It seemed that the infatuation was just set up by the external management of Mr.
Lu’s public persona.

Lu Mingshi looked at Gu Yixin, confused, “What are you planning, baby?”

“I will let you know later.”

Gu Yixin raised the corners of his lips.

Gu Yixin rarely took the initiative to ask for help from Lu Mingshi with a matter.

So when he asked Lu Mingshi to accompany him in the scene, Lu Mingshi immediately agreed.

Location: Hospital of the Lu Family.

Roles: Patient, Patient’s family, Doctor, Visitor.

Actors: Gu Yixin, Lu Mingshi, An Qiao, Gambling King.

Under Gu Yixin’s repeated instructions, Lu Mingshi and An Qiao vowed to certainly perform well, have plenty of emotions, and successfully complete the task.

An Qiao patted his chest vigorously, “Isn’t it just a performance? I was a member of the drama club in college, and I almost entered Hollywood after graduation.
Also, this role is my true character.
It’s really not difficult! Don’t worry, Young Master Gu!”

However, while he slapped his chest vigorously, a black figure rushed in like a small whirlwind and caught An Qiao’s wrist with tears in his eyes.

Hei Che said anxiously, “An An, don’t be like this.
If you want to take it out, you can hit me.
What will you do if you hit yourself?”

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An Qiao, “…the rope on your bed came untied?”

Hei Che honestly smiled like a sweet, naive young woman, “I’m all right.”

An Qiao covered his face and said feeling disturbed, “It was possible to discharge you from the hospital if you haven’t come here.
But now it seems…… you obviously haven’t recovered well.
Hey, head nurse.
Find a few people to come over and tie him up for two more days.”

Lu Mingshi stared at Hei Che and An Qiao.
He asked doubtfully, “Hasn’t he recovered his memory yet?”

An Qiao smiled bitterly, “He can recall most of them.
But he is confused in the area of his emotional memories.
He thinks that I am the sweetheart of his dreams.
There is no way and it can only be slowly treated.”

As he spoke, he raised his hand and beckoned a few doctors and nurses to come in who worked together to carry Hei Che out.

The tan-skinned strong man was carried out horizontally by several elderly doctors.
He called “An an”, “An An” in an extremely grieved voice while stretching out his hand in the direction of An Qiao like Fu Erkang1.

The doctors carrying him had to hold back their laughter, so much so that their shoulders shook.

An Qiao said with a serious expression, “Don’t laugh.
As doctors, we must treat our patients with patience and not laugh at them.
Otherwise, when the patient’s mind becomes clear, it will be very sad to know that he has been ridiculed so much.”

The doctors took Hei Che away obediently.

Lu Mingshi said, “It’s not a good idea for Hei Che to be like this all the time.
Uncle Hei is also very anxious.
You can contact the United States to see if there are any experts in this area.
I will pay all the expenses.
I will surely be responsible for the matter that happened to people in my house.”

An Qiao sighed, “Mr.
Lu, you said this at the beginning.
I contacted them at the earliest and asked them to send the most professional team over for a consultation.
Young Master Hei has already undergone a complete treatment, but now he can’t remember it.
We finally think that it’s because he doesn’t want to remember it himself.
This is not a problem of the brain, it is a problem of the heart.
With emotional problems, medicine is also helpless.”

Lu Mingshi raised his eyebrows unexpectedly.
Just as he was about to say something, Gu Yixin who had been lying on the bed, finally took off his mask and sat up, panting for breath.

An Qiao then remembered, “Oh, Young Master Gu’s oxygen mask was not connected to oxygen.”

Gu Yixin murmured, “I was about to ask how this oxygen smells like carbon dioxide?”

An Qiao, “Young Master Gu is joking.
Can we even smell oxygen and carbon dioxide…… Come on, I’ll give you an ECG.
Oh my, your heart rate has passed 150……”

As he was talking, a little nurse in charge of notifying hurriedly rushed in and screamed, “He is coming, he is coming! The person is here!”

Lu Mingshi quickly put the mask on Gu Yixin again with quick eyes and quick hands.
An Qiao connected it to oxygen.
Gu Yixin laid back on the bed and began to pretend to be dead with his eyes closed.

When the Gambling King entered the door, he saw a leg wrapped in a thick bandage hanging high.
A doctor was looking at the monitor screen of an equipment, with a solemn expression and his arms crossed.
Lu Mingshi was sitting on a chair by the bed while holding Gu Yixin’s right hand in one hand, with a melancholy expression.

The Gambling King approached closer and saw that Gu Yixin was even more miserable than he had imagined.

The young man’s complexion was deathly pale.
You must know that Gu Yixin was already very white.
So it was impossible for a liquid foundation to be applied.
No liquid foundation had a whiter color than him.

Gu Yixin’s right leg was raised high.
His right hand was held by Lu Mingshi, but his left sleeve and trouser leg were empty.

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The Gambling King said in shock, “Young Master Gu’s left hand and left leg……”

“No more, sir.”

An Qiao replied instead of Lu Mingshi.

The Gambling King sighed unceasingly, “How could Young Master Gu suffer such an accident? Who in the end is so ruthless to do this kind of cruelty?”

Lu Mingshi shook his head wearily and said, “It’s still under investigation.”

An Qiao introduced the condition of Gu Yixin’s injuries, “It was very serious.
He was shot in the chest.
The top of his head suffered a heavy blow.
There was intracranial bleeding, a broken jaw, and 23 fractures all over his body.
His life is in danger…… It’s too cruel.”

The Gambling King was relieved and comforted Lu Mingshi by saying that heaven will help Young Master Gu and so on.
Lu Mingshi listened with his head so low that it almost touched the ground and finally sent the Gambling King away smoothly.

Lu Mingshi was in the ward to look after his hospitalized loved one, and An Qiao sent the Gambling King out in place of the boss.

Walking to the corridor outside the door, the Gambling King made sure that Lu Ming could not hear him and took out a business card for An Qiao.

“I’ve heard a lot about Dr.
An’s superb medical skills.
Being a director in the Lu Family hospital must be really wronging Dr.
Why don’t you change jobs and come to me? You can directly start working as the department head, and the salary is up to you.
How is that?”

An Qiao was taken aback for a moment, and as he was about to speak, Hei Che, who was being escorted to the toilet by two male doctors at the end of the corridor, looked here and saw clearly the picture of the Gambling King approaching An Qiao while holding something.

WTF, what an old and ugly thing and he still came to hook up with our An An!

Can’t you see his face full of unwillingness that is so anxious that he wants to cry?!

Hei Che suddenly broke free of the shackles and rushed over with a biu~ He pressed the Gambling King to the ground, and shot from both sides2to slap with one hand and then the other, in quick succession with ten slaps on the face!

An Qiao, “……”

Stranger in the hospital, “……”

The Gambling King was so angry that he simply couldn’t see what Hei Che, who was wearing a sick uniform, looked like.
His face was beaten into a pig’s head and his eyes were swollen.

He yelled to call the police, and just after he said half a sentence of vulgar verbal abuse to greet the female relatives of Hei Che’s family, Hei Che slapped from both sides again, this time causing the Gambling King to lose four golden teeth.

The Gambling King was still trying to struggle.
But Hei Che simply punched him on the chin, and the world became quiet.

People from every department and ward continued to open their doors to check the activity, and with the people coming and going in the corridors, everyone began to guess what happened.

“It’s probably that a bad guy couldn’t confess.
So he became angry and tried to assault Dr.
And then this patient rooted out the strong, give people peace and brave saved the director.”

“Ah, isn’t that the most famous patient from bed – 66 who has been secretly in love with Dr.
An for 18 years? I thought he was too sinister and too local to be worthy of Dr.
But he was really handsome when he beat him……“

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Seeing that the Gambling King had fainted, Hei Che stood up, patted his hands in satisfaction, and looked at An Qiao affectionately, “An An, I took care of him!”

An Qiao held his forehead weakly, feeling that he was about to lose his breath.

Hei Che rushed over immediately, rubbing once the hand that had beaten the Gambling King on the sick gown, and rubbing it again.
And then carefully held An Qiao.

An Qiao asked weakly, “Take a closer look at this person.
Do you know him?”

Hei Che took a closer look and was shocked, “An An, is this person very strong.
Am I in trouble?”

Hei Che trembled.

An Qiao sighed and hooked his fingers at two male doctors from the department of psychiatry who blamed themselves for not looking after Hei Che.

“Don’t be afraid.” An Qiao said kindly to Hei Che, who was at a loss, “Doctor always has a way.
Come on, now let’s work hard and write out a short-term mental disorder certificate for you.”

When the Gambling King woke up, he felt his whole body falling apart.
He was in a daze for ten minutes before he remembered what happened.
He gritted his teeth, wanting to find the guy who didn’t recognize a famous person and settle the account.

“I want to take revenge on his whole family!”

The subordinate said in horror, “Boss, that’s Mr.
Hei’s son.”


The gambler calmed down all of a sudden.

“Don’t get a murder first.
Find a lawyer and send him in to be taught a lesson.”

The subordinate hesitated, “Boss, I called the police.
The police said that he is here now due to a problem and cannot be criminally responsible……”

The Gambling King: ???

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12to slap with one hand and then the other, in quick succession

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