These three hitman lords with very distinguishing qualities had different fates.

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Hitman C was impressed by Gu Yixin’s miraculous skills and like hitman B, he worshipped him[GY] as a younger brother[C]1He became Gu Yixin’s younger brother..

After hitman D’s scope was broken, he brought four or five more scopes to continue his mission the next day.

However, this time it was not only the sight that was broken, even his barrel became solid2I tried my best here.
I don’t have much gun knowledge..

Since then, hitman D changed from a materialist to a theist, traveling all over the mountains, rivers, lakes, and seas in search of a master.
And finally, he was enlightened by the senior monk at Song Shan Shaolin Temple and took refuge in religious life.

Hitman E was the most tragic one.
He was not even recognized as a hitman from the start to the end.

The Gambling King was a persistent person.
He said that if he wanted to see Gu Yixin disappear, then he couldn’t tolerate his frequent appearances in various social news, sports news, and current affairs reports.

However, God didn’t favor the Gambling King.

When the time passed quietly to June, the Gambling king went from “Occasionally seeing Gu Yixin in the newspaper cuttings that his daughter hid and then angrily sending the next hitman” to “F***, why can I see this face wherever I go? I really want to cry.”

Why was it like this?

Because it was June.

The fantasy TV series directed by Director Wang and starring Gu Yixin, adapted from the IP of the president’s story from the four mythical beasts.


It finally aired.

Lu Mingshi was a person who has never watched TV series before.
After all, he was a president.
A president should watch the morning news on finance and economics.
What kind of overbearing president watches TV series?

But Gu Yixin’s performance was different.
Lu Mingshi once glanced at Director Wang’s camera on the set.
Although the plot was really ridiculous, he couldn’t withstand the good-looking appearance of his husband.

So Lu Mingshi set the alarm clock early and squatted in front of the TV, waiting to watch the TV series.

And Gu Yixin also said goodbye to the twelfth hitman early today.

This time, when the other party knelt at his feet while weeping bitter tears and asking if he still accepted younger brothers, he refused him very directly.

Recently, Gu Yixin finally felt that something was wrong.

He helped the construction site to recruit several excellent employees, which improved the brick-moving efficiency of the construction site.

However, this gradually led to a sharp decline in the average workload of each person, and Gu Yixin could only move fewer and fewer bricks.

Assume that he is helping the construction site to recruit workers, the increased utility when recruiting hitman A is 10, and the increased utility when recruiting hitman B is 8…… If so, as the number of employees recruited increases, the marginal utility of each new employee recruited gradually decreases.
And when it comes to hitman I, the marginal utility is already zero.

If he agrees to hitman L’s request, wouldn’t it have a negative effect?

This was not in line with common sense in economics.

Of course, the above-mentioned [term] belonged to the category of western economics.
Gu Yixin studied political economy during his short-term training in the Cadre School, so he did not really use the term marginal utility.

In short, Gu Yixin had to tactfully refuse the hitman L who was about to cry in front of him.

Hitman L gave a long sigh, “But you are the lighthouse on my way forward.
Without your guidance, the rest of my life will useless.”

On seeing his sincerity, Gu Yixin wrote a letter of recommendation for him.

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“This is the only thing that I can do for you.” Gu Yixin said.

Hitman L was so moved and he looked at him with eyes that gleamed with tears, thinking that he was indeed a good person.

After Gu Yixin handed the letter of recommendation to hitman L, he had another idea.

“We really don’t have a shortage of people here anymore.
So I would like to ask your boss to stop sending people over.

Gu Yixin sighed.

“But everyone said that they only contacted the middleman and didn’t know who the specific client was.
So we can’t speak to them.”

“Can you help me find your middleman and ask him to persuade that client to stop trying to murder me? After all, insisting on doing this won’t do him any good other than burning money.”

Hitman L nodded solemnly.

Hitman L found the person who takes orders for them and told the person who takes orders what the target had said.
The person who takes orders let out a long sigh.
His body became sluggish as if he had his age increased by ten years all of a sudden.

“I had a good talk with the client before you came.”

The person who takes orders paused.

“It’s really not easy to convince this customer.”

An hour ago, the Gambling King again found the person who takes orders and told him that he had already upgraded to a major customer, and he could get a 12% discount from then on.

The person who takes orders looked at him cautiously.
After all, for a user with an annual package, the 12% discount wasn’t very attractive.

So why was the customer so excited?

“I want to upgrade the service.” The Gambling King said in one breath, “I have had enough.
My eighteen wives are waiting for the premiere of the fantasy TV series in which he starred.
My twenty-two daughters are huddled at the table to exchange his photocards.
I can’t live this kind of life anymore.
I want a divorce!”

“……” The person who takes orders slightly relaxed his breath, “If you want a divorce, I recommend you go out to the law firm next door.”

The Gambling King took a deep breath and tried to relax his nerves, “It’s too complicated.
Let’s talk about it later.
Oh right, you quickly find me a few SSS-level hitmen and launch a siege on the target, like the encircling and annihilation of the Guangming Peak by the six major sects as written in the book Like the way in which the assembly of the young heroes fought against Qiao Feng.”

The person who takes the orders thought that you are quite literate for a Gambling King.

The Gambling King thought about it and felt that it was not right.
It seemed like the six major sects and the pile of people from the assembly of the young heroes was sent to the door to the protagonist as cannon fodders ah.
This comparison was not appropriate.

“In short,” The Gambling King said in high spirits, “I have money.
I have plenty of money.”

The person who takes the orders found things difficult.

He really wanted to persuade the Gambling King to give up this idea.
Since taking the Gambling King’s order, he had lost eleven powerful officers.

In their line of work, they have to train the newcomers who are recruited, then test their skills after the training, and only after the test can they issue a license.
It would have been nice if they were able to train at least three qualified people in a year.

As a result, Gu Yixin persuaded eleven to quit their jobs from him in less than a month!!!

The heart of the person who takes orders was dripping with blood.
There were only fifteen hitmen left under his hands now.
He didn’t know if the one sent today would be able to come back.

But the Gambling King was too rich.

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The person who takes orders still agreed to the request of the Gambling King.

Hitman L was a little anxious when he heard this.

Of course, he was not worried that the boss of the organization will be injured.
Mainly because the owner has been working in the hitmen organization for so long.
But he had some feelings for the other brothers.
He was afraid that one of them will not want to go up and throw away life.

However, the person who takes orders seemed to have a plan in advance.

“Wait for a few days.
Just wait for a few more days.
Don’t worry.
I have arranged everything by myself.”

Gu Yixin sent hitman L away, returned home, and started watching TV with Lu Mingshi.

The baby cannot watch TV.
So Chen Ma carried him into the room to sleep, leaving Lu Mingshi and Gu Yixin in the living room.

After watching it for five minutes, Gu Yixin went to the small rooftop to get some air under the pretext of going to the toilet.

Gu Yixin watched the chilly evening wind blowing the treetops and was filled with sadness.

It’s really embarrassing, Gu Yixin thought.

During the filming, he entirely complied with Director Wang’s requirements all along and he tried hard to enact the emotions of “The weather is cold, so let the family go bankrupt” kind.

He was very devoted and forgetful of the surroundings when he acted, but he didn’t expect the effect to be so unbearable.

Gu Yixin listened to the lines that came from his own mouth, the line that betrayed his soul and sunk him into deep self-imposed isolation.

He really didn’t have the courage to look down.
So he could only move a ladder to the top of the building and look at the moon in a daze.

Downstairs, Lu Mingshi silently wiped off the nosebleeds and then stuffed both his nostrils with paper towels.

An hour later, Lu Mingshi had already used up two packets of paper and then dragged his weakened legs up to the roof.

But Gu Yixin was not on the rooftop.

Lu Mingshi turned around twice and saw a ladder.
So he climbed up with his soft legs while holding his breath and head sticking out slightly.

Sure enough, he saw the rear view of Gu Yixin who was in a daze.

Lu Mingshi raised his neck and found that the moon was indeed very round today, and it was indeed very interesting to admire the full moon from the roof.

So he climbed down again, sneaked into the kitchen, and conveniently grabbed a bottle of Lafite3

from 1982, a handful of melon seeds, a plate of smashed cucumber salad4, a box of chocolate, and two red roasted goose legs that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Gu Yixin raised his neck to look at the sky, and faintly said, “You should have some wine at this time.”

Kuang kuang Ding dong.

Gu Yixin heard movement behind him.
But he didn’t see anyone when he turned around.
And to his surprise, he saw an extra bottle of wine coming out of thin air from the eaves next to the ladder.

Gu Yixin was happy and he said in his heart that I like this new buff5Pft, he thought it was a buff..
So he stretched out his hand at ease and fished up the Lafite.

After opening the cork and taking a sip, Gu Yixin couldn’t help but say aloud, “Drinking alcohol dry doesn’t taste good, so it would be better to have a plate of peanuts.”

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Gu Yixin looked back again, and sure enough, he saw an extra saucer.
It wasn’t shelled peanuts, but rather a plate of pickled cucumbers.

“Cucumbers are not bad too.” Gu Yixin murmured.
He reached out to fish up the saucer and picked up a piece of pickled cucumber.

Why does it look like Chen Ma’s craftsmanship, Gu Yixin thought to himself.

After eating two pieces of cucumber and drinking two sips of wine, he was a little hungry.

“Next, let’s have a delicious roast chicken.” Gu Yixin put his hands together, made a sincere wish, and impatiently turned around.

There weren’t any roast chickens, but two awesome roasted goose legs!

Lu Mingshi could only carry one item at a time to climb the ladder.
Like a hard-working honeybee, he carried the food with a huff and puff.
Finally, he wiped his sweat, put the chocolate on the eaves, and was about to step up with one foot.


Why was there still a sound?

Gu Yixin, who was gnawing on the roasted goose leg, wondered.
I didn’t make any more wishes.

So when Gu Yixin turned around his head, he saw Lu Mingshi who was trying hard to climb up.

Lu.” Gu Yixin said in surprise.

He stepped forward to pull Lu Mingshi up and patted the dust on the president’s body.

“Why did you also come up?”

Lu Mingshi pointed at the half-eaten roasted goose leg of Gu Yixin, “I gave you the food.”

After a long time, Gu Yixin finally realized that it was not a new buff.
It was Lu Mingshi who was working as Mr.
river snail.

Gu Yixin smiled and hugged Lu Mingshi’s neck.
He then sat down with him to watch the moon.

Lu, are you Dora*mon?”

There was a magical pocket that accedes to every plea.

Lu Mingshi thought seriously for a moment.

Dora*mon = Jingle cat 6Pokonyan!

His nickname was Little Jingle.

Little Jingle……

Staring at the cr**ch??7Facepalm.
They sound the same.


His line of thinking wasn’t pure at all, and Lu Mingshi, who could make a particularly rich associative connection thought wrong naturally.

Lu Mingshi’s face wasn’t red and his heart wasn’t jumping.
He naturally acknowledged, “What’s the matter?”

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The two of them held a roast goose leg in one hand and looked at the moon with their chin in their hand.

Gu Yixin sighed slightly.

“I acted so badly that I didn’t dare to watch it at all.
That’s why I hid here.”

Lu Ming was worried.

“How could it be.”

He looked at Gu Yixin in disbelief, “How can you think that you didn’t act well? Do you know how handsome you were?”

Gu Yixin looked at him.

Gu Yixin didn’t say anything.

Lu Mingshi put the bone of the goose leg that he finished gnawing on, back on the plate.
He then wiped the oil on his hand with a handkerchief, took out his mobile phone, and opened xxapp.

“I didn’t spend money to buy the Hot Search for you.
Now the company’s finances are in a quite difficult situation.
This popularity is all your own credit.”

Gu Yixin took a look at it and he indeed did not expect it.

”Gu Wumao” was a hot search.

The nine-digit popularity was followed by a golden-bright and dazzling “burst”!

Lu Mingshi took his mobile phone and read out a few sentences to him while swiping.

“I declare that from today on, Gu Wumao will be the spokesperson for the image of the overbearing president!”

“With performing skills that are seamless and noble and otherworldly temperament; he is a natural tyrant.
He surely has an enigmatic and impossible-to-predict background.
Otherwise, how can a person who hasn’t experienced the life of a rich and powerful man enact a tyrant so well? When thinking about those who originally said that he is just a hard-working migrant worker, I can only answer them with a chuckle.
The aura of the whole body cannot be concealed.
A young master is a young master.
A migrant worker cannot have this temperament!”

Gu Wumao, why did I only meet you today.

You are like a gust of spring breeze blowing into my heart, and the lake in my heart is rippling.”

Lu Mingshi used his deep and magnetic bass sound to read the netizen’s statements.
It had cadence and was rich in emotions.

He was so devoted that Gu Yixin could only block his mouth with a roasted goose leg-flavored kiss.

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1He became Gu Yixin’s younger brother.2I tried my best here.
I don’t have much gun knowledge.3

45Pft, he thought it was a buff.6Pokonyan!7Facepalm.
They sound the same.

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