The warmth of the setting sun came sprinkled down on the construction site without any boundary.

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When Gu Yixin took the photo with satisfaction and sent it to Lu Mingshi, he also attached an excellent line that he had come up with after deliberation.

Did you see it? It is the foundation that your husband laid for you.

Super durable, super sturdy and it ranked first in competitiveness among similar products.

Gu Yixin jumped neatly from the top of the excavator.
His heart was brimming with self-esteem.

And in the office, everyone except Lu Mingshi looked like they had seen a ghost.

Oh my god.
The boss actually looked at his mobile phone during the meeting just now.
Not only did he not turn it off, but he also laughed!

The beautiful female secretary was also a little stunned.

Ever since our boss had a baby, he has really become more like a person.

She was not saying that their boss was not a person before.
She really wasn’t.

The most upset person was obviously Chen Zhiang, who was still standing in front of the PPT and couldn’t wait for the boss to reply.

This classmate was already dissatisfied due to the repeated neglect of the boss towards him.
And he had already shown some signs of darkening.


Chen Zhiang stiffly smiled and called Lu Mingshi again.

Lu Mingshi raised his head, “I heard your report.
I don’t need you to repeat it.”

Chen Zhiang nervously squeezed the report in his hand.

“I have the latest data, boss……”

Lu Mingshi said, “I have already seen the ones that you have in your hand.
You clearly understand what I mean.”

Chen Zhiang gritted his teeth and his unhappiness almost overflowed from his eyes.

During those few months when the old man Lu took over the company while Lu Mingshi was away, the Lu family trusted him very much and Chen Zhiang moved some hands and feet behind it1Like he did something bad behind the cover of it..

In the original work, he was the key person who assisted Wei Junshan in grasping the evidence of Lu Mingshi’s crime.
Even though the world line had changed and he no longer crossed paths with Wei Junsun, he still had thoughts of revenge.

Lu Mingshi spread the documents on the table.

“The data that you quoted was of a year and a half.
Judging from your data, it is true that finance has surpassed commercial enterprises in our profit share.”

His voice was calm, and his calm appearance made Chen Zhiang, who was red-faced while making a speech just now, to bow his head slightly.

“But you just quoted the data of a year and a half while skipping the periodical fluctuations of the economy and the analysis of policy news.
Sorry for being blunt, but this way of analysis is way too simple and crude.
And the results are very inductive.
So it cannot be used as a sufficient example.”

Although Lu Mingshi’s voice did not change for even a bit when he spoke and his expression was very calm, everyone present could not help but lightly hold their breaths.

They could feel that Lu Mingshi was getting angry.

The office was so quiet that even a needle could be heard if it was dropped on the ground.

The people didn’t dare to speak and they waited for the boss to finish what he was saying.

Chen Zhiang’s heart was beating loudly.

Lu Mingshi’s gaze stayed on the face of his young subordinate.
The other party tried his best not to look away, but his eyes still revealed a lack of confidence.

“Zhiang.” Lu Mingshi said, “I’m very disappointed with your proposal this time.
It’s not in the level you used to be at.”

After the clock struck five o’clock, Lu Mingshi stood up.
His tall figure obstructed the setting sun, and a long shadow was dragged along the walls of the office.

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He threw the documents on the black ebony desk and took the lead in walking out of the conference room.

Gu Yixin set back home from the construction site in satisfaction and he was sweating profusely.

Chen Ma had requested a leave of absence and had returned home these two days.

Lu Mingshi didn’t like to have strangers at home.
So if Chen Ma had requested a leave, then it was unlikely for anyone to be there in the house.

So Lu Mingshi confidently played with the baby on the sofa in the living room and brazenly hummed a song to the baby.

“Baby, you boldly move forward~ Move forward and do not look back~ Do not look back~!2Sorry guys but I tried my level best.”


Gu Yixin was scared that this president Lu Mingshi was going to be completely crooked.

The president who used to listen to Bach and Beethoven3German composers can no longer return to that.
The playlist that filled his mind now was that of the turns of the 80s and 90s era, as well as the CCTV New Year’s Gala’s Top 100 Golden Hits selection.

Lu Mingshi held documents in one hand and tea in the other.
Little comrade Lu Jiujin was resting on the thick soft crawl mat and was lying there on all fours.

The kid was feeling wronged.

Dad, once you used to take care of me so seriously.
But in less than two months, I became your toy.

Once you get tired of playing with me, would I be even worse than a toy?

Lu Mingsheng turned two pages of documents while singing a few lines of a song.
And then after a while he had to stop and look at his son tenderly and he expressed himself, “Son, dad loves you.”

The cub stared blankly at the ceiling.

He kicked his legs vigorously as if he wanted to turn over.
But he was too young to have this function.

When Lu Mingshi heard the sound of Gu Yixin’s footsteps, he put down the file to turn his head and couldn’t shift his eyes.

It was already very hot in May and Gu Yixin was taking off his camouflage jacket, revealing a short coat inside.
His sweat, his muscles lines, and the smile on his face.

Lu Mingshi’s mind was full of the sentence “Your husband xxxxxx4The characters for “Your husband” comes first in that sentence.
But it is different in English.
But I decided to go with the raws here.” in his message.

The content after that was not important.
What is important was this title.

Gu Yixin’s eyes crossed over Lu Mingshi, he gazed at the baby who was lying paralyzed on the bed.

His beautiful lips opened and closed to greet him with the word, “Piggy~”

Lu Mingshi asked him to come over.
But Gu Yixin shook his head, “I have to take a shower first.”

He should take a shower before he could hold the baby.
Even if An Qiao said that this baby was the healthiest and the most immune baby that he had ever seen, these dads couldn’t just raise their baby like that.

But Lu Mingshi’s eyes were ** hot, and he kept staring at him without saying anything.

How could Gu Yixin not understand that look?

Well, even if you can’t hug your baby.
It’s okay to hug your wife.

So Gu Yixin hooked his fingers at Lu Mingshi.

Lu Mingshi dashingly crossed over the sofa with his long legs and started unbuttoning his shirt as he walked.
As we all know, the buttons of shirts are the most difficult to unbutton as there are a lot of them.
Besides Lu Mingshi’s buttons were specially made too.

When he came in front of Gu Yixin, the buttons were still not completely unbuttoned.
Gu Yixin stopped him, put in his hand directly from the waist, and lifted the man’s shirt from underneath like a pullover.

There was still dust on his hands and sweat on his body.
But Lu Mingshi didn’t mind it.

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Like a clam, he did not hesitate to open up his soft parts and leave them all to the control of his beloved.

Then they 【】【】【】

After it was over, Gu Yixin went to take a bath.
And Lu Mingshi lazily draped over his Chinese-style gown and sat down on the sofa again.

The baby angrily waved his paws in front of him.

Lu Mingshi helplessly said, “Okay, okay…… I will warm up the milk for you.”

He held up the little feeding bottle and focused on feeding the baby.

There were still traces of lust on his body, and he was sweating profusely.

There was still the smell of his husband on him.

But there seemed to be some other smell too.

Lu Mingshi sniffed suspiciously.
He then finally lowered his head in disbelief and looked at his chest.

Both sides meandered down this time and there were traces of some unknown liquid that dripped down.


The baby seemed to sense it and he stopped sucking on the bottle’s nipple.

“No, no way.” Lu Mingshi reflexively covered up his clothes and said resolutely, “You can’t.
It hurts, baby.
It really hurts.”

But the baby firmly refused to suck on the feeding bottle anymore.

Lu Mingshi’s scalp felt numb on seeing the motionless white liquid in the feeding bottle.

Could it be that he really wants to use that nuisance…… xxx?

No, he won’t.

But the force of paternal love was great.

Half an hour later, Lu Mingshi also came out of the shower.
He strode over, took the baby from Gu Yixin’s arms, and lifted the bathrobe with a blank expression.


Lu Mingshi’s face was red for a long time.

“Can you…” He bit out a sentence from between his teeth, “Can you not look here?”

Gu Yixin wondered, “Why?”

“It affects my performance.”

Gu Yixin said, “But I am very interested… what will it taste like.”

He asked seriously, “Are you not interested?”

Lu Mingshi, “……”


“What does it taste like?”


But Gu Yixin couldn’t care about answering anymore.

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Life doesn’t always go smoothly5lit.
breeze is still, waves are quiet (idiom); tranquil environment / all is quiet / a dead calm (at sea).

When Chen Zhiang was planning on how to destroy the capital chain of the company and then put that money into his own pocket, the Gambling King also came out of his seclusion.

The first move of the Gambling King was to find the person who takes orders for the world’s number one hitman organization.

The Gambling King was a 5S-level client as he was trustworthy and very rich.
Therefore he could get a 5% discount on any hitman he finds6They provide a discount for this too!.

If you upgrade to the next level, then you can get a 12% discount.

The person receiving the orders politely asked, “Hello client.
How can I help you?”

The Gambling King said, “I want to kill someone.”

As he said, he handed over a photo.

The person who received the orders thought that it would be a political or business celebrity or a government official.
But he didn’t expect to see a beautiful young man with a very beautiful appearance.

“Is this a celebrity?”

The person who received the orders cautiously asked.

As you might know, customers at the level of the Gambling King basically don’t show up in person when they issue commissions.

He must be the target of a very high-level mission if he can make him show up in person.

Even if he was really a big star, it was still unlikely to go so far as to have such treatment.

The person who received the orders was very curious.

The Gambling King snorted.

Celebrity? Can a celebrity make me come to place an order in person?

The Gambling King had a serious look.

“He is a migrant worker.”


The person who received the orders took the photo and didn’t know what to say for a while.

But he was still very professional.

The person receiving the orders turned a plan over in his mind and then said, “Let Hitman A go.”

Hitman A was their new Hitman.
They have only had one mission before.
But the mission had been completed quite well.

Hitman A’s habitual weapon was a knife.

In this era of thermal weapons7Early thermal weapons, which used heat or burning action to destroy or damage enemy personnel, fortifications or territories, were employed in warfare during the classical and medieval periods., he still insisted on using cold weapons8A cold weapon is a weapon that does not involve fire or explosions as a result of the use of gunpowder or other explosive materials.
and he was naturally very skillful in it.

It was not more than enough to deal with a migrant worker.

The Gambling King thought that it was ok.

In the afternoon of that day, Gu Yixin was walking on his way back home.
On a whim, he didn’t want to take the bus.
So he picked a lane and set out with great interest.

He wandered around and walked to the middle of the alley.
Neither could he see an exit in front of him, nor could he see an entrance behind him.
The sun was inclined towards the west, and there was no one on the gloomy and cold lane.

If you change it to somebody else, then they might be really a bit scared.

Gu Yi was holding a tangerine that was given by a fellow worker, in his hand.
He threw it away since he really didn’t want to eat it.

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And he threw it away and carelessly disposed it.

Aiya, who didn’t have enough time to properly dispose it?

Gu Yixin thought.

The tangerine rolled on the ground with a rumble and grumble.
It rolled, rolled, and rolled far away.

And then, the tangerine bumped into a foot wearing a mud-caked shoe.

Maybe every hitman has his own special hobbies by which they uniquely express their innermost being.

Hitman A’s hobby was to wear a pair of mud-caked shoes.

Hitman A stopped the tangerine with his feet.
He then bent down and picked up the tangerine with a pair of slender and pale hands.

It was a pair of calloused hands.

Gu Yixin walked over without knowing the slightest fear and said with a smile, “Hello9Politely.
Thank you for helping me pick it up.
This tangerine is mine.”

Hitman A didn’t move a single jot.

Gu Yixin thought for a while, and sincerely said, “If you return the tangerine to me, we can each have one half.”

The Hitman A at this time had already had come up with the preliminary idea that “this is a moron who isn’t afraid”.

Gu Yixin looked at him with a smile.

“I actually really like eating tang……”

Hitman A had run out of patience.
With his left hand, he handed out the tangerine, and with his right hand, he took out a forty-meter-long broadsword.

“Erines……” Gu Yixin finished speaking woodenly10stupefied.

Hitman A looked at him kindly.

“Eat it.“ The hitman forcibly stuffed the tangerine into Gu Yixin’s hands, “After eating, I will send you off to start the journey.
Noone should become a hungry ghost under my broadsword.”

How could Gu Yixin still wish to eat the tangerine? He turned around and started running at once.

But it was really easy to get lost in this small alley.
So he got lost.

Gu Yixin was forced into the depths of the alley by the hitman A who was holding a broadsword.
He turned his head and tried to reason with the hitman.

“There is something that we need to discuss.” Gu Yixin said with a smile, “Don’t you not kill people into hungry ghosts?”

Hitman A has never seen someone who talks so much when he was at the end of his life.

“Didn’t I let you eat the tangerine?”

Gu Yixin said solemnly, “You underestimate my stomach too much.
How can I be satisfied after eating a tangerine?”

The hitman frowned.

The hitman thought to himself that anyways he wouldn’t be able to get away.

“Then what else do you want to eat?”

A bashful smile appeared on Gu Yixin’s face.


Translator’s corner

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1Like he did something bad behind the cover of it.2Sorry guys but I tried my level best.3German composers4The characters for “Your husband” comes first in that sentence.
But it is different in English.
But I decided to go with the raws here.5lit.
breeze is still, waves are quiet (idiom); tranquil environment / all is quiet / a dead calm (at sea)6They provide a discount for this too!7Early thermal weapons, which used heat or burning action to destroy or damage enemy personnel, fortifications or territories, were employed in warfare during the classical and medieval periods.8A cold weapon is a weapon that does not involve fire or explosions as a result of the use of gunpowder or other explosive materials.9Politely10stupefied

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