The Gambling King finally left and Lu Mingshi was overjoyed.
He felt that his decision to make Gu Yixin play cards with the Gambling King was perfect.

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However, Lu Mingshi didn’t know that the impact of his decision was far more than that.

After the comrade Gambling King went back, he was depressed for several days.
He had no thought for tea and rice and he refused to go to the hospital and see a psychiatrist.
He locked himself in his house for many days.

An Luoyu and the 18 concubines of the Gambling King guarded his door.

Everyone was very anxious.

The eldest wife had already lost her love for her husband.
But in these few years, she has always been a little affectionate and she has recited a few words of Buddha for him.

The relationship between the seventh wife and eighth wife was extremely good.
They secretly meet in hiding and discuss how to cooperate to win a bit more inheritance and then join hands to elope to the moon.

As for the seventeenth and the eighteenth wives who were younger, one of their eyes was gleaming with tears and distracted, while the other almost wrote “joy”1So thrilling that everyone is rejoicing and spreading the word on her face, wishing to divide the family property immediately and return to Gao Lao Zhuang2It is the name of a place in a story.

The appearance of Gu Yixin overturned the belief that the Gambling King had relied on for many years, making him restless.

Is there any way to change this situation?

As the saying goes, either change the world or change yourself.

And the Gambling King was obviously not the kind of person who changed himself.

So after sitting quietly for three days, he chose the most miserable path.

He wanted to eliminate Gu Yixin, this unstable element, and make the world return to the appearance
with which he was familiar.

All the guests were sent off after the full moon banquet.

Lin Rui and Wei Junshan walked out of the front door of the Lu residence.
Lin Rui pondered in his heart whether he had forgotten something?

But what did he forget?

He really couldn’t remember.

Lin Rui shook his head and got into his luxury car which was worth 30 million.

But Wei Junshan leaned on his luxury car which was worth 80 million and looked at Lu Mingshi who was greeting the departing guests, from afar.

At this time Gu Yixin passed by with his baby in his arms and saw that only Wei Junshan was still standing here in a daze.
So he politely called out to him, “Mr.

Wei Junshan looked at Gu Yixin who was holding the child, in a complicated mood.

Lu Mingshi, you actually let the man I loved but couldn’t get to be the stepfather of some other person’s child!

Wei Junshan looked at Gu Yixin and thought sadly.
You aren’t really happy.

As soon as he got emotional, President Wei couldn’t help but say in a hoarse voice, “Do really love Lu Mingshi so much.
So much so that you can even recognize the child he had with someone else?”

How is he better than me?

Gu Yixin glanced at Jiu Jin and said, puzzled, “Mr.
Wei, this is my son.”

Wei Junshan couldn’t believe it, “How is it possible, this child looks exactly like Lu Mingshi.
No matter how you look at him, he is his son.
How could he be your son!”

Gu Yixin firmly decided to defend the phylogenetic relationship between him and his child.
He lifted up the child and stuck him close to his face.

“You look.
He clearly looks a lot like me too.”

Wei Junshan at first held the idea that “This child was secretly born by Lu Mingshi and someone he didn’t know”.
So naturally, he didn’t pay attention to the similarity between the little guy’s face and Gu Yixin.

Now that he had said so……

Wei Junshan’s eyes widened in horror.

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“This is impossible.
How could there be a child who resembles both Lu Mingshi and you?”

Gu Yixin raised his eyebrows.

“Because this is both his and my son.”

Wei Junshan once again fell into a deep trance.

“But…… this is impossible……”

In Wei Junshan’s mind, the xx of Gu Yixin with a size that couldn’t be visually estimated and the xx of Lu Mingshi that was about the same size as his own flashed alternately.

Both of these people had taken off their pants in front of him and it completely ruled out the possibility of one of them being a woman in men’s clothing!

Suddenly, a fortunate thought3when good fortune comes the mind is clear appeared in Wei Junshan’s mind.

Could it be that…… Gu Yixin……is actually…… an intersex!

The child…… was actually…..
birthed…… by him!

That…… can explain why Lu Mingshi’s son can actually be so cute.

He must have worked really hard.

Wei Junshan looked at Gu Yixin tenderly.
His eyes were filled with lament.

“You sacrificed so much for him.” Wei Junshan felt that he had completely lost, “How is that Lu Mingshi better than me?”

Is he taller than me, is he more handsome than me, is his xx bigger than me or can he do it longer than me?

Lu Mingshi just happened to send away the last person and walked over here.

Lu Mingshi couldn’t help snorting after clearly hearing Wei Junshan’s question.

“I gave birth to this child.” When Lu Mingshi saw that there were no others on the left and right, he simply opened the hem of his shirt with a “Chua” to reveal his proud lower abdomen that had recovered his eight-pack abs, and showed Wei Junshan the only remaining light white scar.

Wei Junshan: ???

Wei Junshan, “You…… You……”

“How am I better than you?” Lu Mingshi smiled and said, “I can give birth.
Can you?”

Lu Mingshi looked at Wei Junshan with the victory in his hands.

Wei Junshan tremblingly pointed at Lu Mingshi.

“You…… You……”

Wei Junshan finally spoke incoherently, “You…… you wait.

As he said, he got into the car and drove away.

The cold wind blew on the faces of the family of three, and Lu Mingshi looked a little dazed.

“What did he make me wait for?”

Lu Mingshi asked Gu Yixin uncertainly.


Gu Yixin4Gu Yixin’s mind was also messed up.

“To… To give birth?”


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What did Lin Rui forget?

He forgot about his classmate Hei Che who couldn’t wake up for a long time after being drunk.

Classmate Hei Che was originally lying on the bed in the guest room.
But he fell off the bed midway and then rolled and rolled into the bottom of the bed.

And when he finally woke up in the evening, he tried to sit up with all his might and his forehead slammed into the plank of the bed.

And once again he fainted without living up to his great hopes.

In the end, Hei Che was discovered by the robot vacuum.

Early morning the next day, the robot vacuum that was working hard, cheerfully dug into the base of the bed but just didn’t come out anymore after that.

And kept on making sounds of struggling.

The cleaning aunty held the handle of a mop to reach the robot vacuum and wanted to poke it out from the other end.

After poking a few times, she poked into a soft thing.

In an instant, countless frightening folktales flashed in the mind of the cleaning aunty.

She boldly picked up the phone, turned on the flashlight, and glanced at the bottom of the bed.

“Ah — “

Screams rang through the sky.

In a panicked state, the cleaning aunty indeterminately called the security guards, and the people worked together to move the bed away.
Only to see Hei Che, who was covered in dust, under the bed.
The top of his head was bruised, and he was still in a coma.

An hour later, Hei Che woke up in the hospital.

He opened his eyes and there was an enlarged face in front of him.

An Qiao was holding a small flashlight to open Hei Che’s eyes for an examination.

“The situation is not that bad.
It should be just a coma caused by the injury.
Don’t worry too much, boss.
I think he would wake up soon.”

After that, An Qiao saw that Hei Che was blinking.

An Qiao breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, “Boss, look.
He is already awake — ”

Hei Che looked at the man in front of him.
He was dressed in white, and he was simply like an angel in white.

Hei Che blinked.
His brain was blank, and he couldn’t remember anything.

“Doctor.” Hei Che sincerely said, “I have lost my memory.”

Lu Mingshi was startled when he heard this.
He went closer and asked Hei Che, “Who am I?”

Hei Che was at a loss.

Gu Yixin also went closer and asked Hei Che, “Who am I?”

Hei Che was confused.

Gu Yixin took out his mobile phone and searched for An Luoyu.
He took out a big headshot of the current big star, zoomed in, and showed it in front of Hei Che, “Who is this?”

Hei Che stared at the photo for five seconds.

“I don’t know.”

He honestly said.

Everyone gasped in shock.

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This matter.
Might be.
Really serious.

Lu Mingshi looked grim, “An Qiao, when will he recover?”

An Qiao, “This.
I also……”


Hei Che only captured this keyword.

Hei Che grabbed An Qiao’s hand.

“An An”, Hei Che said affectionately.

An Qiao, “???”

Lu Mingshi and Gu Yixin looked at each other.

Lu Mingshi patted An Qiao on the shoulder and put on his sunglasses again.

“I’ll leave Young Master Hei to you.
You should take good care of him till he regains his memory.”

An Qiao cried anxiously, “Boss, No, you wait for me, I I I……”

An Qiao turned his head and looked at Hei Che affectionately, and fell into a deep awkwardness.

Walking out of the hospital door, Gu Yixin asked in a low voice, “Is this really good?”

Lu Mingshi said, “Young Master Hei’s life almost existed just for An Luoyu, and this person doesn’t care about him.
Now that Young Master Hei has forgotten An Luoyu, he is finally willing to give himself a chance to come out.
In that case, it’s better to let nature take its course.5Let it be.”

“I mean……” Gu Yixin glanced back again, and An Qiao’s frantic figure could still be seen from the window of the ward.

“Is this good for Dr.

Lu Mingshi remembered the text message from An Qiao instructing Gu Yixin to run away.

His handsome face displayed a gentle smile.

“An Qiao is obsessed with fighting for science and has no time to take care of the big things of his life.
I as the boss, see all of this and it makes my heart anxious.”

“For them, this might give more opportunities to make their lives more exciting.
And for us, it’s just a little effort, right?”

Lu Mingshi’s theory succeeded in convincing Gu Yixin.

Lu Mingshi pushed up his sunglasses.



Even ten months isn’t late for President Lu to take his revenge.

After the full moon of the baby, the two adults began to continue to open up new horizons in their business territories.

Tears were really about to fall when Gu Yixin once again returned to the construction site.

“It’s like a thing of the previous generation.
It’s really like a thing of the previous generation.”

He held the hand of the bald manager.
The two of them held each other’s hands and looked at each other with tears in their eyes.
Together they turned their attention to the barren wilderness of the fourth stage of the Lu family.

They burst into tears and choked silently as if they had seen the future of this land.

Countless tall buildings have risen from here, and they have built this wasteland into the most prosperous new district in Yan City!

On the day of the start of construction, Gu Yixin stood on the podium with a microphone in his hand and he was full of enthusiasm like never before.

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“The construction site is my home, and the construction depends on everyone! Our enthusiasm is like a fire that burns the entire desert!”

Encouraged by this, the construction efficiency of the fourth stage from the first day of construction has far surpassed that of all construction sites in the country!

After five days, Gu Yixin stood on the top of the excavator with his mobile in his hands and took photos of the bumpy surface of the construction site.

Meanwhile, Lu Mingshi who was having a meeting in the office received a message.

Chen Zhiang was in the middle of doing a PPT and fervently stating his views.
He was striving to get his boss to see that his plan was the most correct.

Chen Zhiang waved his hands and they knocked heavily on the screen.

“…… To sum it up, the focus of our company should be shifted from commercial enterprise to finance.”

His PPT showed a comprehensive report of an entire year and the first quarter of this year, trying to prove that the main part of the profits of the Lu Family was already in the financial sector that he was in charge of.
While the traditional industries like construction and real estate have been declining and were completely unable to keep up with the growth rate of finance.

Sitting in the head seat, Lu Mingshi’s expression was dull and noncommittal.
It seemed like he was listening very earnestly, but he didn’t make any statements.

On seeing that he didn’t tell anything for a long time, Chen Zhiang’s forehead gradually filled with sweat.
He took out his handkerchief from his suit pocket and dabbed his forehead.
He once again looked at the boss with expectation and inquiry.

At this moment, Lu Mingshi’s cell phone rang.

Generally, Lu Mingshi would turn off his phone or would mute it.
Occasionally, he would forget about it once or twice.
And if his phone rings, he wouldn’t care about it and would conveniently turn it off.

But this time, he fished out his mobile phone, held it in his hand, and clicked on the message.

Lu Mingshi saw a photo.
The method by which the photo was taken was quite unflattering.
It could be seen that the person who took the photo had thought of a lot of ways to fit the entire construction site into it.

It was silent as far as the eyes could see and the disorderly machines in the wilderness had silently completed their work for most of the day.
At three or four o’clock, the sun slanted down.
But there was still a lot of heat, and the warmth shone on the ground, illuminating the world made up of mixers, concrete, and these reinforced concrete behemoths.

The steel reinforcing bars that were shown out looked as if they were gonna melt at this temperature.

It was a photograph that was filled with all dimensions.

Lu Mingshi suddenly seemed to see himself from his childhood who was crying and begging his father to take him to the playground.

His dad had a job that day and had to go to the construction site for inspection.

So he strongly asked his father to take him to the construction site to play.

“Daddy goes there every day.
It must be fun.
I wanna go too.”

Father Lu, who couldn’t persuade his son and had a heart filled with guilt, could only take his son who was in elementary school to the construction site.
Of course, he warned him not to run around and to put on a safety helmet and good clothes, as several people would look him.

Lu Mingshi hadn’t started to grow up at that time and he was only about one point two or three meters high.
So he was very conspicuous among the workers.

The little boy tried his best to raise his neck, unable to see the tops of those steel forests at a glance.

The hundreds of meters high tower cranes were arranged in the shapes of crosses.
And in his small eyes, it was the same as weighing the sky.

Lu Mingshi looked at the photo and his fingers caressed the phone case.

Another message popped up in the prompt bar at the top of the phone.

It was from Gu Yixin.

“The foundation that your husband laid for you.”

Lu Mingshi finally laughed out loud.

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1So thrilling that everyone is rejoicing and spreading the word2It is the name of a place in a story3when good fortune comes the mind is clear4Gu Yixin’s mind5Let it be.

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