When facing Gu Yixin, who knew nothing, it was naturally impossible for the Gambling King to play any advanced items with him.

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Just talking about the rules can tire him to death.

Therefore, the dignified Gambling King started to play Fight the Landlord.

This was why they still wanted passerby A and passerby B to exist.

The one who dealt with the cards was an entourage of the Lu family.
The Gambling King didn’t object to this.

His expression was a bit odd when he got the card in his hand.

His gambling luck was really bad today.

The gambler raised his eyes without batting an eyelid and glanced at Gu Yixin.

To see that the youth was tweaking his ears and scratching his cheeks1to tweak one’s ears and scratch one’s cheeks (as an expression of anxiety, delight, frustration, etc) (idiom).
He looked perplexed and he didn’t know how to start.


The Gambling King suddenly felt that Lu Mingshi was very cruel.

All in all, even if you beat this youth, you wouldn’t feel any sense of joy.

He was the magnificent Gambling King.
So even if he wins while playing with a youngster who doesn’t even know how to play, he wouldn’t feel any sense of accomplishment.

The Gambling King discarded his card with waning enthusiasm.

Passerby A pressed a card, and then it was Gu Yixin’s turn.

Gu Yixin had his hands bound and he was unable to do anything about it2fig.
helpless in the face of a crisis.
So had no alternative but to flip over the cards in his hand in an orderly manner and throw them all on the table.

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“Stop playing.” Gu Yixin said, feeling dejected.

He didn’t know how to play cards at all.

An Luoyu’s eyes widened in shock.

And at the same time, Wei Junshan and Lin Rui who were walking up to their side became wide-eyed as well.

As for comrade Gambling King, he took a deep breath and stared at the faces of Gu Yixin’s cards for a long time without saying a word.

Gu Yixin stood up and said, feeling discouraged, “Stop fighting.”

The veins on the Gambling King’s forehead throbbed.

The Gambling King’s entourage immediately stepped forward and forcibly held Gu Yixin down to prevent him from leaving.

“You want to leave after winning?”

No way! This must be a trick of the Lu family! How can our boss lose!

It was impossible for the Gambling King to lose.

Even if he lost, he must win it back.

If not, how can he be called the Gambling King?

The Gambling King looked at the cards flipped by Gu Yixin.
What he saw made him choke and he felt as if he was having a liter of tabasco shoved down his throat after eating deep-fried raccoon shit.

As you know, with the level of gambling of Gu Yixin and the Gambling King, even if Gu Yixin had a set of cards that was two levels better than those of the Gambling King, it would still be difficult for him to win.

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But were his cards just two levels better than those of the Gambling King?

This is simply cheating!!

Gu Yixin was pressed down by the entourage of the Gambling King.
But due to the excessive shock, he even forgot to overturn them3the entourage.

“I won?”

Gu Yixin asked in shock.

The entourage of the Gambling King became even angrier, “Why are you like this? If you win, you win.
Why are you still pretending to be stupid?”

Lin Rui thought to himself that young master Gu wasn’t pretending to be stupid.
It was more likely that he was actually stupid.

But even if he was really stupid, he could still torture people to death.
So it was better not to compete against this warrior surnamed Gu.

After all, young master Lin has a rich experience in being tortured to death by Gu Yixin.
What he said should be believed.

The entourage of the Gambling King was so angry that it was unbearable.
Therefore he pointed at the cards on the table which had been flipped over by Gu Yixin.

“Si Gui Si4four jokers and two straight flushes.
Your servants are cheating and they don’t have any experience in dealing cards.
How can this probability be drawn!”

Gu Yixin took a closer look and said sadly, “I really don’t know how to play cards.”

But he was unhappy when he heard the Gambling King’s entourage accuse him of cheating, “There wasn’t any cheating.
If you don’t believe it, you can change the person dealing cards with one of your people.”

The Gambling King pointed towards An Luoyu.

“You come to deal the cards.”

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Therefore An Luoyu shuffled the cards thirty times according to the Gambling King’s opinion with trembling hands.
An Luoyu’s hands were sore from shuffling and he distributed the cards under the inseparably close gazes of the eight entourages of the Gambling King.

To be honest, Gu Yixin has never prayed for good luck.
Especially when playing cards.

He just wanted to get down to do what he likes to do.

As long as he works hard, luck will naturally follow him.

But today, he was really a little angry.

So not only did he shout “Give me a good card!” in his heart.
He also shouted “Give him a bad card!” in passing.

After all the cards were distributed, the four people picked up the cards at the same time and looked at them.

While distributing the cards, the Gambling King used his sharp eyes to ensure that the probability had not been artificially altered.

He picked up his card, feeling slightly relieved.
But then his expression stiffened.

This could be said to be the worst card he had gotten in the past 40 years of gambling.

He never imagined that the world could really arrange and combine such a set of cards that could never win.……

He stared at the straight flush that Gu Yixin turned over again, and was silent for a long time.

When Lu Mingshi turned back to the hall after toasting a drink and chatting with his friends, he saw that Gu Yixin and the Gambling King were still facing each other and he couldn’t help but be stunned.

To his surprise, he saw that the Gambling King’s face was grayish-blue and he even looked a bit angry.

“In this world…… In this world, there are still such lucky people……”

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The Gambling King mumbled to himself.
He felt as if his entire worldview collapsed and reconstructed, and he felt as if the thoughts that he had in his entire life were completely destroyed.

He had practiced his gambling skills all his life.
But in front of this youngster, he was completely powerless.

The Gambling King was completely discouraged and he was no longer in the mood to attend the banquet.
So he waved his sleeves and turned around to leave.

Lu Mingshi inexplicably asked, “Mr.
Gambling King, why are you going back now?”

He glanced at the scattered cards on the table and roughly reckoned the conclusion.

It seems that my husband has won over and over again.
It is indeed awesome.

The Gambling King’s face looked dejected and defeated.
He shook his hand and said, “I will visit again on another day.”

Lu Mingshi still wanted to say something, but Gu Yixin opened his mouth first.

He smiled and got up to send the Gambling King away.
And then he politely said to the Gambling King:

“It is just a game.
No need to take it seriously.5Why does this sound familiar?”

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1to tweak one’s ears and scratch one’s cheeks (as an expression of anxiety, delight, frustration, etc) (idiom)2fig.
helpless in the face of a crisis3the entourage4four jokers 5Why does this sound familiar?

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