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Lu Mingshi and Wei Junshan stared at each with their eyes wide open.

Wei Junshan was extremely displeased.

Originally, he was very unhappy.
But now he was completely upset.

“You win.”

Wei Junshan turned around without saying anything, scheming in his heart.

I also have to find a lover quickly and give birth to a child who is 10,000 times cuter than Lu Mingshi’s son!

He didn’t want to be outdone by Lu Mingshi! He will never lose!

Lu Mingshi held up his baby triumphantly and admired the rear view of Wei Junshan who was fleeing in defeat.

If Wei Junshan had stayed for a few more minutes, Lu Mingshi probably would have provoked him even more.

He would have declared words like “The baby is not only mine.
But he was born by me too”.

So Wei Junshan’s running not only saved his face but also saved Lu Mingshi’s rationality.

When Chen Ma saw the rarely shown childish side of their young master, she was unable to restrain her smile.

“Young master, let’s put the young master down.” Chen Ma raised her head and said, “It’s tiring to hold him.”

Originally, after Wei Junshan came in, Gu Yixin thought it was all over [footntoes]the people coming in[/footnote].

He stood there for a while, and after seeing that everyone was chatting enthusiastically, he planned to go back and rest for a while, waiting for the banquet to start at noon.

However, as soon as Gu Yixin moved his legs, a group of people came in at the door with flapping sounds.

He had to pause his footsteps and turn around.

Other guests in the hall also turned their gaze to the door in succession.

Everyone was shocked.

Why is the gambling king here too??

Gu Yixin didn’t know the gambling king but he knew the boy next to the gambling king.

There was a hint of agitation in his beautiful face, and there was beauty in his purity.
Who else would it be other than An Luoyu?

As mentioned earlier, due to his vigilance against the original story’s buff, Gu Yixin got oversensitive to An Luoyu as soon as he saw him.

In addition to that, when the mentally retarded killer who pushed Lu Mingshi into a tumble was interrogated, he learned that the killer was a person of the gambling king.

When Gu Yixin realized that this person was the gambling king, his first reaction was to beat him up.

Du Wang was indeed a bigshot and he brought numerous amount of followers with him.

Fortunately, he didn’t bring his 18 wives of different nationalities, skin colors, and languages.
Otherwise, the gifts prepared by the Lu family today for the guests may not have been enough.

The Gambling king was a middle-aged man of 45 years.
He had good luck and his hair was an obvious black, his face was constantly full of smiles because he believed that amiability can make you rich.

Seeing Gu Yixin, An Luoyu was very enthusiastic to gather around him to talk about former times.

Gu Yixin stepped back silently.

An Luoyu didn’t notice it and enthusiastically introduced him to his father who recognized him a few months ago.

The gambling king had heard his son talk about Gu Yixin several times before.

But he was not at all interested.

When he reached middle age, Mr.
Du Wang lost his interest in everything other than money and health.

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He matched 1forced them into marrying Lu Mingshi with his son and daughter.
It wasn’t because he admired a youngster who guarded against gambling, it was purely because of the reason that the Lu family was rich enough.

Therefore he didn’t care about Gu Yixin’s feelings.

The Lu family’s kid was just an object of his fascination for a while.

Just like those 18 concubines of his in his house.

Even worse was the fact that he was still a man and couldn’t even give birth to a child.

Gu Yixin could naturally feel the attitude of the gambling king.

The gambling king lowered his noble status to extend his honorable and plump hand to the actor and friend of his son who had been missing for many years.

“Nice to meet you.

Gu Yixin glanced at him and pondered for a moment.

He inserted his hands into his pocket and didn’t stretch it out.

The gambling king thought that Gu Yixin would hold his plump hand in fear and trepidation.
Unexpectedly, actually reacted in this way.

The gambling king was very unhappy.

There were some powerful people present on the scene and they all looked over when they saw that an outsider who was raised by the Lu family actually took the face of a super boss in public, feeling it to be unexpected.

At this scene, the tonnage of the melon-eating masses was at the max level!

Gu Yixin thought that this scene should evolve properly.

He frowned looking at the gambling king’s plump hand.
His expression hundred percent was similar to the expression of worrying about people’s sufferings.

Just as the gambling king was about to draw his hand back,

Gu Yixin with incredible agility grabbed the plump hand of the gambling king,

Clasped it and raised it to the front of his eyes.

The gambling king struggled to get free, but he wasn’t able to do it.

At any rate, he had been practicing in the Shaolin Temple for a few years.
Ordinary people can’t get close to him.
But now he is tightly grasped by this kid and is unable to move a single step.

The pretty boy beside Lu Mingshi turned out to be so strong.

A few people at the gambling king’s side were about to come over and hit him.

Of course, they couldn’t bring weapons in, and even the bodyguards outside were stopped by the Lu family.

But this was the gambling king, a person with very serious suspicion.
How can there not be a few followers around him who can fight?

The gambling king waved his hand and told his followers to calm down.

This is the full moon party of the Lu family.
Unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t start a dispute here.

He wanted to see what this pretty boy wanted to do.

gambling king.

Gu Yixin looked at his palm line, and complex expressions of surprise, admiration, and regret flashed in his eyes.

“Your palmistry says that your early years were bumpy, you got riches and honors in your middle-age, but this old age…”

The gambling king thought that he was spouting nonsense.

“How is old age? ”

Gu Yixin shook his head.

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“There will be great disasters in old age.

Gu Yixin was indeed talking nonsense.

He didn’t know fortune-telling and he also didn’t do the palm reading earlier.
He didn’t know about the end of the gambling king.

But he was in a bad mood now.

Gu Yixin was in a bad mood.

He will try his best to make those who make him feel bad,

Feel even worse.

Then he succeeded.

The gambling king became really, really angry!

The gambling king extended out his right hand to Gu Yixin.
But the other party did something without him knowing.
His left hand which was already grabbed by the other party felt numb and all the joints in his body went soft at the same time.

His entire body went for the ground and was about to fall on the ground soon.

Gu Yixin grabbed his collar and lifted him up.
He advised him in surprise.

Gambling king, don’t panic too much.
Money is merely a worldly possession.
So spend money to prevent disasters.2“spend money to prevent disasters”; it’s something to say to make people feel better after they have lost money.
Like “don’t feel too bad about your loss in money; just think of it as a way to prevent bad things from happening””

The gambling king’s breathing became rapid with anger and his eyes burned with rage.

There have been people discussing in the hall.
They couldn’t hear the conversation between the two clearly, so they could only guess what was happening from their body language.

From people’s point of view, what happened is that the reason why Gu Yixin did not shake hands with the gambling king was that he saw something in the gambling king’s palmistry.

And the gambling king’s reaction that followed also confirmed this.

Wasn’t he so frightened that he almost fell to the ground, and was helped up by Gu Yixin?

After that, he turned around and looked for a place to sit.
Now unhostile unlike how he was earlier.

More than 95% of these bigshots seek fortune-tellers, and rich people who don’t believe in this basically don’t exist.

What’s more, the gambling king’s profession depended on luck to make a living.

Gu Yixin was not from the Lu family.
So there must be some mysterious reason due to which he got such high treatment in the Lu family.

Understanding metaphysics is a pretty good explanation.

This episode was quickly forgotten by the people.

Today’s big show was still the full moon party of the new member of the Lu Clan at noon.

“It’s almost time, young master.”


The banquet was to be held outdoors in the backyard garden of the Lu family.

Today’s weather was bright and sunny.
The sky was blue and bright, and the light rays were plentiful and bright.

At lunchtime, the guests were guided to their seats one by one.

Gu Yixin saw the old man who was suspected to be the governor of a certain state in the United States and the Lu couple warmly hugging and giving a face-to-face salute.
He couldn’t help but doubt again whether Father Lu and Mother Lu were actually traveling in the United States or not.

The governor surveyed the garden of the Lu family.

There was admiration in his grey eyes, and even every strand of his grey-white hair fluttered in the wind, telling of the owner’s joy.

“Lu, your house is really beautiful! ”

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The rest of the guests, who had never been to Lu’s house as a guest, also showed a look of amazement.

After the MC said some auspicious words, Gu Yixin sat next to Father Lu and Mother Lu.
He then saw Lu Mingshi walking slowly by the grass with his little baby in his arms.

The one he was holding was our baby.

Gu Yixin’s heart softened into a puddle of water.

Thousands of guests gazed at the white little man who looked like he was carved out of jade.
Some praised him, some were silent and some looked at him with jealousy and hatred.

What is called “born at the finish line of life”?3You can think of it as an analogy comparing life to a race, with some privileged people being born at a starting line in front of others, but in this case, they’re so privileged that they’re born at the finish line, that is they are already the winner at birth

This is it.

Not only are they born into the right family, but they’re also so good-looking.

As someone who could live off their dad’s fortunes, somehow they could also just live off their beauty.

What kind of a life is this?

Lu Mingshi walked to the stage and started his speech.

He talked about a few interesting events that happened after the baby was born, about his expectations for the baby’s future, and then it was over in just two minutes.


It was too short.

Everyone was quite surprised.

Gu Yixin understood that Lu Mingshi couldn’t say any more.

If he continues to say anything, the fact that Lu Mingshi gave birth to the child would not be able to stay hidden.

With so many smart people present there, it’s possible that they would be able to guess it by connecting everything.

For example, Gu Yixin had a problem looking at the governor from the United States who had the meaningful glance of a comrade.

Maybe they subscribe to QWE magazine and are fans of An Qiao.

When Gu Yixin was thinking about it, he saw Lu Mingshi reaching out to him.

“Usually at this time, you should introduce who the child’s mother is.

The guests became quiet when Lu Mingshi said this.

This was the question that people wanted to know the most.

Lu Mingshi stopped for a moment, and when the commotion subsided, he slowly said after a while:

“I’m sorry.
I can’t tell you this secret today.
When Jiu Jin grows up to be sensible, we will first tell him the truth.
Only he has the most right to know that truth in the world.”

Lu Mingshi said these words very powerfully.
Even if everyone was full of curiosity, they had to convince themselves that he was right.

Even if these people present wanted to know, they would not ask questions about the ** that they definitely did not wish to reveal after the master had clearly expressed his attitude.

The people’s strong curiosity faded a little bit.

Lu Mingshi gently placed the baby on the table which was padded with a clean, soft, and thick velvet cushion.

Xiao Jiu Jin was alone among the soft velvet cloth, eating his hands blankly.

There was another adorable inhaling sound.

The people’s attention was on the baby.
But only Lin, Hei, Wei, and An saw Lu Mingshi coming down from the stage and going towards the host’s table.

Wei Junshan covered his face with his hands in pain.

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He really hated Lu Mingshi for appearing in front of him.

Whether it’s showing his son like a treasure, or showing his affection to a certain someone in front of him, it all gave him headaches.

This certain someone was still his former target of pursuing.

Wei Junshan buried his face in his hands and a vague voice of hatred came out of his mouth:

“I already know what this person surnamed Lu wants to do… he can’t even stop for a moment!”

An Luoyu’s eyes widened.

Hei Cheyao raised his handkerchief.

Lin Rui stared at Lu Mingshi to see him take another bite of the salad before the meal.
After a while, he became almost full.

Then Wei Junshan who was covering his face with his hand heard the sound of everyone applauding and cheering.

WTF, Am I here for a full moon party or a wedding banquet?

Wei Junshan was so angry, so sad, and he hated Lu Mingshi.

But he was also very curious.

So Wei Junshan couldn’t help secretly raising his head and glanced out from the seam between his fingers.

Sure enough, Lu Mingshi dragged Gu Yixin to go up.

“I can’t introduce the child’s mother.
But I can introduce the child’s other father for everyone to know.

There was silence for a while, and then the tongues started wagging4to discuss spiritedly (idiom) / tongues are wagging.

Lu Mingshi’s palms were already sweating profusely.
He glanced at his parents subconsciously, hoping to get support from their eyes.

But when he still hadn’t found the position of his parents, Gu Yixin, who had been obediently held by him, moved.

Gu Yixin had been holding Lu Mingshi’s palm and noticed that he was sweating a lot.
He understood that his child’s father was actually very weak.

He also wanted the other party to take the initiative.

How could Gu Yixin, such a considerate lover, keep letting his wife take the initiative.

So he simply did what he wanted to, always following his heart and doing what he wanted to do most at the moment.

Gu Yixin took Lu Mingshi’s hand and pulled him into his embrace.

Then came a long warm standby French kiss.


If there is anything that can describe the mood of the guests present,

Probably only the above barrage can do it.

Because the scene was out of control, even the 18 photographers who had been focusing on taking pictures of the baby were stunned.

Wei Junshan saw this scene through the seam between his fingers and closed his eyes again in despair.

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1forced them into marrying2“spend money to prevent disasters”; it’s something to say to make people feel better after they have lost money.
Like “don’t feel too bad about your loss in money; just think of it as a way to prevent bad things from happening”3You can think of it as an analogy comparing life to a race, with some privileged people being born at a starting line in front of others, but in this case, they’re so privileged that they’re born at the finish line, that is they are already the winner at birth4to discuss spiritedly (idiom) / tongues are wagging

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