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This problem can be said to have killed two birds with one stone.

On the surface, he was asking about the relationship between Gu Yixin and the new member of the Lu family, but in essence, it was also to confirm the relationship between Gu Yixin and Lu Mingshi.

Although their rumors have already reached a level of certainty, in the end, both parties involved have yet to admit it.

Everybody’s spirits rose up, and, one after another, they all cast admiring glances at the warrior.

Lu Mingshi paused for a while.

He had already walked up to the door of the car under the escort of bodyguards, with Gu Yixin following him with the child in his hands.

Lu Mingshi hesitated a little bit.

Gu Yixin had already walked over to him and leaned in lazily.

Gu Yixin swung an arm around Lu Mingshi’s shoulder and dropped a kiss on the baobei1darling in Lu Mingshi’s arms.

The baby gave out a hiccup.

Gu Yixin skilfully took out a small napkin that is specially made for babies, from the baby’s bag.
He wiped off a circle of saliva from the side of his small mouth and poked his soft and bouncy cheek with his hand while passing.

Aowu2Sound of the baby whimpering..

The baby shook his head blankly and then fell asleep like a good child while leaning onto Lu Mingshi’s bosom.

This interaction was so eye-catching.
Apart from the sound of breathing and exclaiming, there was only the sound of pressing the shutter.

However, they could only take the picture of the bodyguards who were still maintaining fierce and innocent smiles.

Lu Jiujin, this 29-day-old child, happily sat in his seat and fell asleep.

On seeing that he was sleeping peacefully, Lu Mingshi took out his notebook and started working.

But his mind could not concentrate, as it always floated to the stance that Gu Yixin had just shown, there was still some residual feeling on his shoulders, which made him slightly go soft.

It was indeed strange that even though they have done everything, a small contact in front of the public still makes his mind into a disorderly state.

Speaking of which, this was a recognition of their relationship just now.

Lu Mingshi was a little disappointed and frustrated as if he failed.

He originally wanted to wait for the baby to grow up to be weaned, and then hold a real wedding to announce their relationship in an honest and sincere manner, and then after that, they could go on a honeymoon or something.

Regardless of the gender of the partner, what should be done must be done.
This was the strict requirement of their Lu family men for themselves.

Lu Mingshi wanted to have a vacation and he madly wished to go on a vacation.

However, he has been on vacation for more than half a year, and the company has piled up a lot of things that need him to deal with.

Lu Mingshi sadly touched the baby’s little hand for comfort, and then worked hard to get himself into work.

On the day of the full moon party.
The Lu residence welcomed so many guests for the first time.

This old mansion has not held such a grand event for a long time, and the last time can even be traced back to the birth of Lu Mingshi.

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That was thirty years ago.

Things have feelings too3Cause they say in the next sentence that the house was cheerful.

Gu Yixin got up early in the morning and went downstairs for a morning run.
He ran around the old house and felt that it was very cheerful today.

From nine o’clock in the morning, guests started coming one by one, almost all the prestigious people in the city had come, and there were many who had rushed back from other parts of the country or even foreign countries to attend.

Gu Yixin recognized many faces from among the crowd that he had only seen on TV.

Chen Ma accompanied him to nibble on melon seeds and introduced them to him while nibbling.

This is the Oscar-winning film emperor, that is the eminent person of the fashion circle, this is the leader of the literary and artistic world, and that is a well-known diplomat.……

Gu Yixin even saw the suspected figure of the governor of State X of the United States in it, which made him wonder if the Lu family’s parents were traveling and vacationing in the United States.

Lu Mingshi successively greeted every guest in the hall.

The master of the Lu Family was wearing the most formal clothes, and the arc of his smile was just right, with a touch of modesty.

The friendliness, politeness, and sense of appropriateness were all just right.

He was already rich and handsome, and he was the favorite target of admiration for countless love yearning girls.
Today, he has a tall body and an elegant demeanor, which attracted many hearts.

Gu Yixin raised his eyebrows and shifted his sitting posture.

Gu Yixin always knew that Lu Mingshi was very handsome, but it was his first time seeing this kind of calmness of which he had in such a social gathering and the gestures and attitude he cultivated from his childhood itself by growing in such an environment.

When he was pregnant, Lu Mingshi changed his ways to selling meng4looking cute every day.
He probably finally sold enough and started to sell his face.

Gu Yixin, who was sitting on the second floor, patted off the melon seeds skin in his hand and cleaned his hands.

“Chen Ma, I’m going to go change clothes and stand in for him.”

Mother Chen was a little worried, “Yiyi, haven’t you always disliked this kind of occasion…”

Gu Yixin thought that it would be fine even if he didn’t like it.
Can he prevent himself from attending his son’s full moon party?

“It’s okay.” Gu Yixin said, “I think the rest are acquaintances, and they won’t mind if I make a mistake.”

He saw the cars of Lin, Hei, and Wei families coming from a distance.
Oh yes, and Director Wang’s too.

Gu Yixin entered the room and quickly changed into a formal attire that was very similar to Lu Mingshi’s.

He straightened his collar in front of the mirror and stretched his cuffs, rather unaccustomed to the feeling.

He didn’t understand why humans have to design such cumbersome clothes for themselves.
“Don’t tell me that it’s just to look good?:

Gu Yixin missed his camouflage overalls and pullover undershirt.

He walked down the stairs super casually.

Lu Mingshi was talking to his subordinate who had just arrived and turned around when he heard footsteps.

His subordinate who was talking to him also turned his line of sight.

Then both of them were dumbfounded.

At this moment, almost the entire hall and the hundreds of guests cast a silent glance.

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Then they also, just like Lu Mingshi and Chen Zhi’ang, the subordinate who was talking with him, couldn’t take their eyes off Gu Yixin.

The person who walked down the stairs casually had a very young face.
His skin was very white, the color of his pupils was very light, and both his nose and back were straight.
This body was perfectly annotating the high-end custom-made suit which was tailored with utmost care.

There was still a kind of relaxation and laziness in Gu Yixin’s eyes that did not belong to this occasion.
But it only makes people cheerful.

No one would blame him for being out of place, because he was dazzling enough.
Dazzling enough that he doesn’t need to be part of this crown.

He was the diamond in the crown.

Lu Mingshi’s appearance of not being able to move his eyes was caught in the eyes of all the guests.
Some showed kind smiles while some showed sour taunting.

But no matter if it was admiration or jealousy, it didn’t affect these two at all.

Lu Mingshi’s legs were a little soft and his breathing was heavy, Chen Zhi’ang, who was beside him, noticed that something was wrong and subconsciously reached out to help.
But he supported an empty space.

Gu Yixin stretched out his hand in time to pull him.
Lu Mingshi looked into his inquiring eyes and took a deep breath.

Lu Mingshi knew that his behavior would make him embarrassed.
But it didn’t matter.
He was “recovering from a serious illness” and everyone would understand.

So Lu Mingshi apologized and said that he wanted to rest.
Because of this Gu Yixin received the rest of the guests for him and then he went upstairs to see the baby.

Gu Yixin sized up Chen Zhi’ang who was standing in front of him.
He always felt like he was a bit familiar.
But he couldn’t tell where he had seen or heard of him before.

The other party was quite polite.
But it was just that his eyes didn’t look quite right.

After Lu Mingshi went upstairs, Chen Zhi’ang tried to have a few words with Gu Yixin, but the conversation was ended by Gu Yixin.

So Chen Zhiyang could only walk away embarrassedly but his eyes were still revolving back to his side, making Gu Yixin dislike him.

He will not dislike anyone because others are interested in him, or the skin that he now possesses.
That was the right of others.

But that has to be without malice.

But the expression with which this Chen something looked at him, made him want to go up and slap his mouth 20 times on both sides till foam came out of the other party’s mouth.

But come to think of it.
After all, we can’t always use violence to solve problems.

Gu Yixin thought to himself.
He is also a father, and he must gradually learn to grow up.
He can’t shout to hit and kill as soon as something happens.
He has to learn to convince people with virtue.

Right when he was thinking about it, three young men of rich families came in through the door.

Lin Rui, who came first, was still in high spirits.
When he saw Gu Yixin’s outfit, his eyes lit up and he was sad that he couldn’t stick right into his body.

Gu Yixin politely nodded, “Young Master Lin.”

Lin Rui said with grievances, “You are still so polite to me.

Gu Yixin thought, “you’re kidding, right? When have I been polite to you?”

He was followed by Hei Che.

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Hei Xiaoche, who hadn’t seen him for a long time, looked at Gu Yixin’s rare fully-armed appearance with a surprised expression, and said uneasily:

“Hello, hello.”

Gu Yixin smiled and shook hands, “Young Master Hei, you got tan again.

A little blush appeared on Hei Che’s honest face, “Benefactor, how are you doing lately? ”

The corner of Gu Yixin’s mouth twitched.

He doesn’t know when it began.
But one day Hei Che started to believe firmly that the huge benefactor who cured his mysophobia was him and he couldn’t wait to be totally devoted to him.
And he became extremely concerned about his mental and physical health.

Then using the extremely unprofessional way of “Very good, very good.
I invite you to go inside.” And the two bigshots who were reluctant to leave were sent away.

Gu Yixin turned to greet Wei Junshan.

The last time he met him was in the hospital.
The big president who did an unsuccessful suicide attempt was now as calm as water.
His face neither showed joy nor anger.
And his expression was inscrutable.

Gu Yixin recalled Lu Mingshi’s way of smiling and gave Wei Junshan a standard smile that was 100% similar and would never go wrong.

Come in please? ”

Wei Junshan’s forehead twitched, but he still couldn’t hold back.

This style of welcome ……

“Are you the attendant? ”

Wei Junshan said.

Lu dared actually allowed you to come out and *receive guests with no training at all.
It’s so ridiculous…”
to receive guests / to receive patrons (of prostitutes)

He choked.

Because he also realized that he had used the wrong word.

Gu Yixin pumped his fist and controlled himself, “Mr.
Wei, I am welcoming guests.
Not receiving guests.

Wei Junshan, who was wronged, rolled up his sleeves and went in angrily.

To be honest, he really didn’t want to come.
What’s the point of drinking the wine from Lu Mingshi’s child’s full moon party?

That guy’s kid must be as annoying as that guy.

If it weren’t for the old man poking my ass with a cane, I wouldn’t have… I……


Wei Junshan was unfamiliar with the composition of the Lu house, and he didn’t pay attention to the environment in his anger.
So he just walked over.

He walked by the hall, went through the corridor, and walked to the door of an unfamiliar room.

As soon as Wei Junshan raised his eyes, he met a cute little baby who looked like snow.

The little baby was only a bit big.
He waved his two small hands with a confused expression.
He was lying on a diaper table made of wind wood, waiting for someone to change his clothes.

Wei Junshan could swear that he had hated children all his life, but why is this child so cute?

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The little baby looked around foolishly and gave out a burp.
A large elegant palm was stretched out beside him, and it wiped the milk which was overflowing from the side of his lips with a handkerchief.

Mother Chen quickly changed the child’s small clothes on the full moon mat, and the bright red color made the little figure look like a clear and lustrous white jade.

Lu Mingshi looked more and more in love with him, and couldn’t help but kiss his little arm.

Lu Mingshi carefully held up his baby with his two big palms.
He then stood up with the child in his arms and faced the door, only to meet the shocked Wei Junshan.

Lu Mingshi: “…”

Wei Junshan: “!!! ”

Lu Mingshi couldn’t help but glance behind Wei Junshan.
There was no one behind him.

It shows that he came here blindly by himself.

Lu Mingshi was a little amused by Wei Junshan’s distracted look.
Just as he was about to speak, he heard Wei Junshan ask:

“This…… This is your son?”

Lu Mingshi felt weird and said, “Yes.

He is definitely my son.

Is there any problem?

He bowed his head and looked at his Jiujin.
With a powder puffed face, he was such an unbelievably good-looking child.

I can really give birth.

Lu Mingshi fell into an extremely proud and self-satisfied mood for a short while.

“Impossible! ”

Wei Junshan was denying it with his assertive tone.

“How can this be your son! ”

Lu Mingshi let out a groan in his heart.

Does Mr.Wei think that this child doesn’t look like me? ”

He placed his baby’s face close to his own face to show him, and the two faces were put together.
They were both very good faces.
But this action made them look silly.

Wei Junshan was left speechless.

Even if he said that it didn’t look similar.
It really…… it really looked similar.

Lu Mingshi had a healthy shape, and this child looked almost like him about everything except for his skin color.

“How, how is it possible.

Wei Junshan seemed to have suffered a major blow.
He looked at the cute little baby and then he looked at the annoying Lu Mingshi.

How could Lu Mingshi’s son be so cute?!

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1darling2Sound of the baby whimpering.3Cause they say in the next sentence that the house was cheerful4looking cute

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