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If you call workers in your house to move books, it will take time and effort, and will make the house very noisy.

But employing Gu Yixin to do it was very different.
He could carry all the books packed in the box downstairs at once, and the whole journey would not take more than five minutes.

Therefore, Lu Mingshi’s praise was genuine and sincere.
So it was pleasant to hear.

Gu Yixin was extremely moved by Lu Mingshi’s encouragement.
So he volunteered again to go upstairs and brought down many more books.

Why did they insist on moving down the book from upstairs to read it?

The issue was about the structure of the study room of the Lu house.

For a wealthy family like the Lu family, the study room would naturally not be an ordinary one.

Wang Yuyan’s family had Langyu Blessed Land, Murong Fu’s family had Huanshi Water Pavilion, and Lu Mingshi’s family had a Zijian library1This means that all these three families had libraries that had vast collections of books with deep and extensive knowledge, poems, and stuff.
These are names in wuxia stories and they are the libraries of immortals and fairies..

The Lu Family’s library was larger than an ordinary city library.
It had a rich collection and a wide range of books.
The books were encoded and neatly arranged in the warehouse.

Like in many university libraries, there was a separation between the storing places of normal and dense books.

Commonly used books were placed in ordinary storing spaces and could be accessed at any time.

Rare and cryptic ancient books were stored deep inside the library to save space and facilitate sorting.

There was no gap between the rows of the bookshelves here, and the books must be taken out one by one to read.

And this time, in order to find an original and meaningful name that was resounding and elegant, they couldn’t wait to rummage through all their ancient books.

When Gu Yixin, who didn’t like reading at all, saw the regular, official, and cursive script on these books2Different kinds of Chinese calligraphic style.

He felt it to be very confusing.

Lu Mingshi closed the sonnet and pressed the space between his brows.

Gu Yixin immediately said, “We cannot find a name which is hard to write and remember.”

Having a name that is hard to call maybe could reduce the chance of the teacher calling you to answer a question.

But if the name is hard to write, what will the child do if he is fined for copying his name 500 times?

Gu Yixin, who had a strong psychological shadow due to his elementary school teacher, was determined not to give his child a difficult name.

I will never let my child experience the sufferings that I experienced once.

Lu Mingshi nodded and completely agreed with him, “I think it is not good to blindly seek a name with a meaning.
The key is to find a good name that suits our baby.”

It should be unrivaled and it should be something that has some relation to the baby.

The two of them looked at each other.

“How about we call him……”

“I think it’s better to ……”

The two eventually agreed.

In the evening, the two of them went for household registration while carrying their baby.

When Lu Mingshi cautiously got out of the back seat of the car with his baby in his arms, countless citizens who had also come to carry out various registration tasks flared up.

“Oh my Goodness! Isn’t that President Lu? Is he completely well? I thought he was going to be in a wheelchair all the time.
It’s great that he has recovered!”

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The stock price of the Lu Group has almost doubled this month.
If I were him, I would be so happy to even be able to stand up even if I had a stroke.”

“Oh my God.
Whose child is he holding in his arms? Could it be that the rumor was true that the child was really born by the big shot Lu himself, and that he retired for half a year just to go home and give birth?”

Look at this kid’s size.
He just looks like he should be three months old! The age will not make sense if we calculate it this way.”

While everyone was discussing in high spirits Gu Yixin also got out of the car while carrying the baby’s small bag in his hand.
The baby bag contained baby bottles, diapers, milk powder, bottle warmer, saliva towels, and other things.

The crowd went silent for an instant.

Then it started flaring up again!

This time they started flaring up even more than they did the first time.

What is this?

This is love!

The two love birds who have been inseparable in the legend and have grown old together, finally appeared in the public eye side by side again!

And the crystallization of their love.

At this moment, everyone was deeply moved and they didn’t have time to think about the question of who gave birth to the child.

The scene was so harmonious.
Was it important to know the person who gave birth?

The crowd watched as the two walked into the hall with their baby.

The staff member who received them turned out to be the one who helped them register their marriage last time.

Gu Yixin thought to himself that this was mainly because the author was too lazy.

Really too lazy.

The tall man held the baby in his arms and sat majestically on the stool in front of the window.

The baby involuntarily blew out another saliva bubble.

The baby caught the attention of the little brother who became preoccupied with gazing at the little baby.

“Hello3Polite, your needs are……”

Lu Ming subconsciously held the cub tighter in his arms and there was a trace of coldness in his eyes.

And when Gu Yixin saw him looking with that expression, he immediately picked up the baby vigilantly from Lu Mingshi’s arms.

Gu Yixin had a very deceptive face.

Gu Yixin’s posture of holding the baby wasn’t as proficient as Lu Mingshi’s.
But still, the image of him carrying the soft little baby in his arms, coupled with his good looks, made people sing aloud the name of Mother Mary in a single glance.

However, this Mary’s eyes were too malicious.
It was so fierce that it seemed to be saying “One more look and I will cut off your skin alive.”

In contrast, Lu Mingshi looked very kind.

They recalled the beautiful boy who lifted up the prize in front of him with just one of his hand last time.
He and one of his brothers4Can be used for friends as well.
were panting heavily when they tried to lift it but Gu Yixin didn’t even shed a drop of sweat.……

Lu Mingshi pressed his big palms menacingly on the edge of the table.

“Update the household registration.”

“Okay, okay…”

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After taking the data, the little brother quickly entered the input into the computer.

After he finished registering all the other information, it was time for him to input the name of the baby.
But the little brother sank into confusion after seeing the paper with at least twenty-five names written on it.

The paper was good.

The letters were good.

How can the characters written by Lu Mingshi be bad?

He knew all the characters written by him.

But the problem was……

“These two, two gentlemen.” The little brother spread out this piece of paper vertically to Gu Yixin and Lu Ming, and asked them tremblingly, “Which one is the name of your baby?”

Lu Mingshi glanced at it and said with certainty, “I am sorry.
The names on this page are the nicknames of the baby.
The formal name is on the backside.”


Twenty-five nicknames?

Gu Yixin explained, “These are the names that we collected from netizens.
They are the kind feelings of netizens.
Although we have not adopted one, in order to thank the netizens, we decided to use them all as the baby’s nicknames.”

The little brother was a little moved, “That’s so sweet.”

The little brother naturally turned this paper over.

Then his expression collapsed again.

“But these two, two gentlemen.” The little brother melancholy repeated his action that he did just a while ago and asked, “Do you have two formal names for your child?”

Surprisingly, there were six large characters written in black and white on it.

Lu Jiujin,

Gu Zhangting.

Lu Mingshi looked calm.

“Yes.” He said.

The little brother struggled to explain, “But, uh, there can only be one formal name in the system.
Why don’t you discuss it again…”

Lu Mingshi resolutely said, “No.
Both these names cannot be abandoned.
They are so nice.”


Gu Yixin thought for a while and said, “Actually, I think…”

The younger brother also said sincerely, “In fact, I think it would be better for the two of you to have one more child.
So that both names can be used.

Lu Mingshi stiffened for a moment.

He almost grabbed the registrar by the collar and yelled, “Do you know how hard is it to give birth to a child??? ”

But that would expose the fact that he was the one who gave birth to the child.

So he held back.

Lu Mingshi took a deep breath while maintaining a kind expression, and said, “We will think about it.”

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The little brother breathed a sigh of relief and continued to serve them with a smile.

And finally, they decided on the formal name for the baby: Lu Jiujin.

Lu Mingshi looked a little dazed.

Gu Yixin asked him what happened while carrying the little Jiujin who was fresh out of the oven.

Lu Mingshi said, “I originally thought that I had completed the task.”

Gu Yixin raised his eyebrows, “Ain’t this task already completed?”

Lu Mingshi said in a deep voice, “You won’t understand.”

How can you finish something even before it started? They found a formal name to call the child.
How can that be?

Lu Mingshi made a decision in his heart.

At this time, Gu Yixin was softly coaxing the baby who was making a commotion, knowing nothing about Lu Mingshi’s inner world.

The two people came out of the hall, while a group of reporters was watching them.

Gu Yixin covered the eyes of the baby in reflex.

But he soon discovered that this time all the reporters had turned off the flashlights in tactical understanding.

Lu Mingshi considered such quick and violent attacks to be very offensive.
But he couldn’t lose his temper yet.

Considering the public image, the impact of this image on the company, and the careers of the two of them, he just took a step forward and faintly blocked his husband who was holding the baby behind him.

The reporters were intimidated by his aura, and the crowd that was about to move paused slightly, not daring to move forward.

Lu Mingshi looked around and pointed to a reporter who was somewhat familiar to him, and the other party immediately stepped forward.

That reporter had once done one or two interviews with Lu Mingshi.
So Lu Mingshi was able to recognize him.

Lu Mingshi didn’t wait for him to ask a question and stretched out his hand, which was an unquestionable gesture.

So the reporter had to hand over the mic to him.

Lu Mingshi held the mic in his left hand and stretched out his right hand back to hold Gu Yixin’s hand.
But he immediately realized that he[GY] was holding the baby with both hands.

So having nowhere to lay his hands, he placed it inside his windbreaker.

Then it was the time of the big president Lu style speech by Lu Mingshi.

“Thanks for everyone’s blessing.
My body is really healthy now.
I would like to thank all the city residents for their concern.”

He paused for a while and adjusted his voice.
There was a hoarseness in his low voice, showing his regret and exhaustion.

“And regarding the many rumors on the Internet, I hope everyone can look at it rationally.
In most cases, rumors can be false.
And usually, the rumors that make people get lost in wild and just fanciful thoughts.”

“What I can reveal here is that, yes, the Lu family has indeed ushered in a new member.
I will announce this through official channels in the next few days…”

His voice paused slightly, and at this pause, the baby’s mouth flattened and he started crying loudly.


The voice was sharp and loud.
It was magnified by a nearby mic and was accurately recorded by all reporters.

“…good news.”

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Lu MIngshi’s head ached a bit, and the blue veins on his forehead throbbed twice.
He conveniently returned the mic to other people and hurriedly turned his head to coax the baby without checking if the mic had been received by someone or not.

The big president Lu who was wantonly releasing his majestic aura changed into a child coaxing expert once he turned around.

They saw him taking the baby from Gu Yixin’s hands as if there was nobody else there.
After patting the head and the back of the baby softly, he asked Gu Yixin worriedly,

“Aren’t you scared of raising him too high?”

Such a motherly look really made the crowd’s jaw drop.

Fortunately, just as the crowd on the scene were astounded.

The driver of the Lu family finally drove the car to the door with eight sturdy bodyguards.

It happened that there were so many people that there was no need for the driver to open the door.
One of the two bodyguards opened the door, while the other folded his hands over his chest and glared at the spectators like a tiger looking at his prey.

Lu Mingshi, who was in a relaxed mood at this moment, had a kind tone.

“Don’t be that fierce.
Keep a smile on your face.”

The bodyguard had never heard such a command before.

But they had collected a lot of money from the boss.
Which was enough for them to step forward bravely to even block bullets.

Under the charm of the money, they were determined to complete all the orders made by the boss.

So the mass got to see the fiend-like eight bodyguards facing all directions with a crampy and beautiful smile.

The shocking power of these smiles was extremely strong.
A child was frightened on the spot and bore into his mother’s embrace while crying.

Lu Mingshi was about to get in the car while holding the child.

At this time, an extremely brave reporter asked out loud the question everyone wanted to ask under the fierce smile from the bodyguards:

“President Lu, if you reveal who the mother of the child is, could you tell us the relationship between Young master Gu and this child? We all want to know about it.”

Translator’s note

Welcome to colousplash’s daily fujoshi class.

Since we love our bl, how about we benefit a bit more from it.

Hehe [ I just wanted to share this with you guys since I found this when I searched for certain word meanings.

十四行诗 Meaning: Sonnet

A sonnet is a form of poetry.

Main features of the sonnet :

Generally, all sonnets have fourteen lines.
You will find some exceptions, but the poets will do this deliberately.

The fourteen lines are divided into two sections, usually eight lines and six.
The break between the two parts is known as the volta.

This is what we call the meter of the poem: the number of syllables in each line of the poem.
An ‘iamb’ is a set of two syllables, the first unstressed and the second stressed.
‘Pentameter’ shows that there are five of these ‘iambs’ in a line.
So, you have ten syllables: unstressed, stressed; unstressed, stressed, etc.

Different types of sonnets have different rhyme schemes, and some don’t rhyme at all! You’ll see more about this below.

[Source: Internet]

We have our baby’s name now.

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1This means that all these three families had libraries that had vast collections of books with deep and extensive knowledge, poems, and stuff.
These are names in wuxia stories and they are the libraries of immortals and fairies.2Different kinds of Chinese calligraphic style3Polite4Can be used for friends as well.

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