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What should we do when a little baby cries?

Feed them.

Lu Mingshi looked gloomy as the baby, who had just come there half an hour ago, was pushed away again.
The hospital had its own professional system to take care of newborns who lack a mother’s colostrum.

However, this was a depressing situation.
Anyone who became a mother for the first time, bah1sound of spitting, who became a father for the first ….
that sounds a little wrong too.

In short, a person who gave birth to a baby would feel anxious if their flesh and blood is not in front of them.

It used to be a part of their body and only now did it get separated.
So it always takes time to adapt.

Lu Mingshi was very annoyed.

He even started to think that if only he could breastfeed his baby by himself, then he wouldn’t have…..

Wth, that’s a bit of a bizarre idea.

Lu Mingshi warned himself.

You can’t go further and further down the route of imagination.

He also shoulders the future of the entire Lu group and is the backbone of the company.

And about breastfeeding a baby.
How will a person be able to do everything?

Father Lu and Mother Lu followed down to see the children.

Gu Yixin caressed Lu Mingshi’s hair to comfort him.

Lu Mingshi frowned.

“Don’t touch it.
I’m sweating too much.
So it’s dirty.

Gu Yixin took a wet wipe and wiped him.
And then he lowered down his head to look at the stitched wound on his abdomen.

Gu Yixin calmly looked at him for a moment.
He then held his hand and said, “Doesn’t it really hurt?”

Lu Mingshi didn’t care, “There will always be times when it hurts.”

Lu Mingshi looked at him and raised his eyebrows slightly, “Why don’t you try it yourself if you really wanna know?”

Gu Yixin, “So naughty.
It looks like you are recovering fast.”

The two men took their seats.
One was lying on the bed while the other was sitting in silence.

It looked like they wanted to say something, but they didn’t know where to start.

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Gu Yixin held Lu Mingshi’s hand with one hand and took out his cell phone with the other.

He hadn’t looked at it since he arrived at the hospital.
So when he did, he saw that there were many missed calls and text messages.

The grandpa who owned the ox cart and the reporter who had lent him the car had sent him their condolences.
While one secretly asked him how his spouse was and when they would be able to recover, the other asked him if he was able to see his wife and whether she was fine or not.

Gu Yixin got emotional thinking that there were still many good people in the world.

He sent a reply back to the two respectively.

Gu Yixin was originally slow in typing.
And now that he was one-handed, he became even slower.

He was sitting there while Lu Mingshi was lying.
So naturally, Lu Mingshi wasn’t able to see his phone screen.

Who is he chatting with?

Lu Mingshi thought to himself.

When Gu Yixin finished replying and looked back, Lu Mingshi had already closed his eyes, looking like he was extremely tired and needed rest.

Gu Yixin covered him with the quilt and unknowingly fell asleep on the side of the bed too.

The energy of both these guys was completely used up today.

Father Lu and Mother Lu placed the baby who was wrapped up in his swaddling clothes into his cart.
The baby was wearing the swaddling cloth which was chosen by Mingming.

This little pink meatball was one size larger than the average size of a newborn.
He looked like a one month old baby.
Who knows how big he would get if was allowed to stay in young master Lu’s belly for another ten days and a half months.

On the way upstairs, Father Lu and Mother Lu had a heated argument about who the cub resembled.

“Little baby looks more like Yiyi.” Mother Lu affirmed, “Children are born more like their father, this is to confirm their parent-child relationship.”

This statement was followed by another sentence.

And later as they grew up they looked more and more like their mother as they found that their father was of no use.

Father Lu said, “His skin color is like Yiyi’s.
The shape of his face and his facial features are like Mingming’s.
Especially the eyes.
It is a carbon copy of what Mingming’s eyes looked like in his childhood.”

While saying this, father Lu took out his mobile phone and looked for the pictures which were taken 20 or 30 years back from his gallery.

The two people reached the doorway of the hospital ward while talking.
Lu Mingshi opened his eyes when they pushed open the door.

Lu Mingshi looked at his baby with gentle eyes, intensely longing to touch him.
He patted his side and signaled Father Lu and Mother Lu to carry over the baby to the bed.

This was a big job.
Apart from the skilled doctors and nurses, not many people dare to easily move newborns.
The bodies of all newborns are soft and boneless, like a puddle of water.
So they were afraid that it would slip from between their fingers.

Father Lu and Mother Lu together lowered the height of the cart and made it to the same height as the bed.
And then together they carefully picked up the baby in his swaddling clothes and placed him by the side of Lu Mingshi.

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Lu Mingshi’s hospital bed was specially customized for him.
Otherwise, a man of nearly 1.09 meters would suffocate if he were to lie on an ordinary hospital bed.

Compared to a man of 1.9 meters, how much space can this little baby take up? But still, Lu Mingshi shifted to the right side, fearing that he would squeeze him a little bit.

So after lying for so long, he felt a vague pain around his wound for the first time.
Even though it wasn’t really intense, he still hissed.

Gu Yixin immediately woke up.
He rubbed his eyes to find that Lu Mingshi was now lying with his back facing him.
He also found that the cart had been pushed back to the room and that it was empty.

Lu Mingshi stared at his pink dumpling.
The pink dumpling was taking a nap.
There were some dried milk stains on the corner of his lips and the body had a milk scent.

Lu Mingshi looked at him for a while and he finally couldn’t resist reaching out and gently rubbing the baby’s soft fetal hair.

The company’s matters still needed to be handled by a person.
So Father Lu had to leave by that evening.
And Mother Lu originally wanted to stay behind to take care of Lu Mingshi.
But Lu Mingshi insisted that she should go back to take a rest.

“There are doctors here and ……”

“And me.” Gu Yixin volunteered.

Mother Lu reluctantly took three steps back, “Mom will come back tomorrow.”

Gu Yixin pulled a hospital bed at night to make up for the night.

Lu Mingshi’s bed was custom-made, but his bed was not.
He originally wasn’t very short.
And he became even taller during this period of time.
He looked aggrieved while lying on the narrow bed.

There wasn’t any problem with their baby and he was really healthy too.
So, he could be discharged from the hospital the next day at the earliest.

However, Lu Mingshi had just gone through surgery.
So even if he is attended to with the utmost care, it will still take a while for his wound to be healed.

On the next day, while he was still in the hospital, Gu Yixin with the help of a few others returned the broken car which had been knocked into the ox cart and was abandoned on the roadside.
It was returned to the provincial capital to the hands of the reporter.
And the cost of the entire car was given as compensation.
And he also transferred a lot of money to the grandpa.

In usual circumstances, if you had lost a lot of money like this, you would have been silent, feeling quite depressed.

But it was a bit different this time.

Lu Mingshi saw him happily engaging with people, and couldn’t help but ask a question.

“What are you doing?”

Gu Yixin said without thinking much, “Transferring money.”

Lu Mingshi:?

Only then did Gu Yixin remember that he hadn’t told him what happened.
So he told him how he had rushed back from the provincial city.

Lu Mingshi felt it to be even more bizarre.
Why is he happy and smiling when he has lost so much money?

Lu Mingshi looked at Gu Yixin worriedly and reached out to test the temperature of his forehead.

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He didn’t have a fever.

Could it be ……

Did he become mad from all the happiness of having the baby?

Gu Yixin explained, “ The pain of bankruptcy cannot obstruct the happiness from the arrival of the little baby.”

Lu Mingshi looked at him.

The silly boy was so happy that he didn’t even care about his money.

Lu Mingshi said, “It wouldn’t matter even if you didn’t rush back.” OMG, he ran a distance of twenty-five kilometers.

Gu Yisin seriously said, “Yes.” But how many times in your life will you get to experience such a moment?

The baby who was next to him sneezed.

Gu Yisin quickly stroked the baby’s chest gently.

He did not even dare to pat him, fearing that he would break the fragile little thing by touching it.

Luckily the child was very close to him.
Even when he was in the womb, he was used to his aura.

The baby was appeased quickly.

They stood there quietly for a long time.

At this time, the public internet was down several times.

The news about Gu Yixin was exposed to the public one after another.
At this time the “look-alike” male god, Wu Mao, was also brought out to the public to mutually share the hype.

Those old affairs about the bigshot and the model worker, coupled with the attention that Gu Yixin aroused at the Provincial Games, aroused heated discussion among the people under the hype of the major media.

Especially after the screenshots of Yan City’s people’s various discussions in their own forum trended.

And it seemed like a firm answer to the question of “the past of the talented athlete” and “who is his tragic lover who lingers on the sickbed” was found!

And somebody secretly posted a vague picture from the rear in which Gu Yixin was carrying Lu Mingshi to the ambulance.

The news about the two people’s complicated relationship and the serious illness of Lu Mingshi immediately spread everywhere.

Lu Mingshi was also a celebrity.

He was a top millionaire in the nation under the age of thirty.
Although he did not shave, he was a man who could lead the fashion trend of the business elite.

At 8:50 in the morning, before the stock market opened, Lu Mingshi habitually turned on the TV on the wall of the ward and watched the financial channel.

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And then he saw himself on the TV.

“Breaking News.
President Lu is suffering from an incurable disease”

“Crazy sell-off, the stock market may usher in Black Friday”

“It is predicted that Lu’s Group stocks will continuously hit the lower limit of the stock price, which will lead to a continued decline in the market in April.
It is recommended that heavy shareholders choose stocks carefully…”


Lu Mingshi:???

He looked at his baby who was sleeping smoothly and soundly.

He looked at his husband who was pulling the bedsheets as he was feeling annoyed due to not being able to sleep well in his small bed.

He then fished out a mirror and looked at his own rosy and glowing face.

You are the one who is suffering from an incurable disease.

Lu Mingshi thought to himself that he should immediately dispel this rumor.
Or else it would really be too late to stop.
A single point can cause carnage on the company’s scale.

So Lu Mingshi picked up his phone and was about to do something big when the phone rang.

It was his father.


The somewhat perplexed voice of his father came through the phone.

“Mingming, your mother and I were already working hard to dispel the rumors.
But before our news was even released, we found money flowing in like crazy to buy our stocks ……”

The clock on the wall pointed towards nine o’clock.

Stocks were open for trading.

Lu Mingshi looked at the TV and the stock index was all red.

Five seconds later, the shares of Lu’s Group with the code 16899168 rose and stopped.

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