Father Lu looked at the red stock index and became extremely confused.

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Why did a bad rumour make their stock rise?

In the hospital, Lu Mingshi was also puzzled.

The stock price of the Lu Group was quite high and had always been performing steadily for many years.
But as the market is also very large, it was really rare to see such things as ups and downs.

In the past 10 years, this only happened about 20 times, and in all the cases, they rose under favourable conditions and quickly fell back to their original position.


After the market value expanded by 10%,

Lu Mingshi was not only the richest man in the country under the age of 30.

He also became the richest man in the country under the age of 35.

If this situation lasts for two more days, it could even extend to under 50 years old.

Lu Mingshi was really happy in his heart.
He gave a flying kiss to his baby who was sleeping soundly and after he turned his eyes, he saw Gu Yixin rubbing his eyes and getting up from the bed with his hands supporting his waist.

“I didn’t sleep well.” Gu Yixin gloomily said.

“We have already earned back the money you lost yesterday.

Lu Mingshi said calmly while pointing at the TV screen.

Even though Gu Yixin didn’t know what the K-line1Taking a daily K-line, for example, a K-line represents the fluctuation of stock prices in one day, it not only shows the close price, open price, high price, and low price for the day but also reflects the difference and size between any two prices.
is for, he still knew a little bit about the red line, that it represents rising and the green line represents falling.

It was not just earning back.

This was a complete turnover.

Gu Yixin looked at the stock market index and then looked at Lu Mingshi.
He felt a sincere sense of admiration.

Lu Mingshi was still lying down with his upper body raised.
He was holding his mobile phone to handle some company affairs remotely.

Gu Yixin came back after washing his face and looked at the baby.

The little thing was like a softball.
His chest slightly undulated with his breathing.
After a night, his whole face became whiter and whiter.

He looked a lot like him.

Gu Yixin moved over a small wooden stool and sat there watching the baby, with his hands cupping his[GY] face.

When the baby convulsed in his sleep, he would caress his chest, and when the baby sneezed he would comfort him by whispering baby.

After Lu Mingshi finished handling the matter, he was about to put down his mobile phone.
But on seeing this scene, he turned on the camera and took pictures from various angles.

An Qiao came in, pushing open the door.
When he saw Lu Ming take a picture like this, he naturally said, “I’ll take a picture of you two.

Lu Mingshi corrected him, “Of us three.”

So there was a baby sandwiched between the two grown men.

The two of them laughed stupidly, even more than on the picture on their marriage certificate.

Lu Mingshi wasn’t willing to let others do the jobs regarding the baby.
And he would do everything that he could.

Gu Yixin looked at Lu Mingshi, who had become proficient overnight in changing the baby’s diapers.
He said feeling moved, “Young Master Gu, do you think that the boss now is shrouded in maternal glory?”

Gu Yixin naturally nodded “Actually, I think so too.

Lu Mingshi humphed, “That’s because you haven’t given birth to a baby.”

Lu Mingshi did not want to stay in the hospital for a long time.
How can the hospital compare to the home? He just wanted to go home early.

When people stay in the hospital, they will inevitably get the illusion that they are very weak.

This was definitely not good for recovery.

When Lu Mingshi announced his fallacious reasoning ​to An Qiao, he was unable to resist.
So he didn’t have any alternative but to shift his discharge date to an earlier time.

“But boss, you can’t get out of bed by yourself for the coming ten days.
You have to be supported by others to recover slowly.”

Lu Mingshi looked at the wound on his belly.
It had mostly healed, and there was only a shallow scar there.

“Isn’t this good enough? ”

He finally relented to his request to use the wheelchair, being unable to protest.


On this earth, no secret can be kept hidden forever.

The news that Lu Mingshi would be discharged from the hospital on April 3rd was spread out by some means.

So when Gu Yixin pushed Lu Mingshi’s wheelchair, father Lu and mother Lu carefully pushed the cub’s cart out of the main entrance of the hospital.
When they lifted their eyes they caught sight of the bustling crowd.

“Huh? Is there any bigshot about to be discharged from the hospital? ”

Lu Mingshi thought to himself.

An Qiao was also puzzled.

The last time he experienced such a spectacular scene, was when the news of a popular star’s visit to their hospital got accidentally leaked.

However, even when the star was discharged from the hospital, there weren’t as many people as there were now.

If it were a normal day, for someone so careless like Gu Yixin, he wouldn’t have felt anything at all.

Now that he had a baby, he suddenly became particularly vigilant.

What if someone steals the child?

Ah, our baby is so cute.
It is easy to go missing.

“Let’s go through the back door.” Gu Yixin suggested.

Lu Mingshi also felt that there were too many people.

They glanced at each other and reached a consensus.

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But the sharp-eyed people had already seen them through the glass of the main entrance.

They held up the banners high.

The reporter hurriedly set up the camera.

Gu Yixin immediately got in front of the baby.

He leaned down and firmly covered the baby’s eyes with his sleeves.

He couldn’t let him be blazed by the flashlights.

When Lu Mingshi saw people holding up banners, his first reaction was that they were there to collect their debts.

Something like “The black-hearted boss has been away for thirteen years, and xxx should return my hard-earned money quickly!”

He immediately reflected on whether he had done anything to offend Heaven and reason2To offend Heaven and reason (idiom); bloody atrocities that cry to heaven / outrageous acts.

There were no results.

So Lu Mingshi felt relieved and took a closer look.
What was written on the banner was:

Lu recovered and was discharged from the hospital.
Good people always live well!”

“The Yi family wishes Mr.
Lu peace and smooth life!”

Lu Mingshi was frightened when he almost read the word smooth as smooth labor.

All in all, there was no danger.

And they returned home safely.

And the reporter successfully captured the first-hand resource too.

There was only a bit of distance between them.
So when the reporters zoomed in and out of the images a few times after returning, the most obvious one on the photo was obviously Lu Mingshi.

Everyone present there sighed on seeing Lu Mingshi in a wheelchair.

Lu’s aftereffect seems to be not being able to walk around freely.

“Heaven is jealous of heroic genius3heaven is jealous of heroic genius (idiom); the great have great hardship to contend with / those whom the Gods love to die young.
Heaven is really jealous of heroic genius ah.”

Then everyone noticed the view of Gu Yixin’s back.

It seems that everyone’s guess was completely correct, and the controversial topic has been finalized.

Lu Mingshi was the publicly announced lover of Gu Yixin.

The reporters were almost moved to tears4eyes brimming with tears of excitement (idiom) / extremely moved.

How precious it is to have true love in such an emotionally barren era!

A reporter opened the small notebook and wrote affectionately: “For Young master Gu, Mr.
Lu was both the beginning and the end.
Such a bumpy relationship finally bore fruit under such a special situation…”

“Wait a minute.

A reporter pulled out the first photo.

The photo was a bit blurred.

To be precise, Gu Yixin’s figure in the photo was a bit blurry.

“Why did Young master Gu fly over to block this stroller?”

Everyone took a deep breath.

“These two people pushing the stroller look familiar…”

Isn’t that Lu Mingshi’s parents? !

So in this stroller,…??

Known: The baby on the stroller has an important relationship with Lu Mingshi, Gu Yixin, and the Lu family.

Reasonable to speculate: The baby is Lu Mingshi’s child.

Furthermore: Lu Mingshi has been away from the public for more than half a year, and several private photos showed that his figure seemed to be showing signs of getting fat.
Lu Mingshi was discharged from the hospital today, and the baby has just been born.

Answer:Lu Mingshi gave birth to the baby.

When the young reporter placed out this speculation, the air became deathly silent.

People looked at him as if they were looking at a retard.

“As everyone knows, Mr.
Lu has always been a man.
How can a man give birth to a baby?”

The young reporter blushed and continued to argue rationally.

“That can’t be.
Maybe Mr.
Lu is a woman?”


This guess was really weird and very awful.
It was brimming with vigorous imagination and the cold humor of retarded thinking.

One after another, everyone fell into silence as if the door to a new world had been opened.

Lu Mingshi recuperated at home for a few days.

Due to some unknown reasons, his body recovered very quickly, and soon the sutures disappeared automatically too.
Nothing could be seen except a light scar.

Newborns have to sleep 20 hours a day.
They would wake up every two or three hours and when they do they have to be br**tfed.
Lu Mingshi would always be a bit resentful every time this happened.

My baby has had everything since he was born.

Besides mother’s milk.

Gu Yixin held a small baby’s feeding bottle, completely focused on feeding the baby.
After he finished feeding, he wiped the baby’s mouth.
The little boy chased the touch on his mouth with his eyes in confusion for a while.

A milk bubble appeared.


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Gu Yixin was petrified.

He motionlessly held the feeding bottle.
Looking at his son, his whole heart sank into honey water.

“Lu, President Lu.” Trembling, Gu Yixin turned his head and asked him for an affirmation with his eyes.
Is this baby of ours real?

Lu Mingshi patted him on the shoulder comfortingly, and affirmed, “ You will be able to be certain when he cries.”

However, the baby rarely cried because his father took care of him so meticulously.

He will be given milk whenever he opens his mouth and his diapers will be changed whenever he stirs his leg.
And if he turns his eyes, his father will immediately take him up carefully and sway him in his arms gently.

And as he was afraid of dropping him, he sat on the bed while he rocked him.

Gu Yixin held his son carefully with his eyes filled with care.
He couldn’t understand how Liu Bei could drop his son back then.

“All right, all right.

Lu Mingshi took the baby out of Gu Yixin’s hands.
The baby was not very big but he was very heavy.
And he held the heavy dumpling in his hands.

The little hand swayed aimlessly in the air, and the small pink fist hit Gu Yixin on the side of his face.

It may be that the nutrients absorbed in the stomach were excessive, and this punch was really a bit powerful.

But Gu Yixin actually started encouraging loudly.

“Awesome! Really powerful! ”

Lu Mingshi was speechless.

“You cannot blindly praise him.
Violent behavior isn’t worth advocating.”

Lu Mingshi turned to the baby.
He looked into the baby’s innocent eyes, and said solemnly.:

“Baby, how can you beat dad? Dad works hard to take care of you every day.
Do you hear me, baby? ”

The baby looked away innocently.

Lu Mingshi hugged him, and Gu Yixin pinched his little hand with his index finger and thumb.
The flesh was very thick and soft, and it felt super good.

The baby was a little golden pig born in the year of the pig.

Gu Yixin pinched his little hands and studied: “The nails of this little pig’s trotter have grown out again…”

Then the soft little fingers held Gu Yixin’s thumb.


It was a critical blow to his heart.

The expressions on the faces of the baby’s two fathers turned completely blank for a split second.

It was so cute that his brain just stopped working for a moment.

Moments later.

Gu Yixin couldn’t breathe and said, “What should I do, I really want to kiss him…”

Lu MIngshi held the baby, not even blinking his eyes once.
And he stammered,


But they can’t kiss him.
The immunity of a newborn baby is not good enough, and he didn’t even have colostrum.
So he was still a very fragile baby.

Even if he was very big or was stronger than other babies, kissing was still out of the question.

The two adults fell into the torture and struggle of their souls.

For a while, they glanced at each other.

Gu Yixin leaned over, his one hand protecting the cub while he held the back of Lu Mingshi’s head in the other.
After taking a closer look, he kissed President Lu’s lips with a “plop”.

Both of them wanted to but they could not kiss him.

So they just reluctantly decided to solve it by kissing each other instead.

What a perfect logic.

For the first time, Lu Mingshi was inattentive while kissing.
He stared nervously at the little baby in his palms.

The little baby tilted his head curiously.

He couldn’t clearly see the people and things around him.
But when the two familiar adults did something familiar, it always reminded him of the warm feeling of being immersed in amniotic fluid.

So he waved his hand happily.

“……” Lu Mingshi’s eyes widened in surprise,“Look at him, dear!”

The cub, who was very quiet no matter how funny, danced in his own self-made movement5广播操 is a type of exercise that’s mandatory in most schools in China where people perform certain movements according to the music and counts played through speakers in the palm of his hand.

Gu Yixin turned his head.

But as soon as their lips parted, the breath that made the baby jump dissipated.

And the baby’s hand stopped midair.

The baby was at a loss.

Gu Yixin looked at the child who went quiet and was puzzled.

“What happened?”

Lu Mingshi pondered, “Just now he was moving very much.”

What is the difference between just a second before and now?

Lu Mingshi had the special intelligence of a president.
Of course, he immediately found the answer by using the control variable method mentioned in junior high school physics.

Lu Mingshi turned to Gu Yixin and said with a profound tone.

“Kiss me.”

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Gu Yixin:???

Lu Mingshi said it in a very serious tone.

That made him feel a little embarrassed.

Husband and wife……

Lu Mingshi urged, “Hurry up.

Gu Yixin gathered himself up and went to complete the task.

After that.


As if they had discovered a new world, the two men looked at their baby who would dance about as soon as they saw them kissing.

Lu Mingshi held him in the palm of his hands and he looked like he was struggling.

Gu Yixin thought to himself that the dance was really quirky.

But I like it.

So the two of them started playing it like a game.
They would kiss for a while and then they would let go.
They played like this with the baby for an hour.

Lu Mingshian took maternity leave at home with peace of mind.

Gu Yixin on the other hand received a lot of spam calls.

Director Wang called and said that he needed to go to the post-dubbing, and the coach also called to ask him when he would have time to go to the provincial city to complete the athlete registration.

Gu Yixin honestly said, “I have some things going on lately.
So I really can’t go ……”

He held the phone in one hand and a feeding bottle in the other.

His hands were stretched far away, due to fear of radiation.

Director Wang’s heart was thumping.
The rumors which had spread in the group today came to his mind.

He couldn’t help but ask, “No problem, little Gu.
How is nephew Lu’s physical recovery after being discharged from the hospital? I’ll pay a visit in a couple of days-”

“No, no need.
“Gu Yixin hurriedly said, “He is recovering well.
Thank you so much for your thoughts.
He is busier than me now, and I am afraid that he will not be able to receive you well.
It is better to visit later.

Director Wang’s heart became even more turbulent.

He knew that these two people were married, so when the love story broke out, he had the pleasure of predicting the explosive news in advance.

But he was shocked by other rumors he heard recently.
Although he didn’t believe them at all, they left him with some memories that were hard to erase from his mind.

Milk dripped out of the bottle in Gu Yixin’s hands and it fell on the soft skin of the cub’s neck.
Making the delicate little baby start wailing.

Gu Yixin hurriedly said goodbye to Director Wang and hung up the phone.
He then immediately picked up his son and started coaxing him.

Director Wang, who was hung up on, was dumbfounded.

Wait a minute, what did he just hear?

It was the sound of a baby crying.

Director Wang slid his trembling hands to his cell phone screen and reconfirmed the message in the group.

“–A reporter friend of mine persisted on saying that it is very likely that the bigshot Lu of the Yan City is a woman.
He has been hiding for half a year to give birth to a child.
He just got discharged from the hospital a few days ago after giving birth to a baby.
How can this be possible Hahaha? hahahahahaha”

Originally it was a guess that seemed unbelievable no matter how you look at it.

But after hearing the wailing of the baby, Director Wang fell into a deep riddle.

Speaking of which, the production of Gu Yixin’s movie was almost finished, and it would be broadcast in June.

In order not to delay the progress of the crew, a week after the complete recovery of Lu Mingshi, Gu Yixin came to the studio to finish the dubbing work.

Director Wang’s studio was full of great gods6(Internet slang) guru / expert / whiz who visit there often.
The little celebrities of the past, which one of them did not yearn to greet each person respectively, hoped to be favoured by a top star that would bring them on the road to stardom, making their life from henceforth be full of prosperity.

The person who drank tea with Director Wang today was a bearded uncle in his fifties.
Gu Yixin was dubbing in the opposite workshop with a large glass in the middle.
They couldn’t hear each other, but they could see clearly.

Uncle Beard finally noticed Gu Yixin who was doing his work and was attracted by the young man’s special temperament.
He asked Director Wang who this was.

“Oh, Xiao Gu.
” Director Wang introduced with a smile, “ He is the male lead of my new movie.
He is a newcomer and his stage name is Gu Wumao, I don’t know if you have heard about him.”

Uncle Beard suddenly realised, “It turns out that Gu Wumao is him.

After recording, Gu Yixin planned to say hello to Director Wang before leaving.
As soon as he entered the door, he saw that he had guests, so Director Wang introduced them.

Gu Yixin politely said, “Hello, Director Li.”

Uncle Beard couldn’t help but take off his glasses and wipe them.
He glanced at Director Wang in surprise.

This newcomer doesn’t even know who I am??

Director Wang knew that Gu Yixin had no idea about the entertainment circle in his mind, so with a forced smile he asked him to sit down and chat for a while.

Gu Yixin just wanted to go back and watch his son dance, so the tea felt a little unpleasant to him.

Director Li saw that he was inattentive, so he decided to throw out a super-secret to attract his attention.

“Little Gu, I have a show here that fits your style perfectly.
Would you like to try it? ”

When these words came out, even Director Wang was startled.

Unlike director Wang who was just making normal movies, director Li was on his path to achieving great awards.

He had always preferred to use veterans instead of fresh meat7(coll.) teen idol (male).

It could be seen that he was extremely satisfied with Gu Yixin’s appearance.

After Gu Yixin realised what he said, he woke up from his daydream.
He looked at director Li to find that he was being serious and embarrassedly said, “Thank you for your kindness…”

Gu Yixin firmly said.

“But I don’t plan to continue acting.”

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I am going.

Director Li almost fell unconscious this time.

You know, usually, when he took the initiative to ask, “Do you want to play my play”, even if the person on the other side was a film emperor, they would start to slur on their speech due to excitement.

He was a man who won eight international directing awards!

It was really embarrassing to be rejected by a newcomer!

Seeing Director Li’s depression, Director Wang quickly helped urge Gu Yixian and also expressed to him how precious this opportunity was to film in Director Li’s drama.

Gu Yixin understood.

Out of respect for the excellent elder, he sat upright and tidied out the round neck of his pullover T-shirt, and carefully explained his career plan to the two of them.

“To tell you the truth, I’ve taken the liberty of rejecting your invitation because this was a choice I made from the aspect of my career plan.”

“I love moving bricks.
Moving bricks makes me happy-”

The corner of Director Wang’s mouth twitched.

I knew it.

“–So although I am short of money, love money, and am willing to make more money, these part-time jobs cannot shake my perseverance on bricklaying as the main industry.

Gu Yixin paused and said with an excited voice,

“Because you won’t be able to buy money even if you have a lot of money.”

Yes, money cannot buy you happiness.

He sacrificed his bricklaying time to play with his baby, as his baby gave him more happiness than bricklaying did.

But filming could clearly just make him painful.

So, why should he sacrifice happiness and choose pain?

Gu Yixin was very smart.
So of course he would not make this choice.

Therefore, he rejected this honored offer.

Director Li was deeply attracted by his relaxed manner, aloof temperament, and logical reasoning.

Director Li patted his thigh.

He excitedly said, “You are the male lead whom I have been looking for!”


Gu Yixin felt a bit lifeless, “You may not have heard it clearly.
I don’t plan to continue filming.”

“I got it.
You like to move bricks.” Director Li couldn’t contain himself with all the excitement, “That’s just great.
Cause the movie that we’re going to shoot is-”

Director Li took out a thick pile of papers from his bag.
That was his new script.

Director Wang and Gu Yixin couldn’t help moving close to it.
They saw the four large characters which were written on the cover.

“You Who Move Bricks”

The room went silent.

Director Li tried his best to talk about his idea, while Gu Yixin roughly went through the script.

“…In short, this is a deeply thought-provoking story with both laughter and tears.
It tells the story from the perspective of a bricklayer and focuses on the joys and sorrows of the lives of a nobody.”

Director Li felt joy from Yixin’s expression and took the chance to press a little further, “You see, your career lies in bricklaying, there’s a limit to it right? If you want to expand this limit, you need to break through the constraints and start your career from the point of changing an industry !”

“Or you think about it.”

“If you are a basic level worker today, you will become a small foreman tomorrow.
And then you will become a big foreman the day after tomorrow, and then you will become an even bigger foreman.
You can naturally make a lot of money.
But does the value of your life only lie in making a construction site bigger and stronger? ”

Director Li made a liberal statement.
He had fully kept up with Gu Yixin’s thoughts and further expanded this thinking.

“From this point of view, only by changing your trade will your career shine, after all you have been standing tall since the start.”

“When you finish filming this movie, you will win the Berlin award and the Oscar, and countless people will pay attention to your industry.
At that time, it will attract countless talents, countless funds, and countless resources to flow into your industry.
Although I have never moved bricks, these experiences are common in any industry! ”

Director Li’s enthusiasm influenced Gu Yixin.
He held the script and began to imagine the arrival of that day.

It sounded… very good.

His mind swayed, and just when he was about to change his decision.

His phone rang.

“Who is it for?~Who is it for?~My battle comrade when will u return?~”

“Sorry, I have to take this call.

The two directors politely asked him to do as he pleased.

When the phone was picked up, it was Lu Mingshi’s panting voice, “The phone isn’t on speaker……………………..right?”

Gu Yixin confirmed it.

“No.” He keenly noticed that Lu Mingshi’s voice didn’t sound right, “What’s wrong with you?”

There was a little frustration and impatience in Lu Mingshi’s voice.
“I encountered a small situation.”

“You wait there.
I’ll be right back.

Gu Yixin settled things, hung up the phone, and looked at Director Li apologetically.

“Thank you very much for your kindness.
But I have been really busy recently and I really don’t have time.

He bowed and said goodbye to the two of them.

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1Taking a daily K-line, for example, a K-line represents the fluctuation of stock prices in one day, it not only shows the close price, open price, high price, and low price for the day but also reflects the difference and size between any two prices.2To offend Heaven and reason (idiom); bloody atrocities that cry to heaven / outrageous acts3heaven is jealous of heroic genius (idiom); the great have great hardship to contend with / those whom the Gods love to die young4eyes brimming with tears of excitement (idiom) / extremely moved5广播操 is a type of exercise that’s mandatory in most schools in China where people perform certain movements according to the music and counts played through speakers6(Internet slang) guru / expert / whiz7(coll.) teen idol (male)

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