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Gu Yixin stared down at the numbers on the financial statement, stupefied.

Even though he couldn’t understand the format of the document, he could still count the long series of numbers on it.

Lu Mingshi worriedly looked at his reaction and asked, “ Do you believe it? ”

Gu Yixin nodded his head.

Then took back the jeans that he had casually thrown on the bedside and pulled it back on.

Seeing Gu Yixin, Lu Mingshi became much more relaxed.

Lu Mingshi took a long breath and placed the financial statement back on the table.
He then enthusiastically opened up both his arms to invite him, “ Come here …… “

Let’s continue?


Wait a minute.

Why did my husband unexpectedly start wearing his pants? Lu Mingshi’s thoughts flew around.

Gu Yixin is quite ruthless as he would stop recognizing people after wearing pants and would go back to having an elegant personality.

The problem is other people will only be cruel by pulling it out after they finish coming.
But Gu Yixin pulled out without finishing.
Pulling it out now, isn’t ……… isn’t it a shame?

He thought about his brother too, if he was in such a situation won’t he be suffering losses too.

Gu Yixin’s case wasn’t any better.

His little brother was standing up very high when he was suddenly forced into the pants by his owner.
So as a protest he got stuck when he pulled up the zipper.

“ Ouch! “

Gu Yixin cried out in pain and due to the pain, his little brother finally retreated a little.

Lu Mingshi was stunned.

He sat up and looked at Gu Yixin who had a deadly pale face due to the pain and looked down at the little brother who was bulging out.
Lu Mingshi doesn’t know who to console first.

Lu Mingshi looked at Gu Yixin who still has a distorted complexion.

“ How about I …..
I blow on it? “

Lu Mingshi wasn’t aware of the trap he got himself into.

After a few minutes, both his hands and legs were firmly tied on the bed with a soft ribbon.

When Gu Yixin gently placed Lu Mingshi on the bed he didn’t realize the direction in which the matters were going.

Lu Mingshi got frightened seeing this, “ You don’t have to bind me.
I won’t resist what you are going to do.

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Gu Yixin was serious as he said, “ No, You will “.

Lu Mingshi said, “ I won’t “.

“ You will ”.

“I won’t ………..Ah “.

Lu Mingshi’s heart was about to collapse.

He sensed something soft touching the sole of his feet and he felt as if a cat’s tiny paws were scratching his heart.
As the soft fur touched him, the feeling that the imposing president’s steel heartfelt was like the earth being hit by a meteoroid.

At that moment, the steel-hearted president was wriggling over the bed making inhuman sounds.
His face was painted ash and his eyes showed a dazzled expression.

Gu Yixin stopped using the dog tail grass in his hands.

With a blank face, Lu Mingshi asked tiredly, “ How long has it been?”

Gu Yixin looked at the phone.

“Ten seconds.” He answered.

To control the weapons of mass destruction one needs self-control, but he couldn’t even hold back for 10 seconds.

Lu Mingshi absent-mindedly gazed at the ceiling with tears and snot all over his face.

Even though the dog tail grass which caused the assault was removed, the ticklish feeling remained in his feet and heart, making him unable to calm down his nerves for even a second.

“ I thought ten years had already passed”.
Said the steel-hearted man weakly.

Qu Yixin abandoned the dog tail grass and then looked at Lu Mingshi.
Seeing Lu Mingshi’s face covered with filth, Qu Yixin kind-heartedly wiped his face with a wet towel.

The wiping technique was very gentle.
Gu Yixin learned it by watching videos on the internet in order to be a good nanny.

Lu Mingshi looked pathetic and he tried hard to convey his grievances through his eyes.

But the image of this big one lying on the bed bare naked with just one blanket to cover his body while both his hands and feet were tied up was nevertheless an amusing sight.

Lu Mingshi looked at Gu Yixin affectionately.

“Yes, I was wrong.
I should have told you while having breakfast.
You can punish me in any way you want for my conduct but please don’t use the dog tail grass.

He tearfully said with a voice full of emotions that could deeply touch one’s heart.
And his love and affection can be a model to everyone in this whole universe.

Gu Yixin thought about it for a while.

“ As long as I don’t use the dog tail grass, can I do anything? ”

Lu Mingshi nodded.

But Lu Mingshi didn’t know that a truly inhuman torture was waiting for him.

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Yes, just as all have guessed he used his fingers and tongue to provoke all parts of Lu Mingshi’s body except for that indescribable thick part.

When Gu Yixin did these things, Lu Mingshi understood at last what it meant to truly suffer.

In the end, Lu Mingshi’s whole body was as red as if he was thoroughly boiled and he laid on the bed noiselessly.

His thick little brother was ready and was fully enthusiastic, clearly displaying his owner’s mood.

The sensitive parts of the human body that were shown openly were perfectly fine, but now, the visual effects have become more indescribable and sensitive to the audience.

But now Gu Yuxin wore his coat too.

According to some research, if one person is fully dressed and the other is in an indescribable state while doing it, then the naked person will be extra sensitive to everything causing that person to be shy easily.
This means both the bashful feeling will increase as the touching increases.

And experimenting by oneself is the actual way to find out the truth.

Gu Yixin looked all over Lu Mingshi and this made Lu Mingshi much satisfied.

The only unsatisfactory part was that his little brother was being disobedient again.

Lu Mingshi’s face was full of sweat as he tried to endure silently.
He clenched his teeth tightly to prevent the gasps that were about to escape from his mouth and this was giving him headaches.

The tied hands trembled slightly and his fists were clenched tightly to prevent his uprising emotions from reaching its peak.

Gu Yixin felt this look on Lu MIngshi’s face to be adorable.

He moved close to Lu Mingshi and wiped away the sweat beads on his forehead.

“If you want, you can beg me “, Gu Yixin said seriously.

Lu Ming gasped heavily.

Gu Yixin made sure to stay within his

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