Chapter 4 – Instinct

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Wen QingLing opened his eyes.

It was like he had fallen asleep, his consciousness drifting over all of South City’s streets and alleyways, he saw what happened in South City.

Luo FengJue was injured.

Xu ShengFei used the same backstabbing move on Luo FengJue.

After Xu ShengFei backstabbed him, he was immediately pushed into the zombie horde, the others had escaped so no one saw Xu ShengFei’s attack, which meant that no one would caution Luo FengJue to be on guard for a sneak attack.

Wen QingLing stood up.
Jiang Lan and Wen Zheng, who had been sitting on the floor, were taking a nap.

He went to a clinic not far from his home, wanting to get some hemostatic drugs and gauze.

Looking at the empty medical shelves which had been looted that not even a cotton swab was left behind, Wen QingLing had a million choice words he wanted to say.

The commotion from the battle wasn’t small, it caused all the zombies within South City to become restless.
Wen QingLing didn’t know why he was able to sense it, this type of feeling was very strange, it was like he could control South City’s zombies.

With the idea in his head, he suddenly wanted to test whether or not he could actually control zombies.

He activated his psychic ability and commanded the zombies surrounding Luo FengJue to not harm him.

The starving zombies were extremely unwilling, but they had no way to disobey this command, so they roared at Luo FengJue nonstop.

Luo FengJue’s car had been flipped by the zombie horde, with the wooden thorn under his ribs, every movement had him doubting his life.
He bore the pain and pulled the thorn out, blood spilled out of him and stimulated the zombie horde, roaring at him.

He had already used up all his bullets, if he wanted to escape, he’d have to transform his body, but he didn’t want to leave the equipment he had on his body.

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He didn’t know why, but suddenly, The zombies that had originally been lunging and trying to bite him no longer got close to him.
However, they now kept roaring at him.

With great effort, he climbed out of the car from its window and sat on the ground to catch his breath.
The jacket he had used to press on his wound was completely drenched in his blood.

A zombie wearing a white lab coat dragged it’s broken leg as it walked out, its face was badly mangled: its mouth and nose had rotted until only holes remained.
The zombie hobbled as it approached Luo FengJue.

Luo FengJue clenched his dagger tightly and held it in front of him, prepared should the lab coat zombie suddenly pounce on him.

The lab coat zombie stopped a few paces away from where Luo FengJue was standing and threw him a bundle of something before retreating back into the horde.

Luo FengJue was a little dumbfounded, he picked up the bundle and took a look.
Inside were gauze, bandages, pads, etc.

Luo FengJue, “???”

Luo FengJue thought he was hallucinating.
He was forced into a desperate situation by the zombie horde, but a zombie had come and sent him comfort.
It couldn’t be that this was his dead dad, right?

There was no time to waste, he pulled out a bottle of disinfectant from the bundle and also the needle and thread needed for stitching.

If this was before the apocalypse, he definitely wouldn’t believe that there would be a day where he would have to stitch himself, but after the apocalypse, it was like he could do anything.
He had already ran several streets with a wooden thorn stabbed inside him, what’s a few stitches?!

It’s just… fuck this hurts so much!

From beginning to end, the zombie horde did not disperse, when he stood up they automatically parted to form a path, letting him leave.

Luo FengJue found a working car, he didn’t face any more zombie attacks the entire drive out of the city.

He felt surreal, who would dare believe that a zombie would actually throw him a first aid kit?

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He had to be the zombie’s biological son, otherwise how could he accomplish this?

After sending Luo FengJue away, Wen QingLing searched for Lu TianJin’s party, but only caught their engine exhausts.

Wen QingLing sank into deep thought, could it be possible that he became a “leader”?

Everytime zombies gathered to do something large scale, it would always be because a “leader” had evolved among them.
The “leader” could control zombie hordes, as for how many, that would all depend on how high it had evolved.

When dealing with this kind of zombie horde, one needed to kill the “leader” and the rest of the horde would be without its brain, becoming scattered sand.

Wen QingLing’s scalp tingled, he might have accidentally become the human’s number one hunting target.

Wen QingLing turned around and saw his parents standing at the clinic’s door.

His dad took in the looted clinic, his facial paralysis was almost cured as he went berserk.

His mom put this away for later.
“Where’s that ingrate?”

Wen QingLing, “Escaped.
There were too many zombies in South City, she wasn’t able to break through the perimeter.”

Jiang Lan, “So useless.
Sure enough, we should have gone to their base.
Son, let’s go, mom will avenge you!”

Wen QingLing, “If you could say that again without drooling, I might believe you somewhat.”

Jiang Lan wiped at her mouth.
“Your old mother wants to bite that ingrate to death!”

Wen QingLing, “Mom, a good socialist zombie.”

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Wen Zheng, “Answer the calling, answer the calling.”

Jiang Lan shot a glare towards her husband and son before angrily flipping over a row of chairs.
“Fine fine, you might as well starve me to death!”

Wen QingLing, “Mom, we are civilized zombies with self-awareness, we can’t learn from those wild zombies and also bite people.”

“Don’t brainwash your mother!” Jiang Lan placed her hands on her hips as she directed, “You still aren’t working? Have you seen what our clinic has become? A bunch of robbers, breaking and entering! How disrespectful!”

Three zombies slaved away as they cleaned up their clinic.
After returning the clinic to its original appearance, they went to loot other people.

Their apartment was on the twelfth floor, it was extremely inconvenient to walk up and down, so the three zombies decided to find another house.
After moving everything and settling down, the family of three began scavenging South City for medical supplies again.
After all, could a clinic without any medical supplies and medicine still be called a clinic?

Running their clinic has basically become his parents’ obsession, even after they’ve become zombies, they still couldn’t leave it.

Wen QingLing could only follow silently, he didn’t dare to speak.

His mom and dad merrily gathered medicine.
Wherever they went, zombies would all immediately disperse, no matter how many there were.

Jiang Lan, “Do you see this? Even zombies understand that it’s polite to let others through, they also don’t hurt their own kind.
Humans should learn from them.”

Wen QingLing, “That’s because you haven’t seen any zombies that hurt their own kind…”

“I’m not listening, I’m not listening, I’m not listening! I’m currently reconstructing my zombie three views, don’t disrupt my rhythm!”

Wen QingLing, “My dear mother, leave some for others, okay? Other people finally found a pharmacy after working themselves to death, but there’s not even a band-aid left, that’s too cruel, we can’t do that.”

“That’s perfect, our clinic’s business will explode.” Jiang Lan wasn’t finished with clearing out the medical shelves, she even set her sights on the pharmacy’s drug storage.

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Wen QingLing followed closely behind her as he advised, “Our clinic is situated in the zombie infested South City, what business could we possibly have?”

Jiang Lan, “Then we’ll treat zombies.
Your father is a surgeon, it shouldn’t be too big of a problem for him to give zombies plastic surgery or graft some skin.
Even as zombies, they can’t lose their pursuit of a happy life.”

Wen Zheng, who was currently being used as a porter, “This… I might not be able to do it.”

Jiang Lan, “Don’t worry, as long as you don’t damage their brainstem, who cares how you torment them.
Zombies can’t die, this is a perfect opportunity to practice your plastic surgery technique.”

Jiang Lan opened the door to the medical storage with a loud bang and then she froze.

Wen QingLing suddenly looked towards the storeroom, he caught the scent of fresh meat, delicious and fragrant, the unbearable hunger returned.
He was strenuously resisting, but Jiang Lan and Wen Zheng roared at the same time and lunged forward, a row of heavy metal frames was easily knocked aside, Wen QingLing subconsciously used his psychic ability to control his parents.

The last row hid three people, two men and one woman.
In their hands they all held weapons, they were probably survivors from nearby who had come to find medicine but were forced to hide here by zombies.

Wen QingLing didn’t need to look with his eyes to know this.

He carried several boxes of medical items and drugs and left.
His parents who had lost their self awareness followed behind him as they returned to their clinic.

It was only until the commotion by the door vanished, that the three people who had hid peaked their heads out to survey their surroundings.
There was nothing by the door and they carefully went there, all the zombies in the pharmacy were gone.

They looked at the fallen heavy frames and fell into silence.

“They should be survivors, right? I heard sounds of conversation.”

“I think they were a family of three and they have a clinic in South City.”

“The dad is a surgeon and wants to conduct plastic surgery or skin grafting on zombies?”

The three people looked at each other before finally coming to a conclusion: It was another lunatic medical scientist who wanted to develop a vaccine.

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