“Do you all want to repeat the same mistakes again?”



The emperor smiled viciously.
The vassals were suffocated for a moment.
One of the vassals exclaimed in a hurry.



“I’ll, I’ll send someone to the orphanage to get that director.”



“What are you saying, lord?”






When the emperor asked back, the vassal narrowed his eyes.
Does that mean that he has made a mistake again? The emperor said, staring at the vassal as if he was seeing something humble.


“There is no way that a director of an orphanage would know any information about that sea route.
But if she has any connection with the Duke, you’d better watch it.”



“That means…….”



Only then did his eyes widen as if he had realized something.
The emperor said with a beautiful yet cruel smile.



“Go and tell her.
That royal family will exclusively sponsor the orphanage.”






* * *






My eyes widened as I looked at the visitor.
Who is this man?



I looked up and down at the man.
At first glance, high-quality fabrics and clothes in gold and blue colors.
He wasn’t wearing casual clothes or anything like that, and he didn’t look like an ordinary aristocrat.



‘That pattern….’



The pattern on his shoulder caught my eye.
The man said.



“Is this Sierra Peirunte, the director of ?”



“……Yes it’s me, but who are you?”



I asked, but I had a rough idea of where he came from.
That was also a famous pattern along with the Duke of Crayman’s.
Perhaps even if I was an imperial citizen, there would be no one who doesn’t know that pattern even if it is a commoner.
Because that pattern…….



The man replied with a wry smile.



“I am the messenger who came here by His Majesty’s order.”



“The messenger who came by his Majesty’s order..… you say.”



Because it was the pattern of the imperial family.I glanced behind the man.
No one seemed to have come along with him.



“I don’t know what his Majesty has ordered, but this is just an ordinary orphanage.”



I said slightly wary.
Then I glanced at the dining room’s way.
Fortunately, the door was shut tight.
However, he smiled slightly at my actions.



“I understand why you’re embarrassed.
You didn’t expect His Majesty to send his messenger to go all the way here, did you?



“Yes… but why did his Majesty’s messenger come so far here?”



When I asked him a question, his face stiffened.
Soon, however, he opened his lips with a smile as if he had never done that.



“It’s an important story, so I would like to go inside and talk to you about it.”



He spoke with a kind face, but his voice felt slightly cold.
But I replied with a sorry face.



“I’m sorry.
The children are afraid of the aristocrats in fancy clothes…….”






When I said that I couldn’t let him inside, the messenger showed his discomfort.
But he nevertheless did not erase his kind attitude.
Now I’m really curious.
What the hell is going on, the messenger who had coughed several times said to me with a kind face again after recovering his pace.



“If the children are scared, I can’t help it.
It’s nothing else, but it’s a great news For you, that his Majesty is exclusively going to sponsor < Sierra’s orphanage>


How about it, it’s great news, isn’t it? Go ahead and rejoice.
The messenger made an arrogant look, without hiding his true intentions.
I just blinked at the unexpected words.
I asked back in hindsight.



“Exclusively… What?”



“Yes, Exclusive sponsorship! It’s sponsored directly by the imperial family.” This is very unusual and a special thing you see…….”



“Wait a minute!



When I interrupted, the proud messenger expressed his discomfort, But I couldn’t understand what he was saying at all.
I asked without hiding my doubts.


“For what reason did his Majesty sponsored my orphanage?”






It’s not like that, but all of a sudden, an exclusive sponsorship without any reason.
Isn’t that strange? And this place was such a poor orphanage that was eliminated despite being audited.
The messenger had an embarrassed look on his face, as if he had not expected me to question it.
I lowered my head slightly after looking at the speechless messenger for a moment.
I could feel the messenger’s shoulders shaking.



“I am grateful for His Majesty’s support, but I cannot accept it without knowing the reason.
I’m sorry, but I refuse this sponsorship…….”



“Wait! Do you know what you’re saying? His Majesty’s support is an opportunity that will come again in your lifetime!”



the messenger said it urgently in a hastily manner.
The more he said, and the more I didn’t understand.
Of course, the royal family’s sponsorship is more special than any other sponsorship.
But it didn’t matter to the royal family even if I refused it.
But why is he so persistent? I was going to say refuse because of ‘that child’.
But now It felt even more suspicious.
When I was speechless, the slightly restless messenger began to speak again.



“The imperial family’s sponsorship will be more special than any other sponsorship.
It will provide full support for the growing children, and the amount will be more than any other donation.
That money is enough to pay the debt back to Baron Krack peridon…….”



“Wait, how do you know about that?”



While listening to him heartily, I paused at the word “debt owed to Baron Krack peridon.” Later, the messenger realized his mistake and shut his mouth, but it was too late.
My expression hardened coldly.



“Did you investigate my background, by any chance?”






“I didn’t hear about any background investigation for sponsorships.”






The messenger didn’t know what to do.
Looking at him still, I spoke quietly.



“I appreciate the royal family’s kindness, but I refuse the sponsorship.”



With the background investigation, I could see that this sponsorship was never given for the good purpose.
And In the first place, this situation itself did not made any sense.
Suddenly the emperor is sponsoring our orphanage? There was nothing like this in the original.
But why on earth…….
Soon I found out the cause of it.



‘It must be because of Duke Crayman.’



They noticed that I helped him there.
That’s why they tried to approach me like this.
I’m glad they did not approach me violently .



“Please go back.”



I turned around without hiding any signs of discomfort.
I was about to enter the orphanage leaving the trembling messenger, but the messenger suddenly screamed.



“The royal family is sponsoring you, but how dare you, the director, refuse the royal order?”



I sighed deeply at the high voice of the messenger and said to him.



“Thanks for the sponsorship, but it is my choice whether or not to accept it, so Please go back now.”



I expected it to go back on its own at this point.
But contrary to my expectations, the messenger raised his voice even more.


“How dare you refuse His Majesty’s orders and think that you will be safe!”



He didn’t even use honorifics anymore.
I frowned at his threatening words and replied.



“Does the imperial family use such coercive methods like force to achieve what they want?”






“If you don’t go back, I’ll write a letter to his Majesty directly.
That the messenger’s attitude is so coercive and violent that I can’t accept this sponsorship.”



“……Are you trying to threaten me now? Funny, do you think your Majesty will read a letter from a fallen aristocrat who is no different from a commoner? As far as I know, there is no family sponsoring this orphanage, but if you turn the imperial family into an enemy, you will not be sponsored by any family.”



He spoke as if he were making a final threat.
It was a realistic warning.
If you turn the emperor against you, no one will try to sponsor you.



“I don’t understand at all.
Why are you refusing the sponsorship?”



“I’ll answer why.”



The moment the messenger asked with an unknown face, an answer came.
But it wasn’t what I said.It was the voice of a man who said that.
Me and the messenger turned back at the same time.
The messenger took a breath and his lips quivered.



“Du,Duke of Crayman?”



It looked like He had been leaning against the front door for some time.
He strode towards us.
I looked at him with an unreal feeling.
It felt like I was dreaming.
I haven’t heard from him in a month, and now he shows up so suddenly.
Before I knew it, he stood beside me to send the messenger back.And the embarrassed messenger stuttered.


“Ah, Duke no matter what it is, it’s His Majesty’s will….….”



“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but didn’t lord ask that? ‘Why are you not

Accepting the sponsorship by the imperial family’ ?”



“……Does Duke know the answer?”



At the messenger’s question, the Duke of Crayman’s lips bent gracefully.
He replied.



“I do.”



” And Why the hell do you know it?”



” Because My family will sponsor this orphanage.”



He took another step toward the appalled messenger.
In an instant his large shadow completely covered the messenger.
He said coldly at the messenger, who was staring at him in bewilderment.


“From today on, will be an orphanage and sponsored under the Duke of Crayman.
And Also,It will not accept any sponsorship other than mine.
So let his Majesty know this clearly.
Now Go back.”



“What, how rude! I will never forget this rudeness!”



The messenger, who shouted as if he were going to fight right away, was going back in the carriage he had come in.
In an instant the situation came to an end.
I muttered as I blankly looked at the duke’s back.


“……Your Excellency?”



Then he turned around.
His golden eyes were First to mine.Then He turned slowly to face me.
He said, in a very low,pleasant voice.



“I’m sorry for being late.”



I finally looked at him properly and realized it belatedly.
I asked because I couldn’t believe it.



“Did you come right away without stopping at the mansion?”


It was really hard to believe, but his appearance was uncharacteristically relaxed which was unlike him.
The Duke Crayman remained silent.
By That silence I took the answer as yes.


Oh my God, I couldn’t take my eyes off the Duke even though I knew he would be embarrassed.
His black hair, which would normally have been neatly arranged originally, was slightly disheveled.
It wasn’t just that.
The buttons on the shirt were buttoned up but the sleeves were different.
It was only a little disorganized, but I couldn’t help but be surprised because of the Duke of Crayman I knew from the original.


But even so, he was elegant, like a painting.
His slightly disorganized appearance rather aroused a strange feeling.
It felt different from the Duke I saw a month ago.
Meanwhile, Duke Crayman slightly looked away.
Then he said in a quiet voice.


“………why are you staring at me like that?”


“Oh, I’m sorry.
You showed up so suddenly…….”


Finally, when I came to my senses, I realized that I had offended him, I apologized in a hurry.
I was also surprised because of his sudden appearance, but because his appearance was so unexpected, I ended up staring blankly at him without realizing it.
But the most surprising thing of all.





-“From today on, will be an orphanage and sponsored under the Duke of Crayman.
And Also,It will not accept any sponsorship other than mine.
So let his Majesty know this clearly.
Now Go back.”





‘That must be true now.’


The Duke’s voice, which was declaring about the sponsorship, lingered in my head.
For a moment, I was so surprised that I almost ended up grabbing his sleeves to ask if his words were true.
Anyways, first of all.


“Let’s go inside.
It’s shabby, but I’ll pour you some tea.”


“……with pleasure.”


The Duke readily accepted my suggestion.
As I was guiding him inside, I found children huddled behind the door of the dining room.
The duke who was following me also stopped for a moment when he saw the children.
He murmured quietly.


“They are afraid of me.”


As he said, children’s eyes toward the Duke were filled with fear rather than curiosity.
I couldn’t hide the bitter look on my face.
The children were abused by various aristocrats as they traveled from place to place until they came to .
I glanced back at Duke Crayman.


‘It’s not unusual for anyone to see it.’


From the distance, he was giving off a cold aura.
So It was also natural for children to be wary of him.
The Duke of Crayman kept his eyes on the children for a long time.
There was a complex and subtle feeling in his golden eyes.
I said, drawing his attention.


“The director’s office is this way.”


He followed me slowly as I moved on.


Well, it’s too much to walk like this.


‘I’m worried about my back.’


No one else but the Duke of Crayman was walking right behind me.
The only one who can compete with the emperor.
And the One who will make the future emperor.
He was a man without a rival, I felt shabby in front of him, who was a big modifier.
But at the same time it was reassuring.
At least I don’t think I’ll ever have an enemy if this man is on my side.
As they were walking, Duke Crayman said.


“It’s a cozy place.”


“Is that so?”


“The lighting is good, and I can feel that it’s a place where children live.
You must have paid a lot of attention.”


His gaze turned to the ceiling I had covered.
Anyone could see the sloppy craftsmanship at a glance.
I was a little embarrassed, so I turned my head slightly.


“Because it’s where the children live.
Still, it’s an honor to hear that from Your Excellency.
Oh, we are here.”


Finally, we arrived in front of the director’s office.
The sign was not there because I took it off.
When I opened the door and went inside, I paused for a moment.


‘It’s More, messy.’


The first thing I noticed was the desk that I didn’t tidy up.
Financial statement documents, children’s personal information, and documents related to the functioning of the orphanage were scattered here and there.
It was a sight as if it had been bombed.
Compared to the Duke’s office, which maintained its neatness despite its busy schedule, my office was like a garbage dump.
My face heated up for no reason.
But I felt wronged, too.
Who knew that the Duke would come so suddenly today! Of course, I thought he’d send a letter through someone before coming.


After guiding the Duke to the sofa, I took out the tea set and boiled water after pretending not to.
Hot chocolate is good too, but I can’t afford to make it now, so we had no choice but to brew tea instead with tea bags.
The tea I prepared was green tea.
For your information, there was no tea bag in this world.
So I made it myself.
The method is very simple.
Put a certain amount of tea leaves in a thin cloth, and attach a string to it, and then seal as it is.
It will be difficult to make tea because of the temperature of water but in my opinion, this way is very effective when we make popular green tea or barley tea.


“Here, I don’t know if it’ll suit your taste.”


As I put down the teacup in front of him and sat across from him, the Duke stared down the teacup.
A long time later he opened his lips.


What’s this?”


He said, pulling the tip of the tea bag up with his finger.
Green tea drops dripped with a sound of splash.
I answered.


“It’s called a tea bag.
It’s a small pocket type of bag, with this you can feel the difference in taste in making tea without using the complicated way.”


“That’s fascinating… Did the baron come up with this?”


“Oh, yes.
Well, for now.”


The first invention was not by me, but in this world the first invention would be by me, so is it right to say that I thought about this? It was vague, but let’s just say yes for now.
The Duke, who stirred the tea bag a few more times curiously, finally put his lips on the teacup.


I focused on the tip of his lips pretending not to see it.
I was nervous for no reason.
My throat was freezing.
It was not long before he put down his cup.
I swallowed my saliva slightly.
The duke opened his lips.


” The taste is tender.”


“Oh, well it’s not directly made that way .
If it doesn’t suit your taste, I’ll make a new one.….”


[ T/l: what she meant here “directly made that way” is that it’s not made through that “complicated process” so it might not taste good like that one.
Sorry I am not that good in explaining but I hope you don’t get confused by the First sentence now!~]


“No, it’s good, that’s why I like it.”


He touched the teacup.
Then he took another sip and said,


“It’s just right, it’s not too bitter or too light.”


At his voice, I felt my face heating.
My lips were moist.
I answered hastily, turning my eyes away.


“I’m glad you liked it.
If you don’t mind, how many tea bags do you want me to pack when you leave? Only If you don’t mind it.”


“Will you really do that?”


“I can do it if you want.”


“Then I’ll be glad.”


I turned my eyes away.
Is it just me? The Duke looks happy.
It’s not that, but his lips, drinking green tea, were slightly drawing a smile.
I couldn’t take my eyes off it.
Somehow, today, I felt like I was seeing several new unexpected appearances of the Duke.


In the meantime, the Duke, who drank all the green tea, laid down the tea cup and looked at me.
Then I came to my senses and faced him seriously.
I bringed the main point first.


“I heard the news.
You’ve safely completed your trade with the Western Kingdom.


“Rumors have already spread.”


“Didn’t you know?”


“I didn’t know.
I just arrived at the capital today.”


I blinked.
His words raised questions in my head.
Then why did the Duke come to me as soon as he came to the capital? It would have been enough to stop by the mansion and relax then soon send a letter later.


‘Wait Did he expected that emperor’s messenger will come?’


Even though I have made a promise I have with him, that I will not give any information to the emperor.
So there’s no reason to come to me in such a hurry.
I looked at the Duke.
He closed his eyes for a moment, as if he was tired.
Only now I noticed the dark circles under his eyes.
He was so exhausted that the accumulated fatigue was transmitted to me.
He spoke in a hoarse voice.


“Thanks to the information given by the Baron, we have safely completed our trade with the Western Kingdom.
Now The trade route belongs to the Crayman family…….”




When I cut him off and muttered, he lifted his eyelids.
I blinked for a moment.
I belatedly realized what I had done.
The word, which had been occupying my head, popped out of my mouth without realizing it while I was off guard.


I tried to say it was nothing quickly.
However, when I was about to open my mouth, I became more curious.
Wouldn’t it be okay to ask directly since it happened? The duke stared at me silently.
I felt like he was waiting for me to say my words.
I clenched my fist.
And asked him the question that has always been in my mind.


“Why did his Excellency come to me right away? You’ve had plenty of time to stop by the mansion.”


When I asked the question.
My heart was pounding for some reason.
How should I put it? It feels like I’m in front of the interviewer at an interview.
There was silence for a while.
Around this time I regretted asking questions for no reason, he opened his lips.


“Didn’t I tell you?”


His gaze broke me.


“If the information that the baron gave me is true, I will treat her as my benefactor.”





– “……if this information is true, I will treat Baron Sierra Peirunte as my benefactor.”





Before I stepped out of the Duke’s office, I remembered what he said to me.
He smiled at me and said laughing.


“Isn’t it natural to find the most grateful benefactor first?”


Soon, the wind blew through the open windows.
At the same time His hair swaying and his warm golden eyes looked at me.
somewhere There was a subtle smell of green tea.
I felt a strange feeling.
I mean… It felt strange.



( T/l: that strange feeling is love baby , now fall in love fast and get married right now )

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