as they were afraid that the fragile Omega would starve himself to death.

Qin Yi woke up, took a bath, and changed into a looser bathrobe.
When the soldiers went to deliver his meal, he leaned against the table lazily, his sleeves sliding down to reveal a thin and white wrist.
He looked pale and had a delicate figure, just like ancient porcelain.

Everyone’s eyelids were twitching, and they dared not see more.

This Omega was probably a little worried that the General’s position was too different from that of the Qin family, since he did not have much of an appetite and only ate some fruits.
Afterward, he requested to enter the port of Shining Star.

“Not, not changing your clothes?” A Beta soldier stuttered involuntarily.

“En, wearing a nightgown will make me feel safer.” Qin Yi said.

The Beta soldier’s expression turned into that of pity.
He had just turned of age and already had to leave his home.
Being afraid was normal.
Maybe this will give him more of a homely feel.

More importantly is that no Omega will run away while in their nightgown, the soldiers thought, their eyes glinting.
Pan Li was thinking too much.

Qin Yi, under the lead of the soldiers, shopped around Shining Star for two hours.
Finally, he selected an extremely beautiful pink jewel that was as big as a fist.

Who doesn’t like big jewels? The soldiers judged and thought that the jewel Qin Yi selected was perfect.
After paying 20 million dollars, Qin Yi returned to the spacecraft.

By this time, whoever was responsible for sending him had already dropped their guard against him.
Look at what a gentle and obedient Omega he is.
He didn’t make any troublesome or rude requests throughout the journey too.
He had also returned to the spacecraft on time after buying the jewel.


It was the second day.
Qin Yi called out to another Beta and asked roughly the same questions, except that this time it was, “Will we pass by Misty Star?


But the Beta replied, “Of course.” His tone was much lighter this time.
He had unknowingly developed some tenderness for this Omega.
He thought that Misty Star was not far from their course anyway. 

“Maybe I can use the remaining 80 million dollars to buy an expensive mech here as a gift to the General.
I don’t know what the General likes, but those who engage in war and fighting, they should like mechs, right?”

‘That’s right!’ The Beta thought.
He wished to have his own mech even in his dreams and not those low-leveled mechs issued by the commander.

80 million… that can surely buy an amazing meal… Even if he stops eating and drinking for 100 years, he will never be able to afford it.
The Beta couldn’t help but envy General Zhou.
Not only does he have supreme status and power, but he will also have a beautiful and considerate Omega.

This time, Qin Yi didn’t need to say anything.
When the spacecraft reached Misty Star, they went to wake Qin Yi up.
If Young Master Qin succeeded in winning General Zhou’s favor through these methods, they would develop a deep affection for each other.
PanDa Star will then have more benefits.
They had no reason to not support Young Master Qin’s actions.

This time, Qin Yi’s face was even paler after waking up.
“I’m a bit nervous.
After buying the mech, I will finally be able to sleep soundly.”

The soldiers nodded their heads.
They were all suspicious of whether he would faint in the mech store later.


Misty Star was actually a very promising planet.
There was a family there with the surname Lin.
The Lin family created a type of unique technology that can be integrated into mechs.
This technology was soon coveted by the enemies, and the Lin family was still a budding family in the Empire.1

Misty Star was also famous for being a remote countryside, so it was only discovered after the planet had been occupied by the enemy quietly.

That year, General Zhou was just 19.
Not long after entering the training camp, he had led a small team of only 20 men and fought a fierce battle against enemies that hid in every corner.

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