Chapter 7: I Don’t Want to Look After a Child (1)

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Old Zhou was carefree and often scolded a lot at home.
But when he reached the military headquarters and saw Zhou Yi Qing, he immediately lost his arrogance.

Even if it was his own son, there was still a hierarchical pheromone suppression between them which was common among Alphas.

Old Zhou got up from the sofa and after looking at Zhou Yi Qing’s stern face, his eyes shone with pride.

“Father.” Zhou Yi Qing nodded at him, “Is there something going on?”

The Zhou family was a military family, but Old Zhou had already retired 40 years ago and went to plant flowers instead.
The reason why Qin Yi’s school wanted to send that pot of orchid to General Zhou was more of wanting to please Old Zhou.

This was because General Zhou was a cold and rigid person.
Everyone knew of his cold-blooded and unrelenting nature, but they had no clue on any of his preferences.

…Did training soldiers count?

Old Zhou handed a glass of water to Zhou Yi Qing.
“Look at your sweat, drink two cups of water first and hydrate yourself.”

Zhou Yi Qing’s forehead actually had no sweat.
The current technology was very advanced, and Zhou Yi Qing was wearing a special type of clothing.
It wrapped around him perfectly and fully covered his body while also letting him retain his initial fresh state.

Zhou Yi Qing knew that Old Zhou’s intention for coming here was not for usual matters, but he still accepted the glass of water.
The water was slightly sweet and contained all the nutrients a person needed to replenish themselves after a vigorous exercise.

Old Zhou eyed him while he was drinking the water and gained some confidence.
He coughed slightly, “The Civil Affairs Bureau handed me a report early this morning.”

Zhou Yi Qing wasn’t surprised, “Oh, is the report about my match feasibility with Omegas?”

“No.” Old Zhou paused, his tone unable to hide his excitement.
“This was personally handed to me by the director.
Do you know what this means?”

It meant that he finally found an Omega who had a high match percentage with himself after 100 years of waiting.
If not for that, the director wouldn’t have lost his composure and directly raised the significance of this private matter to that of the Capital Star.

Before this instance, he vaguely remembered the highest match percentage he had with an Omega was 3%.
It was so low that the testing system couldn’t even display it; how pitifully low.

But even if it was like this, Zhou Yi Qing had no plans of rushing marriage with the Omega just because they had a high match percentage.

Old Zhou waited for a long time, and before Zhou Yi Qing could say anything, he cleared his throat and prepared to continue.

“Why did the report only come now?” Zhou Yi Qing asked calmly.

“Huh?” Old Zhou was taken aback.

“This means that the other party had recently turned legal and went through the first matching test.
So the intelligence center collected the matching data between us for the first time.” Zhou Yi Qing paused, “He just turned 18.”

Old Zhou rubbed his hand, having realized this problem now.
But can this really be counted as a problem?

“1000 years ago, scientists re-measured the genes, blood, and bones of humans.
Following the growth of science and technology, genetic replacement has also improved.
For humans to quickly adapt to this era, they will still reach adulthood at the age of 18, with the organs and pheromones in the body maturing.

But the adolescence stage for humans is now from 18 to nearly 100 years old, and adulthood has extended from 100 to 260 years old.
By relying on the advancement of technology and the level of superiority of their genes, this period may even last longer…

This ensures that humans will be able to pass on their excellent genes during this long period.
If not, Alphas and Omegas would have long become extinct.”

“You’re still young.
As for this Omega, he’s already of age and is in the condition to marry.
I don’t think there’s any problem with this.” Old Zhou wasn’t worried and explained to Zhou Yi Qing objectively and calmly.
It was useless to be anxious in front of Zhou Yi Qing, even if he was his father.
Instead, if you explain it to him clearly, he may still be willing to listen for a bit and analyze the problem with you.

“Just because you’re physically mature doesn’t mean you’re mentally developed.” Zhou Yi Qing’s attention wasn’t on the conversation, as he was organizing the military affairs sent to him while talking.

“What’s the problem with that? Aren’t children cute?” Old Zhou retorted.

“We can’t bridge the age gap of 100 years.
When I’m dealing with work, he’ll want me to accompany him on the streets to buy sweets.
When I’m in a three-hour meeting, he’ll call my communicator non-stop just to make me watch a romance movie with him.
When I’m operating my mech to go to war, he’ll ask me to bring him along.
When I say no, he’ll cry and complain that I don’t love him enough…”

“Do you still think that’s cute?” Zhou Yi Qing stared at Old Zhou calmly and asked in return.

Old Zhou: “…”

Damn it.

Everything has already been said by you!

Old Zhou: “You didn’t even care about the previous Omegas I’ve sent to you, not a single one of them.
What made you assume all Omegas would act this way?

Zhou Yi Qing: “Ji Yang and his Omega are divorcing.
It’s been three years, and they still haven’t successfully divorced.”

Ji Yang was Zhou Yi Qing’s second-in-command and was someone who had been by his side for a very long time.
He had seen Ji Yang’s Omega a few times before, and that Omega was weak; no, he was very fragile.
From his body to his mind, he was all fragile.

He kept shouting that he wanted a divorce, but he didn’t actually want to divorce Ji Yang.
Both parties were tortured beyond words.
This was the part Zhou Yi Qing had the most trouble understanding.

Old Zhou: “…” So this was where he heard it from!

Old Zhou couldn’t help it and said, “It doesn’t mean that all Omegas are this way…”

“There’s not much difference.” Zhou Yi Qing said firmly.
“I don’t want to look after a child.”

Old Zhou almost vomited blood.
That’s your fiancée, yet you call him a child? After debating for a long time, the result was still the same.

Old Zhou snorted, “So what? He’s already on his way here.”

Zhou Yi Qing: “…He won’t be able to see me.”

Old Zhou: “I will bring him to the military department and introduce him to all your subordinates as your fiancée.”

Zhou Yi Qing raised his eyes, “Then you have to do it well, or else he will cry and scream and never want to see me again.”


Old Zhou walked out of the department unhappily.
He sat in the hovercar and sulked, then waved his hands, “Go to the mall first.”

Old Zhou prepared a lot of gifts for this Omega whom he had yet to see.

Whatever flying vehicle.


Whatever mech model.


Whatever knife, sword, etc.


At this point, Old Zhou’s assistant felt like something was wrong.
“He’s an Omega, maybe… he won’t like these things.” The assistant said tactfully.

Old Zhou tried to force1 Zhou Yi Qing every day, that worthless dog scum.
But when it came to him, he was no different.
He lingered for a few minutes, and after accepting reality, he quickly adjusted his emotions and bought a pile of pink items.
As long as it was found in romance movies, he would buy them.

Old Zhou still felt that it wasn’t enough.
Even if it costs a fortune, he had people change the massive protective shield surrounding the Zhou family house’s exterior to pink, and it also had flower patterns that were really popular back in the olden days.

The Zeng family, who was also a military family, slipped in surprise when they passed by the Zhou family’s house.

“Did the Kyabi invade the empire?”

“Did General Zhou die?”

By the next day, the Zeng family finally knew why.
The director sneakily spread word that they found an Omega who had a 100% match with General Zhou.

Huh? How is this possible? This is completely ridiculous! This was the reaction of the Zeng family at first.

Oh, even if the Zhou family was brilliant and managed to find such a person, will he make it to the Capital Star alive? This was the second reaction of the Zeng family.

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