Chapter 4: 100% Match (2)

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After the system sounded, everyone suddenly couldn’t react to it.
It was only a few words, but it contained so much information.
They understood what the words meant when they were split up, but when combined together, why is it so… difficult to understand?

“Zhou Yi Qing… the General?” Father Qin forced out his voice that sounded different from usual.

Zhou Yi Qing.

Perhaps there might be plenty of people with the same name, but once the prefix was added, it could only be one person. 

General Zhou! 

He was the military god of the Empire with his brilliant achievements and merits that were enough to be passed on and talked about for generations to come.
He was the subject of worship among all the young soldiers who joined the military.
His achievements were able to fill dozens of pages.
Even if the Qin family tried their best, they might not even amount to his clothes. 

Father Qin digested this information in shock.
Then, he heard the trembling voice of Qin Yuan say, “100%? …How is that possible?”


Father Qin’s thoughts were dragged back.

The system earlier even said that Qin Yi and General Zhou Yi Qing had actually matched 100%!

What is the concept of 100%?

It is the concept of ‘no matter how powerful the other side’s family is, they will always be enthusiastic for him!”

Because once they mated, the most outstanding Alpha in the world may be born.

Father Qin’s blood suddenly started boiling.
His steps were swaying a little from elation. 

His son… the son that had a pheromone defect and was unable to attract any Alphas… he didn’t have a 0.01% matching percentage.
He had 100%!

And now.

I’m… about to become General Zhou Yi Qing’s… father-in-law?

He turned his head, and his fervent gaze fell on Qin Yi.
“Qin Yi!”

Qin Yi, who didn’t have any change in expression thus far, finally raised his eyebrows.
“This thing is broken, right?” He wasn’t flattered by the sudden honor at all, and his face had unhappiness written all over. 

Qin Yuan was sweating now.
He clenched his fingers and wanted to shout, “That’s right! It must be broken!” 

Otherwise, how could Qin Yi, who couldn’t attract any Alphas, be able to have a match percentage of 100% with General Zhou Yi Qing, who resided in the faraway Capital Star? That was General Zhou! The General Zhou he didn’t even dare to dream of!

But before Qin Yuan could say anything, the system loaded for another three times in difficulty before sounding out again, “Your match with Alpha Halls is 100%.”

This time, Qin Yuan really cried out, “What nonsense is this thing saying?”

His Royal Highness Halls!

This is the fucking crown prince of the enemy country! Crown prince! He was regarded by the enemy country as a once-in-a-thousand years treasure-level figure who would lead them to greater heights and new prosperities.
His prestige had already surpassed that of his father’s at the age of 18.

The others were also stunned on the spot.

Qin Yi: “…”

Although he may have said that the system was broken, Qin Yi was well aware that a system of this caliber with such crucial functions would not make any mistakes.

But it was fine. 

Two negatives can make a positive.

One is the nation’s general, and the other is the crown prince of the enemy country, isn’t this considered an offset? 

Would Father Qin dare to say, ‘my son has a matching percentage of 100% with both of them at the same time’? That’s basically asking the high-ranking officials to suspect the Qin family of being potential spies. 

“Can I go now?” Qin Yi asked without thinking too much.

Qin Yuan gaped.

He can’t go!

Today’s matter must be clarified! The system must be broken!

However, the system sounded out again, “Your match with Alpha Lu Ji is 100%.”

Qin Yi: ???

Everyone else: !!!

That was the fucking celebrity-turned-pirate captain with 3.3 billion fans!

The system didn’t stop there.
“Your match with Alpha Zheng Yi An is 100%.”

That was the fucking diplomat from the Alliance!

“Your match with Alpha Jing is 100%.”

That was the fucking king of Kyabi!

“Your match with Alpha Wu Hong is 100%.”

Everyone’s brains already turned sluggish, seemingly unable to function normally.

Qin Yi was the only one who frowned.

Who the fuck is this?

Never heard of him before.

Only until here did the system finally stop loading.



The testing hall fell into a dead silence.

Father Qin, Qin Yuan, Yu Hong, and the others all seemed to have their jaws dislocated.

It’s not that they don’t want to maintain a dignified posture, but if someone else stood here today and listened to so many explosive results at the same time, their expressions would also change drastically from the shock. 

Qin Yi was also alarmed.

I’m about to go into the entertainment circle, and this is what you give me?

Qin Yi displayed signs of slipping away.
“…Maybe it really is broken.”

Father Qin snapped out of it and said loudly, “No! It isn’t broken! How can the Capital Star’s system be broken! It’s connected to the central brain.
Qin Yi, soon…”

“Soon, the matching results will be delivered to the Capital Star.
Capital Star will know about this matter! Everyone… everyone will be in shock from this.
Qin Yi, you have to know that something like this has never happened before! Even if it was 1000 years ago, the famous Queen Qiang Wei has only matched 100% with the emperor and 98% with the general of a neighboring country!” Father Qin said in a trembling voice.

Queen Qiang Wei was recorded in history.
Countless people passed on his story.

Will the Qin family be recorded in history too? Father Qin was dazed.

No one would be able to resist the great benefits this would bring to them, he thought.

“Impossible…” Qin Yuan was still over there shouting repeatedly.
Yu Hong quickly lowered his head and quietly used his communicator to contact his birth family and let them pull some strings and get a staff member of the Civil Affairs Bureau to check this matter out.

At this moment, a question mark couldn’t help but pop out above Qin Yi’s head.

Is it really a good thing for the testing results to be delivered to the Capital Star?

Is his father, Mr.
Qin Jian Lin, forgetting something?

The Alliance stipulates that an Alpha and Omega pair with a 100% match must get married immediately.

This rule was unanimously agreed on in all countries, which was rare.

This was because outstanding Alphas and Omegas are the precious resources of every country, one that cannot be lost.

So, here comes the question now…

“Who must I marry?” Qin Yi asked expressionlessly.

It was also at this time that Father Qin suddenly got pulled away from his joy and became aware of the problem at hand.

Regardless of who he marries, he will offend the other parties.

Or… his son shouldn’t be in a rush to get married first.
They could completely rely on the 100% match and reap all the benefits by acting as the middleman. 

Just when Father Qin was experiencing the feeling of sweet pain, the light signal of the system flashed twice and spoke, “Recommend you to go for all.”

Qin Yi: ?


This system seemed to have some kind of serious brain disease.

Qin Yuan couldn’t stand it anymore, and he hissed, “How is this possible? How can one Omega marry so many Alphas alone? Wouldn’t he get laughed at by others for being loose?”

Qin Yi: “…”

If you say it like that, then I’ll have to go and look for a few Alpha prostitutes. 

At this, the system corrected coldly, “This is a clause written into the laws of various countries and the Alliance.
It abides by the supreme constitutional rules and is in line with the common will of all mankind.
After Mr.
Qin Yi has mated with all the Alphas that had reached 100% with him, he will be recorded as an outstanding Omega in the mankind section of the universal history book and will be a great asset that’s shared by humankind.”

Qin Yuan plopped to the ground on his butt, feeling faint.
However, no one bothered to help him, the popular Omega, up.

Everyone gave Qin Yi either a complicated, shocked, or fervent gaze.
This Omega, who was born so beautifully, finally received the belated attention of his family…

But it’s so annoying.
I don’t even want it, Qin Yi thought with a poker face. 

Who wants to be an asset owned by everyone? I just want to own it myself.


It was just like what Father Qin had said.
The test results on this small planet bombarded the Capital Star in an earth-shattering manner.

The Zhou family was the first to receive the results. 

Old Zhou got up early in the morning, and the moment he saw the results, he thought he had kicked the bucket from eating four more bowls of rice last night.
Otherwise, how is he able to see such a thing? This kind of shit, Laozi1 dare not even dream!

“Car! Car, car! Laozi’s going to the military headquarters!”

“Where’s the communicator? Go contact your General Zhou!”

In this era where the average life expectancy is more than 300 years.

“After being single for 127 years, that dog bastard Zhou Yi Qing can finally get married!”

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