IM6A Chapter 14.2: Your Highness! Big News!

Updated: May 24

Cosmic Calendar
13:30, June 11, Year 3386
This was a moment worthy enough to be written into historical records.
The Limu Empire, whom they’ve only ever met on battlefields opened, its door to welcome the general of their enemy country.
Zhou Yi Qing used a different way and managed to set foot in the Limu Empire’s territory.
The emperor sent His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince, whom he was most proud of, to go forward and welcome General Zhou Yi Qing.
Soon, this scene was spread to the world through the lenses.
“General Zhou actually has a fiancé already?” The people from the two Empires were collectively shocked.
“His fiancé has even come to our country?!” The people in the Limu Empire were shocked once again.
Number One College, PanDa Star
The students had also just finished watching the recording after the flower art teacher turned it on for them.

They all couldn’t help but sigh at once, “Which Omega has such good luck? They can get married to General Zhou!” READ THIS AT PANDATL


And over at the Qin family’s side right now, there was only horror left on Father Qin’s face.
Qin Yi had such great courage! He actually dared to run to the Limu Empire!
Once it becomes a diplomatic matter or even a potential trigger for war… Perhaps nothing big would really happen to Qin Yi as he was the precious Omega.
But the Qin family… is likely to face a great calamity!
Father Qin was so frightened by his own imagination that he plopped to the ground on his butt.
Qin Yi, who was the center of the topic, spent a night in the hotel.
Early next morning, he followed Lu Ji to do the testing.
In the secret room, both sides provided their blood and used the most primitive testing method.
The system here and PanDa Star’s system should be of the same kind. It loaded with difficulty for three minutes, the red light flickering continuously.

TL/n: Raws used ‘urine,’ so I initially understood it to be a derogatory term for how one does things.
But after some further research, ‘of the same kind’ is what I settled on.

“Is it broken?” Lu Xing asked in a small voice.
The others couldn’t help it anymore, and they started speaking one after another.
“You’re not the only Alpha in the world who didn’t manage to match with an Omega…”
They’ve already started to think that the reason behind Lu Ji being able to smell Qin Yi’s pheromones was purely just a coincidence.

The system in front emitted a long sound.
And finally, a mechanical voice sounded out, albeit a little laggy, as though the system itself didn’t believe what it was saying, “The matching percentage between the Alpha and Omega is… 100%.”
For a moment, it was completely silent in the dark room.
It wasn’t 50%, nor was it 70% or 80%.
It was 100%.
Lu Ji once used to disdain the concept of matching percentages, especially because he acted in too many movies.
Most movies would have lines like—— AO with a matching percentage of 100%, they are destined soulmates.
It was an extremely boring rule imposed by human society on the world.
But when it happened to him in reality, Lu Ji suddenly fell into a trance, as if he had walked into a long corridor from the moment he heard the voice of the testing system.
He didn’t know how long it took before he finally walked to the end.
When he raised his eyes, he saw a beautiful young Omega at the side.
Lu Ji’s Adam’s apple moved slightly.
His sensory and perception weren’t fully recovered yet.
“I didn’t expect our matching percentage to be so high… I need to think about this for a bit.”
Qin Yi smiled faintly and nodded in understanding.
Lu Ji’s subordinates had been shocked silly long ago and couldn’t even make a single sound, and their brains were like a ball of paste.
As a matter of fact, if they observe Qin Yi a little more at this time, they will realize that the Omega in front of them was very composed and was not a single bit surprised at the result.
“Let’s go back,” Qin Yi suggested softly.
Then, everyone followed chaotically.
They didn’t even know how they managed to walk all the way back, but when they recovered, they were already back at the hotel.

Qin Yi was staying in Room 1101.
He faced the mirror and adjusted his wig slowly.
Black curly long hair and waist.
A nude-colored elegant long dress inlaid with pearls outlined his slender waist.
Then he slowly sat cross-legged, turning sideways to the full-length mirror in front of him.
In his right hand was a pen and in his left was a painting tray.
He began drawing thin lines starting from his earlobe bit by bit, all the way to his left shoulder blade.
The whole process required patience.
It was long and detailed.
It went all the way to the back of Qin Yi’s nape, where there was a pure white Epiphyllum.
Under the big trembling petals of the flower, there was a curved tail with a needle.
This design completely covered the last mark he had on his body that indicated he was an Omega.
Qin Yi grabbed the skirt’s hemline and picked up the skirt.
He got up slowly.
It was all thanks to Lu Ji that he got his inspiration.
He took the bag that was given to him previously with the second-hand spacecraft, found the ID card of that female Beta, and slowly walked out of the room.
He went straight to the bank.
This bank in the Limu Empire was only second to their national bank.
It was said that there was a huge financial group supporting it behind the scenes.
Qin Yi was not the slightest bit interested in this.
He walked in leisurely.
The staff inside quickly received him and asked, “Hello, may I know how I can address you? Were you the one who made an appointment for handling the inheritance?”

“Yes, my name is Kilia.” Qin Yi blinked lightly and said.
Meanwhile, one of the ministers in the Limu Empire was clutching a paper report.
And he trembled so much that it was as though he had contracted some kind of disease.
It had been so many years since something like this was seen.
But the minister thought it was more ceremonial this way.
He took a deep breath and rushed straight into the palace.
At this time, the emperor and crown prince, along with the enemy general Zhou Yi Qing, were facing the lens, facing the entire world in a live stream.
They were enjoying breakfast together with a courteous and civil atmosphere
The citizens of the Limu Empire who were watching the live broadcast lamented:
【His Highness’ elegant appearance is really intoxicating……】
【General Zhou Yi Qing makes people’s hearts feel flutters as always】
As soon as the minister entered, he invited the crown prince away from the lens.
“Your Highness! There's extremely urgent news! Big news!”
The live broadcast wasn’t interrupted, but everyone stared at the empty throne of the crown prince, the surprise in their hearts reaching its peak.

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