IM6A Chapter 13.3: The Young Crown Prince

Updated: Jun 22

It’s rare for Lu Ji to be willing to wait patiently on the side.
The chef placed the cooked steak on the plate, along with a knife and a fork on the side.
To prevent the Omega from hurting himself, the knife was left unsharpened.
Lu Ji looked down and said, “How troublesome.”
Then everyone proceeded to blankly watch him walk to the faucet.
The sound of water came rushing out and went over Lu Ji’s hands.
When he got back to the worktop, Lu Ji raised his hand and made a few movements gently.
The steak was then cut into many small pieces.
Lu Ji suddenly raised his head and asked, “How big is an Omega’s mouth?”
“I-I don’t know…” Lu Xing said blankly.
Lu Ji: “Forget it.
You also haven’t seen many Omegas before this.”
Lu Xing: “…” Brother, this is insulting people!
Lu Ji stared at the pieces of meat for two seconds: “…We’ll talk about it again when the time comes that he can’t bite through.”
He then took the tray with him and walked far away.
The robot responsible for delivering food already had its arms raised high up, and it hovered in mid-air for quite some time: ???

Lu Xing opened and closed his mouth. It took him a long time to recover from the shock.

TL/n: In shock.


He ran all the way to the front wildly and didn’t bother wiping the corners of his mouth.
He couldn’t hold back his desire to talk and grabbed whoever he saw.
“F–k! F–k! Boss, he… he used Green Blaze to cut the steak!”
‘Green Blaze’ is the name of Lu Ji’s mech.
That mech was used to kill people, and the tip of its blade had only ever been stained with blood before.
“What the f–k!”
“What the f–k…”
Their voices continued one after another and didn’t stop for a long time.
On one end, Lu Ji returned to the control room with the tray.
On the other, Zhou Yi Qing sat in the command room and spat out three words, his voice low, “It’s Lu Ji.”
On the contrary, second-in-command Ji Yang had sighed in relief when he heard this.
“Lu Ji, this person has zero interest in Omegas.
That’s why he still hasn’t been matched with an Omega until now.
If he’s in his hands, he would probably suffer a little, but other than that, he should be safe.”
Ji Yang only felt as if something was wrong when he finished talking.
A person who doesn’t like Omegas and hasn’t matched with any Omegas until now, no matter how one hears it, it sounds like it’s alluding to the General.

Zhou Yi Qing didn’t have any comment on this.
He just needs to ensure the safety of that Omega and send him back to PanDa Star quickly.
Zhou Yi Qing lifted his eyelids and ordered, “Hand over the operation authority to me.”
In less than two minutes, the starship was bombarded in the butt.
“Boss! F–k!” Lu Xing hurriedly went to hold onto the door, his face pale with fear.
Two pieces of beef flew out of Lu Ji’s plate.
He turned around with an unsightly look.
“That ‘f–k’ is referring to who?”
“It’s… it’s General Zhou Yi Qing who wants to f–k the starship’s butt.” Lu Xing gulped.
Lu Ji: “…”
Lu Ji handed the plate in his hands to Qin Yi calmly.
“Try it.” He said.
Qin Yi took a bite.
He could smell Lu Ji’s pheromones again, and it was even more pungent than the previous time.
Lu Ji quickly unbuttoned his coat and threw it aside.
Lu Xing looked at the location under Qin Yi’s butt.

Qin Yi got up to give way while biting into the meat.
Lu Ji stretched out a hand and pressed him down again firmly.
“Sit and eat.” Then his hand quickly retracted as if it had been burnt by something.
He pinched his fingertips tightly and tried his best to control the rush of blood.
The Omega’s appeal had made his fighting spirit rise to the top.
He stared at the screen in front of him with scarlet eyes, then raised an arm, bypassed Qin Yi, and pressed on the operation panel swiftly.
A cannon was fired in Zhou Yi Qing’s direction.
Qin Yi blinked lightly.
So this is how you fire it.
On the other side, Ji Yang scolded, “Where did Lu Ji even find this thing? If laozi doesn’t thrash him today, laozi’s surname is not Ji!”

TL/n: Arrogant way of saying I.

“Qin Yi is on the ship.” Zhou Yi Qing reminded him calmly.
The flame in Ji Yang’s heart was put out instantly.
“General, you mean…”
“We can make a hole in the starship’s butt.” Zhou Yi Qing said coldly.
Ji Yang: “Ah, this is good.
We can’t hurt the Omega…” The moment he finished talking, Ji Yang’s face changed.

“Right in front is the Limu Empire’s galaxy! We can’t continue going further! Lu Ji had already fucking calculated everything long ago… this road is too remote! Who knew it would lead to the Limu Empire?”
Zhou Yi Qing frowned, but his expression wasn’t too ugly.
He raised his hand and showed a stop gesture.
“Let’s stop.”
Not stopping was impossible for them.
The Limu Empire was their enemy country.
The other side closely monitored every action that they took.
When the enemy general took his personal troops and appeared on their borders, everyone must immediately be on the alert.
The distance between them was only a short three minutes away.
The news of the enemy general leading troops to the border was brought forward to Crown Prince Halls.
“Your Highness, I think this is a declaration of war!” A minister shouted excitedly.
The youth in front of him had a head full of platinum blond curls and a pair of dark purple eyes.
His brow bones protrude slightly, and his features were exquisite and one that left a lasting impression on others.
His face was giving off a deeply ingrained regal air.
The blue and white military uniform wrapped around his tall and slender body meticulously; the red cloak hanging behind him kissed his white boots.
The young and honorable crown prince sat on a chair inlaid with countless gemstones.
He raised his eyes.
“I’ll be courteous first, what’s their purpose for coming here?”

TL/n: 先礼后兵 means to be courteous first and see if the other party means well.
If not, then strong measures will be taken against them.


Someone at the bottom suddenly raised their hand.
“Your Highness, from what my informer told me, it seems like General Zhou’s fiancé had run away.”
“An Omega ran away? Such a huge matter?” The crown prince looked as though he had heard a joke, lightly and graciously letting out an audible scoff.

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