IM6A Chapter 13.2: The Young Crown Prince

If you saw an Omega outside while walking on the streets of the Limu Empire, it would be considered the wonder of the day.
The citizens of the Limu Empire felt that Omegas are precious and delicate, so they should reduce the number of times they went out as much as possible and stay at home pampering themselves and preparing for future births of outstanding offspring.
In such an environment, the Alpha chauvinism in the Limu Empire prevailed.
Qin Yi had also heard about it.
“Yes, don’t you worry.” Lu Xing interjected.
“We’ll definitely protect you well.”
Qin Yi nodded and let out a smile.
“Mn, it’s okay.
I like this place very much.”
His mother’s inheritance was deposited in the Limu Empire’s bank.
Once he enters the Limu Empire, he’ll not only be able to get rid of Zhou Yi Qing successfully but can also pick up the inheritance in one go.
It was a win-win situation.
“After we arrive at the Limu Empire, we’ll look for the nearest port to land and then borrow Limju Empire’s matching system to do a formal matching test.
I need to know the reason why I’m the only one who can smell your pheromones, and we can get our matching percentage along the way.” Lu Ji spoke again.
Qin Yi: ???
Matching percentage?

It would be troublesome if it was tested.
And this wasn’t exactly the most troublesome thing either.
The matching results he received in his own country shouldn’t have been delivered to the Limu Empire.
But the moment he uses Limu Empire’s matching system, it would really be… a shit storm.[mfn]Original was ‘good guy’ which is slang to express shock, and some use it to complain[/mfn] This matter may cause such a huge ruckus that it may just be brought up in front of the royal family at any possible moment.
This matter suddenly became less wonderful.
Lu Ji glanced at Qin Yi’s complexion and said, “In exchange, the ID card will belong to you forever.
Qin Yi: “Deal.”
Qin Yi wouldn’t have conceded at first, but it was just that Lu Ji had spent so much effort that he even had no scruples about dressing as a female Beta to get what he wanted.
Lu Ji would definitely not let the meat that was finally right next to his mouth be taken away by others so easily.
It was certainly better for him now that Lu Ji was willing to give in.
Lu Ji’s mood instantly felt better.
He took the initiative and asked, “Do you want to see how we operate a starship?”
Qin Yi was instantly interested.
“I want to.
Thank you, Mr.
Lu Ji took Qin Yi directly to the control room.
Although he found the little Omega in front of him to be different from the rest when it came to composure and intelligence, he was the same as Kong Jia Xiang, and thought that Omegas weren’t capable of learning such complex operations from just a single glance.

Mech, spacecraft, and this kind of enormous spacecraft… have always been exclusive to Alphas.
Many Betas also lacked the strength to control it.
This was a consensus that was deeply engraved in the minds of people around the world.
From that day onwards, Qin Yi went to see Lu Ji operate the spacecraft every day.
Why did Lu Ji decide to be a pirate?
Because rather than just being a celebrity actor that attracted attention and was sought after by thousands of people, he wanted even more to be a mysterious, insolent, and reckless pirate that left traces everywhere, but no one would be able to arrest him.
He was even more willing to be associated with mechs and spacecraft, letting his sweat drip in the cold and bloody battles he fought in.
The little Omega didn’t chat with him about his movies.
Didn’t chat with him about his once magnificent life.
The little Omega just watched him operate the thing he liked in silence, his eyes full of wonder.
Lu Ji pinched his fingertips and looked back at the boy on his side.
Qin Yi met his gaze.

This is really the cutest f–king fan of his in the entire world.
Lu Ji’s mind unconsciously gave birth to this thought.
“Are you hungry?” Lu Ji suddenly asked.
Qin Yi nodded.
Lu Ji: “Wait.”
He turned around and walked out, leaving Qin Yi behind just like that.
Qin Yi’s gaze swept the room, and he saw the robot in the corner.
He licked his lower lip in regret.
As long as the robot was here, he wouldn’t be able to touch the operating panel.
Hence, he obediently sat in Lu Ji’s seat and waited for the man to come back.
Lu Ji walked into the kitchen.
The cook was trying to stop Lu Xing’s actions of stealing and eating food with a loud voice.
Lu Xing: “I’ll just taste-test it first.
I’ll just… eh? Boss?” Lu Xing stood straight immediately and quickly threw away the knife he was just holding.
Lu Ji still remembered the words the little Omega had once said.
He asked the chef, “Is there steak?”

Meat wasn’t considered expensive food.
The vegetables and fruits given to the Omega were more valuable compared to meat.
The chef nodded.
“Have! We also have with us the first-grade steak that was purchased in the black market for the Capital Star.”
Lu Ji: “You cook, I’ll watch.”
The chef hurriedly started to do as he was told.
Lu Xing couldn’t help but ask in uncertainty, “Boss, didn’t you avoid eating this kind of stuff?”
Lu Ji: “Zhou Yi eats it.”
Lu Xing suddenly realized something.
“Oh…” While he answered, he also couldn’t help muttering under his breath that the boss really seemed to have changed and was like a different person altogether! He even personally came down to check on the Omega’s food! This kind of gesture, in his boss’s words, used to be a ‘seriously fucking pointless thing to do.’
The chef suddenly turned his head around and said timidly, “Mr.
Lu, shouldn’t the Omega eat vegetables and fruits?”
Lu Ji: “He wants to eat this.”
The chef could only turn his head back blankly and continue to deal with the meat in his hands.
He also felt a great shock in his heart.

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