IM6A Chapter 13.1: The Young Crown Prince

Updated: May 2

Qin Yi felt the need to go through the escape route again in his mind.
Then he heard the sound of the door opening.
Lu Ji lifted his hand to unbutton his shirt, and just when he had unbuttoned half of it, his eyes met Qin Yi’s, whose head was sticking out.

TL/n: Of the blanket I assume.


“You went into the wrong room?” Qin Yi spoke first.
“No.” Lu Ji’s gaze fell on Qin Yi unnaturally.
The youth in front of him leaned against the headboard with one hand propped up against the edge of the bed.
Because of this action, his nightgown conveniently slipped down, exposing a little of his clavicle.
He had just been woken up, his eyelids were still drooping sluggishly, and a trace of passion could be seen from the ends of his eyes.
“This is my bedroom.” Lu Ji said in a low voice.
Qin Yi: “…”
“Lu Xing misunderstood the relationship between us, so that was why he directly arranged for you to stay here.” Lu Ji tried his best to keep his tone gentle.
His hands were still on the buttons stiffly, and for a moment, he didn’t know if he should continue unbuttoning or to rebutton it.
At the thought of how the identity of the little Omega in front of him had changed to a fan, Lu Ji seemed to have developed a kind of… misconception that the other party was always paying close attention to every detail related to him.
Will the little Omega think that he was different from when he used to be a celebrity in the past… The thought quickly flashed through Lu Ji’s mind.
“Oh.” Qin Yi only replied with indifference.
I’ve already laid on it.
Don’t tell me I still need to return it to Lu Ji?

Qin Yi laid down again slowly and looked up at Lu Ji.
“Then can I continue using this to sleep?”
Lu Ji’s throat tightened.
Does he like lying on this bed that much? He had even abandoned an Omega’s usual shyness for this.
Lu Ji: “Of course.”
Qin Yi nodded.
Lu Ji looked away.
He can’t get too close to the other party, and there’s obviously no way that they can sleep on the same bed together, but he can always sleep on the sofa that’s at the side.
When the youth was at Guo Kai’s place, he slept on the sofa for several days straight.
It’s only fair for it to be his turn to sleep on the sofa now.
Qin Yi: “You can go.”
Lu Ji: “Mn.”
“Huh?” Lu Ji suddenly looked back again.
You can go?
The little Omega wants him to go?
Qin Yi yawned, his eyes already starting to water.
“I really am sleepy, you can go.” He said softly.
Lu Ji: “…”
The little Omega didn’t intend to keep him here at all?

When Qin Yi finished talking, he closed his eyes and put on an act that made him look like he genuinely wanted to go to sleep.
Lu Ji unconsciously stared at his sleeping face for a few seconds.
The little Omega’s messy hair was all over his face, stuck to his cheek, making him look more well-behaved than when he was awake.
Half a minute later.
Lu Ji retreated from his own bedroom.
The moment he turned his head, he cursed, “F–k.”

TL/n: 艹 is a form of censorship common in Chinese internet media.


His subordinates all surrounded the door in a circle, such that even a drop of water couldn’t leak out.

TL/n: Meaning they were standing very closely together.


Everyone was stunned when they saw him suddenly open the door and walk out.
Lu Xing looked like he had a lot of experience and asked, “Do you need any special props? I can help you find it?”
Lu Ji raised his eyelids coldly.
“Give your room to me.”
Lu Xing: ?
Lu Xing: “This wouldn’t be too good? If I were to lay in my bed in the future…” I would be able to smell my sister-in-law's smell, then wouldn’t you have to tear me into a thousand pieces on the spot?
Lu Xing hadn't finished his sentence, but Lu Ji had already dispersed the crowd and walked to the door of Lu Xing’s room in long strides.
He raised his hand and broke the door violently.
After he went in, he threw Lu Xing’s pillow out.
“Take your things.”

Lu Xing and the others could only watch as the door in front of them closed again after the voice stopped.
Two robots walked over slowly.
They stuck up their butts and began to repair the door.
Lu Xing: “…”
He held his pillow, dazed and absent-minded.
“Alone? The boss is sleeping alone?”
“It’s so obvious, the boss was kicked out.”
“It’s so obvious, they definitely had a fight.”
“It’s so obvious…”
A ‘hole’ suddenly appeared in the door, and a beam of light penetrated through it, sweeping over the head of the person who had just spoken.
“Boss! My hair! I’m going to be bald!” The person cried out.
But everyone finally shut up unanimously.
They slowly walked away cautiously without a single noise while holding their breaths.
When they had walked a far enough distance away, Kong Jun We spoke, “Lu Xing, sleep with me tonight.”
Lu Xing: ?
Lu Xing: “You’re a woman.”

Kong Jun Wen: “Otherwise, your Alpha pheromones would repress them greatly and give them nightmares all night.”
Lu Xing: “…That makes sense.”
Only when they had walked further away from the room did one of them dare to whisper, “What the boss is facing should be karma, right? He used to chase out so many Omegas from his room before…”
“This child is really temperamental!”
Lu Ji didn’t really sleep well that night.
He felt a little suspicious about the little Omega’s attitude.
It felt like he was about to turn into a black fan.

TL/n: Black fans are fans that maliciously slander celebrities aka haters.


He came out of the bedroom and went into the hall.
Qin Yi had already woken up long ago and was now talking to Lu Xing and several others.
There weren't as many people as yesterday because Zhou Yi Qing and his troops were in hot pursuit.
These pirates were suddenly under great pressure, so they hurried back to their posts to keep an eye out for the military’s actions.
Qin Yi lowered his head and took a sip of his milk when he heard the sound of footsteps.
Only when Lu Xing shouted ‘boss’ did he turn and ask, “Are we going to the Limu Empire?”
“Yes.” Lu Ji said.
After a pause, he decided to appease the Omega in front of him.
“You don’t have to be too worried about the issue of safety.
Even if I’m not here, my people will always be with you.”
The reason why Lu Ji said this was not only because of Zhou Yi Qing, who had come to ‘pursue.’ It was also because of the Limu Empire’s environment.
There was no wrong in thinking that Omegas are precious.
But because Omegas were too precious, people all over the world cared more about one thing than an Omega’s value and capability- their reproductive function.
Thus, countless Omegas became fragile flowers imprisoned in a glass cover.

TL/n: Kinda like the one in beauty and the beast.

This kind of invisible discrimination exists all over the world.
But if there was a need to create a ranking, then the Limu Empire would be ranked number one!

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