IM6A Chapter 12.2: Instant Social Death

Updated: May 2

Lu Xing wasn’t able to finish the remainder of his sentence.
At the other end, Kong Jun Wen suddenly called out in a low voice, “Boss.”
Her line of sight was in the direction behind Qin Yi.
Hearing the sound, Qin Yi also instinctively turned his head to look over.
The man had broad shoulders and narrow hips, a thin waist, and long legs.
The white western suit was fitted around him nicely from head to toe, and when he slowly walked over, it was as though there was a red carpet under his feet instead of the cold and hard gray floor.
He pulled back his long hair and tied it up without much care, fully revealing his forehead and a pair of beautiful downturned eyes.
He had an equally handsome face that most people would find familiar.
A display of willfulness was written all over his boyish face.
When he stared at a person, it was easy to give them the illusion of tenderness and affection.
That’s how he’s looking at Qin Yi right now, with the tail of his eyes slightly curved up.
He bent down in front of Qin Yi willfully and pridefully.
“I’m Lu Ji”, he said.
“I’m also Kilia.”
Qin Yi: “…”
Fuck your uncle.

TL/n: Curse that is equivalent to scolding the other party’s ancestors for eight generations, can also be used for venting dissatisfaction or complaining etc.


Of course, he already knew long ago that ‘Kilia’ was a pseudonym like ‘Zhou Yi.’ But it never crossed his mind that the Kilia underneath all the rich and gaudy female makeup would have a face belonging to Lu Ji after removing the makeup.
I’ll be going off now.

Six, seven?

TL/n: Word play because six in chinese is ‘liu’, which sounds like ‘lu’, and seven is ‘qi’ which sounds like ‘ji’.


Your name sounds really scientific.
Seeing Qin Yi stand there and not move, Lu Ji’s eyebrows wrinkled without leaving a trace.
Did he get scared?
“Zhou Yi.” Lu Ji called out his name in a low voice.
Qin Yi still didn’t move.
After a long time, he finally sighed softly and said, “I’m a little tired.”
Lu Ji had once imagined the kinds of reactions Qin Yi might show after he revealed his true identity, but whatever he had imagined didn’t include the one he was seeing right now.
He choked.
After a few seconds, he said, “I’ll let Lu Xing take you to rest.”
Qin Yi nodded, and before leaving, he politely said ‘goodbye’ to everyone.
They watched his figure leave and couldn’t help discussing.
“This Omega has a really good temper.”
“He’s also very polite.
Taking care of him wouldn’t be troublesome at all.
In fact, it’s more likely to be enjoyable.”
“He’s indeed too beautiful.”

Lu Ji inexplicably felt a little upset.
Qin Yi left just like that.
He didn’t even bother to say more than a single sentence to him.
Not long after, Lu Xing came back.
“How is he feeling?” Lu Ji asked.
Lu Xing was stunned as he didn’t expect the boss to care for the Omega on his own accord.
He hurriedly said, “It seemed like he was too tired, and he also didn’t say much.
Once I took him there, he immediately laid down to rest.”
Lu Ji: “Mn.”
He endured it over and over again, but he finally couldn’t take it anymore.
Lu Ji seemed to absent-mindedly take out a video player from his possessions and put it on the tabletop.

TL/n: Author used space in front of chest but it sounds weird to put it in.

“What is this?” Everyone asked.
“Zhou Yi gave it to me.” Lu Ji said calmly.
“Heck! It’s a gift from the Omega! You’re really amazing… hurry and let us see…” Everyone almost rushed forward together and grabbed the video player.
Lu Ji frowned.
“Control your strength and don’t spoil it.”
“Ok, ok! No problem, don’t worry!”
The video player was soon turned on.
They watched a familiar face appear on the screen of the player.
“Why is there a clip from one of your movies in this?”
“…That little Omega, is he your fan?!” Lu Xing raised his voice in surprise.
Lu Ji: “Mn, maybe.
There’s a possibility.”

“Is this the power of your charm?”
“I also want to be a celebrity wu wu. I don’t want to be a pirate anymore.
Being a pirate has no future, I can’t get a wife.”

TL/n: Crying noises.


Lu Ji: “…”
Soon, one by one, his subordinates started crying more genuinely than the last: “I’m so envious.
What kind of luck is this for him to just so happen to be a fan of yours? When will the two of you get married? I don’t have enough money to give you a red packet, can you please not hit me?”

TL/n: In Chinese culture, we usually give red packets as congratulations for getting married.


Lu Xing was much calmer, and he said, “I think the best course of action right now is to undergo an official matching test between you and him after we land.”
Lu Ji also wanted to get a formal result and find out how strong the attraction is between him and the little Omega.
He quickly made a decision.
“Find the nearest port to make a landing.”
At this moment, Kong Jun Wen hurried over.
“Boss, I’m afraid it’s not possible anymore… There are troops searching for the traces we left behind along the way.”
“Troops?” A sudden uproar broke amongst the crowd.
“Who’s leading it?” Lu Ji asked calmly.
“Speaking of this matter, I find it very strange.
General Zhou Yi Qing should be staying in the Capital Star at this time, but when I observed the troops just now, it looked like… looked like General Zhou’s personal troops.” Kong Jun Wen said with a strange expression.

TL/n: I translated it as personal troops, but it refers to guards that are high-ranked and either protect the safety of the emperor or help conduct royal affairs.

“It’s not strange at all, it’s him, alright.
He came to personally catch someone.” Lu Ji sneered.

“To catch you?”
“No.” Lu Ji raised his eyes, and that pair of beautiful downturned eyes flashed sinisterly.
“He’s here to catch Zhou Yi.”
“To catch sister-in-law?”
“That definitely can’t happen!”
Everyone spoke one after another.
Lu Ji made a new decision and said, “Speed it up and go to the Limu Empire.
Zhou Yi Qing can’t search for the person he wants to catch with ease in the enemy country’s territory.”
Meanwhile, Qin Yi, the central figure of their discussion, was lying on a big bed, his face void of any emotions.
Damn it.
I gave the cheapest thing I had in my possession, the video player, to Kilia = I gave the video player containing clips from Lu Ji’s movies to Lu Ji himself.
And even loudly acclaimed that that was my most precious item, the one that had accompanied me through countless difficult days and nights from when I had escaped alone.
…Thank you.
Just experienced social death.

TL/n: Slang for making a fool of yourself and being so embarrassed that you want to dig a hole and hide.


Already want to escape from space tonight.

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