Chapter 10: The Omega They Spoke Of (1) 

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When Zhou Yi Qing finally landed on Misty Star, even Qin Yi’s shadow was long gone.
The officer of Misty Star stared at this important individual in front of him in fear… So, it turned out to be General Zhou’s Omega! He couldn’t help but be in a trance for a while.

“I already told you long ago, but you didn’t listen!” “Very good, how are we supposed to find him now?”

Pan Li’s frantic questions could be heard from the communicator.

Was it Qin Yi that was lost? What was lost was his promotion! His power and wealth! PanDa Star’s future!

But when he saw the face that had always appeared on the news appear on the other side of the communicator, he suddenly felt a chill and his limbs felt weak.
He instantly closed his mouth tightly, not daring to express any more dissatisfaction.

Zhou Yi Qing looked at the communicator and asked, “Who were the ones responsible for escorting him during that time?”

Misty Star’s officer immediately replied, “They were all placed in the Vermilion Tower, I’ll send someone to bring them over now.”

A group of Betas were escorted into the hall quickly.
Zhou Yi Qing sat in the hall with his back straight, not looking like a gun that was going to break through the sky at any moment.

The Betas couldn’t help but shiver, their instinctive fear taking hold of them.
This was General Zhou.
They would never have imagined being able to see General Zhou at such a close distance.


On the other end.

Qin Yi stretched lazily, lifted the blanket, and got up from the bed.
He had no choice; the spacecraft he bought was second-hand, after all.
There was no optimal temperature adjustment setting that was usually present in military spacecrafts, and not even a fully automated bed and high-quality bathroom…

However, he didn’t mind.
He even felt that being able to rely on a blanket to get warmth was a very meaningful thing to do.1

Qin Yi got up and slowly changed into another set of clothes that allowed easier mobility.
This was something he had exchanged using the clothes brought by the Qin family.
This set included a red top and black trousers.
There was a belt with various slots around his waist, and once he tightened it gently, a youth with a thin waist and long legs appeared in front of the mirror.

He inspected himself in the mirror for more than 10 seconds, and after confirming that there was no problem, he went to the console of the spacecraft.
Most spacecraft nowadays have automatic navigation functions.
Once the location has been set, it will follow a fixed route.
After all, sailing in the vast universe was never something that could be done in the blink of an eye.

It’s just that when Qin Yi was buying it, its former owner, an old lady who looked confused and muddled, had told him repeatedly: “This is very old, and most of the time it can’t connect to the Empire’s network, so it’s difficult to send out last-minute distress signals.
Also, because the network isn’t smooth, the map stored in its internal database hasn’t been updated in a very long time… maybe 100 years? 200 years? I really can’t remember, sorry.
You may need to buy an accurate map and install it on your communicator.
Even if it’s expensive, at least it won’t take you in the wrong direction and to a planet that may already have become desolate.”

When Qin Yi heard what she said, he not only did not get nervous but even smiled in a relaxed manner: “Really? I like it even more then.”

He planned to follow the spacecraft’s default route since he wasn’t going to get the inheritance first.
It didn’t matter if he was going the wrong way.
He had no way of guessing the trajectory or the next course of action, so how can others speculate then?

When the old lady heard what he said, she stood there trembling for half a minute before speaking up again: “You’re a gentle young man.
Ever since my husband and daughter passed, it was left alone in a random corner in darkness.
Thank you for liking it.” Afterwards, when she was sending him off, she even packed some things for him.
“Maybe you are going on a long journey; I think you might need it.”

Qin Yi leaned on the console and looked at the contents of the gray bag while sucking on the nutrient solution.
There were some expired nutrient solutions inside and a new ID which belonged to a female Beta.
Other than that, there was also some protective outerwear suitable for harsh environments such as jungles and deserts, and a simple video player.

Qin Yi turned on the video player.
A figure of a man gradually appeared on the screen.
The man had a tall and slender figure and donned an ancient long-sleeved robe.
He combed his long hair and wore a jade crown.

When he turned around, a pair of gentle downturned eyes, straight nose, and slightly pursed lips caught people’s attention.
He stared at the camera affectionately and smiled, showing a few sharp teeth.
“Ah Xi, I caught you.” He said softly, bringing with him an air of chilliness. 

Qin Yi’s eyes blinked.
He was not surprised at all.
Even though he was not interested in the man on the screen, he had also heard of his name before – Lu Ji.

He was a movie star that had created a huge sensation.
It was said that the eldest princess in the Empire even fell for him due to his charm.
When he was still active in the entertainment industry, countless people had described him as the world’s common property.

But around seven to eight years ago, he suddenly changed his career to be a pirate.
It was outrageous, but the Blue River crew he led had indeed gained a reputation.
All the smaller surrounding countries would be left in a petrified state when they heard his name.

Qin Yi stopped watching and turned off the player.
He knows without thinking that the remaining clips should be something similar.
Its former owner may have been Lu Ji’s fan.

Qin Yi yawned unconsciously.
He started cutting paper to make a deck of cards according to the icons recorded in the ancient book.
He then played it with himself.

The spacecraft continued traveling in one direction slowly.
It sent out a notice in a low tone: [My master, you are about to enter the sea of fog.
We’ll be arriving at I7 Star].
The name of this star did not conform to the naming standard and had never been heard of before.

It’s like opening a mystery box.
Qin Yi drew a king’s head on the card.
How interesting.


The atmosphere in PanDa Star was completely different from here.
If something wasn’t obtainable before, then there won’t be the slightest bit of hope or dreams for it.
But once you’ve already experienced the enormous amount of wealth and power, when taken away, it would be enough to drive a person crazy.

Once Qin Yi was reported missing, the Qin family members’ faces could no longer muster a smile. 

Father Qin’s brows furrowed, and he would usually get angry over the littlest things.
He vented his anger on the servants first, then on Qin Yuan… he tried looking for all the people who had grievances with Qin Yi back then, even if it was the slightest bit.
He felt that perhaps the good-tempered Qin Yi had abandoned the glory that was already in his hands because of these people and dragged his weak Omega body to escape.

“If Qin Yi cannot be found, you should all prepare for the worst.” Father Qin said coldly.

Yu Hong opened his mouth.
He wanted to say that since Qin Yi already went from being the ‘greatest fortune’ given by heaven to the Qin family to being the source of their greatest pressure, why not give up the benefit that’s bound to him?

But he knew that the two words that were ‘General Zhou’ represented the status and power ordinary people wouldn’t be able to resist.
From the moment the matching test result came out, the Qin family was destined to plunge in and never bear to get out again.

Father Qin suddenly turned to look at him: “Yu Hong, let’s talk about why Qin Yi found out about the Kong family’s matters when he was 15 years old.” 

Yu Hong shuddered internally.
He forcefully let out a smile: “Okay.”


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