Chapter 9: I Don’t Want to Look After a Child (3)

One hundred years had passed.
The unique technology from the Lin family had been given to the Imperial Army for exclusive use.
But as a result, the mech industry in Misty Star had become very developed.
A lot of mech shops popped up.
Most of them sold cheap mechs to some military cadets or wealthy second-generation young masters with some background.

Buying a mech from the planet where General Zhou experienced his first battle then giving it as a gift, what a wonderful idea! All the soldiers thought.

Qin Yi went straight to the door that had a sign saying ‘Yin’.
The Yin family was second only to the Lin family and was a mech store that catered to the general public.

Qin Yi went inside, and the first thing that came out of his mouth was that he wanted to buy the most expensive mech they had.
The salesperson smiled at him helplessly, “There will be people who will say this every year, but there will also be people who are unable to afford it every year.
Even if they manage to buy, they also can’t operate it.”

Qin Yi: “It’s for my husband to operate.”

Soldiers: “Poof.”

The salesperson’s mouth was wide open, “So it’s like this.
Are you sure you’ve brought enough money?”

Qin Yi: “I have a lot of jewelry.” He turned around and instructed the soldiers, “May I please trouble you to go to the spacecraft and bring all those jewels down? Don’t hand it to the robot; I’m afraid it might get stolen.”

The soldiers hesitated for a moment.
Qin Yi no longer looked at them and turned to the salesperson, “Bring me to see the most expensive mech you have here.”

The salesperson nodded and brought him inside.
After hesitating for a while, the soldiers decided to bring the jewel to him.
Young Master Qin was willing to give up so much money, so how can they be stingy in lending their strength?

Soon, Qin Yi found himself facing a mech inside a big display case that was enough to be two stories high.
The body of the mech was painted black.
When shrouded in darkness, it would probably be the most beautiful nightwalker.

“This costs 300 million dollars.” The helper said.

Qin Yi: “…”

Thank you, goodbye.

“Then let me buy the second most expensive one.”

The salesperson wasn’t surprised.
The Omega had no pheromone smell, which meant that he might be an Omega that’s only good for his appearance, and his husband would also not be much better…

“This one needs 100 million dollars.” The salesperson pointed to a pink mech and said, “It was customized for the descendants of a wealthy family; unfortunately, after it was finished, the descendant fell in love with an ugly Omega and was kicked out by the family and could no longer pay for it.”

“I’ll take it.
Can your staff check out the jewels in a while? I want to stay here and look at it a bit more.” Qin Yi’s gaze never left the precious mech.

The salesperson didn’t see anything wrong with that.
He nodded, “Maybe you can consider painting your mech black; then the looks wouldn’t be any no different.
Your husband will be even more pleased.”

Qin Yi didn’t reply.

The soldiers brought the jewels over quickly.
The salesperson went over to greet them and said a few sentences while checking the jewels out and estimated the total worth to be around 26 million dollars.
Then he returned to provide Qin Yi with the bill.

Qin Yi readily paid him another 74 million.
Using the remaining six million given to him from the Qin family, he exchanged it for mech maintenance tools, mech energy storage tanks, and a sword that wasn’t too big and could be loaded on the mech but could also be held in one hand.

He then reduced the size of the mech until it was almost the same size as his bag under the guidance of the salesman.
This could only be done with an expensive mech.
Mechs of the best quality can be reduced to a tiny chip, or even an earring, or a ring…

‘It’s really worth it to spend the Qin family’s money,’ Qin Yi thought casually, then turned around to give the salesperson a smile, “Thank you, I like it a lot.”

‘Shouldn’t it be more useful for your husband to like it?’ The salesperson mused.
Forget it.
The Omegas nowadays usually care more about their own opinions.


At this moment, the soldiers received the daily inquiry from Pan Li.
“What is Young Master Qin doing now? I need to talk to him.”

“You wait, I will find someone to tell him.” The soldier went inside.
There were a lot of customers.

He went further inside.
The customers gradually lessened.
Just like this, he went through six to seven rooms that were conjoined together before finally reaching the most exclusive1 display room.
It was completely empty and not a single person was inside. 

The soldier broke out in a cold sweat instantly.
Pan Li… we, we can’t find him…”

Qin Yi sold his communicator to the underground exchange.
It was difficult preventing the existence of underground transactions in places where mechs were being sold in bulk.
He also abandoned the credit card he was using.
He had spent all the money that was inside already anyway.

He used one of the remaining two gems left in his pocket to buy a dilapidated second-hand spaceship.

When he sailed out of the port, Pan Li was still struggling to negotiate with Misty Star.
As a trading planet where countless people would come to buy things every day, it was impossible for them to close the port for Pan Li.
The message was passed through layer by layer, and when it passed through an unknown number of layers, it finally reached Zhou Yi Qing.

Qin Yi bit off the cover of the nutrient solution and downed two tubes in a row.
After finishing, he threw it into the trash can.
His complexion gradually became rosy. 


At the same time.

Zhou Yi Qing lifted his face and looked at his father.
“The Omega is missing.”

Old Zhou’s face changed drastically, and he thumped the table in anger.
That one hit broke half of the table.
“Who? Who kidnapped him?”

Zhou Yi Qing had a complicated expression, and it wasn’t clear what he was thinking about2: “The highest officer in PanDa Star said that he ran away himself.”

An Omega.
Can he really run away by himself?

Old Zhou and Zhou Yi Qing looked at each other, as if trying to insinuate something.

Old Zhou soon recovered and said loudly, “That’s impossible!”

Zhou Yi Qing: “Whether it’s possible or not, an Omega running outside alone… he will die.” He took off his military hat swiftly and put it on his head, his cold and sharp appearance visible under the brim of it.

Zhou Yi Qing: “I will personally look for him.”

Old Zhou: ?

Screw you.

You just said the Omega won’t even be able to see you 10 days ago. 

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