ensity of the experiment compared to yesterday.”


Actually, Franz never said that, but if I could make him move even a little, there was no need to worry about lies.


“Hmm…” His brows furrowed.
To him, Emilian was a valuable test subject.
So he might want to take the safe route, even if it means taking a little more time…


The director looked up after arranging his thoughts.


“Where is Subject 175 now?”


“It's in the lab in the B wing.” 


The director rubbed his chin for a moment, then rose from the chair.
He finally decided and put on his robe, saying,


“Lead the way.
I'm going to go see the experiment.”


*      *      *


Emilian followed Franz into the laboratory.
He paused for a moment as he remembered the pain he had suffered last time, but that was all.


'Anyway… I can't avoid it.'


There's nowhere to run, and no one would help.
Emilian watched grimly as the researcher handcuffed his wrists.
A groan came from a few feet away.


“Huuu… ngh…”


He turned his head to the side and saw a child who had been in an experiment before him.
His arm was covered in small and large cuts.
The cuts closed and were reopened.
The researchers busily moved their hands to record something on the chart.
When they were done, they released him.
The child slumped helplessly.
His mouth was open like someone in a trance, and his eyes were out of focus.
Then he began to giggle.
The researchers spoke in a businesslike tone.


“It looks like he had a mental breakdown.”


“The regenerative powers are dwindling.
He'll be of no use to us.”


Emilian curled his hands into tight fists.


'Will I… be like that in the future?'


'If I hang in there,' he thought. 'Maybe I'll be able to get out of here one day…


Emilian shook his head.
He didn't want to be weak. 


The researchers put the test child on a stretcher.
Instead of leaving the lab through the door he came through, they went through an unfamiliar door.


“Where are they taking him?” 


Franz, who was picking up the experimental instruments, looked up at Emilian's question.
He glanced at the child being carried out on a stretcher.


“It's only natural that useless test subjects are discarded.”




Emilian's body stiffened for a moment.
Misreading his reaction, Franz spoke reassuringly.


“Don't worry.
You're very good, so you won't be discarded.” 


Emilian bit his lip hard.


“You people…” Fury flared in his red eyes.
“All of you will rot in hell.”


Franz's face twisted at Emilian's words.


“You sure have a big mouth,” he said as he connected the device to Emilian's body.
“How long can you keep talking like this?”


Without waiting for Emilian to answer, Franz manipulated the device.
Countless wounds appeared on the child's body.




Franz released the device with a satisfied expression.


“Administer the drug.”




Soon, a thick needle pierced his flesh.
Emilian's eyes widened, and he writhed.




A pain that felt like it would burn his entire body engulfed him.
At the same time, the wound began to heal rapidly.
Faster than last time.
The excited voices of the researchers broke out.


“This regeneration power is above the average level!”


“It's unbelievable to see such a response after only the second experiment…”


Emilian couldn't understand.
They were weird. 


Why are they so happy?


I'm turning into a monster.


“If this is good enough, we can proceed to the next step.”


Seeing that the wound was completely healed, Franz brought in a new set of experimental instruments.
The test subjects would cry out in fear when he pulled out the new tool, but the boy in front of him was just glaring at him as he gasped in pain.
He was cocky, but Franz liked this one thing about him.


'I hate when they whine out loud.'


Franz immobilized Emilian's hands and held the test tube close to his fingers.
His forbearing eyes fluttered for a moment.


“You're an excellent test subject, so I suppose I can look forward to it.”


He connected the apparatus to the boy's hands.
Franz manipulated the instrument.
It moved, pinching his fingers, and Emilian gritted his teeth.


'Can I stand it? No.
I have to.'


An unhallowed groan escaped through his clenched teeth.
Franz smirked.


“It's going to hurt a little.”


Emilian closed his eyes tightly. 

The researcher had just begun to operate the instrument in earnest.
Suddenly, an angry voice shouted.


“Stop the experiment immediately!”


Emilian slowly opened his closed eyes.
He lifted his head and looked at the man who had appeared.
It was the laboratory's director.
He was the one who had kidnapped children from the slums, including Emilian, and brought them here.


'Why is he here?'


And asking to stop the experiment at that…


Emilian's red eyes sharpened like blades.
But then he realized that someone was behind the director.




Emilian's eyes widened at the sight of the girl behind the middle-aged man.




She was looking at him with eyes that seemed to try to hold back her tears.




This novel will continue here for the time being~

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