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It wouldn’t take long to share a piece of cake.

I pondered for a moment, then finally nodded.


As soon as I agreed, Emilian’s face brightened, as if he had never been sulking.

‘By the way, what if he doesn’t like sweets?’

We sat facing each other at the small table.
I looked at him with a slightly nervous—half expectant—gaze.
Emilian cut the cake with a fork and brought it to his mouth.


His eyes opened wide.
Actually, it was like his wide eyes widened even more.
The moment I saw that reaction, my useless worries melted away.
I spoke with a proud smile.

“It’s delicious, isn’t it?”

“Mn… it’s… my first time trying something like this.”

Emilian’s ruby-like eyes shone brightly as he spoke.
He gently tore down the cake with the fork.

‘You have to eat well!’

I felt so good seeing him like that.
I smiled without knowing why.

“I’ll bring it to you again the next time I have the chance.”

Of course, I thought he would like it, but Emilian shook his head.

“It’s okay.
This is enough.”

“You don’t want to eat it again?”

“It’s not that, but… You’ll be in trouble if you’re caught.”

“Mm… it’s fine if I don’t get caught.”

“There’s no guarantee that it won’t happen next time.”

“It’s True, but…”

“I don’t want you to be scolded.” The look in Emilian’s eyes was firm.
“So, don’t do anything dangerous.”

‘Is he worried that I’ll be in trouble because of him?’

The last time I scratched my hand while bringing medicine, he looked displeased.

‘Are you the type of guy who doesn’t like to owe to others…?’

I don’t really mind, but if Emilian doesn’t like it–

“Okay, I get it.
I’ll do as you say.”

Reluctantly, I nodded.
Then Emilian placed his chin in his hand and looked at me languidly.

“You’re a good kid.”


‘You’re still a kid, too.
What are you…?’ I giggled at Emilian’s words. 

The piece of cake was enough for two.

‘Now I have to clean up.’

As I was about to clean up the empty bowl, I heard footsteps approaching.
My body stiffened reflexively at the sound of an adult’s footsteps.

But the hesitation lasted a second.
I hurriedly put the empty bowl out of sight.
Almost at the same time, a sharp voice flew in.

“What are you doing here?”

The researcher’s sharp eyes regarded me coldly behind his glasses.

Senior Researcher Franz.

He was the one who was in a dispute with Emilian, on the first day of his arrival.
From what I found out, he was Emilian’s researcher.

“It’s past lunchtime, so why are you here?”

Being held in such a cold and sharp gaze, I felt my chest tightening.
I tried to remain as calm as possible and answered.

“I was careless and forgot to deliver something.” 

Franz looked at me with suspicious eyes and then spoke in a dry voice,

“Go if you’re done.”

His attitude showed that he had not the slightest interest in paying attention to an errand kid like me.
Franz walked past me and approached Emilian.

His chilling voice instructed dryly.

“Follow me.
Let’s continue yesterday’s experiment.”


Emilian’s eyes, looking at Franz, sank coldly.
Whatever had happened yesterday made him terrified.
Nevertheless, he followed Franz without a word.

I looked anxiously at his back, moving away.

Franz would again torment Emilian with unreasonable and horrendous experiments.
My throat felt as if I’d drank sand.
I didn’t want Emilian to be taken by Franz 

‘You’re powerless…’ Thinking like that, I called his name as if begging.


Emilian, who was diligently following Franz, stopped and looked back at me.
Staying still, calmly holding my gaze, he said,

“It’s okay.”

And as if trying to comfort me, he added with a smile,

“I’ll be back soon.”

Don’t go. 

You can’t go.

The words that threatened to escape my mouth got stuck in my throat in the end.

Meanwhile, the sound of their footsteps faded.
I bit my lower lip hard. 

Like an idiot, I couldn’t stop Emilian as he walked away.


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