that but…”

According to the novel’s development, this laboratory will one day be destroyed by the male lead.
Of course, it was my plan to escape before that.
Since I was only working as a menial for the researchers, I was going to get caught in the explosion and die. 

However, if feeding him and growing closer to Emilian ended up being a problem, well, it would be troublesome.

‘I have to slowly let go…’

It wasn’t as easy as I thought.
When drugs were injected, he was in great pain.
And Emilian suffered such harsh experiments every day.
And on days like today, when Emilian complained, my heart became infinitely weak.

I ended up pulling the soup in front of me.


When I agreed, Emilian’s gloomy face brightened in an instant.
I cooled the soup and moved the spoon to his mouth.

“Now, say ahh~”

Emilian opened his mouth obediently.
I scooped out a spoonful of soup and put it in his mouth, and he took it well.
The tasty smell of potato soup filled the dreary gray room.

“Is it good?”


A smile spread across Emilian’s pale face. 

‘I wish you could eat well just like today.’ Emilian would often refuse to eat after going through an experiment.
After surviving an experiment that was close to torture, he couldn’t even eat properly due to the aftereffects.

It didn’t feel right in my heart to run away alone, leaving this child behind.

‘But still someday… I’ll have to get out of here.’ I made up my weak heart.

Even if you don’t want to eat, you must eat.

Emil had been eating the soup with a gentle face but shut his mouth and froze.

“Why are you talking like someone who’s going far away?”

My heart sank.
It felt like he had read my thoughts.

“No, just… in case something happens to me.”

“What does that mean?”

His voice was low.
The red eyes that had been shining gently became as sharp as a blade.

I hurriedly tried to make some excuse.

“I’m not saying it’ll happen… Just IF something happens! I’m saying it just in case!”

“Even if it’s just in case, I hate it.”

It won’t happen.”

At that moment, Emilian’s eyes softened as if relieved.
The sound of chains clashing together echoed in the room.
A moment later, Emil’s hand touched my cheek.

“You will stay by my side, right?”

“Uh– ngh…”

The guilt of deceiving Emilian made me uncomfortable. 

But even without me, he will leave this laboratory.
With his own strength.

‘So hang in there a little longer.’

Until this hell is over.


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