Chapter 1


Translated by Gina
Edited by Tea


“Subject No.
Such a dreadfully terrifying brat.”

“That’s probably why he has survived so far.”

“Is it? I heard most of the other subjects are dead.”

On the other side of the hallway, researchers in white robes were chatting among themselves.
There was only one way to Emilian’s cell, so I just had to run into them.
One of the men looked at me as I held a tray of bread and soup bowl, and said,

“Are you an errand boy?”

“Ah, you haven’t been here long, so you don’t know.
This child is assigned to Subject 175.”

“I guess you take care of meals everyday.”

“It’ll be troublesome if he dies.
The director has high expectations for this experiment.”

They soon withdrew their interest in me and moved on.
Thanks to that, I held the tray of food and walked past them at a brisk pace.
Arriving at the end of the hallway, I opened the iron window by operating the device as usual.

Creak~ The door opened with a creaking sound.

A boy hanging from chains lifted his head.
When he found me, the boy’s expressionless eyes lit up.
Joy poured from his voice as he called me.


“Mh, it’s me,” I replied as I approached him.
The magic stone embedded in the ceiling shone faintly over his body.
Dark red needle marks covered his slender forearm.
The researchers must have injected different drugs in him today.
I bit my lower lip softly.

‘This is too much.
What’s this…’

Those research workers were all beasts disguised as humans.
No, even beasts were better than them.

But all I could do, with no power at all, was to feed the boy three times a day.
My situation was better than being used as a test subject, but I was also imprisoned in this laboratory.

I put the tray down in front of the boy.
When the wall-mounted device was manipulated, the length of the chains restraining the boy’s arms grew longer.

“Emil, eat before it gets cold.”

But instead of picking up the spoon, Emilian looked at me softly.
He said, blinking his long eyelashes,

“Today was very painful and difficult…”

As he raised his eyes, ruby-like pupils fluttered.

“Can’t you feed me?”


I was a little perplexed by the unexpected request.
When I hesitated, Emilan added sadly.


“Oh, it’s not

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