Chapter 82: The First Real Combat

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Everyone took a wristband and put it on their wrists.
Then, they lined up and got off the plane.

From afar, they could see that this was an empty space.
The two sides of the empty space were about five kilometers apart and each of them had a huge fortress.
This was a war fortress built using the latest technology of mankind.
All kinds of firearms were constantly firing.
No matter how many
monsters there were, they were unable to break through the defenses of the two fortresses.

It could be said that they were indestructible!
Of course, this was under the condition that there was no sudden monster swarm.
If there was a monster swarm, then these fortresses would probably not be able to defend themselves and would collapse.

Since ancient times, who knew how many monster swarms had occurred? Most of them were fended off by the human army.
However, there were times when humans had been unsuccessful.
However, the price of that was the fall of a city.
Millions upon millions of people had become food for the

Every time something like this happened, it would always cause a huge uproar!

“Do you see the area in the middle of the two fortresses? That area is reserved for you.
It’ll become your battlefield.
After a period of time, the electromagnetic curtain wall will be activated between the two fortresses.
If you are unable to hold out, retreat to behind the curtain wall.
As long as you’re wearing

that wristband, you’ll be able to pass through the electromagnetic curtain wall freely!” Xue Bailong said.

The students all nodded.
That was their final guarantee.

Chu Yunfan looked at the center of the two fortresses.
He had heard that the electromagnetic curtain wall would not be activated because the attacks of ordinary monsters would not be able to break through the 360-degree all-around firepower net of the two fortresses.
Only during a beast swarm would
the electromagnetic curtain wall be activated.
That was because the density of the monsters’ attacks could be said to be densely packed and would cover the sky and the earth.
It was like the impact of a raging wave.
Even if the firepower of such a fortress was fully activated, it would not be able to stop a
At that time, it was necessary to activate the electromagnetic curtain wall to stop it!

Everyone was quickly divided into their classes, with Qin Wu and Jin Feng taking the lead.
After arranging some matters, Xue Bailong quickly left.
He was already in a high position at such a young age, so he naturally did not have so much leisure time.
To put it bluntly, No.
13 High School was just an
ordinary high school.
Being able to invite Xue Bailong was already unexpected.

After Xue Bailong left, only then did Qin Wu open his mouth and say, “In front of you is the battlefield.
Jin Feng from Class 1 and I will hold the line for you not far away.
If you feel that you can’t hold out any longer, retreat to the electromagnetic curtain wall.
We’ll also patrol and try not to be too far
away from the electromagnetic curtain wall.
Moreover, if necessary, you can form small teams!”

After giving out some basic instructions, the crowd was officially dispersed.
From afar, the crowd could even see some monsters charging toward the empty space in the middle where there was no crossfire.
“K-Kill the monsters!”

No one knew who shouted, but everyone raised their weapons and charged forward.

More than 100 students were spread out over the open space of 10 kilometers.
It was only a few hundred meters to the front line and they had arrived so quickly.
They all had cultivation bases, and at the very least, they were all in the Qi Nourishment Stage.
This little distance was nothing at all.
With each
jump, they could directly jump over ten meters.
Even the long jump world champions of the Common Era had to admit defeat.

Chu Yunfan also charged through the electromagnetic curtain wall.
Immediately, he felt a fierce aura fly toward him.
Not far away from the electromagnetic curtain wall, dozens of monsters were pacing back and forth, looking at them from afar with fierce eyes.
The monsters stared straight at them.
It was as if they were looking at food!

This did not make Chu Yunfan cower.
Instead, it made the blood in his body boil.
Those monsters treated them as prey, so how could they not treat these monsters as prey as well.

In the crowd, Zhang Teng and Ou Yang took the lead and charged forward.
The two of them seemed to be competing with each other, and almost simultaneously found a monster.

‘The students started fighting with those monsters around the same time as well.
They had never fought with monsters before, and fighting with these monsters proved to be completely different from their usual internal sparring.
‘These monsters had grown up fighting every day.
They were extremely ferocious and every attack they made was vicious and deadly.

After just exchanging blows, a few students got sliced and hurriedly retreated to heal their injuries.
For a moment, the entire scene appeared to be in a mess.

“They’re just a few rookies!” From afar, two figures stood with their hands behind their backs, patrolling like hawks.

It was Qin Wu and Jin Feng.
The two of them were far behind the students.
If the students were to encounter a dangerous situation, they would immediately take action.

“These students are being treated much better than we were back then.
When we were soldiers, when would we have heard that there was an instructor behind us? That would have been impossible!” Jin Feng said with a slight smile.
“After all, they’re not soldiers.
You can’t expect them to be like soldiers.
They are two different paths!”

Qin Wu looked at the students’ flustered performance and a smile flashed across his face.
He recalled when he was still young.
Although he had received more than a year of training in the army at that time, he was still flustered when he stepped onto the battlefield for the first time.
After the battle, he

was berated by the old class monitor.

But now, those years would not return.
These students were all very inexperienced and obviously did not have much experience.
But fortunately, their physical fitness was much better than an average person of the Common Era.
Even if those people back then had met with such an impossible situation, they could still recover from it.

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So Qin Wu did not make a move.
Although there were definitely some people who would be injured, it meant nothing to him.
Even if they lost an arm or a leg, with current technology, they could regenerate limbs.
It was not a problem at all.
These students would be the main pillars of humanity in the
If they could not bear such a small setback, then there was no need to waste resources on them.

However, when his gaze fell on some of the elite students, he could not help but nod his head in satisfaction.
Be It Zhang Teng or Ou Yang, their performance was commendable.
Even Tang Siyu, whom he paid special attention to, performed surprisingly.
In terms of cultivation, she was weaker than Zhang
Teng or Ou Yang, but she was calm and collected.
She did not panic even in the face of a ferocious monster.

“Your class’s Tang Siyu is not bad.
She has a big heart.
Her future is limitless!” Jin Feng commented.
However, when his gaze tumed to a certain spot on the battlefield, he could not help but stare dumbfounded.

Qin Wu, who was beside him, also turned his gaze over.
He also had a shocked expression.

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