Chapter 81: The Final Frontier


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Watching the students laugh, Xue Bailong did not laugh.
His face was expressionless.
He was not telling jokes, but the truth!

Although these students were already the best among the common people, they were still flowers that were sheltered in a greenhouse.

Soon, the other students also saw Xue Bailong’s expression.
Their smiles gradually froze.
They gradually realized the seriousness of the situation!

“Do you think this is a joke? I’m telling the truth.
This is the only consequence of encountering a powerful monster!” Xue Bailong said slowly.
“Hunting monsters is far more dangerous than you think.
Even if humans rely on their technological advantages, it doesn’t mean that humans can completely gain
the upper hand.
I once saw a regiment of soldiers being swallowed by a swarm of monsters!

“Tm not saying this here to superiority.
I just want you to be careful.
Don’t treat actual combat as child’s play.
You are all elites selected from the common people.
It’s not easy for each of you to grow up until now.
Don’t lose your lives because of your carelessness!”
After looking at the crowd a few more times, he decided to stop scaring the students.
He then continued, “However, you don’t have to worry too much.
The battlefront is mainly sealed off by our army, so you shouldn’t encounter any overly powerful monsters.
In short, just do your best!

“Thave high hopes for all of you.
When it comes time for the college entrance exam in the future, taking the university entrance exam isn’t the only way out.
Our Federation army is also thirsty for talent.
There are countless important figures in our army.
I believe that all of you should have heard of them.
There’s no need for me to introduce them.
In fact, the outstanding ones among them aren’t any less inferior to those who graduated from the top ten universities!”

In the face of Xue Bailong’s blatant attempt to poach them, neither Jin Feng nor Qin Wu had any reaction.
Even though they had retired from the army, they did not feel that there was anything wrong with Xue Bailong’s words.
The school would not care about such matters because the school was only
responsible for nurturing talents.
In the end, the students could choose to enter a university or join the army.
That was a personal choice.

How could it be possible for the army to help accept students for actual combat without opening a backdoor for the army to recruit talents and give out some benefits?

Actually, there were still many students who were tempted.
Even in the focus classes, only a portion of them was able to enter the focus universities, not to mention the top ten universities of the Federation.
That was even rarer.
Even Zhang Teng, or even someone as outstanding as Ou Yang, might not
have a chance.
Besides getting into a university, entering the army was indeed a way to stand out!

“Sir, if we enter the army, will we be able to enter your troop?” A student raised his hand and asked.

Xue Bailong laughed lightly and said, “How can someone run if they haven’t even learned how to walk? If you want to enter my troops and become my subordinates, you have to become the elite of the army.
Only the best of the best have a chance.
All of you are temporarily unqualified!”
Many people were not disappointed when they heard this.
Instead, they were very curious about what kind of troop Xue Bailong came from to be so awesome.


However, Xue Bailong did not explain to them because, at this time, a large transport plane descended from the sky and landed on the field.
This transport plane was entirely black and had a unique metallic luster.
The body of the plane was streamlined and it was the most aerodynamic shape.
Since the
anti-gravity formula had been deduced more than a hundred years ago, anti-gravity flight was no longer rare.
The plane did not need to run down long strips to take off and land.
It could take off and land vertically.
Even civilian flying cars used this anti-gravity flight technology.

“All right, now that the transport plane has arrived, all of you should get on.
It will take you directly to the battlefield at the edge of Calm Ocean City!”
Xue Bailong said.

Currently, Donghua City is one of the largest base cities in the entire eastern region.
Calm Ocean City was one of the satellite cities surrounding Donghua city, protecting Donghua City.
Outside of Calm Ocean City was a desolate region ruled by endless monsters.
The battle between the Federation Army
and monsters around Calm Ocean City had never stopped.
It was just that ordinary people could not feel it anymore.

Usually, the federal army also did not allow ordinary people to get close to the battlefield!
The students filed into this transport plane.
Although there were many students in the two classes—over more than a hundred people—this transport plane could hold all of them.
Obviously, the military had mobilized this military transport plane to transport the students.

After everyone had sat down, the transport plane rose vertically until it was high in the sky.
Then, it turned on at full speed and flew out of Calm Ocean City.
Sitting in the transport plane, one could not even feel the slightest bit of turbulence.
Only the white clouds flying past the glass window alerted
them that they were flying at high speed.

Although they were still talking and laughing and had not looked nervous before, at this moment, many of them looked nervous now.
It was a real battle that could kill people, and they had to go.
They were like those born in the past.
If they wanted to become human elites, they were no longer allowed to
stay in their greenhouse.
They had to be baptized by the bloody rain of monsters.

The transport plane was very fast.
After flying for only ten minutes, it had already left the downtown area of Calm Ocean City.
Gradually, the buildings seen from the plane started to peter out.
After flying for a few more minutes, a huge barricade appeared in front of everyone.
It was a huge city wall made
of steel and cement.
It was over a hundred meters tall and was many miles long.
They could only see an endless line that stretched to the horizon.

Everyone was extremely shocked.
However, the display of the humans was not on this city wall.
Instead, it was more than ten kilometers away from this city wall.
This city wall was the last protection of Calm Ocean City.

The transport plane flew out of the city wall.
Everyone could see bunkers that were densely packed on the ground.
From time to time, tongues of fire would shoot out and eliminate the monsters that pounced on them one by one, there were also all kinds of firearms displaying their might.
The transport plane landed in the middle of a bunk at the center.

Before everyone got off the transport plane, Xue Bailong distributed a wristband to everyone.
He said, “You must take good care of this wristband.
You must not lose it, because there’s an electromagnetic wall on the front line.
If you encounter a large number of monsters, or monsters that are too
powerful, just retreat to the other side of the electromagnetic wall.
Those monsters will be blocked, but the electromagnetic wall can only identify you by the wristband on your hand.
If you lose the wristband, you won’t be able to enter! Also, don’t stray too far away from your position, or we won’t be able
to make it in time even if we want to!

“All right, I won’t say much else… I believe your homeroom teacher has already told you to get off the plane!”

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