865 I’ll Teach You a Lesson

“You’re here to kill me?” The Third Crocodile Prince’s face showed a hint of a sneer.

He was already powerful before, and now his strength had stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage.
Although it was only for a short period, it was enough.

The reason why he was afraid of Chu Yunfan before was that Chu Yunfan’s combat strength seemed to have crossed that line.
And now, he had also crossed that line and were now both standing at the same starting line.

The advantage the Third Crocodile Prince possessed was too great.
How could humans compare with to marine folks? Especially against the Deep Sea Crocodiles tribe which was famous for its tyrannical strength.

They were even able to dominate the marine folks, let alone over humans.
How could they be mentioned in the same breath?

“Chu Yunfan is here!”

“This is going to be interesting.
The Third Crocodile Prince now has the power of a Divine.
I’m afraid he’s currently on par with Chu Yunfan.”

“Chu Yunfan may be no match for him.
After all, the Third Crocodile Prince is different from the vice-sect master of the Fluttering Blooms.
The Third Crocodile Prince’s origin is extraordinary.”

Many suddenly burst into an uproar as if a pot had exploded.
Everyone’s eyes were focused on Chu Yunfan.
Another battle of the Divine Abilities Stage was about to happen before their eyes.

Many wasn’t there to witness Chu Yunfan’s battle with the vice-sect master previously.
After it had ended, they saw the process of the battle through various videos.
But in the end, it was different from watching it with their own eyes.

The Third Crocodile Prince suddenly stomped his feet.
Suddenly, the whole world shook violently.
Everyone saw that endless water vapor of the world was condensing and gathering at the Third Crocodile Prince’s side.

boxn ovel.

Everyone’s expression changed.
To be able to condense so much water vapor in a place that was devoid of a body of water was a technique and divine ability.
One that far surpassed the Innate Stage.

The water vapor formed a pool above the Third Crocodile Prince’s head.
Although it was not very big, from a glance, it looked like a boundless sea.

“Take this, Chu Yunfan!”

The Third Crocodile Prince laughed maniacally.
With this sentence, the pool above his head swept toward Chu Yunfan, turning into a long river.

Although it was just water, once it reached a certain scaled, even the most harmless of water could become an extremely terrifying natural disaster.

Endless waves swept out and destroyed everything.
Even an Innate expert would be washed away by this endless river.
Their body might even be instantly crushed.

“Petty tricks.”

Chu Yunfan looked fearless.
He clenched his five fingers into a fist and then threw out a punch.
The momentum of his fist was like a huge shock wave, blasting directly into the long river.


Chu Yunfan instantly shattered this seemingly unparalleled river.

It was just a single punch, but it was able to break the river apart.
One could only imagine how terrifying Chu Yunfan’s punch was.

The terrible fluctuations from the explosion of both sides awakened the enchantment on the mountain.
This had never happened before in the battle between the Third Crocodile Prince and Tang Siyu.

It was clear that this battle was even more terrifying than the previous one.

Just as Chu Yunfan broke the long river, the Third Crocodile Prince shouted and stepped on the waves.
He quickly flew through the air with the trident in his hand.
From a distance, he looked like the god of the sea who controlled the waters of the world.

The trident in his hand suddenly expanded and was imbued with a terrifying aura that descended from the sky, tearing the world in half.


Wherever the trident passed, the air there exploded as if a heavy bomb had been dropped.
This destructive strength was the real strength of the Third Crocodile Prince.

Everyone was shocked.

“You’re nothing more than trash.
I’ll teach you a lesson.”

Chu Yunfan said all this without any change in his expression.
He clenched his fist and the illusion of a huge golden roc appeared behind him.
That terrifying might that soared into the sky shrouded the entire mountain.

In an instant, everyone felt a shiver vibrate through their souls, especially the Third Crocodile Prince.
He trembled as if he had met his mortal enemy.

One had to know that the reason why the Deep Sea Crocodiles were so tyrannical was because they the blood of dragons.
These dragon also had another name—the Zhu Po Dragons.

However, the golden roc could grab a real dragon and eat it like it was noodles, let alone a subspecies with a trace of dragon’s blood.
It was precisely because of this blood that he felt the pressure and trembled from the depths of his being.

However, it was too late.
The trident and the golden roc collided.

Then, everyone saw that the trident was sent flying.

The Third Crocodile Prince couldn’t block the attack.
His hand was bleeding profusely.
The collision just now had sliced open his palm.

“D*mn it!” the Third Crocodile Prince roared.

He didn’t know why he was so afraid of the illusionary golden roc in front of him, but he understood that the current situation was extremely dangerous.
If he didn’t fight with all his might, he would stand no chance.

The Third Crocodile Prince roared.
Countless golden lights burst out from his body, and behind him appeared a shadow with an unclear face.

It was a trace of the will of a mighty figure from the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
The Third Crocodile Prince had used this trace of will to rush to the Divine Abilities Stage.

Now, he extracted this will and to launch his ultimate attack.

The phantom moved and the wind and clouds in the world instantly began to churn.
A destructive energy began to spread through the world.

“This doesn’t look good.
The Third Crocodile Prince is going to use his unique skill.
I’m afraid Chu Yunfan is finished!”

Many people felt that they were in extreme danger.
The terrifying power made them tremble.

In an instant, the shadow arrived before Chu Yunfan, and a terrifying power was released.

This terrifying phantom was about to self-destruct.

Many thought that Chu Yunfan was about to be seriously injured.
After all, although Chu Yunfan had displayed extremely powerful strength before, in the eyes of many, he was still lacking.

It was impossible to stop this terrifying self-destruct explosion.

Go to hell.”

The Third Crocodile Prince felt a sense of emptiness.
He had extracted this great source of power, and his strength had degenerated to the peak of the Innate Stage.
However, his face showed a proud smile.


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