Chu Yunfan had appeared in front of Jiang Dan in the blink of an eye.

Jiang Dan’s face immediately turned pale with fright, and the Ju Que in his hand began to dance, slashing toward Chu Yunfan’s head like a decapitation blade.

A terrifying energy adhered to the sword, slicing through the air, and sword light swept out.

Although it wasn’t his own weapon, the power of the Ju Que that Jiang Dan used in a hurry was truly astonishing.
It only took a moment.


After a loud sound, Chu Yunfan had grabbed onto the Ju Que.
The sword light that was about to explode was ruthlessly crushed by a large hand, and Chu Yunfan was completely unharmed.

“Chu Yunfan, don’t underestimate me!” Jiang Dan shouted.

At this moment, many talismans burst out from his body.
These talismans flew up and started to burn in midair.

The burning talismans turned into terrifying sword light suspended in the air.

“Those are storage talismans.
I’ve seen them before.
They’re very rare.
According to the quality of the talisman, it can store different levels of martial arts moves.
It can be called upon when needed.
At the height of its power, it can store the attacks of powerful people.
So it’s true that the Jiangs have a talisman inheritance!”

“What a terrifying move! It’s equivalent to him being able to unleash over a hundred attacks in an instant!”

“Is this Jiang Dan’s trump card? If it was me, I would surely die at his hands if I’m not careful!”

In the sky, over a hundred streams of sword light swept over like a sword rain that filled the sky.
This was different from the sword lights that were usually slashed out.
Those sword lights filled the sky, and their power was also scattered.

However, each of these streams of sword light was the result of Jiang Dan using his full strength.

These hundreds of sword lights were equivalent to Jiang Dan using more than a hundred moves in one go.
One could imagine how powerful they were.

“This is it?” Chu Yunfan sneered.
An illusory image of an asura appeared areound his body.

“Asura Portion!” Chu Yunfan roared and punched out.

In an instant, the entire world shook violently.
This punch pierced through the sky and smashed toward the hundred streams of sword light.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The series of terrifying explosions caused a series of violent astral qi to rise up and wreak havoc.
The stone slabs on the square beneath their feet began to crack.
Although they were specially processed stone slabs, they were unable to withstand the attacks of these two people.
After all, they were not made of special alloys like those of ancestral houses.

In an instant, sand and stones flew everywhere.

“Who won?”

This thought appeared in everyone’s mind.

At this moment, an incomparably huge fist appeared out of thin air and smashed fiercely in Jiang Dan’s direction.

Jiang Dan’s hands formed a cross in front of his chest.
After receiving the punch, he hastily retreated.
His feet left two deep marks on the ground.
It looked extremely terrifying.

‘How is he so strong?!’ Jiang Dan’s eyes widened.

Chu Yunfan had outstanding achievements in physique cultivation.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to deflect those attacks so easily.

Jiang Dan had never looked down on Chu Yunfan.
Although he hadn’t appeared earlier, he saw the earlier battles and knew that Chu Yunfan was very terrifying.

However, it was one thing to watch from the sidelines.
Only now did he truly feel like he understood how powerful Chu Yunfan’s physique cultivation was.

‘My arms are about to break,’ Jiang Dan thought.

His arms had almost been broken into two.
He also measured Chu Yunfan’s current strength.
He was afraid that unless one was an expert who had already stepped into the ninth Innate stage, no one would be able to suppress him.

As a peak eighth Innate expert, he wouldn’t be able to suppress Chu Yunfan.


Chu Yunfan shouted and threw another punch.

“What Jiang young master? So what if I kill another one?”

Chu Yunfan’s aura had reached its peak, killing all that stood in his way.

“Open the barrier.
Let us in!”

At this moment, the two peak Innate Stage experts who were blocking the entrance could no longer hold themselves back.
If this continued, Chu Yunfan would beat Jiang Dan to death just like the burly man from before.

The Jiangs had already lost one young master.
Was it possible that another one would die at Chu Yunfan’s hands?

At this moment, they could no longer care about the possibility that Chu Yunfan might take the opportunity to escape.
There were so many of them, so what was there to be afraid of? As long as the Evil Suppression Array Formation was still in operation, they had enough people to kill Chu Yunfan.

Although Chu Yunfan who did not have the Demon Descends Illustration at his disposal was scary, it was just fear.
He was not a special threat.

As for those mechas, they were unreliable.
They had brought heavy siege ammunition, so it was impossible for them to make a move.
Once they made a move, the entire square would be blown up.

A gap opened in the barrier and the Jiang experts swarmed in.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan’s second punch landed on Jiang Dan’s body.

Jiang Dan was currently in an incomparably miserable state.
After being hit by Chu Yunfan’s punch, this time, not only were his hands fractured, but all the bones in his body felt as if they were about to shatter.

It was as if he had been struck by a missile.

The Ju Que in his hand had flown away.
However, when it flew into the air, a large hand that had been made using energy appeared and grabbed the sword.
After which, the sword into Chu Yunfan’s hand.

The familiar weapon once again returned to Chu Yunfan’s hand.
Chu Yunfan instantly made his move.
A ten-feet-long sword light slashed down toward Jiang Dan.


At the critical moment, the two peak Innate Stage experts rushed over and waved their hands to block this terrifying sword light.

The two experts let out a sigh of relief.
No matter what, they had to protect Jiang Dan.
If another young master died, the Jiangs would become the laughing stock.


However, before they could rejoice, they heard Chu Yunfan’s loud shout.
Immediately after, the roars of monsters shook the sky and caused a huge gust of wind to blow through the entire square.

Amidst the flying sand and rocks, a figure had unknowingly appeared on the square.
This figure was at least ten feet tall and was almost as tall as two people.

The moment this majestic figure appeared, it caused a wave of exclamations from the crowd.
However, before they could see clearly, they saw a flash of blue lightning.

It charged toward the formation masters.

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