The temporary storm caused by the disappearance of the president had yet to affect ordinary citizens.
Various major powers had joined forces to protect the Federation.
Although many high and mighty figures did not care much for ordinary citizens, they knew that ordinary people were the foundation of the Federation.

Whether it was their companies or their factories, they all had to rely on ordinary people to have them fully operational.

Ordinary people were the foundation of society.
Once ordinary people fell into chaos, the entire world would fall suit.
This would affect the income of the high and mighty.

The information that could be found on the Internet was in bits and pieces.
In fact, there was no definitive story to the entire matter.

Under the joint efforts of the various major powers, information afforded to ordinary people had been suppressed.
Chu Yunfan was able to know so much because of Federation University’s Encyclopedia of Cultivation.

With his current status, although he was not privy to high-leveled information, he easily managed to find out this much from the encyclopedia.

The encyclopedia was an intelligence network for the students of Federation University.
As long as they were willing to pay the price, many secrets that outsiders could not possibly know could be found inside it.

After the disappearance of the president, the vice president of the Federation naturally became the acting president and took over the affairs of running the Federation.

What Chu Yunfan was most concerned about was the whereabouts of his instructor, Jeang Yuanbin.
Through the intelligence information in the encyclopedia, Chu Yunfan learned that Jeang Yuanbin had been heavily injured in a secret realm overseas and his whereabouts were currently unknown.

And the person who had severely injured him was none other than the Great Ancestor of the Jiangs.

Jiang Tianluo had endured patiently for a year.
After the president disappeared, he gathered a group of Divine experts from God-knows-where to ambush Jeang Yuanbin.

The final result was unknown.
The encyclopedia only showed that Jeang Yuanbin had fled after being severely injured.
No one knew whether he was alive or dead.

“Jiang Yuanluo!” Chu Yunfan clenched his fists.
He had not expected the Jiang Great Ancestor to take advantage of this opportunity to launch an attack.

The experts that the Jiang Great Ancestor had gathered were all in the Divine Abilities Stage.
Even the encyclopedia did not have much detail on these people.
No one knew their exact origins.

“Looks like the winds have really changed,” Chu Yunfan said to himself as he narrowed his eyes.

Under such circumstances, he had to try his best to improve his strength to deal with the chaos that would follow.
Many things were not mentioned in the encyclopedia, so he had to find a way to get to the bottom of them.

‘After I break through to the fifth level of the Innate Stage, even an eight-level Innate martial artist will be no match for me.
Even peak-Innate experts won’t be able to kill me.
I can retreat unscathed.

‘When that time comes, I will have a certain degree of self-protection,’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.

First, there was the disappearance of the president of the Federation.
Then, his instructor, Jeang Yuanbin, had been ambushed.
It was unknown whether Jeang Yuanbin was alive or dead.
It was as if there was a big hand controlling everything from behind the scenes.

However, just as Chu Yunfan was about to continue cultivating, a clatter of noises came from outside the training hall.
On his terminal, a notification from the central computer alerted him that there were intruders on the compound.

Chu Yunfan turned on the surveillance camera and saw a few instructors from the university barging in.
In front of them stood Sha Peng and Ruan Yingyu who were leading a group of students to stop them.

After two years, Sha Peng and Ruan Yingyu had clearly matured a lot, and their strength had increased tremendously.

Sha Peng had stepped into the eighth level of the Acquired Stage while Ruan Yingyu was just slightly weaker and had stepped into the seventh level.
Although they couldn’t compare to Chu Yunfan, there were indeed considered elite students within Federation University.

Behind Sha Peng and Ruan Yingyu were half a dozen students from the lower grades.
Chu Yunfan had never met these juniors, but he knew that they were probably disciples that his instructor, Jeang Yuanbin, had taken in over the past two years.

“What are you trying to do? This is our instructor’s training hall.
You’re not allowed to barge in without permission!” Sha Peng shouted through clenched teeth.

“Sha Peng, you’re daydreaming.
Jeang Yuanbin is dead.
The Great Ancestor of the Jiangs has personally announced this.
Since he’s dead, the training hall that he left behind naturally belongs to the university,” one of the instructors said.

As this man spoke, the eyes of all the instructors began to light up.
Jeang Yuanbin’s training hall was one of the best among all the instructors.
After he became a Divine powerhouse, he added many new facilities to the hall.
Other than the chancellor’s training hall, no one in the university could compare to him.

When Jeang Yuanbin was around, they did not dare to be presumptuous.
They did not even dare to think about it.
But now that Jeang Yuanbin was dead, they shed all pretenses.

“Get out of the way.
Disobeying an instructor means you’re disobeying the university.
Sha Peng, Ruan Yingyu, you two are senior students.
Don’t cause trouble, or you might not be able to graduate,” another instructor said.

“That’s right.
Don’t make a mistake.
If it weren’t for Federation University, would Jeang Yuanbin be where he is today? Now that he’s dead, his training hall naturally belongs to the university.
Do you want to go against the university?” a medium-sized instructor stood out and said.

Training halls are built by the instructors who own them.
Since when did they become the property of the university?!” Sha Peng gritted his teeth and said.

However, he knew that he could not stop these greedy instructors.

They were using the name of the university, but in reality, they only wished to seek benefits for themselves.
Their greed was obvious, but there was no way to stop them.

Sha Peng’s authority over the training hall was too low.
He could not mobilize its defense system.

Not long after, another group of people walked onto the scene.
They carried with them all kinds of high-tech equipment.
They started to place them in front of the hall and began to invade its defense system.

One of the instructors asked, “How long will it take for you to break through?”

He said this nonchalantly.
He did not care for Sha Peng and the others in the slightest.
They were just a group of students who didn’t have an instructor.
They were just stray dogs.

“The defense system is very troublesome, but it won’t be difficult.
After all, we’re the Jiangs’ top hackers,” the expert in the group said, “It will take about ten hours.”

The instructor nodded.
If the hall’s owner, Jeang Yuanbin, was still around, ten hours would be enough for him to use the hall’s defense system to blast them to death a hundred times over.
However, Jeang Yuanbin was already dead, and there was no one left with the authority to do so.

“No!” Sha Peng stepped forward to stop them, but he was sent flying by a backhand slap from one of the instructors.

“How dare you go against us!” the instructor said as he stared at Sha Peng coldly.

Suddenly, a booming shout came from the depths of the training hall.

“Who gave you dog such guts?!”

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