When the ranking competition began, Chu Yunfan was teleported to a ring.
A moment later, another person appeared.

It was a youth around the age of eighteen or nineteen.
He had a tall and strong figure.
When he saw that it was Chu Yunfan, he revealed a bitter smile.

“I admit defeat.
I didn’t expect it to be you.”

The youth knew his limits.
Up until now, he had only entered the seventh level of the Sea Qi Stage.
Such cultivation could be considered outstanding in other universities.
However, at Federation University, it was only considered average.
He dared to fight against ordinary students, but if the person he was facing was Chu Yunfan, it was another matter altogether.

The youth knew that Chu Yunfan’s strength was definitely far above his.
It was not something that he, who had not even reached the Acquired Stage, could compare to.
He could not help but feel a little depressed.
They both had two shoulders and one head.
Why was there such a big difference? Moreover, there was a chance that the greater the difference, the greater the probability.

Chu Yunfan smiled and nodded.
This person was at the level as when he had taken the college entrance examinations a year ago.
At the youth’s current level, he would not be able to withstand a single blow.
Even if Chu Yunfan did not use the Ju Que, he would still easily defeat the youth.

Since the other party had admitted defeat, it saved Chu Yunfan a lot of trouble.

After his first opponent had admitted defeat, Chu Yunfan was simply unstoppable.
All the opponents behind him simply just admitted defeat the moment they met him.

There were countless elites and experts within Federation University.
However, there was a huge gap between the majority of them and Chu Yunfan.
And all of them were clear about this.
As such, they did not even make a move and instantly admitted defeat.
This was to prevent them from suffering a disastrous loss and causing them to be embarrassed.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan truly enjoyed the benefits of having his greatly boosted reputation.
Not only were there various troubles, but there were also various benefits that corresponded to it.

After ten matches, there was not even a single person who dared to make a move against Chu Yunfan.

Finally, it was the eleventh round.
A youth was teleported in.
When he saw that it was Chu Yunfan, he was not surprised.
In fact, it was possible for him to meet anyone.

“Chu Yunfan, although you’re very strong, I still want to fight you.
If I don’t have the courage to fight with you, then my future achievements will be limited,” this single-minded youth stated.

Chu Yunfan smiled and nodded.
He admired this kind of spirit.
Whether the youth could stand up to him was one thing, but if he lost the spirit to even draw his sword, then this person’s future would be nothing more than this.


After saying this, the aura of this youth erupted from his body.
He had already stepped into the Acquired Stage.
Although there was still quite a big gap between him and Chu Yunfan, he was already considered one of the most outstanding people in Federation University.
No wonder he was unwilling to surrender and insisted on fighting Chu Yunfan.

However, there was no other possible outcome.
Chu Yunfan used only one punch to turn his opponent into a ball of light, causing the youth to disappear from his spot.

After a few rounds, the opponents Chu Yunfan met became stronger and stronger.
They were all Acquired Stage and above experts.
They were completely different from the previously unknown people.
The further they went, the stronger the people were matched by the computer.

Those in the Qi Sea Stage had been eliminated.
Those remaining were all experts at the Acquired Stage.
Even though a whole year had passed, although Acquired experts were not as rare as they were a year ago, they were still as rare as phoenix feathers and qilin horns—one in a hundred.

These people were elites.
Although they knew that they were no match for Chu Yunfan, they were not willing to give up just like that.
Of course, the final results were no different.
Against Chu Yunfan who had already entered the Innate Stage, their numbers did not matter.

Chu Yunfan’s victory was akin to a hot knife slicing through butter, attracting the attention of more and more instructors.
They were no longer unfamiliar with Chu Yunfan.
After all, in the past year or so, Chu Yunfan’s strength had undergone an earth-shattering change, and his status had also undergone a huge change.

Even if he just stood there, Chu Yunfan would be the focus of the entire crowd.
Previously, many people’s attention was not on him, because everyone knew that he would not have any problems at the beginning.

As expected, Chu Yunfan had swept through everything in front of him.
Until the appearance of an Acquired Stage student, there was not even a single person who dared to attack Chu Yunfan.

And in the end, even when an Acquired Stage student made a move against Chu Yunfan, the result was still a matter of only one move.

“The difference is really too great.
Compared to the instructor battle a year ago, Chu Yunfan’s change is simply earth-shattering.”

“No one would have thought that in the end, it would be him who rose up.”

“Generally speaking, the higher the ranking, the more difficult it is to change.
Every ranking has a certain reason.
It’s rare to see someone who has rebounded all the way to the point where even the senior students are no match for him.”

“However, two months have already passed.
Mei Haiyun and Dong Fanghao’s strength have also increased by quite a bit.
There’s still something to watch.
It’ll be another fierce battle.”

Many of the instructors could not help but exclaim in admiration as they watched the ranking competition.

“These students are getting more and more powerful.
Every few years, or even every one or two years, they make a huge leap.”

“What a pity.
Why would such a student seek his own death? He actually provoked Jiang Lingxiao.
According to his growth rate, it won’t be too long.
Within five to six years, at most ten, he’ll be able to catch up to Jiang Lingxiao and be on equal footing with him.”


“That’s true.
However, if there was originally a possibility of detente, after Chu Yunfan has killed so many members of the Jiangs and also Jiang Pengfei, there’s now a possibility of killing him head-on.
Jiang Lingxiao will definitely not let this go so easily.”

“Regardless of Chu Yunfan or Jiang Lingxiao, if one of them dies, it’ll be a huge loss for the university.”

Many instructors felt that it was a pity.
In their opinion, Chu Yunfan had already been labeled as certain death, especially since he already had a falling out with the Jiangs and the Huangs.

The more outstanding Chu Yunfan’s performance was, the more the Jiangs and Huangs would want to kill him.
Furthermore, there was the chance to openly kill Chu Yunfan through the life and death battle.

Hence, they judged that after Jiang Lingxiao defeated Chu Yunfan, he would definitely not let Chu Yunfan off.

Chu Yunfan did not know what the instructors were thinking.
Even if he knew, he would not take it to heart.
This was because he knew very well what he needed.

At this moment, the first opponent whom Chu Yunfan needed to take a little more seriously finally appeared in front of him.
It was his old opponent—the student council member, Lu Feiyu.

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