Everyone’s expression changed.
If it was an ordinary Innate expert, they might have stood a chance.
However, it was clear that Blood Prince was definitely not an ordinary Innate expert.

Ordinary Innate experts were usually around 50-60 years old, or even after 70-80 years old.
However, the Blood Prince had already stepped into the Innate Stage before that.
His strength was not something that ordinary Innate experts could compare to.

The fist was afraid of youth.
This principle was also applicable in the Innate Stage.
There was no comparison between an Innate expert in his seventies or eighties and an Innate expert in his twenties.

Even if they were in the same cultivation level, an Innate expert in his seventies or eighties could easily be beaten to death by an Innate expert in his twenties.

Moreover, the Blood Prince was one of the four great princes of the Monster Cult.
He had long been infamous.
Even participants like them had heard about the Blood Prince.

“It’s the Blood Prince!” someone cried out in surprise.
It was actually Blood Prince, one of the four great princes of the Monster Cult

Many people immediately felt a sense of despair and suffocation.

“That’s right, it’s me.
Looks like I’m pretty famous.
All of you know me,” the Blood Prince said with a faint smile.
“As the saying goes, a wise man submits to circumstances.
All of you are the elites handpicked by the Federation.
Our cult lacks elites and geniuses like you.
I’ll give you a chance.
If you willingly join our cult and serve us, you won’t have to die.”

“Blood Prince, do you think that’s possible?” Mei Haiyun said coldly, “We’re dragons amongst men.
Your cult is just a bunch of bugs and trash.
You’re just smelly rats that hide in the shadows that don’t dare to come out into the light.”

It was not just Mei Haiyun.
Even Dong Fanghao and the others had looks of disgust on their faces.
They knew what kind of organization the Monster Cult was.
They were just a bunch of terrorists.

If they joined the cult, they would become a bunch of rats.
That was something even more terrifying than dying in battle.

You people of the Federation are just so stubborn.
Chu Yunfan was just the same, and you guys are also like that.
You guys really disappoint me.
I thought you guys would be heroes.” A regretful expression appeared on Blood Prince’s face.

“You people are all flowers that have been raised in greenhouses.
Haven’t you heard of a saying? ‘Between life and death, there’s great terror.’ Those of you who have not experienced life and death do not understand the logic behind this saying.

“Since all of you don’t understand this saying, then I shall let you experience the situation between life and death—the great terror!”

The Blood Prince made his move.
In the blink of an eye, everyone saw a violent wind start up.
The Blood Prince rushed toward Mei Haiyun.


In an instant, the Blood Prince had already arrived in front of Mei Haiyun.

The Blood Prince swept his palm that filled the sky with blood-red wind toward Mei Haiyun.
It was just a simple attack, but it had a shocking power comparable to an absolute art.

Mei Haiyun hurriedly raised his arms to block the attack, but he only managed to barely react.
He was struck and he was instantly sent flying.


Mei Haiyun was sent flying, and his entire body seemed to fall apart.
He spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and fiercely fell to the ground.

It was just a single attack, and Mei Haiyun was already severely injured.
Although it was due to the fact that Mei Haiyun was not in his peak condition, the difference in strength between him and the Blood Prince was obvious at a glance.

The difference was too great.
It could even be said that they were not on the same level at all.

After severely injuring Mei Haiyun with one strike, the Blood Prince smiled coldly.
“Where’s the inner core? I might spare the life of the one who tells me.
After all, I’d have no reason to kill that person.”

The Blood Prince slowly walked into the crowd.
He did not care about the crowd at all.
Even if he was surrounded by people, it did not matter to him.
Even if these people joined forces, they would be no match for him.

“I must obtain that inner core.
If you don’t tell me where it is, then don’t blame me for not being polite,” Blood Prince said nonchalantly.

“Stop dreaming, Blood Prince.
Do you think we’ll bow down to you?” one of the participants said loudly.
However, just as he finished speaking, his entire body was torn apart.
He was instantly turned into a cloud of blood mist.

From afar, one could see the Blood Prince making a move.
His hands were suffused with a faint blood-red light.
He was the one who had torn that participant apart.

“Why do you have to force me? You don’t have much time left.
My patience is running time.
I’ll give you three more seconds.
If you don’t say anything, you’ll all die,” the Blood Prince said as he shook his head.
“Bunch of flowers in a greenhouse.
You don’t know the meaning of life and death.”

“Will you let me go if I tell you? The inner core was taken by Chu Yunfan.
He’s not here,” a student said.
He and Chu Yunfan did not get along and he decided to give up Chu Yunfan.

I admire you.
A wise man submits to circumstances.
You won’t have to die.
Chu Yunfan, you’ve become my target again.
This really is fate,” the Blood Prince said with satisfaction.

The Blood Prince was an old acquaintance of Chu Yunfan.
The last time he let Chu Yunfan slip through his fingers, it had been a great humiliation.

The Blood Prince had let a small character like Chu Yunfan escape.
How could this not be a great humiliation?

If it was someone like Jiang Lingxiao, who had been famous for a long time, then forget it.
Chu Yunfan was just a freshman in the Acquired Stage.

All the participants glared at that student.
Even though none of them liked Chu Yunfan, to expose him was undoubtedly a kind of betrayal.

“In that case, the rest of you are of no value.
Kill them all,” the Blood Prince said to the black-robed experts.


The black-robed experts began to move.
Behind them, countless monsters tore through the defensive line and charged over.

As a huge hole was torn open, the participants at the frontlines were torn to shreds.

“Oh no.
It’s over.
The Blood Prince is involved!” At this moment, the faces of many instructors on the battleship changed.

When they saw Blood Prince, their entire demeanor changed.
The Blood Prince was not inferior to most of them.
If it was those participants, they would really be finished.

Look at the foot of the mountain!”

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