After the fifth level was the sixth!


The sixth level was the same as the levels before.
The number of opponents increased from one to three.


Chu Yunfan’s expression finally became solemn.
This was different from the previous levels.
Not only had the number of opponents in the sixth level increased to three, but all of them were clearly much stronger than the one before.
They were at the peak of the first level of the Qi Sea Stage.


At the same time, he also heard a voice in his ear telling him that the sixth level was the final level of the martial arts assessment.
By now, Chu Yunfan had already reserved a position in the martial arts stream focus class.
He was even considered one of the elites.


Frankly speaking, he had completed his goal, but he still could not quell the fire burning within him! He wanted to know where his limit was.
Even with a first level Qi Sea Stage opponent, he could not test where his bottom line was.
But now, he could fight with all his might!


The three first level Qi Sea Stage virtual martial artists slowly surrounded him and launched a simultaneous attack.
This was clearly more difficult to deal with, and they had even combined attacks.


“Flowing Wave of Welcome!”


One of the virtual martial artists charged forward.
He did not employ the Devilish Tiger Punches, but used a set of techniques called Fluid Crane Punches.


This was also one of the basic martial techniques that many people learned.
It was different from the Devilish Tiger Punches’ domineering fighting style.
The movements of the Fluid Crane Punches were more elegant, but its power was not inferior in the slightest.


Chu Yunfan left no room for the virtual martial artist to land his attack.


“Ferocious Tiger’s Heart Plow!”

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With a crisp and loud sound, the fists of both sides collided.


The virtual martial artist who used the Fluid Crane Punch was pushed back a step, while Chu Yunfan’s body swayed slightly.
This virtual martial artist was clearly much stronger than the one in the previous level.


At the same time, the other two opponents flanked Chu Yunfan from his left and right.
Their attacks came in like a tide, trying to drown Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan held his ground.
He used his Devilish Tiger Punches to block all of the attacks.
The virtual martial artist who had been pushed back by Chu Yunfan too rejoined the siege.


For a moment, Chu Yunfan was surrounded.
His situation seemed to have reached a critical level.


“Wonderful, wonderful!”


In front of the monitor screen, an invigilator clapped his hands and shouted.


“The Devilish Tiger Punches focuses on offense and has a clear weakness in regards to defense.
It’d be fine in a one-on-one situation.
But in a group battle, a weak defense can become a great flaw.
However, Chu Yunfan has taken a different approach.
He’s using offensive moves instead of defensive moves but is still somehow able to defend flawlessly.
Amazing, amazing!”


Many invigilators also noticed this subtlety.
The fist technique that focused on offense was used by Chu Yunfan to defend flawlessly.
This in itself meant that Chu Yunfan’s research on the Devilish Tiger Punches had already reached a certain level.


“He has reached the level of perfection.
Cultivation base at the first level of the Qi Sea Stage, and the Devilish Tiger Punches at the level of perfection is already considered great!”


However, very soon, another invigilator realized that something was amiss.
Although one could attach True Energy to their fists and feet upon reaching the Qi Sea Stage—which could greatly increase their strength—doing so would consume a great amount of True Energy.


The Qi Sea Stage was the beginning line of this ability.
Generally speaking, a student in the first level of the Qi Sea Stage would not be able to expend their True Energy too many times during a battle.
It would not be long before their True Energy would be exhausted.


However, Chu Yunfan was fighting three people at once and was using offensive moves as a defense.
It was equal to using up three portions of True Energy at one go.


A normal first level Sea Qi Stage cultivator should have exhausted all the True Energy in his body by now.
However, Chu Yunfan showed no signs of giving out anytime soon.
On the contrary, he seemed to be getting stronger and stronger as the battle went on.


“Not only is his strength much greater than the average person, his True Energy is also much denser than those at the same realm.
This is a rare talent!” the invigilator could not help but exclaim.


If this kind of person was born back in the ancient times, he would be considered a natural cultivation genius.
The results of other people’s painstaking training was merely the starting point for this kind of person.
This attracted the attention of invigilators toward Chi Yunfan.


At this moment, there were only four people left taking the assessment.
Clearly, they had attracted everyone’s attention.
Judging by the duration of the examination, everyone knew that the four of them should have entered the final level of the assessment.


Although they all knew that the four of them would be entering the focus classes of the martial arts class stream, it was inevitable that people would make comparisons.
Among the four, who would be able to hold out longer? Or rather, who would be able to pass the level.


It was not like they had never seen a similar situation before.
In previous years, even those from the focus classes would not be able to pass this final level.
Basically, these four were the elites among the elites.


However, there had always been three giants in the class.
Now plus Chu Yunfan, there were four.
However, among these giants, who was stronger?


Neither of the four moved for a long while.
Suddenly someone jumped.
It was the class monitor, Feng Deying.


The expression on his face was unsightly.
It was obvious that the results of his test were unsatisfactory.
He had failed in the final level.
When Feng Deying opened his eyes and discovered that he was the first person to be eliminated out of the four, his mood became even worse.


He looked at Chu Yunfan with an especially unfriendly gaze.
If it was not for instructor Qin Wu who was glaring at him like a tiger watching its prey, there was really a possibility that he would have attacked Chu Yunfan.


Ever since he began to notice Chu Yunfan’s existence, he had suffered all kinds of defeats.
Not a single good thing had come out of it.
Chu Yunfan was like a nemesis that had been sent by the heavens, making him gnash his teeth in hatred.


Not long after, another person withdrew from the assessment.
This person was none other than Gao Hongzhi.
He had also failed the final level.
Defeating that first level Qi Sea cultivator was already his limit.
Then, the number of opponents grew to three, and there were advanced versions.
This was beyond his ability.
After all, he had just broken through not too long ago!


He was originally in a bad mood, but when he saw that Feng Deying had obviously been defeated before him, his mood instantly improved!


And when Feng Deying saw Gao Hongzhi’s obvious and undisguised mockery, his mood instantly dropped even lower.
He wished that he could step on his face.


Gao Hongzhi mocked Feng Deying for a moment, and then he turned his gaze to Chu Yunfan and Tang Siyu.
His eyes flashed with a glint that was completely different from his usual.


Chu Yunfan’s performance was completely out of his expectations.
He had not expected Chu Yunfan to be able to reach this level.


“This brother of mine is extraordinary!”


The gazes of the entire stadium were all focused on the remaining two people.
Would their class be completely wiped out?

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