Chu Yunfan instantly knew that this huge black shadow was likely to be the Warwinds’ target.
The Warwinds must have massacred so many people to lure out this creature.

The black shadow grew larger and larger.
It shortly emerged from the surface of the water.
The moonlight illuminated its massive body.
It was nothing short of terrifying.
The creature revealed itself to be a huge snake that was nearly 1000-foot-long.

“F*ck!” Chu Yunfan yelled.
Although the monster was just a few feet larger than ordinary monsters, the appearance of such an enormous creature was no less terrifying.

The creature was an enormous snake.
Its body was covered in green scales and they emitted a faint cold shine under the light of the moon.
The creature’s big snake eyes were petrifying.

Most importantly, Chu Yunfan noticed horns protruding from the top of the snake’s head and small claws on its body.

“This snake is about to transform into a Flood Dragon!”

Chu Yunfan instantly understood what was happening.
Without a doubt, this gigantic snake was in the midst of transforming into a Flood Dragon.
This made the creature extremely terrifying.
It was even more terrifying than Jiang Lingxiao.
Even Chu Yunfan’s instructor, Jeang Yuanbin, was not as terrifying as this snake.

Records of this snake transforming into a Flood Dragon were recorded in the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
The cultivation levels the different snake-type monsters needed to be at to transform into Flood Dragons were different.
The stronger they were before becoming Flood Dragons, the more terrifying they would be upon transforming.

When a snake broke through from the Innate Stage to the Divine Ability Stage, it would transform into a Flood Dragon. As the Flood Dragon grew stronger and if presented with the opportunity, it might even transform into a dragon.1 To an ordinary person, a Flood Dragon of the same level was no joke.
Even a dozen martial artists of the same level might not match for it.

This giant snake had clearly reached the peak of the Innate Stage.
In terms of aura, Jeang Yuanbin was far inferior to this giant snake, but it might not necessarily be a tough fight.
Human strength lies in their intelligence.
Combined with various methods, humans certainly stood a chance against this huge monster.

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Chu Yunfan had not expected the Warwinds would provoke a peak Innate Stage snake demon.
This peerless, vicious creature could easily wipe out all of the Warwinds by itself.


The giant snake let out a loud roar.
Under the moonlight, its huge snake tail swept out.

At this moment, Li Ruofeng and the other members of the Warwinds no longer cared about chasing after Tian Miaomiao.
They instantly scattered in all directions, but even so, this snake’s tail struck the surface of the water, raising a monstrous wave that sent them flying.


Chu Yunfan finally witnesses the Warwinds’ techniques.
He understood why they dared to attack a peak Innate monster.

A missile flew over from afar and hit the huge snake.


A small mushroom cloud rose up.
It was a terrifying sight to behold.


“That’s a tactical nuclear bomb.
Where did they get this thing?!”

When Chu Yunfan saw the mushroom cloud, he instantly figured it out.
That weapon must have been a tactical nuclear bomb.
The Warwinds dared to challenge an Innate level monster because they had obtained such an item.


Innate-level warriors would die if they were directly hit by a tactical nuclear bomb.
This was a modified weapon.
Not only was it cleaner than preciously made nuclear bombs, but its power was also restricted and could be carried by a single soldier.

Chu Yunfan read in military history books that the birth of this tactical nuclear bomb marked a milestone in the Federation’s history.
After the birth of this weapon, the dark era, the era when powerful Innate Stage warriors dared to challenge the Federation Government had finally ended.

The power of a normal nuclear bomb was too great and could easily raze a city to the ground.
It could not simply be deployed.
However, this tactical nuclear bomb was different.
Its power and range could be limited to a few hundred meters or even tens.

Relying on this weapon, the Federation had pacified that dark era.
However, it was usually only in the possession of military elites.
All tactical nuclear bombs had a serial number, so they should not be easy to obtain.

Chu Yunfan did not know how the Warwinds managed to get ahold of this item, but this was not something he had time to ponder over.
Of course, he understood how valuable a peak Innate Stage snake that was about to transform into a Flood Dragon was.
The flesh, skin, and bones of this creature were all of unimaginable value.
The Threetail Silver Fox that he had previously killed could not be compared to this creature.

However, it was clear that the Warwinds had underestimated this peak Innate Stage snake.
Although a tactical nuclear bomb was enough to kill an Innate Stage expert, this giant snake was more than ten times stronger than an ordinary Innate Stage expert.

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The nuclear bomb blew off a large piece of the giant snake’s flesh.
If it was an ordinary Innate Stage expert, even a world-renowned expert like Jiang Lingxiao would surely be dead by now.
However, this giant snake had not died.
Instead, it started rampaging.

The immense pain caused the giant snake to pounce crazily toward Li Ruofeng and the other Warwinds.

As expected of the Warwinds elites, they did not back down in the face of this giant snake’s crazy attacks.
They began to rain down a hail of metal bullets.

The Warwinds retreated as they fought.
Soon, they had retreated back to shore.
Normally, these bullets would not be able to hurt the giant snake, but that nuclear bomb had heavily injured it.
The Warwinds aimed their attacks at the wound, tearing apart the snake’s flesh.

All sorts of terrifying attacks were quickly unleashed.

Chu Yunfan hid in the Mountain River Diagram, silently observing the situation.
He noticed that after Tian Miaomiao was injured by the huge wave, she had frantically run away from where she was and quickly disappeared.

However, it was clear that Li Ruofeng was not in the mood to care about Tian Miaomiao anymore.
If he did not kill this giant snake, it was likely to the Warwinds to be the ones wiped out.

This was a terrifying massacre—a collision between a monster and modern human technology.

The giant snake quickly reached the shore.
Enduring the intense pain, it began its slaughter.
Its terrifying body, which was almost 1000-foot-long, had become a weapon of slaughter.
Anything hit by its huge tail died.

The slaughter began.

It was unknown which side would come out the victor.

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